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15 Montessori Easter Basket Ideas for Babies & Toddlers (2024)

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I’m all-in on a good Montessori Easter basket, but I must admit: I usually don’t plan well for it.

Suddenly, Easter is right around the corner, and it occurs to me: hm, I should put together a little Easter basket for my babies and toddlers, shouldn’t I?

Thank heavens for Amazon and fast shipping! If you align with the Montessori method, I’ve found some great Montessori-inspired Easter basket ideas that you can order right on Amazon.

1. Eggspressions 

The very first thing that came to mind when I thought of a Montessori Easter basket item was this Eggpressions toy from Hape. It was actually just featured in a Lovevery Amazon Alternatives article for age 3.

hape egg emotion dolls

These little eggs have emotions on them, and you can use them in play to help develop emotional literacy in your child. Not only are these little emotional eggs wooden and Montessori-aligned, but they’re perfect for Easter!

2. Children’s Books

I always tuck a book or two in my kid’s Easter baskets. There are lots of fun spring and Easter-themed board books on Amazon, but I do have some recommendations:

Easter children's book collage

If you don’t want to purchase any books or are on a tighter budget, this is definitely an area where you can save. 

Consider requesting some of these spring and Easter books from your local library. You can still put them in the Easter basket – your toddlers will not know the difference.

3. Easy-Grip Egg Crayons (Our Fav Montessori Easter Basket Addition!)

Both of my toddlers love arts and crafts, especially when I just give them a blank sheet of paper and some crayons. The stuff they come up with is so fun!

These Crayola easy-grip egg crayons, made especially for little hands, are perfect for Easter gifting.

crayola egg crayons

I also love that they’re the primary colors, as you can have conversations about color mixing and how to make secondary colors.

Related: Easter Color by Number for Ages 4-8 (Free Printables)

4. Bunnies in a Burrow

This bunnies in a burrow toy might be marketed for dogs, but it’s a great alternative to the Lovevery “Bunnies in a Felt Burrow” toy found in the popular Babbler play kit for 2-year-olds.

bunnies in a burrow

We have the Lovevery version in our house, and my son and daughter had fun playing peek-a-boo with the bunnies and then “hopping them” all over the place. It’s also a great way to practice those problem-solving skills.

I love this toy for Eastertime!

5. Jump Ropes

What better way to encourage movement and outdoor time than a good, old-fashioned jump rope?

jump ropes

I love the wooden handles on these, and the pastel colors are perfect for an Easter basket.

6. Wooden Egg Shakers

Babies and toddlers love these little egg shakers.

easter wooden egg shakers

The wooden eggs are great for making music, and the vibrant colors are especially mesmerizing for babies.

I love involving my toddlers in the kitchen when I can, and cookie cut-outs are definitely a fan favorite! It’s also great for Montessori parents as it covers practical life and independence.

Put some Easter-themed cookie cutters in your Montessori Easter basket along with a promise to make some sugar cookies with your little ones.

Easter cookie cutters

An alternative option is to pair Easter cookie cutters with play dough (we love eco-dough and Dough Parlor) for open-ended fun!

8. Carrot Silicone Teether

A perfect Easter basket addition for a baby is this carrot silicone teether. It’s the right size for little hands and has built-in handles for better gripping. The textures will feel so good on babies’ gums.

carrot silicone teether

It’s also a compact toy so that it won’t overtake your entire Easter basket.

9. Montessori Easter Basket Sensory Bin Items

Sensory bins are a ton of fun for toddlers, and it promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination! Consider getting a few Easter-themed items and creating an Easter sensory bin for Sunday morning.

Dye some rice with pastel-colored food coloring and dump it in a plastic tub.

colored rice from happy hooligans
Photo Credit: Happy Hooligans

Add some plastic eggs for scooping and pouring and some Easter-themed items to uncover, and your kids will be entertained for at least half an hour.

10. Gardening Kit

Both of my toddlers go wild when I give them a tiny shovel and let them have at it in the dirt. This Montessori gardening set is made for toddlers, and I think it’d be a perfect addition to any Easter basket.

Heck, it could be the whole Easter basket!

gardening kit

You could also opt for just a little shovel set if you don’t need the whole kit or want to stay on the more affordable side. It’s the perfect, practical life addition to your Montessori Easter basket.

small shovel set

11. Easter Stickers

My kids are obsessed with stickers, and these “Make a Face” Easter stickers caught my eye! Your little one can make a bunny, egg, chick, egg, shell, or sheep.

make a face easter stickers

I love that you can hand your child one sticker page, and they have everything they need to do the activity.

12. Easter Sidewalk Chalk

This egg chalk comes in pastel colors and is a fun spin on classic sidewalk chalk. My kids love outdoor time; every time we have chalk around, it’s the activity of choice.

Plus, it’s the perfect incentive to go outside and enjoy that warmer weather that’s on the way.

sidewalk egg chalk

You can keep the egg carton and turn it into a DIY craft idea or activity. Check out some ideas from the blog Toddler Approved.

13. Easter Card

This Hallmark Easter Card includes puffy stickers and a full scene ready to be colored.

easter card

It’s a great, small addition to the Easter basket that’ll keep your kiddo occupied. If you’re shopping for more than one child, you can get a set of cards like this.

14. Paint by Sticker – Easter

These Paint by Sticker books are so fun and fantastic for number practice. The Easter edition is *chef’s kiss.*

paint by sticker easter

It is for ages 5-9, so I realize this is pushing it on the toddler suggestions, but if you have older kids, it’s a must-add to your Easter basket!

15. Melissa & Doug Rollables

For babies, these rollables are perfect as they’re small but not a choking hazard.

rollabes for baby easter basket

They’re easy for infants and toddlers to grasp, firm enough to roll, and soft enough to squeeze. I also love the educational part that’s happening the background – they introduce cause and effect and encourage sensory and fine motor skills.

Montessori Easter Basket and Filler Ideas

As a quick little bonus, I wanted to include some ideas for the Easter basket and the filler.

Yes, you can purchase an Easter basket and plastic grass, but why not put your money towards something useful?

For the basket, here are a few ideas:

  • Montessori wooden tray (use to organize activities on a play shelf)
  • Plastic tub (can use as a sensory bin)
  • Umbrella (this is such a cute idea – open the umbrella, set it upside down, and fill it with your Easter basket items!)

And here are some Easter basket fillers:

  • Silk scarves: There are so many ways to use these in play – check out my write-up in this Lovevery Amazon Alternatives article. If you have the budget for it, Sarah’s Silks are really nice.
  • Pom poms: We use these for transferring activities and in arts and crafts all the time.
  • Shredded paper: Grab any paper that needs to be recycled and have a tearing/shredding party with your toddlers!
Easter basket and grass alternatives-Montessori

Let me know in the comments what other ideas you have for unconventional Easter baskets and Easter grass/filler!


While Easter is all about the resurrection of Jesus, our family still loves to participate in fun traditions like Easter baskets, egg decorating, and Easter egg hunts. 

I personally love putting some Easter candy in my kid’s baskets (looking at you Cadbury eggs and Lindt chocolate bunny), but I hope this article gives you plenty of non-candy, Montessori-aligned ideas for your Montessori Easter basket this year.

Happy Easter!

Want even more Easter basket ideas? Head to The Organized Chaos blog for some great Easter basket inspiration!

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