Monti Kids Amazon Alternatives For Ages 0-3

Monti Kids is no longer selling toys, unfortunately! If you’re looking for great Montessori-style toys, I recommend checking out Lovevery.

Monti Kids is a high-end Montessori toy brand, and while the toys are next level, they’re expensive. We’re testing them out with our kids and love them so far, but I know these play sets are not within budget for many families.

Whether you just want to purchase a few toys here and there, or you want to self-curate the entire Monti Kids play set experience, I’m on a mission to find you the best dupes!

We all want the best for our kids, and while Monti Kids toys are incredible for hitting developmental milestones, they’re not cheap. Rest assured that you can still do the best for your kids on a budget. And honestly, you don’t need any of this – you can find ways to support your child’s development with things you have around the house, I assure you!

Jump ahead to whichever level you’re interested in, and drop a comment to let me know if you find any other great alternatives.

Monti Kids Alternatives For 0-12 Months

Monti Kids Alternatives For 0-12 Months

Monti Kids makes that easy with their bundled play sets that include toys designed to progress with each stage of your baby’s development. But it’s expensive. Check out the Amazon alternatives I found for the 0-3 month play set.

monti 4-6m

Monti Kids Amazon Alternatives: 4-6 Month Play Set

The overall goal of the 4-6 month play set is to get your baby to spend time on the floor, both on their tummy and their back, to build their core strength and help your baby hit those developmental milestones. Here are some great Amazon finds!