Get the After-School Routine Packet

Be sure to download this free after-school routine packet, which includes sample routines, after-school activities, and more. Kids thrive on routines and structure, and I bet you’ll also feel less stressed!

after school routine

What’s in this packet:

  • Sample routine checklist: print and laminate this after-school checklist. Your child can use an Expo marker to check off each item as they complete it.
  • Blank routine checklist: add your own to-do items to the blank routine checklist.
  • Sample after-school activities: keep your kids occupied (without screens!) with a whole week of after-school activities planned out for you.
  • Activity supply list: a full list of all supplies you’ll need for the sample activities. You probably have a lot of it already!
  • Backyard scavenger hunt printable: print this simple backyard scavenger hunt worksheet for Friday’s sample activity.
  • Blank after-school activities: add your own activity plan and jot down any notes or recipes!