Get the DIY Postcard Templates

3 DIY postcard templates

Decorating postcards is one of my favorite arts & crafts activities for toddlers. It’s simple, fun for a wide range of ages, and you can easily share the finished result with long-distance family and friends.

You can print your postcards at home as long as you have thick paper (80# or higher).

Tips for Successful Front-and-Back Postcard Printing at Home

I tried every print setting under the sun, and I could not get the postcards to perfectly align on front and back. It’s pretty dang close if you set the scale to 100%, select Flip on long edge, and ensure the Orientation is on Auto, but it’s still not exact.

I have two ideas to successfully print your postcards at home:

  • Glue the front and back together: don’t print on both sides of the paper – print the front and back of the postcard on separate sheets. Then, cut out the postcards and glue the front and back together with a strong glue stick.
  • Don’t print the backside: only print the front. I think it’s OK to have a blank back, because that’s where your little one will decorate and draw!

There are three variations to choose from: colorful, plain, and dinosaur. I hope you love them!