Lovevery Amazon Alternatives: The Looker Play Kit for 0-12 Weeks

Jun 16, 2021Baby, Child Development, Lovevery Alternatives, Lovevery Reviews, Popular, Product Reviews

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Lovevery Amazon Alternatives: The Looker Play Kit for 0-12 Weeks

Originally published June 16, 2021. Updated August 18, 2021 to include a new addition to this Lovevery Play Kit. The sensory links were added and the travel card holder was removed by Lovevery.

Are you searching for Lovevery Amazon alternatives? You’re not the only one! When I first saw the price tag of the famous Lovevery play kits, I went to Amazon to see if I could mimic the kits for less money.

Spoiler alert: many items are more expensive on Amazon, and they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing.

That said, maybe you want just one toy from the play kits, or you just want to see some comparable items on Amazon. Whatever your motive, I’m going through each of the incredible Lovevery play kits (our family LOVES them) and will find Amazon alternatives for you! 

Our first blog post in this series is The Looker Play Kit for 0-12 weeks. It costs $80 and includes eight toys and a play guide. Can we find Amazon alternatives and come out on top?

Check out the full, evolving series here!

Lovevery The Looker Play Kit

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Simple and Complex Black & White Card Sets

The easiest items from The Looker Play Kit to find alternatives for are the simple and complex black & white card sets. Lovevery even sells these separately (very rare!), so you can just buy straight from the source.

They cost $7, and there are four packs total to choose from. Each pack comes with four 5×7 cards. They’re made from no-tear baby-safe paper and soy-based ink. Cleaning them is also very simple – just wipe them with a cloth!

A comparable item on Amazon is the Banana Panda High Contrast Baby Flash Cards. These are $13.99, but it includes ten cards instead of 4, though they are smaller than the Lovevery version at just 3.5×5.5. They do come on a ring so you can keep the cards together, which is nice.

lovevery vs amazon black and white flashcards

An alternative is the Black & White Board Book illustrated by Tana Hoban. Though this isn’t a flashcard set, it still achieves the same development goal of stimulating and engaging your baby. Unlike regular books, it folds out completely. This option is a lot cheaper at just $5.79.

black and white board book

We also developed a DIY flashcard activity if you’re up for it!

Travel Card Holder

August 2021 UPDATE: This item has been removed from this Lovevery play kit.

The travel card holder can be attached to the head of a car seat so your baby can stare at the flashcards in it. 

Travel Card Holder

The trouble with finding this on Amazon is the holder needs to accommodate the size of the flashcards you end up getting (if you get some).

If you go for the Banana Panda ones I recommended, you may not need a travel card holder because the flashcards come on a ring. You can just attach the ring to your car seat. 

An alternative is picking up some links from Bright Starts, but I’d be careful – you might want to supervise baby with flashcards just to ensure they don’t bite a piece off and potentially choke on it.

If the goal of the travel card holder is to entertain baby while you’re in the car, you might just look into some car seat toys.

I like this one, which attaches to the headrest and has all kinds of little objects to keep your baby entertained. 

travel activity for the carseat from amazon

The sensory links are a great stroller accessory – you can switch, hang, and separate the links for a new sensory exploration.

There are a lot of link-style toys available on Amazon that you can hang on strollers and basically anything with a bar.

A great Amazon alternative is the Sassy My First Toys Sensory Toy Gift Set ($14.28). While it’s not primarily cloth, it still offers lots of opportunities for your baby to explore new textures and sounds.

lovevery vs amazon sensory links for newborn

Black and White Mittens

The black and white mittens are meant to promote hand discovery, hand control, and body awareness.

A similar item on Amazon is this black and white panda teething mitten set from Pandamelon.

lovevery vs amazon mittens

The next closest item I could find was this set of newborn mittens ($7.68), though you get black, white, and black and white stripes. 

mittens from amazon

The nice part about the newborn mittens is they will stop your baby from scratching their face, an issue I had with both of my little ones!

Silicone Rattle with Removable Ball

The silicone rattle with removable ball is definitely a unique toy, and it was a bit difficult to find an identical item on Amazon.

However, if you look at the point of this toy, Lovevery says it’s perfect for grasping, and it’s supposed to help baby track moving objects and sounds.

With that in mind, I looked for a silicone rattle that had some kind of noise component to it.

The toy that seemed to hit all the marks was this shaker rattle toy from Bright Starts ($3.59). The glaring difference is the aesthetics – it’s brightly colored and doesn’t have that sleek, black-and-white look.

lovevery vs amazon rattle

A toy that’s perhaps a bit more aesthetically similar to Lovevery, in general, is this wooden baby rattle with silicone beads ($12.90):

The Mobile

This item is very unique to Lovevery – I’d never seen anything like it, and since this first play kit was one of the only Lovevery play kits we didn’t get, I was unsure of how you were supposed to use it.

After some research, it looks like The Mobile is meant to be used over your changing table to keep the baby entertained during diaper time. Lovevery specifically says you shouldn’t use a mobile in the crib, but I’ll admit I broke that rule.

The Mobile

Either way, mobiles support visual tracking and concentration, which are excellent skills to develop at such an early age.

I hate to break the bad news, but I couldn’t find anything like the Lovevery mobile. That said, if you just want to mimic the same development benefits, there are plenty of good options to choose from.

Here’s a mobile that’s most similar to the Lovevery one ($51.99).

lovevery vs amazon mobile

As you can see, it’s not the same thing, but it does have two sides, and it features those contrasting patterns newborns are attracted to.

Wooden Book

Lovevery’s wooden book is, of course, made with sustainably harvested wood. It features four black and white images of animals.

This little book is simple, but it looks well made. Unfortunately, I could only find one wooden book on Amazon (12.99).

lovevery vs amazon wooden book

If you want a wooden book that looks closer to the Lovevery version, check out Mercari. There are many used ones on there, though keep in mind that Lovevery toys seriously retain their value. The going price is still $15-20.

That’s part of the reason I decided to go ahead and subscribe to the Lovevery play kits – enjoy them now and sell them for nearly full price when you’re done!

Standing Card Holder

Last but not least is the standing card holder, which also houses those contrasting flashcards. It folds out so you can prop it up during tummy time.

A good alternative is the Taf Toys Koala Infant Tummy-time Soft Crinkle Activity Book. It features black and white images and props up for tummy time. It even includes a baby-safe mirror and crinkle pages to stimulate your little one.

lovevery vs amazon flashcard holder cloth book


Here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Is buying the Amazon alternatives (or our best crack at them) cheaper than buying the Lovevery “The Looker” play kit?

Amazon prices:

  • Flashcards: $13.99
  • Sensory links: $14.28
  • Black and white mittens: $7.68
  • Rattle: $3.59
  • Mobile: $51.99
  • Wooden book: $12.99
  • Tummy time activity book: $19.99

The total for our Amazon Lovevery alternatives is $124.51, or $45 more than the Lovevery play kit we’re trying to recreate. (These prices are at the time of writing and could fluctuate.)

Lovevery vs Amazon The Looker Play Kit for 0-12 Weeks

Now, I couldn’t find perfect alternatives for each item, and that’s because Lovevery produces and creates their toys. While many of the concepts aren’t new, the way they deliver them certainly is.

Plus, you just can’t beat the aesthetics of Lovevery toys! Everything matches, and when you display them on a shelf, it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s almost like decor, not baby toys.

The only way I’d recommend buying some of these Amazon alternatives instead of going for the Lovevery play kit is if you only want one of the items. Not everyone wants a house full of toys, so if you’re a bit more minimalistic, I hope this curated list of Amazon alternatives helps you discover toys that follow the concepts behind Lovevery’s incredible research.

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