1) Bedtime Stories for Kids

Our 4-year-old daughter (almost 5) loves listening to the Storypod at bedtime. Most nights, she falls asleep while listening to its stories. If you want some awesome audiobooks for Kindergarteners (or really any age between 0-6), this audio device is an excellent choice.

2) Songs for Preschoolers

The Storypod also has lots of crafties with music. There are some great ones with songs for preschoolers that are not only entertaining but educational!

3) Lullabies for Babies

I love that this toy is so versatile and can even be used with newborns. I often set up the sheep character to create a peaceful environment for my baby during wake times. The best Storypod craftie with lullabies is definitely the Sleepi Sheep.

4) Record Your Own Songs

Sing some of your child’s favorite songs and let them play them back whenever they want. We even asked some family members to log into the app and record songs for our kids there. It was a huge surprise when our son heard Nana singing Mr. Sun!

5) Record Your Own Books

You don’t have to listen to Storypod’s stories – you can record your own! Make up your own stories or simply read some of your child’s favorite books.

Rebekah Parr

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