The Best Lovevery Mop Dupes  (Functional Only!)

The mop that comes with Lovevery's Storyteller Play Kit for Months 40, 41, and 42 is genius. It’s actually functional! My 2 and 3.5-year-old love this thing, and I love when they use it. (Wink, wink!)

This kid-sized mop reminds me to involve my kids in clean-up. For example, my daughter drew all over the floor with a crayon. Instead of wiping it up myself, I thought, “Hey – let’s see if I can involve her with that Lovevery mop!” She was excited to help!

So, what about Lovevery mop dupes? A common Montessori suggestion is to get a Swiffer and attach the handle directly to the base. By not using the two center rods, it’s the perfect height for kiddos.

Another option is this dust mop that's toddler sized. It doesn't have the fun spray feature, though.

There's a Swiffer look-a-like on Amazon that can also work for little ones. Remove the center rod and it's about 3 feet long. I'd probably stick with the name brand Swiffer, though.

At the end of the day? The Lovevery spray mop is really hard to beat. And the value of all the items in this play kit far exceeds the price.

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