Lovevery Amazon Alternatives: The Babbler Play Kit for Months 13, 14 and 15

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The Babbler play kit from Lovevery - Amazon dupes

Looking for Lovevery alternatives for your 1-year-old? I’m so excited to start my journey through the 1-year-old Lovevery play kits.

For some background, I have two small children, ages 1.5 and 3, and we have collected over a dozen play kits as they’ve grown. I’ve had hands-on experience with all of the toys and purchased them all myself. I feel the pain of how dang expensive they are!!

While these toys were worth it for us, I know a lot of families love the concept but can’t afford $120 every 3 months. That’s why I’ve started this Lovevery Amazon alternatives blog series. I’m on a quest to find Amazon alternatives to all of the Lovevery toys. 

So: could I recreate the Lovevery Babbler Play Kit for less?! Let’s find out!

Note: The Amazon prices listed in this article may fluctuate, so be sure to check the current price at the time of reading!

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Slide and Seek Ball Run

The slide and seek ball run is a crowd favorite. Every time we have other kids over, this toy gets the attention.

Kids playing with Lovevery toys

Dropping the ball through the hole in the top and watching it spiral down is loads of fun for kids of all ages. My 3-year-old daughter even has a blast playing with this toy. The box at the bottom of the ball run is another dimension of play – and a big challenge – which allows the child to discover several openings so they can retrieve the balls.

The box part of this toy is reminiscent of the more difficult lockbox that comes in the play kit for months 19, 20, and 21. I appreciate that about Lovevery – they build on skills, and the play kits are somewhat of a progression.

I couldn’t find an exact alternative for this Amazon, but there are ball ramp toys. This one ($18.47) is made of BPA-free material and has a basketball top.

ball toy lovevery vs amazon

Bunnies in a Felt Burrow

Bunnies in a felt burrow might be one of the most adorable toys in all of the Lovevery play kit. 

My son and daughter had fun playing peek-a-boo with the bunnies and then “hopping them” all over the place.

The best Amazon alternative I could find is technically a dog toy… but it’s almost identical to the Lovevery version ($10.20)! The burrow may not be felt, but the fun is all there.

bunnies in a burrow lovevery vs amazon

Flexible Wooden Stacker

The flexible wooden stacker is, to me, the pinnacle of Lovevery. It has all of the colors, the wooden material, and an element of uniqueness to it. 

Toddler with ring toy

The best Amazon alternative I could find is a much simpler version that doesn’t flex or have the 6 ring indentations in the base. My son had a lot of fun navigating the flexible post in the center, and he also had fun pressing the rings into their “spots” on the circular base.

That said, the Amazon alternative ($10.99) does allow the child to practice stacking, which is the primary concept of this toy.

wooden ring stacker lovevery vs amazon

Circle of Friends Puzzle

The Circle of Friends puzzle is another fun way to integrate peek-a-boo into playtime. Around this age, peek-a-boo never gets old! Plus, the puzzle component of this game is the perfect challenge for 13-15 months old.

The Amazon alternative from Thoth ($15.99) does include the circular puzzle, but it misses out on the peek-a-boo component (no cute pictures of babies underneath the puzzle piece). 

I still think this is a worthwhile alternative, as it helps your baby navigate sizes and matching up the correct sized circles together. It’s the perfect puzzle challenge that your baby will build on as the months progress.

circle puzzle for toddlers lovevery vs amazon

Wooden Coin Bank Set with Coin Lid, Coins, Posting Lid, and Carrot Lid with Carrots

The wooden coin bank trio is one of the funnest toys of all time!! This toy never gets old, because you can keep swapping out the top for a whole new play experience. I will say the carrot lid with carrots takes the cake for our favorite toy of the season.

Baby playing with Lovevery carrot toy

I feel like I hit the Amazon jackpot by finding a nearly identical alternative!! Plus, the Amazon version ($38.95) also includes another popular Montessori toy, the ball drop. With Lovevery, you get the ball drop in months 7-8, though, so this toy may be a little mismatched in development when paired with the others.

Either way, you can get the coin bank, posting lid, and carrot lid in one fell swoop.

lovevery vs amazon coin bank and carrot wooden toy

UPDATE December 2021: This dang product has been unavailable on Amazon since I wrote this article! I’m pretty upset by that because it is the perfect Amazon alternative. However, I wanted to provide some alternative options until it comes back in stock:

Weide Montessori Coin Box ($18.99)
Wooden Carrot Harvest Game ($16.14)
Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog (for practice posting) ($10.49)

UPDATE May 2022: It looks like this product is back in stock, but I’ll leave these other options just in case!

‘Bedtime for Zoe’ Board Book

Lovevery board books always include photos of real kids doing real-life things. My understanding is this is very Montessori-aligned. 

I made sure to find a board book alternative that also included photos of real kids getting ready for bed, and I’m Not Tired! by Scholastic ($6.95) fit the bill.

bedtime book lovevery vs amazon

Lovevery vs. Amazon Toy Price Comparison

It’s time to see if we can recreate the Babbler Lovevery play kit on Amazon for less. Drumroll, please… 

  • Slide and Seek Ball Run Alternative: $18.47
  • Bunnies in a Felt Burrow Alternative: $10.20
  • Flexible Wooden Stacker Alternative: $10.99
  • Circle of Friends Puzzle Alternative: $15.99
  • Wooden Coin Bank Set with Coin Lid, Coins, Posting Lid, and Carrot Lid with Carrots Alternative: $38.95
  • ‘Bedtime for Zoe’ Board Book Alternative: $6.95

The total cost to recreate the Lovevery “The Babbler” Play Kit for Months 13, 14, & 15 is $101.55, or $18.45 less than buying directly from Lovevery.

Please note that Amazon prices fluctuate, so the prices listed here may be different than the prices you see at the time of reading.

Lovevery vs Amazon the Babbler Price Comparison

There are a few differences between the Lovevery kit and the Amazon alternatives, including the lack of a wooden box at the bottom of the ball run toy. Half the fun of that toy is figuring out how to get the ball out of the box, and exploring the different openings was a fun lesson for my son at this age.

Another big difference is with the Flexible Wooden Stacker alternative – the Amazon alternative is a much simpler version that doesn’t flex or have the 6 ring indentations in the base. My son had a lot of fun navigating the flexible post in the center, and he also had fun pressing the rings into their “spots” on the circular base.

Finally, the Circle of Friends puzzle alternative is a far cry from the Lovevery version, with only 3 puzzle pieces instead of 5, and you miss out on the photos of children behind the puzzle piece. Lifting the circle puzzle piece to reveal the image beneath was a fun game of peekaboo for my son, adding another dimension of play to this particular toy.

Oh, and I cannot forget to mention the Play Guide

The play guide tells you how to use these toys, and it also offers up a ton of other activities you can do using things around your house (very Pinterest-style!).

With all of that in mind, if you’re willing to give up a couple of things, you could recreate this play kit on Amazon for less!


I do love the Lovevery play kits, but it’s cool to know there are some pretty good alternatives available on Amazon. Yes, they aren’t quite as nice and they don’t coordinate aesthetically like the Lovevery kits, but you could save a little money by going that route.

Happy playing!!

Interested in more Lovevery Amazon alternatives? Check out our full blog series: Lovevery Amazon Alternatives for Every Play Kit

By Rebekah

By Rebekah

I'm a work-from-home mom with a supportive, hard-working husband, two toddlers, and a newborn. In the business world, I'm a copywriter with a deep background in marketing and SEO. At home, I'm always looking for mom hacks, the best projects and toys for my growing kiddos, and ways to solve everyday mom dilemmas. Whatever I find, I'm sharing on this blog, which is my passion project!

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4 months ago

This is so great, I truly appreciate you posting these alternatives. My son turns 1 next month and I have been going back and forth about purchasing the lovevery kits literally for months. I want to so bad because I truly feel it will benefit him but if I’m honest with myself I know the price point is not in our budget and I will have to pass on it, so I’m thankful that you took the time to find all these other options.

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