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Lovevery Amazon Alternatives: The Babbler Play Kit for Months 13, 14 and 15

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Let’s find some Amazon alternatives for the Babbler play kit.

This kit has some of the most sought-after Lovevery toys, including the slide and seek ball run and carrot box.

So, could I recreate the Lovevery Babbler Play Kit for less?! Let’s find out!

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Wooden Coin Bank Set with Coin Lid, Coins, Posting Lid, and Carrot Lid with Carrots

The wooden coin bank trio never gets old; you can keep swapping out the top for a whole new play experience. The carrot lid with carrots takes the cake for our favorite toy of the season.

Baby playing with Lovevery carrot toy

When I first published this article in 2021, I hit the jackpot by finding a nearly identical alternative from nanayo. However, since then, the price has gone up and it now costs just under $45. Yeesh!

Thankfully, Adena Montessori has come out with their version, and it’s at the killer price of $22.95. I feel like I hit the jackpot again!

You get the coin bank, posting lid, and carrot lid in one fell swoop.

Wooden Coin Bank Set with Coin Lid, Coins, Posting Lid, and Carrot Lid with Carrots dupe

I like this better than Lovevery’s version because it comes with the posting sticks, whereas the Lovevery version does not.

Circle of Friends Puzzle

The Circle of Friends puzzle is another fun way to integrate peek-a-boo into playtime.

Around this age, peek-a-boo never gets old! Plus, the puzzle component of this game is the perfect challenge for 13-15 months old.

I couldn’t find a puzzle with the faces peek-a-boo component, but I really love this similar alternative ($16.99). You still get 5 circles of different sizes, but the focus is more on practicing colors.

Circle of Friends Puzzle dupe

Slide and Seek Ball Run

The slide and seek ball run is a crowd favorite and one of the most popular Lovevery toys. When we have other kids over, this toy gets the attention.

Kids playing with Lovevery toys

The box at the bottom of the ball run adds and a big challenge; the child must explore the several openings so they can retrieve the balls.

I still think the best Amazon alternative for the slide and seek ball run is this one ($12.86), which is made of BPA-free material and has a basketball top.

Slide and Seek Ball Run dupe

Bunnies in a Felt Burrow

Bunnies in a felt burrow might be one of the most adorable toys in all of the Lovevery play kits. 

The best Amazon alternative for bunnies in a felt burrow is this bunny condo play set ($19.99).

Note: In the original version of this article, I found a dog toy that was a fantastic dupe, but it’s not always in stock. I’ll still link it, just in case. It’s worth checking!

This bunny condo includes the same cute bunny theme and options for hide-and-seek play. This would be especially cute in a toddler Easter basket!

Bunnies in a Felt Burrow dupe

Flexible Wooden Stacker

The flexible wooden stacker is, to me, the pinnacle of Lovevery.

It has all of the colors, the wooden material, and an element of uniqueness to it. 

The brand ran an ad based on this photo I took (with permission) – the color story is just so visually appealing!

Collection of Lovevery play kit toys

Here’s my son playing with it when he was younger:

Toddler with ring toy

The Adena Montessori Rings on Peg toy ($25.95) has the same rainbow color scheme as the Lovevery stacker, it’s also wooden, and it promotes hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Flexible Wooden Stacker dupe

‘Bedtime for Zoe’ Board Book

Lovevery board books always include photos of real kids doing real-life things. My understanding is this is very Montessori-aligned. 

I found a board book alternative that included photos of real kids getting ready for bed, and This Is The Way I Go To Bed ($7.99) fit the bill.

‘Bedtime for Zoe’ Board Book dupe

I love that it featured photos of a real child like the Lovevery version.

Lovevery vs. Amazon Toy Price Comparison

It’s time to see if we can recreate the Babbler Lovevery play kit on Amazon for less. Drumroll, please… 

  • Wooden Coin Bank Set with Coin Lid, Coins, Posting Lid, and Carrot Lid with Carrots Alternative: $22.95
  • Circle of Friends Puzzle Alternative: $16.99
  • Slide and Seek Ball Run Alternative: $12.86
  • Bunnies in a Felt Burrow Alternative: $19.99
  • Flexible Wooden Stacker Alternative: $25.95
  • ‘Bedtime for Zoe’ Board Book Alternative: $7.99

The total cost to recreate the Lovevery “The Babbler” Play Kit for Months 13, 14, & 15 is $106.73, or $13.27 less than buying directly from Lovevery.

babbler play kit amazon dupes

Please note that Amazon prices fluctuate, so the prices listed here may be different than the prices you see at the time of reading.

There are a few differences between the Lovevery kit and the Amazon alternatives, including the lack of a wooden box at the bottom of the ball run toy.

Half the fun of that toy is figuring out how to get the ball out of the box, and exploring the different openings was a fun lesson for my son at this age.

And when you buy these items from Amazon, you lose that cohesion and aesthetically pleasing quality of toys that all go together.

Oh, and I cannot forget to mention the Play Guide

The play guide tells you how to use these toys, and it also offers up a ton of other activities you can do using things around your house (very Pinterest-style!).

With all of that in mind, if you’re willing to give up a couple of things, you could recreate this play kit on Amazon.

But I’d definitely go for the Lovevery kit unless you only want a toy or two.


I do love the Lovevery play kits, but it’s cool to know there are some pretty good alternatives available on Amazon.

Yes, they aren’t quite as nice, and they don’t coordinate aesthetically like the Lovevery kits, but there are options if you only want a couple of the toys from the Babbler.

Happy playing!!

Interested in more Lovevery Amazon alternatives? Check out our full blog series: Lovevery Amazon Alternatives for Every Play Kit

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  1. This is so great, I truly appreciate you posting these alternatives. My son turns 1 next month and I have been going back and forth about purchasing the lovevery kits literally for months. I want to so bad because I truly feel it will benefit him but if I’m honest with myself I know the price point is not in our budget and I will have to pass on it, so I’m thankful that you took the time to find all these other options.


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