Monti Kids Full Program Review For Ages 0-3

by Rebekah

by Rebekah

I work from home full-time on our family horse farm. Life is a constant juggle of doing a great job at work, loving on and teaching my two incredible kids, and saving time for my supportive husband and myself.

Monti Kids caught my eye, and I finally decided to splurge and test it out. I’m going to go through the entire Monti Kids program and let you know what’s worth it, what’s not, and how these toys compare to rival Lovevery.

We all want the best for our kids, and while Monti Kids toys look incredible for hitting developmental milestones, it’s not cheap! Rest assured that my reviews of each level are not sponsored, endorsed, or reviewed by Monti Kids in any way. These are all my own opinions and experiences, which is why I include a pros and cons list for each kit.

Jump ahead to whichever level you’re interested, and drop a comment to let me know what your experience with Monti Kids has been like!

Monti Kids Program For 0-12 Months

Level 1

Monti Kids Program Level 1 Review for 0-3 Months

I’m excited to share our experience with Monti Kids Level 1 as well as some comparisons between Monti Kids and Lovevery.
Level 2

Monti Kids Program Level 2 Review for 4-6 Months

Here’s our experience with the Level 2 toy box, from the unboxing to playing with the toys and deciding if it’s worth it.

Coming Soon: Monti Kids Program For Age 1-2

Coming Soon: Monti Kids Program For Age 2-3

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