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10 Reasons the Lovevery Block Set Is Worth $90 to This Tired Mom

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My article titles aren’t usually so sassy, but here’s the deal. I’m 7.5 months pregnant with my third child and my life feels like a series of repeated chores.

Don’t get me wrong, I have an incredible life with the best husband in the world and two beautiful children. I’m just tired.

Anything I can introduce into my home that lets me kick my feet up or sit down for any length of time is entering my front door without question.

The Lovevery Block Set is one of those things. We’ve had it for about 8 months now, and I have a lot of thoughts. If you’ve been wondering why in the world you should spend $90 on a block set when there are dirt cheap options on Amazon, I’m giving you 10 reasons.

1. Your toddlers will be entertained for more than 3 minutes.

There’s nothing more draining than setting your child up with an exciting, beautiful toy and watching them play with it for 90 seconds flat before throwing it across the room and proceeding to destroy the rest of your house.

I’ve never had that experience with the block set. 

Some days, my kids will sit for 20 minutes and other days we’ll even get 30-40 minutes (!!). There are so many ways to play with this block set that when they start to lose interest, I just show them a new way to use the toys. And we’re off again! (More on that next.)

Jack playing with magnetic wheels in lovevery block set

2. There are 20 different ways to play with the blocks.

One of the best parts about this block set is that it’s not just for stacking blocks and watching them fall over. There are quite literally 20 different ways to play with the components in the set.

Here are some examples of things you can do:

  • Build a city
  • Turn the storage box into a car
  • Thread blocks
  • Use the shape sorter lid
Jack using shape sorter part of lovevery block set
  • Sort the blocks by color
  • Create a small hurdle and jump over it
  • Make a domino trail
  • Tell a story using the little wooden people

It’s impressive. The big poster you get with the block set lists out all 20 ways to play with the set so you never run out of ideas. (I actually considered framing that poster but couldn’t justify spending almost $100 for the right size.)

the 20 things you can do with the lovevery block set

3. You don’t need to rummage through your junk drawer for batteries to make it work.

The block set requires no batteries to function.

‘Nuff said.

4. The toy is age-appropriate for a very long time.

There are some toys, especially from the infant Lovevery kits, that just sit in a closet until the next baby arrives, because it’s only interesting and age-appropriate for a few months. The Lovevery block set is not one of those toys. 

You can keep this thing in your toy rotation for years because it was created for 18 months through 4 years old (and up).

There are so many different ways to play with the block set, and a lot of it is open-ended. I often find I can just bring the block set out, put my kids in front of it, and they go to town. 

5. It’s made of solid, sustainably harvested FSC-certified wood. Plus, water-based paint and finishes.

There’s really never any question about quality when it comes to Lovevery toys and products. I remember when we got our first play kit, I was immediately wowed. Every single detail has been thought through, and when you hold their toys in your hands, there’s a quality to it that’s lacking in 90% of toys you buy today.

Lovevery is good stuff. And these blocks are no exception.

The wood used to make this set is FSC-certified and sustainably sourced. Here’s what that means:

  • Ensures responsible forest management
  • Restricts clear-cutting
  • Protects wildlife habitat and biodiversity
  • Protects and preserves ecosystem services
  • Refrains from using harmful pesticides to protects trees and workers from chemicals and unhealthy working conditions

The packaging that the block set comes in is made of corrugated cardboard, which is curbside recyclable and is made from a renewable resource and partially recycled materials.

Oh, and if you’re not already feeling pretty good about things, the block set also features carbon-neutral shipping. 

6. The blocks come with their own storage solution.

I am SICK AND TIRED of toys that come with a million pieces and no storage solution. I can’t be the only mom who sighs when a toy enters our house and I start envisioning pieces under the couch, under the table, or just plain missing because there’s no good way to store it.

Yes, pieces are inevitably going to end up in odd places, but I love that the block set comes with a wooden storage box. It’s so much easier to put everything away and keep the 70 wooden pieces together. 

the lovevery wooden container during unboxing

And if you’re too tired to organize all of the pieces into the wooden box, you can toss them all in this cotton green drawstring bag that Lovevery included.

a look inside the lovevery block set packaging

They seriously thought of everything.

7. Both of my toddlers can play with it together.

Some of my 3.5-year-old daughter’s favorite toys aren’t suitable for my 2-year-old to play with, and it makes him pretty mad. First of all, they don’t always love to share or take turns. But second, it might just be too difficult for his current skill level.

I love that we can pull out the block set and play together as a family. There are plenty of wooden blocks, so both of my kids can have their little corner. But they can also play alongside each other.

kids playing with block set together

And sometimes, they even engage in the same activity, like stacking blocks as a team! It makes playtime a heck of a lot easier. And less stressful.

8. You can order replacement pieces when your dog chews them up.

I know I’m not the only one with a sneaky German Shepherd who chews on the ends of wooden toys when I’m not looking.

If that’s you, you’re in luck, because Lovevery lets you order replacement pieces so your block set is always like new!! This is one of those things that really sets Lovevery apart. No need to throw away a perfectly good toy, whether it’s the block set or something from a play kit because you can just order replacement parts or pieces to make it whole again.

My dog chewed the end of the pull string, which you need to turn the wooden box into a car and to thread the blocks with a hole in the center. I reached out to Lovevery and was able to order a replacement for $4.

ordering lovevery replacement parts

If you follow Montessori, one part of the philosophy is to keep your toys decluttered so your little one can get the maximum use out of them. This often means throwing out toys that are missing parts, which leads to waste. And honestly, it’s just sad to throw away a perfectly good toy that’s rendered useless because of one missing or broken piece.

Lovevery has solved that.

9. I can sell it for top dollar when we’re done.

If you’re a little iffy on spending $90 for a block set, I hear you. I stared at this product listing for months before finally deciding to splurge.

Here’s some peace of mind. When your kids are done with it (which hopefully won’t be for quite a while), you can sell it in a pinch. I checked a few resale sites, and pre-owned Lovevery block sets are going for at least $50. That’s over half what you paid!

10. It’s the best version of a block set on the market.

I feel like the best gifts are upgraded versions of things you already own and love. The Lovevery block set is the pinnacle of being the best version of what it is. There is no block set on the market that’s better.

riding in the car from the lovevery block set
Yes, my daughter decided to ride in the wooden storage box as soon as we transformed it into a car. And no, it didn’t break!

If you want the cream of the crop, here it is. And I’ll tell you what, it’s a nice feeling knowing you have the best of the best.

And if you’re looking for an amazing gift, this is it right here. This will elevate anyone’s existing block set to another level. 

It’s worth it.


I feel like a fangirl, and I guess I am. The Lovevery block set has given my toddlers so many hours of happy play that I can’t help but sit here and rave about it. 

excited to see all the blocks in the wooden container

It’s incredible quality, it’ll bring our family years of play, and it allows me to kick up my feet for a few minutes while the kids are genuinely entertained.

Doesn’t get any better than that.

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  1. I’m enjoying both, lovevery and this blog quite a bit.

    Yet I’d like to let all readers know, that while there isn’t much better certification for qood wood sourcing, in some countries (I know of at least Slovakia and Romania) wood is certified FSC even if it is cut from natural reservations or clear cuts – there’s lots of corruption in this business. So just like the “bio” milk from the beaten bleeding cows may be less bad than some other ones, FSC label is not a guarantee of being 100% good though it’s the best we can get. Don’t be too trusting of the labels.


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