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10 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Christian Dads

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Are you shopping for a Christian dad this Father’s Day? 

I feel like shopping for men is especially difficult. I personally have an Amazon wishlist a mile long, but my husband? Nothing. And when asked? He doesn’t need anything.

So, to help myself and any others shopping for a religious dad, I’ve found some fantastic, unique products perfect for Father’s Day gifting.

1. I Can Do All Things Through Christ T-shirt

You really can’t go wrong with an inspirational t-shirt. I feel like men, in particular, like to wear t-shirts to reflect things that are important to them.

Growing up, I specifically remember my dad wearing a “DADD” shirt, which stood for “Dads Against Daughters Dating.” 😅

So, if your spouse or father is a Christian, consider this “I Can Do All Things Through Christ” shirt, which is this family-owned business’ best-selling t-shirt for men.


You could also pair this t-shirt with the matching tumbler for a complete Father’s Day gift from the family.


Use discount code Christiandad10 for 10% off your order.

2. Hymn Wall Art

If there is a hymn that’s special to the dad you’re shopping for, consider browsing the hymn wall art from Refinery No. 1.

how great thou art hymn wall art

There are options like Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, and more.

Perhaps it’s his wedding song or just a song that always gave him goosebumps. Either way, this wall art will be a lovely reminder every time he sees it.

3. The Lord is My Strength Engraved Pocket Knife

I’ll go ahead and say it: all dads have had their pocket knives confiscated at some point in their lives. Whether it’s at the airport or the Disney World entrance, it happens.

Get Dad a solid backup pocket knife with the inspirational verse from Psalm 28:7.

christian pocket knife

4. Vinyl Scripture for the Man Cave

Does the dad on your shopping list have a man cave? Are the walls a bit bare?

Consider getting him a vinyl scripture that will lift up the room. I love this option from Custom Vinyl Decor that says, “In Christ Hope Comes Alive.”

in christ hope comes alive wall vinyl

5. No More Excuses: A 90-Day Devotional for Men

If the dad in your life is a reader, you have to check out this super popular 90-day devotional from Tony Evans. Anytime the topic of men’s devotionals comes up, this particular book is sure to enter the conversation.

no more excuses mens devotional

No More Excuses: A 90-Day Devotional for Men challenges men to lay down their excuses, stop compromising, and fight to be a man of character and commitment. Plus, each day is very manageable with a Scripture verse, short devotion, and a thought-provoking question.

6. A Prayer for My Dad Wood Plaque

The perfect sentimental Father’s Day gift for Christian dads is this “A Prayer for My Dad” plaque.

prayer for my dad plaque

The quote is written by Ron Tranmer and says:

“A Prayer for my Dad – Dear God, I gratefully thank you for giving me my dad, you must really love me ’cause you gave the best you had. Watch over him and Bless him Lord and keep him in your care, and may he feel my love for him is my humble, heartfelt prayer.”

This plaque is made by hand in the USA.

7. “Wisdom for Each Day” 365 Day Perpetual Calendar

Does your spouse or dad have a desk job? The perfect Father’s Day gift is this inexpensive, 365-day desk calendar.

There’s an inspirational quote or Bible verse for every day of the year, and it comes with a built-in easel stand.

8. Leather Money Clip Wallet

Sometimes, it’s the smallest reminder that can lift your mood or spirit. This leather money clip wallet has an embossed cross that’s not overpowering. It’s the perfect, gentle reminder that God is with you.

money wallet clip

Plus, this wallet is made from top-grain cowhide, making it a high-quality, practical Father’s Day gift.

9. “Faith” Embroidered Ball Cap

Does your hubby wear ball caps every chance he can get? Add a new one to his collection with a spiritual message.

This “Faith” embroidered ball cap is 100% cotton and is designed here in the USA.

faith ball cap

Plus, if you need any customizations to the message or have a design in mind, you can contact this business, and they’ll do it for you. Use discount code Christiandad10 for 10% off your order.

10. So You Think You Know The Bible – A Fun Bible Trivia Game

Is your dad or spouse a big trivia player? Test out his Bible knowledge with this Christian trivia game.

bible trivia

Here are some sample questions:

  • What substance did God form Adam from?
  • Name three Biblical figures that begin with the letter “M.”
  • What two animals did Noah send from the ark to check on the floodwater?
  • How many plagues did God send to Egypt?

This is a fun Father’s Day gift that the whole family can enjoy.

What do you give a man at church for Father’s Day?

Before I go, I had to include this fun idea for any church congregations out there. Several years ago, the church in my hometown gave out a peice of bacon to all the men at church for Father’s Day.

It was a big hit, obviously! If you have any say in what small gift you can give the men at church on Father’s Day, bacon gets my vote!


I hope something on this list felt like the perfect fit for the Christian dad on your shopping list. 

I tried to include several non-Amazon options as well to spread the love to many different small businesses.

Enjoy the holiday, and God Bless!

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