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Butterfly Box Review: Is it Worth It? A Christian Mom Gives Her Opinion

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Butterfly Box is a subscription box for Christian women who want to stay centered on Jesus.

I love the concept, but is the box worth it? And what actually comes in these faith-based subscription boxes?

What Is Butterfly Box?

Once you sign up, every month, you’ll receive a Butterfly Box with 5-6 Christian products designed to enhance your spiritual life, help you focus on Jesus, and stay inspired.

butterfly box items January 2022

Expect products like:

  • Devotionals, books, and journals
  • Faith-based jewelry and accessories
  • Scripture decor
  • Theme-related gifts that tie into the biblical themes of the box (past themes include Growing in Faith, Christmas, Knowing God, Deeply Rooted, Summer, Be Transformed, and You Are Beautiful)
  • Self-care items like soaps, candles, and lotions

Beyond the concept of this subscription box, I love that Butterfly Box is a women-owned business, and each box also supports a charity. As an example, my January 2022 box supported The Sheepfold, which works to equip mothers with children suffering from homelessness or abuse.

the sheepfold

You also may be wondering: why butterflies? Butterflies represent the illustration of transformation Jesus makes in our lives – he takes a lowly caterpillar and puts it through a challenging and painful process called metamorphosis. That’s the concept behind Butterfly Box: to help us change and be transformed so we can be a beautiful representation of Him.

How Much Does Butterfly Box Cost?

Butterfly Box ships and bills monthly for $34.99 + $6 shipping, though if you use my code BEARSBOGO, you’ll get a second surprise box for free!

That surprise box is any box from a previous month, so you’ll get to enjoy two totally unique Butterfly Boxes.

If you sign up for 3, 6, or 12 months at a time, you’ll save a bit on the subscription. The site says the 3-month option is the most popular, which costs $101.97 + shipping for all three months, or $33.99 per month.

I have a hunch that the $100 price point is ideal for gift-giving.

Also, each box is guaranteed to be valued at at least $34.99, and Butterfly Box can do this because they purchase the items at wholesale prices (something we can’t do unless we want thousands of items). 

Beyond the actual products, additional value comes in the product sourcing and curation process. It’s difficult to find devotional products at retail stores these days, and each box typically has some sort of theme.

If you plan to gift this, it’s kind of perfect – could you dream up a beach-themed or God-is-Good-themed Christian gift box on your own with 5-6 products at a $34.99 price point? The curators are doing all of the product sourcing work so we can open up the box, feel inspired, and be reminded of what we should be focusing on every day.

Butterfly Box Unboxing

The Butterfly Box comes in a nice, compact box with an information card on top.

That card explains what’s in the box as well as which charity the box is supporting that month. You’ll also find the box’s theme listed at the top.

God is Good theme butterfly box

The January 2022 box, themed “God Is Good,” includes:

  • 100 Days of Bible Promises Devotional Journal by Shanna Noel
  • Hand-Lettered Truth Cards with Pine Block Stand by Krystal Whitten Studio
  • God is Good All the Time T-Shirt by Hanes
  • Travel Bottle Holder by Mary Square
  • Ministry Support for The Sheepfold

A Look Inside the Butterfly Box (And My Opinions)

I was definitely the most excited about the devotional journal. Each devotion is really short, so I knew I’d be able to read it and reflect within 5 minutes, something I really need as a busy, working mom with two toddlers and a third baby on the way.

I feel like that’s the most intimidating part of picking up a bible and being intentional about prayer… I never feel like I have enough time! But this journal is so encouraging and has done exactly what the founders of this box were hoping for – it’s helping me stay centered and focused on Jesus.

I was least excited about the t-shirt for a few reasons:

  1. I’m 7 months pregnant so it doesn’t fit
  2. It’s not a high-quality t-shirt (a bit scratchy) so I wouldn’t choose it over other cozy items I already own
  3. I don’t love the cut and style of the t-shirt – it’s very basic
God is Good tshirt on
My little guy always wanting to be picked up! 🙂

Based on my experience with other subscription boxes, I would’ve loved to get a preview of what’s inside the box before it ships and have the option to swap out an item. I have no use for this t-shirt, but now I have it and it feels like a waste of resources and space.

At the very least, I would’ve loved to see a higher-quality t-shirt, perhaps something really soft or with a flattering cut. There’s really nothing special about this particular t-shirt, though the saying on the front is cute. Plus, after doing a little research, there are way cuter shirts available online with nicer fabric and the same or similar sayings! 

Here are a couple of cute ones I found on Amazon:

The Truth Cards and Travel Bottle Holder were nice additions. I put the Truth Cards on my nightstand, and I really do like seeing it and being reminded of the message before I go to bed and when I wake up.

And the travel bottle holder has been perfect for my hand sanitizer! I clipped it to my purse and use it when I’m out and about.

Is the Butterfly Box Subscription Worth It?

I did a little bit of research and found prices for the items included in this box (NOT including taxes and shipping costs):

Just the physical items in the subscription box total $61.98 if you were to buy them on your own, and two of these items are not sold on Amazon, so you’ll also have shipping costs on top of that. That also doesn’t include the portion of your subscription fee that goes to charity.

So is it worth it? Yeah, it’s definitely worth it – the value of the items you get in the box far exceeds the price you pay

However, it is worth it to you? That’s a different question.

Do I Think the Butterfly Box Subscription Is Worth It?

As with any subscription box, there’s always the possibility that you’ll get something you don’t want or need. For me, it was the t-shirt.

And that can be a little upsetting! It’s a waste of money and resources, and I really hate adding clutter to my home that I have to dispose of. I don’t like putting things in the trash, and I know that donating to places like Goodwill isn’t always the best option (they often have too many items and many donated items end up in the trash anyway). Then, I have to mess with trying to list and sell it on sites like eBay, and it’s a whole thing. I try to avoid obtaining items that I don’t truly need.

You’re going to have this dilemma with any subscription-style box where the items inside are a surprise until the box arrives on your doorstep.

butterfly box package
Opening this was SO fun!! It was a nice surprise to see what was inside.

But that’s also the fun part, right? It’s exciting to get this box that you know is meant to inspire you to put your faith first. I love that reminder – you really can’t ask for a more noble subscription box.

For me, I think I’ll stick to the monthly option and “reactivate” my subscription sporadically when I feel like I need a new faith-based journal or just a pick-me-up. 

I looked through examples of past boxes, and it looks like each box includes at least one book, journal, or devotional. I also love that some boxes include usable items, like soaps or candles. I’m definitely going to be a repeat subscriber, but I don’t know if I need a new box every single month.

Butterfly Box As a Gift Idea For Christian Women

Where I think this box is a slam dunk is for gifting.

I couldn’t think of a better gift for Mother’s Day in particular. If you have a Christian mom, sister, grandma, or really any woman in your life, this would be the perfect gift. I also think it’s fantastic for birthdays and Christmas. 

Depending on your budget, you could gift 1 month for $39.99 + $6 shipping or give them the gift that keeps on giving with a 3-month subscription for just over $100 + shipping (total bill $119.97).

gift options for butterfly box christian subscription box

Butterfly Box also makes it easy to send gifts with a gifting page. When you order a gift subscription, it doesn’t automatically renew. You select how many months you want (1, 3, 6, or 12), your card is charged, and your gift is sent on a monthly basis.


Do you need the Butterfly Box to stay centered on Jesus each month? No, you definitely don’t. But is it a fun surprise and a perfect gift idea for Christian women? You bet.

If you decide to try Butterfly Box, don’t forget to use my code BEARSBOGO, and you’ll get a second surprise box for free.

2 thoughts on “Butterfly Box Review: Is it Worth It? A Christian Mom Gives Her Opinion”

  1. Really hesitant about this after getting burned when the last Christian gift box program I subscribed to went bankrupt with no notice other than a letter from the attorney….no getting any money back.
    However, the option to subscribe monthly makes me want to give this one a try.
    Thanks for the honesty of your review!

    • Oh, I get that – similar thing happened to me with a Christian subscription program for my kiddos, but thankfully, another company acquired it and our subscription resumed. The monthly option is definitely nice!


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