Monti Kids 0-3 Months Montessori Play Set Review

Monti Kids Program Level 1 Review & Lovevery Comparison

Studies show that 85% of the brain is formed by age 3, so companies like Monti Kids are hyperfocused on supporting your baby’s specific stage of development from birth through the toddler years. I’m excited to share our experience with Monti Kids Level 1 as well as some comparisons between Monti Kids and Lovevery.

Monti Kids Amazon Alternatives: 0-3 Month Play Set

Monti Kids Amazon Alternatives 0-3 Month Play Set

As parents, we all want our babies to have access to the best educational resources available. Monti Kids makes that easy with their bundled play sets that include toys designed to progress with each stage of your baby’s development. But it’s expensive. Check out the Amazon alternatives I found for the 0-3 month play set.

Christmas Gifts for New Moms From the Husband

Being a new mom is a very unique moment of struggles, excitement, and transformation. These gift ideas will support her during this stage of life. Luxury laundry detergent, noise-cancelling earbuds, a relaxation gift basket, a cozy nursing nightgown, and a more supportive nursing pillow are just a few ideas on this round-up.