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Christmas Gifts for New Moms From the Husband

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Husbands: looking for gift ideas for your wife, who just so happens to be a new mom? I’ve got you covered.

New moms: looking for ideas to give to your husband so he doesn’t gift you a Dollar Store mop for Christmas? I’ve got you covered, too.

Here’s the ultimate Christmas gift guide for new moms who deserve a little something special.

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What makes a good gift for a new mom?

Before I get into the curated list of gift recommendations, I thought long and hard about what makes a gift “good”, especially for a new mom. I’m a mother of three, and life is completely different than before I had kids.

I get excited about things I never cared about before. (Yes, I want the vacuum that mops at the same time very, very badly.)

My needs are completely different than before. (Pedicures: the new coat of toenail polish is nice. But the quiet? The alone time? That speaks to me.)

And my body has also gone through a ton of transformation, and frankly, trauma. (Three c-sections will do that to you.)

So all of these gift recommendations are closely related to the unique moment in time of being a new mom. The struggles, the excitement, and the transformation are all happening at once. These gifts really speak to that.

Gifts to Help Her Enjoy That New Baby

Taking care of a new baby is a full-time job, and sometimes, it can feel monotonous.

There are products out there that can help a new mom slow down and soak in all the amazing moments. We need help remembering to appreciate this time because it’s gone in a blink!

A digital photo frame

When it comes to digital picture frames, Skylight is the brand to beat. You can load photos onto it in just a few seconds, and anyone can email photos to it as well. Setup takes about 60 seconds – just plug it in and connect to WiFi. That’s it!

This frame will remind her to enjoy all those photos she takes, and you can send the ones you take as well.


The 10-inch touch screen has a fantastic resolution, and there are over 16,000 reviews on Amazon with a solid 5 stars.

Book a professional family photo session

Help that new mama capture these special moments with her baby by booking a professional family photo session (if she hasn’t already).

We’ve done this with all of our babies, and I am so glad we did. They grow so fast, and we don’t always remember to get high-quality photos. Plus, I’m usually the one taking the photos, so I don’t have many of me with the kids. A professional photo shoot remedies that!

two mama bears family
I cherish these photos!

A custom birth ornament

A custom birth ornament will add that special touch to the Christmas tree for years to come.

custom ornament

This sweet ornament from a small business, Amazing Faith Designs, includes the baby’s name, weight, length, and date of birth. Get 10% off with code NEWMAMA10.

Custom baby book

Artifact Uprising has some incredible baby books, including a board book option or a baby book that captures memories from 0-1.

This is a very heartfelt and thoughtful gift that she will really appreciate!

A mini photo printer

As a new mom, I took tons of photos, but I never found the time to actually have them printed! A mini photo printer solves that problem and helps a new mom enjoy all those amazing candids.

mini photo printer

KODAK’s mini printer is compatible with iOS and Android and has the highest number of reviews on Amazon with a solid 4.5 stars.

Gifts to Help Her Pamper Herself & Relax

Self-care almost sounds like a joke when you’re taking care of a newborn. Honestly, it feels impossible for the first year or so.

But you can encourage your wife and make it possible with some thoughtful gifts. Here are some ways you can help her feel pampered and relaxed. And for some of the lower-cost items, you could pair some things together and make a lovely pampering gift basket.

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A gift set created for new moms

When in doubt, a gift set specifically created for new moms is the way to go.

The New Mama Gift Set from needed. includes self-care items like sleep and relaxation support, stress support, and hydration support.

new mama gift set

These high-quality products are all wrapped up nicely in a gift set, ideal for under the tree! You can get 20% off this gift set with code 2MAMABEAR.

Motherhood throw blanket

This super soft plush Motherhood blanket is the perfect gift for a new mother. Create a cozy and warm atmosphere at home with this beautiful blanket that shows her how much you value all that she does.

motherhood blanket

Designed with soft sage green and blush pink, it is soft to the touch and perfect for all of the snuggles! Use code NEWMAMA10 for 10% off.

Postpartum Sitz Bath

The Spoiled Mama carries this awesome herbal sitz bath tea, which aids in healing in restoration. It’s made with 100% organic ingredients and works wonders for all those postpartum pains.

sitz bath

This is the type of gift that’ll have that new mama feeling like you really see her.

Relaxation gift basket from Etsy

I love gift baskets for holidays because it’s beautiful to open and is already curated. This relaxation gift basket from Etsy seller Dancing Turtle Shop includes all the spa essentials.

relaxing gift basket

It includes aromatherapy bath bombs, a loofah soap bar, soap saver pouch, body butters, bath salts, lip balm, and an aromatherapy candle. It’s 100% natural and synthetic chemical-free.

A smart mug that stays warm

This Ember smart mug seems to make its way into every gift guide I write, but that’s because it’s a universally amazing gift idea!

ember smart mug

If your woman drinks coffee or tea, this smart mug will keep it warm all morning. Sometimes, it’s the little things that bring you the greatest joy.

Lavender pillow inserts

I got these elizabethW pillow inserts filled with real lavender, and they make you feel like you’re in a spa, getting ready for a massage.

pillow inserts

They smell incredible and totally relax you before you drift off.

Deep sleep pillow spray

Another relaxing option is this deep sleep pillow spray, which is designed to help you fall asleep faster and wake up more refreshed.

deep sleep pillow spray

The reviews on it are fantastic, and the ingredients are 99% natural. The scent is a blend of Lavender, Chamomile, and Vetivert. I ordered one for my SIL for Christmas and OMG the smell is heaven. It smells like you just walked into a spa in Tuscany. I immediately ordered more for the other women in my life.

Slippers you can microwave

These 100% cotton slippers are fully microwavable so your woman can have warm feet at any time. They’re also filled with treated millet grains and dried lavender flowers for a luxurious experience.


A foot massager machine

Through pregnancy, my feet actually grew an entire size. That is painful, not to mention all the other aches and pains that come with pregnancy and postpartum.

The first time my husband sent me to the spa for a massage, the very best part was the foot massage at the end! You can recreate that for your wife or that new mom in your life anytime with a high-quality foot massager machine.

foot massager

This one on Amazon has about 30,000 reviews and 4.5 stars. The ergonomic design makes it feel like a professional foot massage, and it has different intensity options.

Cozy nursing nightgown

The most comfortable nursing nightgown on the planet is the Lucille Maternity & Nursing Nightgown from Kindred Bravely. I’ve tried a ton of different nightgowns, and this one is hands-down the best.

kindred bravely nightgown

It’s perfect for nursing, but I plan to wear these for a long time. They’re just cozy and soft, and they hug you in the right places and are loose-fitting in the right places. It’ll make that new mama feel comfortable and beautiful.

Gift card for a massage

You cannot go wrong with a gift card for a massage. There’s a total lack of freedom when you become a new mom, and you feel completely tied to your baby and your home.

Giving her a gift card for a massage will force her to get out of the house and have some pampering time. You’ll probably win Christmas!

spa gift card
The photo I sent my husband of me enjoying the lounge area before spa day! He is the best!

Postnatal multivitamins to help her feel her best

Ritual makes very high-quality postnatal multivitamins that are formulated specifically for new moms. I still take these every day, and I’ve noticed that it helps a lot with postpartum hair loss (for what it’s worth).


These multivitamins include 15 traceable ingredients designed to support lactation, immune function, and brain health.

Gifts to Make Homemaking Easier or More Enjoyable

In most homes, the reality is the woman does a higher percentage of the homemaking tasks than the man. For stay-at-home moms, this is obvious, but this is typically also true for working moms.

Numerous studies have shown that women spend more time supervising their children, doing indoor housework, and managing the home in general.

This probably explains why most moms would be absolutely thrilled to get a gift that makes some of those homemaking tasks faster and easier. Here are some gifts that will thrill that mama who busts her behind to keep her home tidy and care for her new bundle of joy.

Non-toxic cleaning system

Use code TWOMAMABEARS for a discount at Force of Nature!

Every day, we get more information about how harmful home cleaning products are to our bodies. From endocrine disruption to cancer-causing fragrances, it can cause a bit of anxiety, especially for a new mom.

Force of Nature’s Starter Kit includes an appliance that converts salt, water, and vinegar into a powerful all-in-one cleaner. It’s non-toxic, planet-friendly, and kills 99.9% of germs (including COVID).

force of nature

We recently got ours, and I am shocked at how well it cleans everything from carpet stains to our stainless steel fridge. It has a light swimming pool scent, which is also nice! You can use code TWOMAMABEARS for a discount!

Luxury laundry detergent

Doing the laundry is one of the most boring, mind-numbing tasks in a home. But luxurious laundry detergent can make it actually enjoyable (at least some of the time).

Laundry Sauce has the most luxurious laundry detergent pods on the market. We ordered all three scents to do a smell test for this post, and I am blown away. (Use code MAMABEAR for a discount).

The Egyptian Rose scent obviously smells like rose, but it’s the type of rose you’d find in luxury skin care products. The Australian Sandalwood is very complex and definitely has more of a masculine edge to it.

And the Siberian Pine is the perfect gender-neutral scent that is fresh and clean. I expected it to be more masculine, but it’s a fantastic, good-for-everyone scent.

siberian pine

Any of these scents would be welcome in my home on any of our clothes, and they totally enhance the laundering experience! You can use code MAMABEAR to get a discount.

Noise-canceling earbuds

I love my AirPods, but when I experienced true noise-canceling earbuds for the first time, I was shocked. These things are AMAZING.

beats earbuds

Beats Studio Buds fit snugly in your ear and drown out all of the background noise. And the sound quality? It feels like you’re standing in the front row of a concert. It’s incredible.

They’re compatible with Apple & Android and have up to 8 hours of listening time. It’ll make doing all the housework so much more enjoyable.

A vacuum and mop duo

A regular vacuum might be a boring gift, and some may even say it’s insulting.

But the Tineco Floor ONE S3? No. It’s in a different category. I promise you any mother or wife would be absolutely thrilled to get this two-in-one vacuum and mop.


Clean up spills and messes after dinner with a single appliance. This thing has been on my wishlist for a long time – maybe it’ll grace my presence soon!

A pressure cooker to make dinner easier

There’s a slight learning curve at the beginning, but once you start using the Instant Pot, you’ll never go back. We use this several times a week in our home, and it has freed me up to cook more often with little kids in the house.

instant pot

You don’t have to babysit a pot anymore – just add your ingredients, hit start, and walk away until it’s done. Plus, the food that comes out of it is restaurant-quality.

If that new mama loves to cook but isn’t sure how to do it with a baby on her hip, I highly recommend the Instant Pot.

A robotic vacuum

For the husband who wants his wife to be as hands-off as possible, the iRobot vacuum is a game-changer. This is doubly true if you have any pets in your home.

irobot j7+

The iRobot can be programmed to vacuum whenever you need it, or you can just run it every day as we do. It does a fantastic job of keeping the floors dust, dirt, and fur-free without having to lift a finger (other than saving it from an obstacle every once in a while).

Plus, iRobot’s vacuums have been getting more affordable with each new release. The amazing one we had last year originally cost us about $1,500. We just replaced it with a newer, more efficient model (the j7+), and it was under $600!

Hire a professional cleaning service

As a working mom with three kids, there is no way I could also handle the burden of deep cleaning our home. I did it for a short while and felt entirely overwhelmed.

As soon as I decided to hire a cleaning service, it was like a breath of fresh air. I don’t have to worry about the deep cleaning tasks anymore, and the entire house is clean at one time. It’s amazing!

cleaning service

If your budget can’t handle a permanent cleaning service, gift your wife one deep clean. If you do a search in your area, I’m sure there are some amazing cleaning services that would love to come in and help that new mama.

A good cookbook

Finally, a good cookbook can give that new mama lots of meal ideas as she gets used to life with a baby.

Here are a few ideas:

Gifts to Help Her Care for the New Baby

As a new mom, I often get more excited about new baby products than things for myself. Yes, new nail polish is nice, but a sleep sack that might give me a full night’s sleep for once? Yes, yes, yes.

It might feel wrong to gift your wife a baby item, but I was personally thrilled when this happened! If you’re concerned she’ll take it the wrong way, give her several gifts in different categories.

A classic, trendy diaper backpack

A diaper bag is basically a mom’s purse. You need one, and it needs to be stylish yet functional.

Petunia Pickle Bottom hits this out of the park with its incredible line of diaper bags. I have several bags from them and cannot speak highly enough of the quality and functionality.

Out of all the bag styles I have, my favorite – and the one I use the most – is the meta backpack.

It fits diapers, a change of clothes, my phone and keys, a few small teethers, snacks, and more. It even has an insulated compartment for milk bags. I love how I can wear it like a backpack so I can use both of my arms to carry the baby. When I’m flying out the door, this is the one I grab.

A weighted sleep sack for longer sleep stretches

Get 15% off Dreamland Baby sleep sacks with code TWOMAMABEARS.

Give that new mama a better night’s sleep thanks to the Dreamland Baby sleep sacks and swaddles. Use code TWOMAMABEARS for a special discount.

We are using the sleep sacks right now with our 8-month-old, and they are dreamy. I was skeptical because of the higher price tag, but I snagged a couple on sale and am amazed at the quality and evenly distributed weight. Our nanny said she wished they sold this in an adult size!

dreamland baby sleep sack

The first day we used it, we noticed our little guy taking longer, deeper naps. He’s teething, so he was still waking up in the middle of the night for nursing and cuddles, but I can tell his sleep is more peaceful.

The ultra-popular hip carrier

Another fun item that new mama will appreciate is the Tushbaby hip carrier. It’ll save her back and free up her hands during busy days or when out on the town. Dads – you’ll get use out of it, too!

The Carrier by tushbaby next to The Strap

This strap-free hipseat evenly distributes your baby’s weight and stops your shoulders, arms, and back from getting sore and uncomfortable.

It fits newborns to 36 months and can also be used for breastfeeding support.

You can get 20% off with code TWOMAMABEARS.

A stylish, supportive baby carrier

A baby carrier is a huge help when trying to get things done around the house, grocery shopping, or going anywhere without having to lug around a stroller.

I bet the new mom in your life would be thrilled to get a stylish, quality baby carrier like this one from LÍLLÉbaby.

The baby carriers with lots of support have always been my favorite (as opposed to the all-fabric varieties). This particular carrier has all the good stuff, like head and neck support, a removable sun hood, and adjustments that allow you to use it from the newborn stage all the way up to 45 pounds.

LÍLLÉbaby carrier

And if she already has a baby carrier, I’m a huge advocate of trying different brands and having more than one. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left the house just to realize I’ve left my baby carrier at home.

Magnetic sleepers for faster middle-of-the-night changes

One of the most torturous parts of being a new mom is getting up in the middle of the night and fighting to get off a sleeper to change that baby’s diaper.

MagneticMe (you’ll get a discount when you use my link) has solved this problem with their magnetic sleepers. You don’t have to mess with buttons or snaps, and I actually prefer them slightly over zippered options.

magnetic me sleepers

If that new mom doesn’t have any of these yet, you will shock and amaze her at this life-changing find.

Another bonus of these particular sleepers is they have a long lifespan. We’ve been using the same size on our littlest guy for about 6 months, and there’s still plenty of room to grow! The fabric is very forgiving in both directions.

A more supportive nursing pillow

This is something I asked for when my first Christmas as a new mom approached. I wanted to try a different style of nursing pillow that would support my back a bit more.

my brest friend nursing pillow

The My Brest Friend nursing pillow offers a lot of posture support and can make nursing a lot more comfortable, especially in the long term.

A wearable breast pump for hands-free, cord-free pumping

The last item I have to include in this category is a wearable breast pump. If that new mom is nursing and wants to have some milk in the freezer or if she’s a working mom, a wearable pump will transform her pumping experience.

I have both of the Willow brand pumps and would highly recommend the Willow Go for its simplicity.

willow go packaging

I also hear amazing things about Momcozy, which has a killer price point.

momcozy copy

Gifts That Say “I Love You”

Channel your Valentine’s Day vibes and gift your wife a present that screams “I love you, and I appreciate everything you do for our family.”

Your vows on a canvas

When you start a family, it can put a lot of strain on your marriage. Everything is different, and you’re navigating these new roles as parents. And there’s SO much more to do around the house, which just adds more stress.

Show your wife you remember why you married her with a custom canvas displaying your vows.

vows on canvas

When my own husband and I are going through a tough moment, we walk over to this canvas and read our vows again. *Insert tears here*

This is one of those gifts that truly says “I love you.”

Personalized Letter Jewelry

A necklace with the initials of your new baby or a charm bracelet with room to expand is a lovely gift for the new mama in your life.

The Alphabet collection from Gorjana is stunning, and you can layer pieces as you have more children. Victoria Emerson also has a lovely initial charm collection that is perfect for expanding!

Flowers for each month

Fresh flowers feel like a total luxury, and they really brighten up a space. Whenever we have fresh flowers in our kitchen or on the table, it makes everything feel more like home!

Give that new mama a beautiful floral arrangement with a commitment or a voucher to pick up a new arrangement each month for several months.

floral arrangement

1-800 Flowers has some beautiful floral arrangements for any occasion!

Tell her all the things you love about her

This “What I Love About You” book has fill-in-the-blanks like “You deserve the ________ award.” and “You have the greatest taste in _________.”

what i love about you book

It’s the perfect book to gift her that’ll have her laughing and crying all at the same time.

Plan a short getaway (together or solo)

Another ultimate “I love you” gift is your taking the initiative to plan a weekend getaway.

If the baby is still very young or you don’t think she’d be comfortable leaving for very long, plan her a little morning or afternoon getaway. Set her up at a spa or just tell her to spend a few hours doing whatever she wants – go read a book at the library, peruse the local thrift shops, walk through the mall, watch a movie at the local theatre – whatever she wants.

hotel getaway

If you have family nearby or a sitter you can trust, plan a day or two away so you can have some time to reconnect. It could be a bed and breakfast in a nearby town or even a hotel stay in the city you live in.

Just having some time away from the house, especially when it’s given to her in such a thoughtful and intentional way, will mean the world.

Plan a date night in

It can be very difficult to make time for your spouse when you have young children in the house.

One innovative way to have a date without hiring a sitter and leaving home is through a Date Night In Box.

70s date night box

Show that new mom you care about her and your bond together through a date night box. These are themed and typically include recipes, table talk, reflections, snacks, and games. This 70s-themed box is super cute!


Being a new mom is beautiful, messy, challenging, and exhausting all at the same time.

Support that new mom in your life with a gift that really speaks to the stage of life she’s in. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please comment below!

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