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25 Unique Christmas Gifts for Moms Who Don’t Want Anything

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25 Unique Christmas Gifts for Moms Who Don't Want Anything

Shopping for someone when they have it all or won’t give you any ideas is hard. 

This gift ideas compilation is perfect for moms who seem to have everything they could want and need or who swear they don’t need anything for Christmas.

Whether you’re shopping for your sister, your mom, a cousin, or your grandma, there’s something on this list that they’ll get and talk about all year long. There are also options here for every budget, from $15 to $900. I’ve got you covered with 25 ideas for any kind of mom in your life.

Note: I marked items that are Amazon links in case you are shopping right against the Christmas deadline and need fast shipping. You can also get gift cards for many of the options on this list!

For the mom who likes to be comfortable: Rothy’s Flats

rothys flats

Rothy’s flats are stylish, convenient to slip on, and washable. For any mom in your life who is constantly running all over town, these flats are a must-have.

rothys shoes

For the mom who likes hassle-free makeup (and long eyelashes): Thrive Causemetics

thrive causemetics set

As a working mom of two (almost three), I literally have NO time to do my makeup in the morning. I’m lucky if I can squeeze in two minutes. If that sounds like the mom on your list, check out Thrive Causemetics – especially their Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara, which is absolutely incredible.

Use this Thrive Causemetics link for $10 off your first purchase of $50 or more.

For the mom who loves a comfy night on the couch (or in bed): Barefoot Dreams Blanket

Amazon link

barefoot dreams blanket

Barefoot Dreams blankets are talked about all the time on the mom Facebook groups I’m in. It’s so incredibly cozy and makes for the perfect gift. Why? It’s so expensive that we moms would probably never splurge on it for ourselves.

If you want to give a luxurious gift that any mom would be thrilled about, check out these cozy blankets.

For the mom who drinks wine: Winc Wine Subscription


Winc is a wine subscription that comes with a handy quiz – you complete it, the system figures out what types of wine you’d like best, and it sends a box of wine each month.

Get a Winc gift card for the wine-lover in your life!

For the crafty mom who likes to de-stress: Punch Needling Kit

Amazon link

punch needling

If the mom in your life enjoys crafts, consider getting a punch needling kit. Punch needling is ideal for beginners, and it’s a great way to relax and de-stress. The attention to detail helps you tune out everything else while you’re immersed in the activity, which helps you relax. Punch needling isn’t just for older folks – it’s great for all ages. Try it out! You’ll be glad you did. Plus, even if it’s not perfect, you’ll have something to show for your efforts!

For the mom who loves coffee or tea: Ember Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

Amazon link

ember smart coffee mug

Any mom who enjoys coffee or tea would appreciate a smart coffee mug that keeps their beverage perfectly warm. Cold coffee isn’t the worst, but… it kind of is. 

Plus, these mugs are on the pricey side, so it’s another gift idea that the mom in your life may not buy for herself. (I know I wouldn’t, but I’ve made it in my Amazon Save for Later for over a year, haha!)

For the sentimental mom: Gorjana Engravable Jewelry

gorjana necklace

Jewelry is a pretty safe gift for those who are difficult to shop for. And if you can get it custom engraved? It adds a personal touch. I have the Bespoke Parker Mini Layering Set in Gold with my husband and I’s initials engraved on it. It’s super special to me and adds the perfect, classy touch to a date night outfit.

For the mom with lots of stuff to lug around: Petunia Pickle Bottom Live-for-the-Weekender Travel Bag


You can never have too many travel bags. Honestly. If you’re worried the mom you’re shopping for already has this area covered, trust me – this Live-for-the-Weekender Travel Bag will trump anything in their possession. I thought I had this area covered as well, but this bag has changed the way we travel.

weekender travel bag

It is INCREDIBLE for moms with young kids. It has tons of helpful compartments and the strap is nice and thick for slinging it over your shoulder. I use this for bopping around town, but it’s also ideal for road trips. It’s indispensable for keeping the kid’s toys, snacks, cups, blankies, diapers, and wipes organized. Being able to compartmentalize all these essential items makes it easy to grab items from inside the bag without even having to look (especially when you’re driving). Travel is less stressful, and unpacking when you get back home is a breeze.

Check out this video on my Instagram to see how I packed the bag for Thanksgiving travels!

For the mom who likes a fresh-smelling home: Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser

vitruvi stone diffuser

Vitruvi’s essential oil Stone Diffuser is not only a beautiful piece of home decor, but it makes your home smell fresh and clean. I already have an essential oil diffuser in my kitchen, but I’ve had my eye on this particular one for a long time. I’d love to have one in my bedroom next to my bed. Moral of the story: don’t worry if the mom you’re shopping for already has one!

For the mom who loves some me-time at home: Pretty in Pink Gift Bundle From the Happy Woman Store

pretty in pink gift bundle

Huge shout out to my Aunt Linda who has been selecting incredible products for her shop in Suttons Bay, Michigan. I treasure the childhood memories of my grandmother sending me boxes of little trinkets from her store.

When you buy from The Happy Woman Store, you are truly supporting a small business. Plus, she makes a point to select products that support smaller makers, women, and free trade companies. My top pick for Christmas is the Pretty in Pink Gift Bundle, which includes two bath bombs, a  bath cube, and a grapefruit vanilla sugar scrub. Yum!

For the mom who wants to be more organized: Gift Wrap Storage Cart

gift wrap cart

I have a horribly unorganized gift wrap box that drives me crazy every year. I know I can’t be the only mom in this predicament! If you’re not sure what to get, consider this amazing Gift Wrap Storage Cart from The Container Store. It’ll organize wrapping paper, gift bags, tape, and ribbon in a cinch.

For the mom who’s always cold: Zadro Towel Warmer

zadro towel warmer

Who doesn’t want a warm towel when they get out of the shower?! And yet, do you actually know anyone who owns a towel warmer? This one from Zadro has incredible reviews on Amazon and has built-in cord storage to ensure there isn’t a long cord in the bathroom. I actually ordered this for someone in my life this Christmas, though I better not list who in case they are reading this! πŸ˜‰

For the mom who’s always hot: Cool-jams Pajamas

cool-jams pajamas

Whether it’s hot flashes or night sweats, the right pajamas can make all the difference for good sleep. My own mom swears by the Cool-jams PJs, which are moisture-wicking and help with temperature control.

For the mom who loves to sleep in style and comfort: Lunya Washable Silk Tee Set


My husband bought me the Washable Silk Tee pajama set from Lunya, and I swear it is the most-worn thing in my wardrobe. I wear it multiple times per week because it is that comfortable. And you don’t have to fuss with washing on delicate or air drying on a rack. It’s completely machine washable and dryable, which is unheard of for silk.

The only reason you probably haven’t had silk pajamas before is that you have to handwash them or they fall apart. These give you the practicality of throwing them in your washer with the luxurious feel of silk. Plus, silk naturally controls temperature, so you don’t overheat or freeze while you’re sleeping. You really can’t go wrong with gifting this to any mom.

For the mom who likes fancy kitchen items: Electric Salt & Pepper Mill

Amazon link

peugeot electric salt and pepper mill

We have these Peugeot electric salt & pepper mills, and everyone who visits our house comments about them being fancy. I gifted a set to my mom one year, and she still talks about how amazing they are. I also personally like that you can operate these with one hand. Stir up your pot while adding salt, or season chicken while you rub it on with the other hand.

I love the Peugeot brand, but there are more affordable options available, like this set from Latent Epicure, which has over 11,000 5-star reviews!

For the mom who appreciates high-quality, natural cleaning products: Mrs. Meyer’s & Grove Winter Caddy Set

grove holiday caddy

I love getting high-quality, non-toxic cleaning products for birthdays and Christmas. From laundry detergent to all-purpose cleaners, I’m typically the one who handles most of the cleaning. Getting new cleaning supplies is honestly exciting, despite how it may seem. Check out Grove Collaborative for natural household and personal care products, and be sure to get your free Mrs. Meyer’s & Grove Winter Caddy Set when you use this link!

For the mom who gets chapped lips: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Amazon link

laneige sleeping lip mask

I’ve heard several people rave about this Laneige lip sleeping mask. It softens your lips and has great ingredients like vitamin C, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid. Put this on at bedtime to reduce chapped lips and flakiness by morning. It’s a luxury gift that’s surprisingly affordable at about $25!

For the mom who wears makeup and is dead tired at night: MakeUp Eraser Cloths

Amazon link

makeup eraser

The MakeUp Eraser is the original makeup removing cloth. It’s reusable, gentle, and actually removes all of your makeup with just water. I don’t know how it does it. But it works.

Bonus: if you’re too tired to go to the bathroom to wash your face, send your husband to prepare your MakeUp Eraser with warm water. He can bring it to bed for fuss-free makeup removal. πŸ™‚

I often gift this when I don’t know what else to get, and it also is a great stocking stuffer!

For the mom who needs quick meals with no effort: Rastelli’s Oven-Ready Meats

rastelli turkey oven ready

There’s nothing better than pulling out some frozen meatballs, baking them in the oven, and proclaiming that dinner is served. 

Rastelli’s has some incredible oven-ready meats and meals, from beef wellington to chicken tenders and potstickers. You can purchase oven-ready meats and gift them (be sure to keep them in the freezer and not under the tree!), or you can give a gift card and explain your intent.

rastellis meat order full view

Check out my full Rastelli’s review, and be sure to use code MAMA15 for a special discount when you spend at least $50!

For the mom who likes to DIY: DIY Essential Oil Kits From Your Oil Tools

DIY recipe your oil tools

I know a lot of moms who like to make their own soaps, room sprays, essential oil rollerballs, you name it. If the mom in your life tends to like that kind of thing, check out the DIY Kits from Your Oil Tools

The kits include all the DIY supplies needed for custom pain relief roller bottles, room sprays, Christmas sprays, etc. They don’t come with the actual essential oils, so be sure to shop for those, too!

For the mom who’d like custom hair care: Prose 

prose gifting

Prose offers fully personalized hair care products, from shampoo to hair masks and curl creams. You take the Prose quiz and get matched up with your perfect formula.

You can gift Prose by purchasing The Essentials (shampoo and conditioner) or The Complete Set (pre-shampoo mask, shampoo, and conditioner). You enter your information and theirs, and they get an email on a date you specify letting them know about their gift. From there, they can take the quiz and get their personalized hair care.

For the mom who loves Starbucks but should stop spending so much money there: Breville Espresso Machine

Amazon link

breville touch espresso

OK, so this one is really for anyone who wants fancy coffee at home, but I couldn’t help myself with that title.

I have heard incredible things about this Breville Espresso Machine. There are two versions – a touchscreen machine and the regular machine. The regular one has way more reviews, but the touchscreen is obviously a really nice feature, albeit you pay $300 more for it.

I’m a member of several mom groups on Facebook, and every time someone asks for suggestions for splurging, this thing comes up every single time. Yes, it’s pricey, but if your budget can handle it, it’ll be the hit present of Christmas.

For the mom who’s constantly on her feet: UGG Slippers

Amazon link

UGG slippers

I don’t know any mom who wouldn’t love a pair of comfortable slippers. These UGG slippers are stylish and have great reviews on Amazon. They also come in a lot of different colors and sizes 5-12. You can’t go wrong with this one!

For the mom who likes her water ice-cold: Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Amazon link

hydro flask

The Hydro Flask has made a name for itself when it comes to keeping your ice… well, ice. If the mom on your list loves her water ice-cold – or talks about needing to drink more water – this is the perfect gift. It comes in a variety of colors and has over 24,000 5-star reviews.


Yes, shopping for moms can be difficult, especially for the ones who swear they don’t need anything or seem to have it all. I hope these 18 unique ideas help you put something useful and loved under the tree this year!

What are your best gift ideas for moms who claim they don’t want anything?! Share in the comments below!

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