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15 Best Useful Amazon Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers

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15 Best Useful Amazon Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers

I got all of my Christmas shopping done and then realized… wait, I forgot about the kid’s stockings!

For some reason, stockings always feel like an afterthought to me, and I admit I’ve done a pretty lame job of it in the past. I always think of it far too late, and it’s a real shame because my own mom did an incredible job at it. In fact, she made stockings so fun that it was easily my favorite part of Christmas morning (right next to the monkey bread).

I don’t want to let my kids down, so I’ve come up with a quick Amazon stocking stuffer guide for any other moms who are waiting until the last minute like me. For reference, my toddlers are almost 2 years old and 3 and half years old. I believe all the items on this list are great for kids ages 1-5.

I purchased a lot of these items for my kid’s stockings this year, and they’re going to arrive with time to spare. Thank you Amazon for fast shipping!

Bonus: these items are all practical! 

1. Disposable camera

My kids are obsessed with snagging my phone and taking pictures. I think they’d get a kick out of running around the house taking candids, and I’ll certainly get a kick out of seeing them when they’re developed.

kodak disposable camera

Plus, these disposable Kodak cameras cost around $20 each, so you don’t have to worry about the kids being rough or breaking them. If they do, no harm no foul! I got a two-pack so I could have one for each child’s stocking.

2. Blank Cards with Envelopes

I love helping my kids decorate cards and postcards so we can mail them to long-distance family. You can also teach your kiddos practical life skills as you stamp and address the envelopes.

These neon-colored blank cards with envelopes are a perfect stocking stuffer.

blank cards

3. Fun Bandages

You can totally opt for regular Band-Aids (there are plenty of Disney-themed options), but I wanted to try something different. I found these welly Bravery Badges that come in fun patterns and themes. I got the monster ones for my son and the unicorn ones for my daughter.

It might seem weird to get kids bandages for their stocking, but trust me, kids LOVE these. Every time my husband comes home from Walgreens with fancy bandages, my daughter thinks it’s a present. Plus, it’s practical.

4. Mini Sketch Pads

I talk about regular sketch pads in my article with 50+ gift ideas for kids that aren’t toys, and I’m going to mention them here, too. Opt for the mini version so they’ll fit in your stocking!

mini sketch pads

These are perfect for kids to use their imagination and start with a blank canvas. Coloring books are fun, too, but I find my kids gravitate toward these blank sketch pads when we do craft time.

5. Pom Poms Balls

You can use pom pom balls in lots of arts and crafts projects for kids. 

pom poms

Use them to decorate a paper Christmas tree, in our pom-pom pattern for preschoolers project, or in a pom pom sensory bag. There are probably hundreds of ideas on the internet for fun ways to use pom poms.

Plus, a little bag of pom pom balls is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.

6. Washable Glue

Speaking of crafting, use this opportunity to stock back up on any arts and crafts supplies you use regularly. I will not judge you.

I ordered a couple of bottles of Elmer’s clear washable glue that I plan to wrap and stick in my kid’s stockings. It pairs nicely with the pom poms, too. You can turn these two items into a craft on Christmas day with no fuss!

elmers glue

7. Cool Toothbrushes

Another fun stocking stuffer idea for kids are these cool bamboo toothbrushes. They come in lots of colors and are highly reviewed. I’m excited to try these with my kids!


Again, it may seem bizarre to gift items like bandages and toothpaste, but when it comes in fun colors, it’s exciting for your kids! You don’t have to overthink your stocking stuffers. It’s also nice to get things that are usable because you’re helping reduce all the plastic waste that ends up in landfills when cheaply made toys break (or your kids tire of them).

8. Stainless Steel Kids Cutlery

This was more of a personal purchase because we need more high-quality silverware that’s kid-sized, but I thought another mama out there might need it, too.

If your silverware drawer is mismatched or lacking, check out this stainless steel cutlery set for kids. It’s really affordable and comes with kid-safe butter knives.

stainless steel cutlery

9. Crayons

You can never go wrong with crayons. Kids use them up over time, and having a backup box is always welcome. I ordered a couple of boxes of the tried-and-true Crayola crayons, but you can also check out some more unique options.

crayola crayons

The 100% pure beeswax crayons by Honeysticks look perfect for tiny hands, and these bath crayons add a fun twist.

10. Kid-friendly tweezers

Jumbo tweezers are awesome for helping toddlers practice their fine motor skills and pincer grasp. We had tweezers from a Lovevery play kit as well as a recent KiwiCo crate, but the first one disappeared, and my daughter broke the second one.

jumbo tweezers

I really miss having them, so I ordered this set of 12 – fingers crossed they last us a while! This stocking stuffer also pairs perfectly with the pom poms I mentioned earlier. Have your toddler practice picking up the pom poms with their tweezers for a simple activity that supports healthy development.

11. Play-Doh

Play-doh is always a hit with kids. As long as you’re able to supervise to make sure it doesn’t get ground into your carpet, it makes for the perfect stocking stuffer.

Plus, this 10-pack of colors is ideal if you have to fill several stockings on a budget.


12. Small Coloring Books

Small coloring books are perfect for your stockings, and they also come in handy when you go out to dinner. 

I love the concept of getting this pack of 24, throwing a few in your stockings, and keeping the rest for when you need them. Plus, if you have any kid’s parties coming up, they’d go perfectly in any party favor bags.

mini coloring books

13. Sticker Activity Books

Sticker activity books are so fun for toddlers, and these animal-themed ones are sure to be a hit with any animal-loving kids.

sticker activity books

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It’s also nice that the stickers come with backgrounds so kids can make their own scenes, like a barnyard or a jungle.

14. No-Spill Bubbles

My kids go crazy for bubbles, so this no-spill bubble tumbler caught my eye. The no-spill design is patented and works with any bubble solution. It also comes in a pack of 3, so you can toss one in each stocking if you have multiple kids.


15. Kid-Sized Kitchen Items

My two toddlers LOVE helping me in the kitchen. Granted, they can’t help with everything, but if I’m making banana bread or am whisking a sauce, I love including them.

Consider picking up some kid-sized kitchen items so your little ones can learn basic kitchen skills and get involved. They will come in handy, and they fit nicely in a stocking.

A few ideas include a mini whisk, kid-safe knives (we love these), and a crinkle cutter.

mini whisk
kid safe knives
crinkle cutter


If you have any other practical stocking stuffer ideas, please leave them in the comments section below! I’m always looking for inspiration, and I’m sure your suggestion will help another mama.

Merry Christmas!

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