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Tushbaby Review: Is It Really Worth the Hype?

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In this Tushbaby review, I’m here to spill the beans on whether it’s really worth the hype. And not just from my experience – I analyzed over 100 Tushbaby reviews to give you the overall consensus from moms like me.

This innovative child-carrying device promises to relieve back pain while you hip carry (hands-free!). But does it live up to the hype?

The Carrier by tushbaby next to The Strap

Tushbaby’s Shark Tank Success

When Tushbaby debuted on Shark Tank, it was a groundbreaking moment. The founders presented their ingenious hip carrier as the ultimate solution to baby-carrying woes, and the sharks saw the potential and made a deal. 

Lori Greiner offered $200,000 for a 20% stake in the company, and Tammy Rant eagerly accepted it. Just in case you’re curious, the deal never closed. 

Even still, that Shark Tank stamp of approval validated Tushbaby and made it an even bigger hit.

As of August 2023, Tushbaby reported $4 million in annual revenue and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere!

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How Does the Tushbaby Work? 

The Tushbaby is designed to be worn around your waist, like a fanny pack with a ledge for your baby. Strap it on, set your child on top, and voilà! 

mom putting on the tushbaby

Your baby is comfortably resting on your hip, leaving both your hands free for whatever the day throws your way. It’s a must-have for many multitasking moms.

Tushbaby Review – My Personal Insights 

When I first tried on the Tushbaby and plopped my small toddler on the ledge, I honestly hated it. It felt super uncomfortable, and I thought my little guy would fall right off.

For that reason, I didn’t use it very much, and it collected dust for way too long.

When I saw the Tushbaby resurface on TikTok, I thought, hey, I have one of those!

I got it out of storage to see if I was missing something the first time.

Note: I also ordered another Tushbaby to show the packaging (and I wasn’t sure if the product has been improved in any way since my original purchase).

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Placement Is Key

After a little research, I discovered I had the Tushbaby on way too low. Once I got it nice and high (and very tight), I felt like I unlocked the magic that everyone else was so excited about.

You don’t actually wear the Tushbaby at your hips – you wear it at your waist, above your hips.

Once I got the placement right, my little guy felt so much more secure, and it was no longer uncomfortable.

Where I Use the Tushbaby Most

Here are a few of the places I particularly like to use the Tushbaby:

  • Outings where a stroller isn’t practical
  • Theme park lines
  • Boat rides
  • Around the house, like when cooking dinner and my toddler must be held or all hell breaks loose
mom holding baby on The Carrier by tushbaby

Probably one of the main reasons I prefer the Tushbaby over a traditional carrier right now is my mental block with all the adjusting you have to do with regular babywearing.

tushbaby The Carrier close up

I don’t want to mess around with strapping my baby into a carrier, and the Tushbaby is just so easy and fast to put on. It gets used more for that simple reason.

It also comes with a lot of storage and hidden pockets, so I can usually make do without a diaper bag if our outing isn’t too long.

close up of the zippers and pockets on the tushbaby

Tushbaby Reviews

I analyzed over 100 Tushbaby reviews, so you don’t have to.

Here’s a look at the general consensus from both 5-star reviews and 1-star reviews.

Positive Tushbaby Reviews

I analyzed the most recent 50 5-star reviews, and 68% of them raved about how the Tushbaby relieved pain, either in the arm, wrist, shoulder, or back.

This isn’t surprising as that’s the main selling point of the viral hip carrier. But there were 9 other benefits discussed!

The Tushbaby comes with a ton of storage, which was the second most popular reason reviewers raved about it. Thirty percent of the 50 reviews mentioned how amazing the storage is, and most specifically said they’ve been able to ditch the diaper bag completely.

pocket close up of the tushbaby

Next up is ease of use: 24% of these reviewers said they love how easy it is to put on. The easier it is, the more you’ll use it, and that can really help you feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth.

For those of us with “velcro” or “barnacle” babies (me included), the Tushbaby helps us hold our babies for longer, and 18% of these reviews talked about this advantage.

Here’s a quick look at the rest of the pros talked about in the positive reviews:

  • Ease of use for dad/grandma: 16%
  • Lifesaver in theme park lines or at the zoo: 16%
  • Great for up-and-down kids: 12%
  • Able to breastfeed with it: 6%
  • Not as hot as traditional baby carriers (no sweaty babies): 4%
  • Folds up compactly: 2%
top of the tushbaby

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Negative Tushbaby Reviews

After reading through dozens of 1-star reviews (these account for just 2% of all Tushbaby reviews on Amazon), 52% said the Tushbaby was just too uncomfortable.

It either dug into their hips or strained their back after just a few minutes of wear. (I have to wonder if these reviewers made the same mistake I did, which is wearing it too low, but I really can’t say.)

tush baby negative reviews

A quick scan of 2 and 3-star reviews shows a similar story – some people just find the Tushbaby to be uncomfortable to the point where simply carrying the baby on their hip is preferable.

About 17% of 1-star reviewers felt like the Tushbaby didn’t offer enough support. Some said a regular baby wrap is better as their baby feels more secure.

An equal amount (17%) of negative reviewers reported that their strap frayed, separated, or broke, signaling a possible quality issue.

I personally had this same issue on our older Tushbaby, but it’s not a serious enough offense to warrant a 1-star review.

Finally, 7% of reviewers said the seat bent, and another 7% said the Tushbaby is too expensive for what it is.

Tushbaby Pros and Cons

close up of baby on The Carrier by tushbaby


  • Prevents back, shoulder, arm, and wrist pain
  • Tons of storage
  • Easy and fast to put on
  • Others can use it with minimal adjustments (dad, grandparents, caretakers, friends)
  • Allows you to stay close to clingy babies (and soak up the lovin’) without killing your back or arm
  • Will save your back when waiting in theme park lines
  • Great for when strollers aren’t an option
  • Makes up and downs easier since you don’t have to strap them in each time
  • Your child has more freedom of movement than a traditional carrier
  • Can be used for breastfeeding while standing
  • Folds up compactly
  • Not as hot as traditional wearable carriers
  • Great for carrying heavy babies (any other 90th percentilers out there?!)
  • YKK zippers (really good quality)


  • For long periods of time, a regular baby carrier is more comfortable
  • Women who are size 14 say they really need the extender for a secure fit (much smaller than the 44″ claim on the regular Tushbaby)
  • Some say it’s uncomfortable
  • Some say it doesn’t feel supportive enough
  • Strap may wear over time
  • You’ll use it less after the 1.5-year mark

Tushbaby vs. Ergobaby Alta

Unlike traditional baby carriers, the Tushbaby is all about having your child on your hip. This can be a lot more comfortable for babies who are starting to grow out of traditional babywearing.

Plus, the hip seat is just easy to use, in general. Aunts, uncles, and grandparents can figure it out without any special wrapping or instructions.

But Tushbaby isn’t the only option on the market. Here’s a look at Tushbaby vs. Ergobaby.

Tushbaby Hip Carrier
Ergobaby Alta Hip Carrier
Weight Limit
45 pounds
45 pounds
Carry Positions
Front-facing, face-to-face, side carrying, and feeding (Snug attachment also available)
Infant mode, Baby carrier (inward and outward-facing), and hip seat
Special Features
Hideable bottle holder, YKK zippers
Made with ultra-breathable SoftFlex™ Mesh
Return policy/Warranty
1-year warranty
30-day return policy
Waistband size range
23-44” waist (add up to 24 more inches with the Waistband Extender)
22″-55″ waist (no extenders)
5 pockets
1 pocket

After comparing the Tushbaby against the Ergobaby hip carrier, I think Tushbaby really comes out on top. It costs less, has more storage, and the 1-year warranty is a big differentiator.

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The biggest plus of the Ergobaby version is it comes with the baby carrier attachment, whereas you would need to add the Snug attachment to your Tushbaby order.

Snug Carrier Product Manual

The Tushbaby plus the Snug comes out to $167, which is more than the $129 price point from Ergobaby.

tushbaby The Snug packaging

If the ability to turn the hip carrier into a regular baby carrier is critical to you, the Ergobaby may be a better buy.

But if the hip carrier functionality is what you’re after, Tushbaby takes the win.

Tushbaby vs. Amazon Dupes

I see a lot of moms asking if the less expensive Amazon dupes are worth the price compared to the Tushbaby.

And while I do kind of want to dive into that, there are a few issues with these dupes:

  • After my many years of blogging, I’ve noticed a trend that no-name Chinese retailers on Amazon cash in on a product and then disappear. I’d hate to dive into a dupe for it to disappear from Amazon in a few weeks.
  • I’ve seen many moms talk about how the dupes are nowhere near the quality of the Tushbaby. Here’s a verified Amazon review:

“The Tushbaby FAR surpasses the knock off. It has sturdy metal wiring IN the butt seat part that makes it feel much more secure as opposed to the knock off that was a very overly stuffed butt seat. The Tushbaby has actual pockets and a bottle holder, which is super convenient.”

Ms. Sugar Cookie

The Tushbaby has a 1-year warranty, and they have a brand name to uphold. When it comes to baby gear like this, where safety and accountability are important, I really don’t feel comfortable endorsing a brandless dupe from Amazon.

Proceed at your own risk!

Tushbaby Review Consensus: Is It Worth It? 

Let’s cut to the chase – is the Tushbaby worth the investment? I say yes.

It’s not essential, especially if your baby or toddler isn’t clingy or heavy. But if your baby is constantly begging to be held, this thing can save your back (and your sanity).

Two of my three kids are 90th-percentile babies, and having to carry them on my hip for long periods of time destroys my back. The Tushbaby takes a lot of that pressure off.

And I know this may catch you off guard, but if you plan to go to any kind of theme park, this purchase would be worth it just for that.

Standing in a theme park line with a squirmy baby or toddler will kill your back (been there). The Tushbaby will allow you to endure the long wait times pain-free.

how to wear the Tush Baby

Tushbaby FAQs

How is Tushbaby doing since Shark Tank?

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Tushbaby has been thriving. The exposure and investment from the show propelled it into the spotlight, and it has continued to gain popularity among parents looking for a convenient, pain-free way to carry their children.

Is the Tushbaby worth it?

The Tushbaby is absolutely worth it for parents, offering hands-free convenience, an ergonomic design, and the ability to carry your child without straining your back or arm.

What age is Tushbaby good for?

Tushbaby is suitable for infants and toddlers up to 44 pounds, but the sweet spot is around age 1, in my opinion. It provides a comfortable and ergonomic way to carry your child on your hip as they grow, making it versatile for various stages of early childhood.

Is the Tushbaby hip healthy?

Yes, the Tushbaby’s design prioritizes both parents’ and babies’ comfort and health. It evenly distributes the child’s weight and allows for a natural sitting position, promoting healthy hip development. This makes it a hip-healthy choice for carrying your baby or toddler.

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