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Is the Ergobaby Evolve Highchair and Bouncer Worth the Investment?

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In my household, they are two baby items that get used every day. The bouncer in the early baby days, and the high chair from the time they start eating and on into the toddler years.

That’s why I was excited to give the Ergobaby Evolve Home Collection a try and write this review!

Note: Ergobaby gave me these products to try, but this review is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

What’s the Ergobaby Evolve Collection About?

The Evolve Collection features a bouncer and a high chair (separately, you don’t have to buy them together).

They’re designed to grow with your little one through different stages of development so you can maximize your use of them.

The bouncer has functionality for infants, babies, and even toddlers. And the high chair has functionality for babies, toddlers, and an accessory kit that turns it into a kitchen helper.

evolve collection high chair 3 in 1 photo
Photo Credit: Ergobaby

I really appreciate that philosophy, because it’s so frustrating when you buy something and your baby outgrows it in just a few months.

I mean, if you’re going to invest in baby gear that comes with a higher price tag, you want something that lasts longer than a few months, right? The Evolve Collection does not disappoint.

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Is the Ergobaby Evolve High Chair & Bouncer Worth It?

In short, yes – the Ergobaby Evolve collection is totally worth it. I’m getting into all the details in this review, but these baby items are the real deal.

I love the concept of a bouncer and high chair that grow with your child (they even convert for more functionality!).

They’re great space savers and will last twice as long, if not more, than comparable options on the market. This concept of pricier baby items that “evolve” is a slam dunk in my book.

First Impressions

ergobaby evolve collection packages

I could tell both products were going to be really good quality right out of the packaging.

baby bouncer unboxing

Not only is the packaging itself well made, but every item is built with super sturdy, high-quality materials.

putting evolve highchair together

Even with daily use, I think these products will hold their value over time, which is a plus if you want to sell them when you’re done.

Another huge plus is the assembly was pretty painless. I didn’t even have to wait for my husband to get home to get everything together. The manuals were clear, well-written, and had helpful photos. I got everything together in no time!

assembly was pretty easy

Let’s jump into the good stuff. From comfort to convenience, here’s a detailed look into my thoughts and experiences with each product in the Evolve collection.

Ergobaby Evolve Bouncer

We used to have the BabyBjörn Bliss bouncer, and I swore by it. Like coudn’t-live-without-it obsessed.

My youngest baby is now too old to strap down in a bouncer (where does the time go?!), but I will say, the Ergobaby Evolve bouncer seems just as good, if not even a bit sturdier.

Here are some highlights of the bouncer in this collection.

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Design and features

This bouncer has a super sleek and lightweight design. It can fold flat for easy storage, which I always like to see in baby gear. When I’m not using something, I want to be able to get it out of the way.

Like everything in the Evolve Collection, it’s designed to grow with your baby from newborn to toddler.

ergobaby bouncer
Photo Credit: Ergobaby

It rocks naturally with your baby’s movement, so you don’t need any batteries or plugs.

The recline feature is pretty unique to the Ergobaby bouncer. It has a step pedal on the sides, so it’s easy to adjust its height and find the perfect position for your baby’s comfort.

They also have a toy bar that you can buy separately and click on to the front to keep your baby busy.

toy bar ergobaby bouncer

Cool fabrics

The fabric is a combo of soft knit and breathable mesh, so your little one will be comfy and cool.

The seat cover is also removable and machine washable, which, as we all know, is very convenient for a baby.

bouncer from ergobaby

They sell extra seat covers, too, in case you wanted to get an extra and rotate them while you wash one.

The evolution

So this bouncer is a 3-in-1, meaning it has three different stages:

  1. Newborn
  2. Infant
  3. Toddler

I like that it comes with the infant inserts because it means you can use it from day 1.

infant insert

The insert was designed with a pediatric orthopedist so it’s meant to provide the perfect amount of support from head to hips, which is essential for newborns. They also claim the design of the insert can help prevent flat head syndrome.

What really stretches the longevity of the bouncer is that it turns into a toddler seat.

toddler thumbs up in the ergobaby bouncer

By that stage, your baby probably won’t let you strap them down, and in any case, it’s not really recommended by pediatricians to strap them in something like a bouncer past 24 months.

toddler lounging in the ergobaby bouncer

With the bouncer in the Evolve Collection, you can remove the straps and sit the recline up so that your toddler can use it as a normal seat – or kind of a normal seat, with a little bounce to it.

Ergobaby Evolve Bouncer vs BabyBjörn

I’ve seen a lot online talking about the Ergobaby Evolve bouncer vs BabyBjörn bouncer. They do look very similar and have a lot of similar features.

Ergobaby claims that in an in-home study of over 100 US parents, their bouncer was preferred 2 to 1 when compared to the BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss.

Those parents voted that the Ergobaby:

  • Offered better support for newborns’ heads, hips, and legs (probably because of the addition of the insert)
  • It was easier to use because of its clip-in/out buckle harness and its adjustable recline
  • It felt overall more secure

This one is a toss-up for me, because we really loved the BabyBjörn. But I can see how the new Ergobaby model could be a bit better in some areas.

Ultimately, the choice between the two will come down to personal preference, as both bouncers offer excellent features and benefits for your baby’s comfort and safety.

Ergobaby Evolve High Chair + Kitchen Helper

The high chair in the Evolve Collection is also designed to grow with baby. Here are a few things I love about the high chair.

Easy to clean

My favorite part of this high chair is that it’s simple and easy to clean.

baby enjoying the ergobaby high chair

We’ve gone through 2 different high chairs before receiving this one and truthfully, I didn’t love either of them.

The 4moms one has a silicone seat insert that comes out so you can clean under it. But food would always get stuck underneath it, so I always had to remove it.

And the Peg Perego high chair was notorious for getting food stuck here, there, and everywhere. Both high chairs weren’t ideal.

Enter the Ergobaby Evolve high chair. This high chair has no fabric or extra inserts so it’s super easy to clean. Exactly what I was looking for.

ergobaby high chair

The removable tray is even dishwasher safe which is a plus.

The only thing that’s not easy to clean on this high chair is the straps. I wish someone would come up with straps that are easy to clean, but sadly, I don’t know of a high chair that exists that has easy-to-clean straps.

details of ergobaby high chair buckle

So for now, we will have to go with wiping these down with a rag and occasionally removing them completely to soak for a deeper clean.

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Supports baby’s development

When you have the seat on to use it as a high chair, there is a height-adjustable wooden footrest to support your baby’s feet.

feet resting on ergobaby high chair

The footrest component is actually really important. When baby’s feet are planted during mealtime, it offers proper back support, increases confidence, and may even get them to sit at the table for longer (Kids Eat In Color).

Improper positioning at mealtime can lead to a lot of wiggling, which leads to shorter meals and less control.

The evolution

This high chair is a 3-in-1, just like the bouncer. The first evolution is from the high chair to a kids/toddler chair.

Kids/Toddler chair

When your baby has outgrown the high chair, you can pop off the seat and the wooden footrest becomes the part they sit on, so you can just push it up to the table.

The seat is height adjustable so it will even grow with your toddler as they get older. And there is still a wooden footrest down lower to give foot support when using it as a chair.

Kitchen helper

The 3rd part of the evolution is it turns into a kitchen helper so you can push it up to the counter and have your toddler help out with cooking duties.

walking up the kitchen helper

The wooden plank used for the toddler chair comes off and you pop on a larger wooden plank that becomes what they stand on. The lower footrest stays there for them to use as a step to get up. 

The backrest also pops off, and a different attachment clicks on. That basically gives them more space for their belly when they’re turned the other way.

I’m a big fan of kitchen helpers because they promote a Montessori-style approach to learning by giving toddlers the freedom to explore and engage in real-life activities like cooking and cleaning.

kitchen helper ergobaby

The only downside to this is I’m not sure I want to convert my high chair into a kitchen helper every time my toddler wants to step up to the counter. 

We use both the high chair and kitchen helper multiple times a day, so with the Evolve high chair, I have to constantly convert it.

It’s not a hard process because the seat pops off easily enough and the kitchen helper attachment snaps on easily too, it’s just more tedious than anything. And with 3 little ones running around, I try to simplify my life as much as possible.

That said, I’m glad to at least have the option. The versatility adds value and if you’re short on space and don’t want a separate learning tower, it would be a great option for you.

Pros and Cons of the Evolve Collection


  • The items grow with your baby and last longer than comparable items on the market
  • The 3-in-1 component is a space saver, which is great for smaller living quarters and less clutter
  • High-quality materials and built to last
close up at construction of the high chair from ergobaby
  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • The high chair offers much-needed foot support
  • No fabric or hidden spaces on the high chair for easy wipe-downs
  • The bouncer is easy to fold up and adjusting the height is a breeze
  • The bouncer offers great support, especially for infants and babies
  • The bouncer cover is machine washable
  • The toddler seat option with the bouncer is actually very functional – it’s not just a gimmick


  • The price point is on the higher side, particularly for the high chair (the bouncer is comparable to other brands on the market) – but, they do “evolve” and thus last twice as long, if not longer than similar items on the market
  • Converting the high chair into a kitchen helper is a little bit tedious
  • The highchair straps are a bear to keep clean and aren’t the easiest to remove for deep cleaning


Overall, I really like the quality and versatility of both the bouncer and high chair from the Ergobaby Evolve Collection.

I would recommend them to any mom looking for high-quality products that will last them longer than normal.

Plus, you can’t really go wrong with the Ergobaby brand.

They’ve been around for 20 years, and while they’re most widely known for their baby carriers, they may soon be known for their high-quality, innovative baby and toddler gear.

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