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15 Best Montessori Shelves for Beautiful Toy Displays

Montessori shelves are perfect for displaying toys and books for your infant or toddler. They typically have cubbies that hold different-sized toys, and the shelves are easily accessible for those tiny human hands.

Plus, Montessori-aligned toys are usually very aesthetically-pleasing. A Montessori shelf can really make a playroom or child’s nursery look stunning!

I have three kids and several Montessori toy shelves, so I figured it’s about time to share the 15 best Montessori shelves on the market.

What to Look for In a Montessori Toy Shelf

When shopping for a Montessori toy shelf, you want to check a few boxes:

  • Made of natural wood: Solid wood shelves are durable and sturdy, albeit more expensive. I included mostly solid wood shelves in this article with a few affordable options that are made of either particle board or MDF (proceed with caution!).
  • Sturdy and secure: at some point, your baby is going to pull on, stand on, and climb on your toy shelf. Make sure it’s study and bolted to the wall if needed so that when baby pulls or climbs, it doesn’t topple over on them.
  • Easily accessible/low to the ground: your baby or toddler needs to be able to access the toys and books on this shelf. Having a shelf that’s in your child’s line of sight will allow them to explore the toys and develop independence.

1. Lovevery Montessori Playshelf

The Lovevery Montessori Playshelf is definitely a stand-out as it’s made of solid wood and is the only Montessori toy shelf on the market that includes hidden storage in the back. My husband put this together and said it was the easiest piece of furniture he’s ever assembled. The instructions are next level with photos to guide you along the way.

lovevery montessori shelf

I love that the cubbies are different widths to accommodate different-sized toys. The storage in the back is also very helpful for facilitating toy rotation. And the white buckets are a very practical addition for keeping toys with pieces organized.

lovevery shelf storage

If you want the highest-quality Montessori-style shelf on the market, I’d easily give that award to Lovevery.

2. Monti Kids Montessori Toy Shelf

Monti Kids makes a Montessori toy shelf that’s particularly good for infants and babies. It’s low to the ground and makes it simple for babies to access toys on the bottom.

monti kids shelf

The construction is dead simple, which made my husband question if he should’ve just made this himself (he does woodworking for fun). But with the price of wood and the time required to get it right, we were glad we bought it.

It’s solid wood and has been perfect for displaying our Montessori toys in our baby’s room.

3. Little Colorado Two-Tier Montessori Toy Shelf

This two-tier Montessori toy shelf from Little Colorado (sold at The Tot), is perfect for babies and toddlers. Babies can crawl up to the bottom shelf, and toddlers can reach items on the top shelf.

little colorado shelf

There are no cubbies, which can actually be super helpful to make sure all toys and books fit without constraints.

This shelf is made from high-quality plywood and is hefty at 31 pounds. This is a storage solution that’ll stand the test of time. Plus, it’s made in the USA.

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4. Babai Bookcase

If you want a toy shelf that’ll grow with your child, I really like the Babai bookcase, which you can purchase from The Tot. It fits books, of course, but it’s also a great shelf to display your Montessori toys.

babai bookcase

The design of it would look really nice in a nursery but I can also picture it in a teenager’s room. It’ll last that long, too – it’s made from birch plywood and is just under 32 pounds. It’s sturdy and well-built – no particle board or MDF here.

If you’re concerned about spending hundreds of dollars on a toy shelf you’ll be done with in a few years, this modern bookcase might be a perfect choice.

5. ECR4Kids 5-Compartment Storage Cabinet

This 5-compartment storage cabinet, available on Amazon, definitely mimics the cubby sizes of the Lovevery version. I love having smaller cubbies and lengthier ones to hold long puzzles and toys. It doesn’t have the hidden storage feature, though.

ecr4 kids

It’s built to withstand the wear and tear of a classroom environment, and it’s made of birch. This is definitely a solid choice at a reasonably affordable price.

6. Ducduc Indi Short Bookcase

The Ducduc Indi bookcase, sold on Maisonette, is made for picture books and toy displays. It’s made in the USA from 100% baltic birchwater, which is why the price is at the higher end. It’s pricier than the Lovevery toy shelf, which comes with more features and functionality, but it does have a different aesthetic.


It wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s a very high-quality, solid shelf that you can supposedly assemble in under 15 minutes.

7. Minimo Modern Kids Bookcase

For displaying books and smaller toys, the Minimo Modern Kids Bookcase (sold at The Tot) is definitely on-trend. For more modern homes, this style may fit in perfectly.


It’s made out of solid wood (maple and birch) and wood veneer. It’s also sanded by hand and screened for over 10,000 chemicals and VOCs known to pollute indoor air.

With a 5-year warranty on all wood frames and wood components, this is definitely a furniture piece that’s durable and long-lasting. It’s on the pricier side and takes longer to ship, but the style is unlike anything else on the market.

8. WoodenBalance Bookshelf + Toyshelf

Etsy seller WoodenBalance has a beautiful bookshelf and toyshelf combination.


Each item is handmade from high-quality plywood. Reviewers say the assembly is super simple, and the wood is smooth and sturdy.

If you want a solution for displaying your books and toys, this is a surprisingly affordable option that supports a small business.

9. ECR4Kids Book Display

This book display, available on Amazon, is amazing for displaying books in a beautiful and practical way. It kind of feels like a store display!

ecr4 kids book display

If you have a lot of books, they definitely won’t all fit, but I kind of like that feature. We rotate out books just like we do our toys, which keeps it fresh and exciting. If you’re really dedicated, you can rotate books based on themes and holidays.

My only qualm with this book display is shorter board books aren’t as visible, because the shelf fronts are a bit high. Taller books look nicer with this one.

10. KidKraft Reading Nook

The KidKraft bookcase with reading nook, which you can purchase from Maisonette, doubles as storage and seating for your toddler. The cubes are perfect for displaying books, but you could also incorporate toys, as long as they fit within the cubby.


The seating area can hold 110 pounds.

My only concern with this particular option is it’s constructed out of MDF. While this gives us a much more affordable price point, it’s not something that’ll stand the test of time. If your kids are particularly rough, and you can picture them jumping on it or something, there’s a chance it’ll split or break.

Solid wood options (like #1, #6, and #7) are more expensive, but you won’t have to replace them nearly as often (if ever).

11. Corner Cube Bookshelf from Room Essentials

If you have a room corner that’s wasted space, this corner cube bookshelf, available at Target, can be a good way to reclaim it. We have one of these, and it has been great for displaying smaller toys and books.

target corner shelf

It’s made of particle board, so it’s not exactly high-quality or durable, but it gets the job done for a very affordable price.

12. ECR4Kids Dress Up Center

I’m in love with this dress-up center from ECR4Kids (sold on Amazon). There’s a garment rod and four storage compartments. This definitely gives your child the agency to dress themselves and develop independence.

ecr4 kids dress up center

While it’s not necessarily designed for toy displays, I had to include it on this list!

It’s made from 100% birch and is Greenguard Gold Certified, so you can rest assured no toxic chemicals will be leeching into your space.

13. Closetmaid Cube Storage Organizer

We got a variation of this Closetmade cube storage organizer (from Amazon), and the price is definitely right. It’s been great for displaying different toys and books.

closetmaid cube

However, you do sacrifice a bit of quality for an affordable price. The white has chipped off in some places, and it’s definitely not as sturdy as the solid wood options from other higher-quality brands.

One other factor to consider is the width of the cubes. Some of our Lovevery toys, like the longer puzzles, don’t fit well in this size, so having a toy shelf with different-sized cubbies can be helpful.

14. IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit

A lot of Montessori parents use the IKEA Kallax shelf unit on its side without the middle dividers. You can keep them if you want the cubes, but having a blank slate is often better for displaying different-sized toys.

ikea kallax

It’s definitely one of the more affordable options, but it’s made of particle board, so it’s not going to be a durable piece of furniture. That’s not really a surprise when it comes to IKEA furniture, but if budget is more important than durability, this is a super popular choice.

15. IKEA Trofast Shelf

The other IKEA shelf style that many Montessori families use is the Trofast. It comes with storage bins to help organize toys, which can be handy for things that have a lot of pieces or components. It’s also low to the ground, which is great for baby and toddler accessibility.

IKEA Trofast

This IKEA shelf, like the other, is made of particle board, so it’s not solid wood. It’s at a very cheap price point, which is great, but you’ll likely have to replace it after a few years of wear and tear. It’s not ideal, but if you’re on a very tight budget, it’ll work in a pinch!


A Montessori toy shelf is the perfect place to display easily-accessible toys and books for your baby or toddler. It’s definitely a must-have in your nursery or playroom, and it’ll help you remember to do toy rotation.

Happy shopping!

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