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I Tested the 14 Best Magnetic Tiles and Blocks – Winners Inside

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Magnetic tiles and blocks have become insanely popular recently, particularly for boosting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning.

They come in all sorts of geometric shapes and bright colors, and they’re definitely a step up from traditional wooden building blocks and Legos.

toddler making rocket ship with blockaroo magnetic blocks
Our son playing with Blockaroo magnetic blocks

The magnets inside allow toddlers and kids to snap them together much more easily and build all kinds of cool stuff!

My kids and I tested 14 of the most popular magnetic building sets to see which ones are worth the money.

all of the magnetic toy paclaging in a pile

We’ve been a Magna-Tiles family for years, so I was pretty shocked when I realized there are some serious new contenders in the arena.

Best Magnetic Tiles and Blocks

  • Best overall: Connetix
  • Best on a budget: Picasso Tiles
  • Best for bathtime: Blockaroo
  • Best for building life-sized structures: Superspace (Get $10 off with code REBEKAHPARR)
  • Best wooden: Tegu (to be fair, it’s the only wooden magnetic tile, and I don’t really like it)

My personal must-haves? Connetix, Blockaroo, and Superspace.

These are the three magnetic toys our family uses consistently, and they’re the ones I’d recommend to any and every parent.

If you’re on a tight budget, swap out Connetix for Picasso Tiles.

Here’s my TikTok rundown of these top picks:

Magnetic Tiles compared
Magnetic tiles, compared

Here’s a closer look at how these 14 magnetic toys compare. It’s not easy to compare pricing on these since the toy types are a bit different.

But I’ll do my best to help you understand how the prices compare, particularly for brands with the same toy type.

Toy Type
Expansion Sets
Square tile weight
Connetix packaging
$1.02-$1.29 per tile
Modest but extremely cool
Picasso Tiles packaging
$0.43-$0.50 per tile
Magna-tiles packaging
$1.20-$1.60 per tile
Very extensive
Playmags packaging
$0.50-$0.83 per tile
Maghub packaging
$0.28-$0.40 per tile
$0.41-$0.44 per tile
1 add-on
Plumia packaging
$0.45-$0.58 per tile
Foam blocks
$1.30-$2.69 per block
4 add-ons
superspace in walkers room
Life-sized tiles
$14.95 per panel
3 add-ons
Tegu toys in packaging
Wooden blocks
$1.92-$2.70 per block
Large fabric blocks
$9.26-$42 per block
1 add-on
Magformers packaging
Hollow-centered tiles
$1.06-$1.32 per tile
Magnetic Building Blocks unboxing picture
Small blocks
$1.05-$1.07 per block
1 add-on
Minecraft Magnetic Building Cubes packaging
Small blocks
$0.60-$0.83 per block
1 add-on
I found the tiles with thicker magnets weighed more, so the weight is an indication of how strong a structure will hold. The heavier the tile, the bigger the magnet. Also, rivets indicate a stronger, safer tile that won’t break as easily as tiles that are glued together.

Educational Benefits of Magnetic Tiles and Blocks

Magnetic building sets are perfect for STEM learning. In today’s world, STEM skills are crucial, and we’re all about giving our kids an advantage!

That’s why magnetic building blocks are so popular. They make STEM learning feel like playtime, so both parents and kids are on board.

boy looking at the Playmag manual

My 5-year-old is really starting to pick up on more advanced engineering concepts, but even my 1-year-old has fun with them!

Here are just a few of the learning benefits I’ve noticed from magnetic blocks and tiles:

  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Encourages problem-solving
  • Forces kids to confront frustrations and work through them
  • Boosts creativity and imagination
  • Teaches social skills like sharing and turn-taking
  • Promotes communication and language skills
  • Introduces shape recognition
Child looking through the Connetix magnetic toys

There are so many possibilities that my kids can literally build whatever they can dream up and still have something completely new to build tomorrow.

What to Look for in Magnet Tiles and Blocks

There are a few things across all the magnetic toy brands that every mom should keep in mind when choosing the right set:

  • Age-Appropriateness: Make sure the set you pick matches your kid’s age and where they are in their development.
baby playing with Magnetic Building Blocks
  • Durability: Look for sets that won’t break easily, especially since swallowing one of those tiny magnets would be extremely dangerous. Make sure you buy durable tiles (tiles with rivets are ideal) and regularly inspect them for any signs of cracks.
  • Size and Number of Pieces: The size and quantity in each set can vary wildly. Sometimes, you might need to buy two sets to build what you have in mind. It may also be worth buying a bigger set from the get-go instead of buying a basic set and adding more later.
baby with Tegu magnetic toys
  • Magnet strength: There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to build a towering masterpiece that keeps falling over because the magnets won’t hold. Get sets with strong magnets for more successful builds.
  • Storage: This one isn’t essential, but since my kids’ stuff has a way of multiplying, I’m always thinking about storage options that’ll help keep things organized and easily accessible for play. Some sets come with their own storage systems, which is a huge selling point for me!
three kids playing with magnatiles
  • Compatibility: If you have a mix of different brands like we do, not all of them can be used together. Some brands have different-sized pieces, or the magnets don’t line up. If you’re specifically looking for blocks and tiles to add to your collection, make sure they are compatible. I’ll share tips on this in a bit.
  • Material: I always prioritize non-toxic materials for my kids. If that’s important to you too, make sure to check what they’re made of.

I have the scoop on all of these important points for 14 of the most popular magnetic building sets. Let’s take a closer look at them!

Best Magnetic Tiles: Connetix Review

Best magnetic tiles on the market

Connetix packaging


  • Built strong with rivets and thick magnets
  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • Comes with lots of shapes for more building possibilities
  • Really fun ball run extension pack
  • Compatible with other tiles
  • True rainbow colors aid with teaching colors, color mixing, and the color wheel
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Not a budget option
  • Not as many extension packs as Magna-Tiles

Connetix is, in my opinion, the best magnetic tile brand on the market today.

They are high-quality tiles with rivets to make them strong, and they also have very strong magnets.

Connetix unboxing

When I weighed all of the magnetic tiles, the Connetix brand came in at the heaviest – 33g per square. Other brands weighed anywhere from 27g to 32g.

weighing magnetic tiles
Connetix tiles (purple) weigh the heaviest compared to all of the other similar magnetic tiles.

A heavier tile means a stronger magnet and more sturdy builds. And I can attest to this!

connetix colors

Connetix tiles come in all kinds of really pretty colors, and even the pastel packs are bright and not dull.

The tiles have a beveled design that sort of puffs up, which is a bit different from other plastic tiles.

Aesthetically, I think these take the cake.

Child using the Connetix play guide to build-min

They also have a really cool ball run expansion pack. Several magnetic tile sets now have the ball run extension packs, but the Connetix ball run comes with 92 pieces of clear tubing.

ball run expansion pack connetix

Other brand’s ball run kits are colored, so you can’t see the marbles as well, and they just don’t look as good.

You also need to have a pretty strong magnet in order to handle the weight and pull of moving wooden balls, which the Connetix tiles have, and I’m not so sure that would be the case for other brands.

They’ve got motion packs, clear packs, mini tiles, and cars.

Overall, the Connetix brand knocked it out of the park for me in every way! I wish they were cheaper, but if budget is an issue, check out the next option: Picasso Tiles.

Best Budget Magnetic Tiles: Picasso Tiles Review

Best magnetic tiles on a budget

Picasso Tiles packaging


  • Affordable price point
  • Good variety of extras available
  • Compatible with other tile brands
  • Very strong magnets
  • BPA-free and non-toxic plastic


  • No metal rivets, which means they are not as durable (and are glued together)

Picasso Tiles have 32k reviews on Amazon with a 4.9 rating, and they are half the price of brand names like Connetix or Magna-Tiles, so I figured I’d give them a shot. (More on Picasso Tiles vs. Magna-Tiles here.)

opening picasso tiles

They look almost identical to the Magna-Tiles except for the lack of metal rivets. And you know what that means.. they are glued together, so they’re not as tough.

close up of picasso tile square

The variety of the extension packs they have gives other tile sets a run for their money, with marble runs, race car tracks, and picture cards that you can stick inside the window tiles.

But, aesthetically? I like the tiles from Connetix better. The colors are more true to the rainbow, which just looks nice, but it’s also practical for teaching colors and color mixing to littles.

Overall, if I had to choose Picasso Tiles vs. Connetix – I’d still stick with Connetix.

But Picasso Tiles are a fantastic alternative, and at the end of the day, they’re not that different.

Best Magnetic Blocks: Blockaroo Review

Best blocks for bath time fun, and they really encourage creativity and STEM learning

blockaroo packaging


  • Really fun for bathtime (sticks to side of tub)
  • Easy to clean
  • Made with non-toxic foam
  • Magnets always attract
  • Can make all sorts of designs
  • My kids blow me away with their unique builds


  • Foam dents and wears over time
  • Smallest yellow part is a choking hazard for littles
  • Magnets breaking off could be a concern (never happened to me)
  • Small age range: 3-6

Blockaroo’s magnetic blocks are easily one of our favorite magnetic toys of all time.

kids opening blockaroo box

They’re made of non-toxic soft foam, perfect for bathtime fun. They float in water, and the magnets will stick to your tub if it’s metal.

Baby playing with Blockaroo in the bath tub

But my kids love building with them all over the house, not just in the bath.

They’re dishwasher safe and mold-resistant, so they’re super easy to clean and sanitize. Every now and again, I throw them in the top rack of the dishwasher to get off any residue from sitting in the tub.

All the pieces are compatible with each other, and the magnets always attract, so they’re easy for my kids to figure out.

Close up of Blockaroo magnetic toys

Plus, when you click two pieces together, you can twist them, and it makes a clicking noise. My 1-year-old is obsessed with that!

We have the original Blockaroo set, which comes in a set of 100, and we also have one of the add-on sets with parts to build a plane.

They also have a roadster, castle, and critter add-on options as well as a smaller 50-piece set.

pile of Blockaroo magnetic toys

I’ve seen some reviews that say their magnets have fallen out. While this hasn’t been our experience, it could be a problem.

The only problem we’ve run into is the blocks do wear over time.

wear and tear of blockaroo

Over the course of a year, some of them have dents or teeth marks from our savage 1-year-old.

And the smallest yellow piece is a definite choking hazard. Our little guy would pop that thing in his mouth, and we’d all panic. Those yellow pieces are now stored away in a high cabinet.

All-in-all, though, these are worth the money and are some of our most-used toys in the house.

Best Life-Sized Magnetic Tiles: Superspace Review

Best for building incredible life-sized structures and forts

superspace packaging


  • Can build life-sized forts and structures (like reading nooks and rocket ships!)
  • Very compact storage
  • Bright, colorful options are available
  • Arguably, our kids’ favorite magnetic toy
  • Sustainable choice


  • On the pricier side but get $10 off with code REBEKAHPARR
  • Slow shipping & occasional inventory shortages

Superspace tiles are jumbo magnetic panels you snap together to build life-sized formations. I mean, who doesn’t want to build a fort with huge magnetic tiles?

two boys playing with Super Space

They come in 5 different colors: Charcoal, turquoise (this is the color I bought), blue, pine, or orange.

We got the ‘New Big Set’ which comes with 22 panels – 6 squares, 2 windows, 6 triangles, 6 trapezoids, and 2 rectangles. I wish we had added the Rectangle add-on – we may get that for Christmas.

It’s definitely enough to build something for a couple of kids to fit in. You can build tunnels, rocket ships, houses, boats, or whatever else your kids come up with.

There is a smaller set available that comes with 13 panels but it looks like the builds would be more limited. I wouldn’t bother with a smaller set – we have the New Big Set and I already think we need to get an expansion pack.

And these are so easy to store – they fold up neatly and can be tucked away without taking up a lot of space.

storing the superspace tiles

I feel like my kids will be able to enjoy these for a long time.

superspace in walkers room

Bonus points for this company because they are a sustainable brand. The panels are made from what they call “Eco-Felt” which is made from recycled plastic bottles.

toddler eating snacks in superspace magnetic fort

Read the full review: Superspace Tiles Review: Coolest Magnetic Building Toy?

Best Wooden Magnetic Blocks: Tegu Review

The only wooden magnetic block set I could find; great for little ones but not always easy to build with

Tegu unboxing


  • Sustainable company
  • Non-toxic, wooden design
  • Age range 1-99
  • Aesthetically beautiful


  • There aren’t always magnets where you’d expect them, making it really difficult to build things (hard as an adult, downright impossible for toddlers)
  • High price tag
  • Not compatible with other tiles

While these are far from my favorite, I do like these blocks because they’re wooden, and I’m a sucker for wooden toys.

My kids like them because they are a mix between traditional building blocks and magnetic tiles.

I bought the classroom set, which basically gives you everything they have, but they have smaller kits, too. The kits all come with cubes, columns, planks, angles, wheels, and propellers.

We most definitely did NOT need this big of a set – I splurged because there was a 50% off sale going on at the time. But even still, this is way too many blocks for a home.

The age recommendation varies depending on the kit you buy, but most start at 12 months, which is a lot lower than most of the others on this list.

everyone building a tower with Tegu toys

They’ve also got a large variety of packs, including ones for younger toddlers and babies, animals, planes, trains, cars, and monsters and robots, too.

a bed made out of Tegu tiles

All the blocks are made with sustainably sourced local Honduran wood, which is where the company is based.

Honestly, my biggest beef with the Tegu blocks is there aren’t magnets where I think there should be. You try to build a car, and the blocks don’t line up where you need them to.

Building with these is difficult, to the point where my husband even said forget it – let’s go back to the regular magnetic tiles.

If you’re adamant about having a wooden option, these are a solid choice. But they’re honestly the only choice, so I hope another brand comes out with a set that’s a little easier to use.

Magna-Tiles Review

A high-quality magnetic tile that’s beloved by many but perhaps isn’t the best on the market anymore

Magna-tiles packaging


  • Durable design with metal rivets for added security
  • Non-toxic, food-grade plastic
  • Lots of expansion packs
  • Age range of 3-99 


  • More expensive than some alternatives
  • Not as strong as others
  • Scratch easily
  • Not true colors of the rainbow, so you miss out on some learning possibilities

Magna-Tiles are the original magnetic tiles, and I honestly thought they’d be the winner of this showdown. That’s what we’ve bought for years, and my kids play with them every single day. Not exaggerating.

They love building stuff with them, creating their own little worlds, and even just sorting the tiles by color.

5 year old making a house with magnatiles

Honestly, these might be my favorite toy ever. So I was shocked when I realized there are other brands that have equally good tiles – dare I say better ones? – for less money.

That said, I still love Magna-Tiles. I just do.

The expansion sets are awesome and extensive, perhaps better than any other brand on the list. They have sets with farm animals, dinosaurs, jungle animals, builder sets with trucks and cranes, arctic animals, cars – you name it!

We have at least two of the classic sets along with the metropolis, safari animals, and the storage bin, so I can throw them all in when they are done.

opening magnatiles storage bin for christmas

Plus, they just came out with a new “in motion collection,” which I’m super excited about because movement adds a new dynamic to play. I already bought the Downhill Duo, which comes with ramps, cars, people, and road squares, and my boys love this add-on.

little boy playing with Magna Tiles car set

Magna-Tiles are made of non-toxic, MABS plastic that’s free from BPA, phthalates, and latex, which, to be fair, is the case for most of the plastic tiles these days, at least on this list.

But what has always made Magna-Tiles stand out is the durability. These things are built to last. They’re sealed together with metal rivets, which makes them unlikely to break apart. But other brands now rival this with almost identical designs.

1 year old playing with magnatiles

You can’t go wrong with Magna-Tiles. We have them and love them.

But if I were to buy new tiles today, it wouldn’t be this brand.


Big, soft blocks that leave much to be desired



  • You can build life-sized things like tables and chairs
  • Super soft
  • Feels high-end


  • Not all sides have magnets
  • Made with Polyurethane foam
  • Very expensive for what you get
  • Not easy to store when not in use

MagnetBlox are big, soft blocks you can build them into life-sized things like a table or a chair. They’re quite different from everything else on this list, which is why I was so excited to get them for my kids for Christmas last year.

I had high hopes, but the overall consensus in my house is… they’re not our favorite. They were fun at first, but my kids were over them pretty quickly.

toddler playing with magnetblox
One of the few times recently my daughter has played with MagnetBlox; she was adding a “castle wall” to her Superspace fort

There aren’t magnets on every side of the blocks, and only opposite-colored blocks attract. It gets frustrating for my kids (and me) to figure out.

Now, they just sit at the bottom of our console table, collecting dust and looking cute. Which, they are charming, but for the price I paid, I was hoping they would see more action.

magnetblox stored

They were one of the most expensive toys on this entire list, and we use them the least.

It says they’re for kids 2-10+ but I just don’t see it. The age range for this, attention-wise, is more like 2-4.

Another huge con is how hard they are to clean. They’re made of fabric (polyester upholstery fabric), but you can’t exactly put these in the washing machine.

The instructions say to wipe them down, but that won’t get the job done.

I appreciate that they’re plastic-free, but the foam inside is Polyurethane, which is not high on my list of preferred baby item materials because of the risk of VOCs.


Overall, I would pass on the MagnetBlox, even though they’re cute. There are way better choices on this list, and at a fraction of the price.

Playmags Review

A good budget-friendly alternative to Magna-Tiles.

Playmags packaging


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Built strong with rivets
  • Letter tiles add opportunity for literacy learning


  • Not as much variety 
  • Letters are hard to push into tiles

Playmags are another alternative to brand name options like Magna-Tiles. They have 10,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.8 rating, so clearly, a lot of people love them.

These tiles have rivets like the Magna-Tiles, which makes them stronger. They’re also compatible with Magna-Tiles.

Playmag toys in the box

The Playmags sets have window tiles with letter click-ins, which is kind of unique to this brand.

That gives it a fun, creative twist since kids can spell out words if they’re old enough. The kicker is it’s hard to push the letters in the window tiles, and my kids can’t do it without parental help.

Playmag toys with letter attachment

I’ve never seen them play with the letters in this set, so those just kind of add to the clutter.

Other than that, there’s not as much variety with this brand, but they do have a train set and magnetic people, which is cool.

initial unboxing of Playmag toy

All in all, Playmags are a perfectly fine choice and seem to be a popular choice for parents on a budget. They just didn’t make the cut as a favorite for me.

Magformers Review

Best for families looking to build more complex things like cars and robots, but not as nice as solid tiles

Magformers packaging


  • There are sets available that offer more complex builds
  • Easy for little hands to hold


  • Rounded edges don’t stand up well
  • Not compatible with other sets
  • Not very easy to build strong structures
  • My kids don’t reach for these

The Magformers tiles are similar to the other clear geometric-shaped tiles, except all of the tiles have the centers cut out like the window tiles in other sets.

Magformers unboxing

I’m not a fan of the rounded edges. They aren’t as stable as the tiles with a squared edge, so my kids struggled to keep things from falling down at times.

Magformers play guide and baby playing

I bought the basic set so we could test out the strength and durability of the tiles. But I think the selling point for these is the variety of things you can build with the extra sets.

Magformers play guide 1

You almost forget they’re magnet tiles with some of the kits because of the different parts, like the vehicles in this police and rescue kit or the trucks in the construction kit.

They’re more comparable to a LEGO-like building experience rather than tiles.

They do lose points for me because they aren’t compatible with our other tile sets.

I don’t think there’s a lot inherently wrong with these, other than if you’re shopping for younger kids and toddlers, I think a solid magnetic tile is a better buy.

MagHub Review

Most budget-friendly magnetic tile option.

Maghub packaging


  • Most affordable tiles
  • Compatible with other brands
  • Non-toxic ABS plastic


  • Not high-quality construction
  • Magnets are not very strong

The MagHub tiles are pretty comparable to the Picasso Tiles – they’re just not as good.

They’re made of non-toxic, odorless, and superior ABS plastic, but they don’t have the rivets holding them together, so I question the long-term durability.

MagHub magnetic toys

The magnets are decent but not super strong, and the kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

MagHub Box

They’re compatible with the Magna-Tiles, Playmag, Connetix, and Picasso Tiles.

Plumia Review

Budget-friendly magnetic tile option

Plumia packaging


  • Low price tag


  • Glued construction is not the most durable
  • Magnets are weak

Plumia is another Magna-Tiles dupe similar to MagHub and Picasso Tiles.

They’re glued together, so they aren’t the most durable option, and they come with a large variety of shapes and sizes for a budget-friendly price.

child playing with Plumia toys

They have about 3k Amazon reviews and a 4.8 rating, so people seem to like them.

There’s nothing wrong with them. I think Picasso Tiles are a better buy, but if you have these or they’re on a really good special, I wouldn’t not recommend them.

Some of the shapes are just a little bizarre, and the colors of other brands are a bit better. Plumia also doesn’t have many expansion packs, which is a definite con.

Asago Magnetic Blocks Review

Best magnetic blocks for beginners

Magnetic Building Blocks unboxing picture


  • Great for babies
  • Bright and colorful
  • Not a choking hazard
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to clean


  • Doesn’t offer much variety
  • Our kids don’t reach for these

The Asago magnetic blocks are cube blocks, though not as big as the MagnetBlox.

Each side is 1.34 inches, which is too big to swallow and just right for little ones to grasp.

Magnetic Blocks packaging

I do like them for my youngest, who is just starting to get into the whole magnetic building fun, although the age recommendation for these is 3+, so he’s technically too young for them.

two children playing with Magnetic Building Blocks

These blocks are pretty straightforward. They come in basic primary colors, so there isn’t a ton of variety. My kids have gotten bored of them, especially since they lack the variety of all the other brands on this list.

But maybe if they were the first magnetic blocks we had, they would’ve been more excited about them.

I will say they are very easy to clean because they are 100% waterproof and you can stick them under running water or soak them in a tub.

Soyee Review

Not the best option for families that are looking for quality tiles



  • Affordable price point


  • Weak magnets
  • Low-quality construction, without rivets
  • Not many add-ons available
  • Comes from an unknown Chinese brand

This set of tiles was gifted to us by Grandma, who knew how much the kids love playing with their magnetic tiles. She bought them thinking they’d be a great addition to our growing collection of Magna-Tiles.

It’s basically a cheaper version of the Magna-Tiles, and unfortunately, in this case, you get what you pay for.

soyee tile up close

The magnets aren’t as strong, and the overall construction is not as solid. They don’t have the metal rivets to make them sturdier; they’re just glued together.

Other than that, they look just like the Magna-Tiles, and they come with a little carrying case.

Personally, I would not recommend these and would rather splurge on a higher-quality option. Even the Picasso Tiles, another budget choice, are better than these.

Toyology Minecraft Magnetic Blocks Review

Decent blocks for kids who are into Minecraft

Minecraft Magnetic Building Cubes packaging


  • Great for Minecraft lovers
  • Comes with carrying bag


  • Set is small
  • Weak magnets
  • Small pieces not good for little ones
  • Not much you can build with this setup

If your kids are into Minecraft and the whole world of mining, these magnetic blocks would probably be really fun for them. I don’t think they are the official Minecraft brand, but they’ve got that pixelated vibe.

Minecraft Toylogy magnetic blocks

Other than the pixelated pictures on them, I feel like they are just like any other magnetic block set.

Each side has magnets in all four corners. So, you can stagger stack them to make bridges and trees and whatnot.

If you’re shopping for someone who’s a Minecraft lover, I think you’d probably need to buy 2 or 3 sets to really have fun with them.

Best Magnetic Tiles & Blocks FAQs

What to build with magnetic blocks?

With magnetic bocks, you can build towers, castles, bridges, roads, animals, mazes, 3D geometric patterns, life-sized forts, and even furniture if you have bigger blocks.

Most brands come with a user guide or list on their website with ideas for what you can build. I’d recommend checking those out to get the most out of your build. You can also look for unique ideas on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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What are the best magnetic building blocks?

The best magnetic building blocks are from Blockaroo. If you’re shopping for magnetic tiles, our family votes for Connetix. And if you want huge magnetic tiles that can turn into life-sized forts and rockets, I’d highly recommend Superspace.

What are the best, most economical magnetic blocks?

The most budget-friendly option on this list is the MagHub tiles. They are comparable to the popular Picasso Tiles and good for families who want to get in on the fun without spending too much money. I personally prefer Picasso Tiles, though, and they’re still a budget-friendly choice.

How can magnetic blocks inspire creativity?

When kids play with magnetic blocks and tiles, they can experiment with all different shapes and structures, which fosters problem-solving skills and spatial awareness. It’s a great way for kids to learn about STEM principles like physics and engineering.

How do you build the Ferris wheel in magnetic blocks?

You need a specific kit to build a Ferris wheel with magnetic blocks. Picasso Tiles and Magformers are the two most well-known brands with Ferris wheel kits. They have everything you need to build a functioning Ferris wheel, including a stand and axel, tiles, and building instructions.

Are magnetic tiles safe for kids?

Magnetic tiles are generally considered safe for kids when used appropriately. Make sure your kids meet the age requirement for each set and supervise younger ones to prevent choking hazards.

Invest in quality brands constructed with metal rivets (like Connetix or Magna-Tiles) for extra durability, and regularly check for any cracks or signs of breakage. If you notice any breaking, throw them away immediately so that you don’t risk any magnets being ingested.

Are all magnetic tiles compatible?

Magna-Tiles, Picasso Tiles, Connetix, Playmags, and MagHub are compatible. Other magnetic tile brands like Magformers are not compatible with any other sets, though.


After testing 14 different magnetic tiles and blocks, I can confidently say that Connetix, Blockaroo, and Superspace have my vote for being the best magnetic tiles and blocks on the market.

The clear winner for the best magnetic tiles is Connetix, with Picasso Tiles being a solid budget alternative.

For the best magnetic blocks, I’ll have to go with Blockaroos. As for the overall coolest toy, I’m sticking with Superspace tiles because you can build life-sized structures, and all three of my kids (ages 1-5) are obsessed.

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