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33 Creative Magnetic Tiles Ideas – Magna-Tiles Fun!

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Magnetic tiles are a firm favorite in our house, and we’re always on the hunt for more magnetic tile ideas. Magna-Tiles are kind of the household name when it comes to these fun STEM toys, but we actually prefer Connetix.

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I love these versatile toys because while the kids are busy creating masterpieces, they also build fine motor and critical thinking skills. Playtime that enhances learning and creative ideas? Yes, please.

Here, we’ll look at 33 magnetic tile ideas to kickstart your kids’ creativity. Let the fun begin!

1. Snacktivity

snacktivity with magna tiles

Source: Sprinkle In Learning

I love this Snacktivity idea! Put different snacks in a muffin tin and cover each spot with a magnetic tile.

Use colored dice to find out which colored tile you can remove! It’s a great way to introduce new foods in a fun way.

2. Magnetic Tile Matching

magnetic tile matching

Source: The Bast Fam

My kids love magnetic tiles and matching, so this is the perfect mashup. Cut pictures in half and tape each half to a magnetic tile.

It’s so simple, but it brings a whole new life to your magnetic tiles.

3. Vertical Building

Magnatiles ideas vertical building

Credit: Pink Stripey Socks

If your kids like playing with fridge magnets, they’ll love putting Magna-Tiles on vertical surfaces.

Use any metal surface like a garage door, fridge, or a safe.

4. Ball maze

Credit: Pinterest

Continuing the ball/marble theme, get kids to design their own ball maze.

Figuring out where to put the walls of a marble maze will strengthen their critical thinking skills.

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5. Car Ramps


Source: Happy Toddler Playtime

This car ramp will keep your car-obsessed kiddo busy for hours.

Plus, your future engineer can practice building sound structures.

In this Magna-Tiles Instagram post, you can see some car ramps being built. 

6. ABCs or Numbers

Magnetic tiles letter cards

Credit: Teaching Mama

Here’s a great example of playtime + learning. Help your toddler or preschooler practice their letters or numbers in a fun way with letter cards.

You could even have them spell out short words or their own name.

7. Color sorting boxes

Color sorting box

Credit: Happy Toddler Playtime

Put those tiny toys lying around to good use! Color sorting boxes are easy to make and will give toddlers a sense of purpose.

Especially those who love to sort and ‘post’ things. It’s a fun way to teach colors, too.

8. Rainbow

Credit: Your Virtual Nanny

This 3-D rainbow uses both rectangles and triangles, plus multiple colors. Let your little one get creative with the color placement.

My kids have been known to make black and brown rainbows. I’ve come to accept it.

9. Garages for cars

Credit: Coodootoys

One of the best ideas for your car-obsessed child.

It could also be a color-sorting exercise; get your kiddo to match the car’s color with the garage.

10. Castles

Castles magnatiles

Credit: Finding Myself Young

Possibly the most popular magnetic tile creation out there, magna tile castles seem to check all the boxes.

Kids can practice using various shapes and geometric forms in different ways while using their critical thinking skills.

And once the castle is finished, the real play can begin! Dolls or Lego people can take up residence.

11. Train

Magnatiles ideas train

Credit: Finding Myself Young

Here’s another design where building it is only the beginning of playtime.

Kids can add carriages and take tiny passengers on their own train rides.

12. Train bridge

Magnatiles ideas train bridge

Credit: Pinterest

This magnetic tile train bridge will take any train track to the next level.

Plus, creating very intricate architectural structures like this is great practice for any future engineers.

13. Barn

Magnatile ideas barn

Credit: Adventure in a box

Imaginative play, down on the farm. Your kids’ farm animals can start living the high life with these magna tile barns.

14. Hot air balloon

Credit: Pinterest

3-D creations add an extra challenge, so designs like this hot air balloon could be great for slightly older kids.

But maybe your three-year-old will surprise you!

15. Igloo

Credit: Rainbow Shapes

Here’s another structure-building exercise, but this igloo takes a little more thought than a simple square house.

See if your kids can follow these step-by-step instructions.

16. Flowers

Credit: Pinterest

These flowers might require some problem-solving skills, especially as kids work out how to make them stand upright.

But this is one of my favorite magnetic tile ideas; it uses a mix of square and triangular pieces and will definitely test your kids’ tactile skills.

17. Playground

Magnatile ideas playground

Credit: Mums creative cupboard

Here’s the perfect setting for small world play. Any Lego people or little dolls lying around will have a blast on this magnetic tile playground.

When they’ve gotten all their energy out, they can take a nap on their magnetic tile bed (see next idea).

18. Doll house furniture

Credit: Magna-tiles

Even if you don’t have a doll house, your kids can make magnetic tile doll furniture like a bunk bed, tables, and chairs for their dolls or animals.

The best kind of imaginative play starts with creative ideas like these.

19. Ice cream cone

Magnatiles ideas ice cream

Credit: Connetix Facebook

There’s nothing like a game of “shop” to keep kids occupied. Kids will love creating different combinations of these 3-D ice cream cones.

“That’ll be $100, please,” my four-year-old will say as he hands me one of his creations.

Engineer in the making, yes, but I might also have an entrepreneur on my hands…

20. Dinosaur

Credit: Mommy Poppins

Kids often go through a dino-obsessed phase, so why not channel their dino delight into creative designs?

Magna Tiles has lots of cards like this one to help with construction. They’ll be making a Tyrannosaurus Rex in no time.

21. Tall towers

Magnatiles ideas Measuring Height

Credit: Saving Talents

This is a great way to teach kids about structures and how various shapes can add strength to a building’s foundation.

I like my kids using magnetic tiles for towers even more than magnetic blocks, because they require a little more thought and maneuvering.

It’s never too early to teach engineering!

22. Dominoes

Magnatiles ideas Dominos

Credit: Making Danish

Nothing quite as satisfying as setting up a line of dominoes and watching them topple each other—and magna tiles dominoes are just as fun.

Let your kids put their fine motor skills to the test as they create their own line of dominoes. They’ll need nimble fingers!

23. 2-D shapes

Credit: Pinterest

With tons of cards out there depicting fun ideas for magnetic tile designs, it’s easy to create all kinds of 2-D shapes like hearts, stars, and other objects.

Try different shapes on a light table for added fun. With Valentine’s Day coming up, this heart would make an awesome photo to go on homemade Valentine’s Day cards.

24. 3-D shapes

Credit: Adventure in a box

Creating three-dimensional structures and shapes adds another level to magnetic tile play.

It’s a great way to teach kids about the differences between squares and cubes, triangles and pyramids, etc.

If your house is mostly carpet, use a cookie sheet on the floor for added stability.

25. Patterns

Credit: Magna-tiles

Use the magnetic tiles’ various colors to teach your kids about patterns. Have them copy a color pattern you make, or challenge them to create their own.

26. Sun

Credit: Pinterest

Once your kids master the concept of patterns, you can move on to symmetry with designs like this colorful sun.

Point out to them how the colors are symmetrical, too.

27. Ball or car run

Credit: Connetix

If anything can keep kids occupied longer than playing ‘shop’, it’s a ball or car run like this one.

This is a perfect activity for kids of all ages; older kids can create taller, more intricate designs.

28. Monster

Credit: Mommy Poppins

The great thing about creating a magnetic tile monster? There’s no right or wrong! Here’s where creativity can truly shine.

29. Track

Credit: Learnwithplayathome

Create a marble track or pom pom ball run for a fun game. Use a straw to blow a pom pom or cotton ball along the track.

30. Ferris wheel

Credit: Magnatiledad

If your kids liked the playground idea, have them build a fairground next.

This Ferris wheel is an impressive feat of engineering.

31. Butterfly


Credit: Adventure In a Box

Magnetic tile idea cards like this butterfly are a great way to teach kids to follow visual instructions.

And when they succeed, it builds their confidence. Many websites even offer printable cards.

32. Robot

magnetic tile robot

Credit: How We Montessori

Your child might think she’s just building a robot, but she’s building fine motor skills, too.

33. Garage Door Fun

garage door magnetic tile idea

Source: kaycee_mirando

Take those magnetic tiles outside! As long as the surface is magnetic, you can turn it into a perfect play area.

This magnetic tile garage door turkey is a cute idea, but you can have fun with any kind of design.


No matter what they create with magnetic tiles, your kids are sure to enhance their learning, strengthen their imagination, and perhaps most importantly, have so much fun!

Magnetic Tile Ideas FAQs

How do you make cool things with Magna-Tiles?

You can make cool things with Magna-Tiles using your imagination, of course! Although, using magnetic tile cards might boost your creativity. 

What can I make with 32 Magna-Tiles?

With 32 Magna-Tiles, you can build most, if not all, of the ideas listed in this article. 

Can you put Magna-Tiles in the bathtub?

It’s not recommended to submerge Magna-Tiles in water. If water gets inside them, mold can grow or the magnets can rust.

What age is best for Magna-Tiles?

Magna-Tiles sets are generally suited for kids aged 3 and up.

What can I make with magnetic tiles?

Magnetic tiles are some of the most versatile toys out there! By connecting the geometric shapes, you can create endless designs in creative ways. Animals, 2-D and 3-D shapes, patterns, and structures like houses and castles are some of the most popular creations.

Do different magnetic tiles work together?

Great news! Each set of magnetic tiles are compatible with other brands, most notably Magna-Tiles, Picasso Tiles, and Connetix Tiles. While structures might be sturdiest when built from the same brand, you can mix tiles.

What are magnetic tiles used for?

This educational toy is mainly for imaginative play, but they also enhance problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, fine motor skills, and tactile skills. 

Can magnetic tiles get wet?

Magnetic tiles will still be usable if they get wet, but to avoid them getting moldy or rusted inside, don’t submerge them in water.


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