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DIY Valentines Day Crayon Box Printable (Free PDF)


For this Valentine’s Day, I needed a simple DIY Valentine idea, and this crayon Valentine printable was the perfect solution.

holding crayons valentines

I have two kids in school this year, which works out to almost 40 classroom Valentines total… I don’t need something that requires a ton of time and effort.

pile of crayons

We’re going for super cute and handmade but easy to do at scale. I’m pretty confident this will be your go-to DIY crayon Valentine idea.

Grab the free printable PDF file that reads, “You color my world!” I think it’s a really fun craft that’s sure to be a big hit with everyone.

P.S.: I didn’t personally use a Cricut, but I made Cricut files if you want to use one. My mom tested them out for me, and they are good to go. 👍

Supplies to Make Crayon Box Valentines

I’m so excited about these crayon box Valentines because they don’t require any special equipment.

It’d be better with a Cricut, but you also don’t need one. I don’t have one, and it turned out great.

supplies for valentine's project

To make the crayon box valentines, you will need:

  • Sticker printer paper – I got mine at JoAnne’s – it’s called Silhouette white sticker paper.
    • If you have enough time, order them from Amazon. You’ll get 3x the amount for half the price. That honestly hurt to see 🫣.
  • 8-count crayon boxes – Dollar Store all the way, baby!
  • Something to cut the stickers – a pair of scissors would work just fine, but a paper cutter (or Cricut) will get you straighter lines.
    • The Cricut brand paper cutter has been my favorite for years, and Amazon has a great price on it.
    • I do have a Cricut PDF file bundle if you have a Cricut and would prefer to use it to print and cut the images.
  • Rounded corner punch – not necessary at all, but it sure does look nice!
    • This is the one I purchased from Amazon a few years ago, and it has been great!

There’s really no need to splurge on fancy materials – sticker printer paper and 8-count crayon boxes will do the trick.

Are You Doing This on Feb 13th?

For my procrastinator parents, I’ve got you.

Don’t run around town trying to find sticker paper. It’s nice to have but you don’t even need that.

If you’re in a last-minute frenzy, regular paper, glue, or tape will do just fine.

tape alternative
Using tape instead of sticker paper – it’s all good!

And these days, pretty much all of us live within a 2-mile radius of some kind of dollar store, so do a quick run for those crayon boxes.

glue alternative
This is what it looks like if you glue it with regular paper – you can hardly tell!

Happy Valentine’s Day, indeed!

How to Create Your DIY Crayon Valentines

You honestly don’t even need a step-by-step tutorial on this one, because the photos pretty much tell it all.

But just in case, making these crayon valentines boils down to three easy steps:

  1. Download the Free Printable PDF File: The first thing you need to do is snag our free PDF file that you’ll print on sticker paper and stick to each box of crayons.
  2. Print and Cut – No Stress: Print those charming stickers from your regular printer. Then, grab your scissors or a paper cutter to cut out each sticker. A Cricut would make this look more professional, but I don’t have one and it turned out amazing!
scissors vs. corner cutter
  1. Stick ‘Em On: Peel and stick those adorable stickers onto the front of your crayon boxes. It’s a fun idea that’s as easy as pie!
final products for Valentine's project

Cricut Instructions

I don’t personally own a Cricut, but my mom does and helped me create a design that’s super easy to print and cut.

You don’t need to resize the designs as they’re perfectly sized to fit on an 8-count crayon box.

I wish they could be slightly smaller so you could fit 6 designs on one page, but you really can’t go any smaller or the names would be teeny tiny.

Here’s the layout my mom suggested:

Upload the design and do your printing and cutting (did I say that right?!).

you color my world in cricut design software

The final result should look something like this:

Thanks, Mom, for testing this out and sending me photos!

Why Choose Crayon Valentines?

I think I already pretty much covered this, but I can’t say it enough. With a heap of valentines to tackle, simplicity reigns supreme with this classroom Valentine’s Day card DIY project.

Forget the fancy gadgets – all you need are basic supplies, and you’re good to go.

final Valentine's product 2

I also like that this is a cute gift and not more candy. Don’t get me wrong, I love candy, but it’s nice to shake things up with a more practical Valentines Day gift.

If there are any kids in the class who can’t have candy for one reason or another, these Valentine gifts will really stand out to them. And you can never go wrong with arts and crafts!


With just a handful of supplies and a boatload of heart, you’re all set to whip up the most adorable DIY crayon valentines.

It’s a fun craft that’s bound to be a big hit with everyone. Happy crafting, friends!

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