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First Day vs SmartyPants Vitamins for Kids: Which Is Better?

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You might’ve thought I couldn’t possibly write another toddler vitamin article, but First Day vs SmartyPants is here!

Spoiler alert: I don’t ultimately recommend either of these brands.

Let’s go over how they compare, and I’ll also share my top recommendation at the end.

Sugar Content

You might be thinking – sugar content in vitamins? What?

But yes, both of these vitamins have added sugars.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says toddlers should stick to less than 25 grams of added sugar a day.

Now, First Day isn’t awful at 2 grams per serving, but if your tot takes SmartyPants, they’re getting 5 grams of added sugars.

That’s a fifth of their daily sugar intake goal, according to the AAP. On a vitamin!

Neither of these brands is winning a gold star for sugar content, but if you’re caught in the vitamin aisle standoff, First Day might be the slightly less sugary way to go.

The sugar dilemma is why I recommend brands like Hiya, as they have 0g of added sugar but still taste great.

hiya ingredients
The back of Hiya’s multivitamin packaging

Taste and Texture

Moving to the taste and texture arena, First Day’s gummies resemble a mix of gummy bears and fruit snacks.

The soft texture adds a layer of safety for kids, steering clear of the choking hazards associated with harder gummy candies.

super close up of first day vitamin gummies for toddlers

Are gummy vitamins ideal for little ones? No, they really aren’t.

But First Day isn’t too bad when it comes to how hard they are to chew.

Meanwhile, SmartyPants’ gummy vitamins, while sweet and enjoyable, tend to be stickier and take longer to break down.

They’re not as soft as First Day.

smartypants gummy texture

Packaging and Sustainability

In the packaging realm, First Day adopts an eco-friendly approach.

Their reusable vitamin container and refill packets reduce waste. I appreciate not throwing away a plastic bottle each month.

first day reusable container with vitamin refill packet

On the other hand, SmartyPants leans towards a less sustainable model.

They send a new plastic bottle with each purchase without a refill system, raising environmental concerns.

smartypants vitamins no refill system

First Day vs Smartypants Price

Navigating the pricing landscape, First Day’s commitment to high-quality vitamins comes at a premium.

They cost nearly $40 for a bottle if you buy one, and if you subscribe, a bottle is $33.15.

The price does go down on a sliding scale if you have more than one child.

SmartyPants is listed at $26.49, but as it’s sold on Amazon, you should check the price when you read this. The price fluctuates, sometimes even multiple times per day.

Age Range Considerations

Both First Day and SmartyPants limit their vitamins to children ages 4 and above.

This leaves parents of younger toddlers – any picky eaters here?! – in the dust.

Brands like Hiya are good for ages 2+, which is perfect for that picky eating toddler phase.

hiya packaging

I think you may see where this is going…

Toddler Approval

My toddlers enjoyed both of these brands’ vitamins.

What’s not to like? They taste like candy. This one’s an easy tie.

First Day vs Smartypants Nutrient Showdown

In this detailed breakdown, you can see the specific vitamins included in each brand’s formulation.

First Day
Vitamin A
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B9 (Folate)
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Vitamin K
Vitamin E
Fish Oil

First Day and SmartyPants cover a range of essential vitamins, but First Day clearly has fewer vitamins included.

It’s worth noting that neither brand does an outstanding job of providing the vitamins in bioavailable forms.

As an example, other brands like Hiya include both forms of Vitamin A (beta carotene and retinol palmitate), whereas these brands only include one.

SmartyPants is definitely the winner here, though it’s not my favorite vitamin for kids overall.

Conclusion: The Best Option

In the showdown between First Day and SmartyPants, both brands showcase strengths and weaknesses.

However, as a health-conscious parent, the choice between them left me wanting more.

Enter Hiya, a brand that seamlessly addresses all concerns:

  • 0g sugar
  • Bioavailable vitamins
  • Ages 2+
  • Great pricing ($15 for your first month)
  • Chewable texture (no gummy junk)
hiya vitamins on table

For an in-depth comparison between Hiya and First Day, check out this article: Hiya vs First Day Vitamins: Which One Is Better?

And for a broader guide on the best vitamins for toddlers and kids, explore 8 Best Vitamins for Toddlers & Kids (2024 Guide).

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