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50+ Best Montessori Books for Babies and Toddlers (Ages 0-4)

Looking for Montessori-aligned books to read to your baby or toddler? I’ve been compiling a master list for over a year now and am finally ready to share it with the world. 

Here are over 50 books that follow Montessori principles, ideal for ages 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Table of contents:

What Makes a Book ‘Montessori?’

Most baby and children’s books are illustrated, and hardly any are based on real-life struggles or experiences. Traditional Montessori philosophy says that before age 3, kids aren’t ready for fantasy. 

At this early stage, they’re “concrete learners,” which means everything they see feels like reality. That’s why the concept of monsters hiding under the bed feels so real and scary for toddlers.

Books for babies and toddlers that align with Montessori philosophy are going to teach things about the world around us. Most of these books feature real pictures instead of illustrations, and the storylines follow everyday experiences, like going potty for the first time or experiencing anger or sadness.

The following list of Montessori books will be sorted by age – I think these are the very best Montessori-aligned books for babies and toddlers. 

PLEASE add any suggestions in the comments at the end!

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Montessori Books for Age 0-1

The books for ages 0-1 are simpler in nature and focus on contrasting images and simple concepts like body parts, animals, and some introductory baby sign language.

1. Black & White Board Book

The Black & White Board Book

The Black & White Board Book is a board book written and illustrated by Tana Hoban. The contrasting images are perfect for newborns, and these images will be captivating for many months to come.

This book is also ideal to prop up during tummy time, which you’ll be doing a lot around 3-6 months.

2. Farm Friends Wooden Book

Farm Friends Wooden Book

This Farm Friends Wooden Book from HABA has easy-to-turn pages, which are perfect for babies. The wooden pages are also ideal for little hands.

I should also note that Montessori materials are typically made of natural materials like wood or stainless steel. That’s one of the things I love about wooden books!

While the product listing says 10 months and up, I actually think wooden books are perfect to introduce as soon as 2-3 months old. Your infant can start working on their coordination as they reach for and grab the book. By 5-6 months, they may even be leaning forward and helping you turn the pages (and shoving it into their mouth).

3. The Looker Play Kit Book Bundle


Lovevery now offers book bundles, and all of their books are Montessori-aligned. The first book bundle for ages 0-12 weeks is full of high-contrast images. You even get some wall decals to hold baby’s attention during diaper changes.

4. High Contrast Cloth Book

High Contrast Cloth Book

Cloth books are also wonderful for babies as they can explore their senses, including auditory, tactile, and vision. This book is another one that can be introduced between 0-3 months.

It’s also really helpful during tummy time as it gives baby something to focus on and explore.

5. All About Me!

All About Me

The board book All About Me! is full of real-life photography of babies. Babies are naturally wired to look for faces, so these types of books are especially captivating. This is perfect to introduce around 5-6 months of age.

You can start using lots of language about body parts while making it interactive (“THIS is your nose!”). There are also flaps to lift, which is just extra fun since most babies love peek-a-boo.

6. The Charmer Play Kit Book Bundle


The Charmer book bundle from Lovevery includes two books – one wooden book with animal images and a second board book with beautiful photography.

I love the wooden book as my baby loves to chew on it, and I know it won’t warp the pages or break down in his mouth. And we love books with real photos in them. They seriously capture a baby’s attention!

7. Fish Soft Cloth Book

cloth book

Books can be a sensory experience, especially before age 1 when everything goes right into the mouth.

I love a cloth book, especially when there are sensory components to it. This fish-themed one is perfect!

8. Baby Signs

baby signs

Teaching baby sign language is a great way to assist with communication before babies can speak. Books like Baby Signs: A Baby-Sized Introduction to Speaking with Sign Language by Joy Allen can help you get started. It’s also only $5!

While this baby board book doesn’t use real photos, it still includes baby sign language concepts!

9. The Senser Play Kit Book Bundle


The Senser books are some of my favorites for ages 0-1. The silicone book with sensory bits inside is absolutely amazing for car rides and independent play. 

The close-up images of baby faces in Hi, Baby are mesmerizing. I still can’t believe just how focused my baby gets when he sees images of real people (as opposed to the more common illustrated books).

9. My First Touch and Feel Picture Cards: First Words

my first touch and feel picture cards

The My First Touch and Feel Picture Cards may not technically be a book, but the picture cards are great for introducing touch and feel elements. I love these particular cards because they include real photography. 

Easily familiarize your baby with new words and reinforce learning.

10. Making Faces

making faces

Babies love to look at faces, which makes this book, Making Faces: A First Book of Emotions an instant hit.

The book also introduces emotional literacy, which will come in handy down the road!

11. First 100 Animals

First 100 animals

The First 100 Animals board book features images of real animals, not illustrations. Seeing what animals actually look like is so helpful for developing brains! It’s also very in line with Montessori beliefs.

12. The Inspector Play Kit Book Bundle


The two books in The Inspector bundle are diverse, feature photos of real babies, and include some unique features, like lifting a cloth for peek-a-boo fun.

The lift-the-flap book introduces the concept of object permanence, which is always such a blast. Get ready for baby giggles!

13. Global Babies

global babies

Expose your little one to diversity with the book Global Babies. I love the images of real babies in this book – that always captures my kids’ attention!

Plus, part of the proceeds from this book’s sales will be donated to the Global Fund for Children to support innovative community-based organizations that serve the world’s most vulnerable children and youth.

14. The Explorer Play Kit Book Bundle


The cloth book in The Explorer Play Kit Book Bundle is a must-have!! The features inside are so unique, and they’re not only great for 9-10 months – even my 4-year-old has fun sitting down with it.

The tiny Squish! book is just a bonus.

15. Eat!


I love this mealtime book that features images of other babies. The photographs in the book Eat! capture the many endearing expressions kids make when learning to eat. The book also introduces the different colors and textures of food to your little one.

There are several other lovely books in this series, including:

16. The Cookie Book of Colors

cookie book of colors

The Cookie Book of Colors is mesmerizing! You identify the colors on each page, but you also get to see these amazing royal-icing cookie designs from Holly Fox, a popular Instagrammer.

It’s a really quick read, but it’s a fun way to talk about colors with your toddler, especially as you approach age 1.

17. The Thinker Play Kit Book Bundle


As your baby gets ready to turn 1, they’re ready to explore first woods and even some math concepts! I love these two books from Lovevery, designed for 11-12 months. 

Baby Math takes the cake as one of the smartest, most unique board books I’ve ever come across.

Montessori Books for Age 1-2

The books for ages 1-2 are all about routines, exploring and curiosity, and preparing for real-life situations. So many different experiences, like going to the doctor for the first time, can be scary for a child. Walking through that experience with a book can be a game changer!

18. Hands Can

hands can

The photography in Hands Can alongside the rhyming text makes this a toddler favorite.

Explore all the things your hands can do!

19. The Babies and Doggies Book

babies and doggies book

Babies and dogs do a lot of the same things – squirm, sniff, sit, splash, cuddle… the list goes on! Explore these similarities with The Babies and Doggies Book, which features full-color photography of different dog breeds and a diverse cast of babies.

We also love the companion to this one, The Babies and Kitties Book.

20. The Babbler Play Kit Book Bundle


The Babbler bundle from Lovevery includes a book about colorful foods and a hide-and-seek style book. 

Talking about different foods is great to help avoid picky eating when age 2 rolls around, and Where is Crew’s Shoe? helps your toddler predict outcomes while using fine motor skills.

21. I’m Not Tired!

I'm not tired

Reinforce routines, especially your bedtime routine, with the help of I’m Not Tired! By Scholastic.

This book, like many others on this life, has photos of real kids, which is super engaging for babies and toddlers to look at. They can also relate to the conflicting emotions in this book of needing to go to bed but not wanting to. Sound familiar, anyone?!

22. Off to the Park!

off to the park

The exploratory storyline of Off to the Park! is great for encouraging curiosity and teaching toddlers about the world around us. Which way should we go? What should we do? What will we find? I just love this book!

It also has some unique features, including Braille-style numbering, play elements, and high-contrast images.

23. The Pioneer Play Kit Book Bundle


Little hands love mini books, and this Lovevery bundle comes with four! The concepts in them are great for ages 1-2, and the board book Opposites is always a fun, quick read.

24. Baby University Board Book Set

baby university set

Start teaching scientific concepts early with the bestselling Baby University book sets!

This science set features colorful, simple introductions to scientific principles for babies. Its approach to early learning is beloved by kids and grownups!

25. Leo Gets a Checkup

leo gets a checkup

Going to the doctor is a pretty common routine for young kids, and by a certain age, they understand what’s involved and where they’re going.

Leo Gets a Checkup can help you talk through the experience of going to the doctor. You can even bring it with you to the appointment and find what’s currently happening in the book.

26. The Realist Play Kit Book Bundle


The Realist Play Kit book bundle is all about potty learning. I actually think it’s a little early to introduce this to a 1-year-old, so I have a non-Lovevery suggestion in the next section.

But Lovevery has this book bundle about learning to go pee and poop for months 19, 20, and 21. And be forewarned: the Ready to Go: Poop book has images of actual poop.

27. My First Padded Book of Opposites


Around 16 months of age, kids are ready to explore more complex topics, like opposites. I love that this picture book includes real photos of objects as opposed to illustrated ones.

The book is also quite durable since it’s padded.

28. Happy Birthday, Little Pookie

happy birthday little pookie

Birthdays are another fun milestone for toddlers as they start to understand what’s happening. While I really love the Lovevery book, Graham Turns Two, it’s part of The Companion Play Kit, and you can’t purchase it separately.

A good alternative on Amazon is Happy Birthday, Little Pookie by Sandra Boynton. I’m a sucker for Sandra Boynton books! My kids also adore the rhymes.

29. The Companion Play Kit Book Bundle


One of my favorite Lovevery books is Leo and Melody at the Farm. It used to be a part of one of the play kits, but now it’s included in this book bundle, which is cool!

It even has a page where you can scratch and sniff a lavender field.

30. Montessori: Number Work

number work

I love these Montessori books with sandpaper tracing. Number Work is all about tracing numbers, but there are others as well, including Letter Work and Shape Work. These are fantastic to help with prewriting practice!

Montessori Books for Age 2-3

The books I’ve chosen for ages 2-3 are going to introduce feelings, following directions, gratitude, sharing, and helping around the house. Kids are more capable at age 2 than many give them credit for!

31. Little Monkey Calms Down

little monkey calms down

I’ll talk a lot more about emotional literacy in the age 3-4 section, but it’s never too early to start talking about feelings.

This board book, Little Monkey Calms Down, is a very simple and engaging introduction to this topic. My 2.5-year-old son loves this story and can really relate to it.

32. Pancakes!: An Interactive Recipe Book


Whenever it makes sense, I love involving my toddlers in the kitchen using their platform (also called kitchen helper, toddler tower, or learning tower).

Following simple recipes and being a part of doing certain steps (cracking eggs are a favorite around here) is so great for development. It also allows your child to take part in daily tasks, which fosters independence and a sense of community.

I love this book Pancakes!: An Interactive Recipe Book as it goes through each step in a recipe. The book also has fun features like pull-tabs, wheels, and a punch-out piece which allows them to really get involved with the story.

There are other books in this series as well:

33. The Helper Play Kit Book Bundle


The Helper book bundle includes More Opposites and Olivia Goes to the Dentist. As always, these Lovevery books have images of real children instead of illustrations, which is very in line with Montessori philosophy.

I also find it really helpful to talk through big events, like going to the dentist for the first time. If you don’t want this book bundle, I have a non-Lovevery book that’s similar next.

34. Going to the Dentist

Going to the Dentist

A lot of parents – and toddlers – dread going to the dentist. Introduce the experience early with the help of this book, Going to the Dentist

It includes real-life photography, which I love, and it walks a child through the entire process beforehand.

There are several more books in this Toddler Prep series that you may want to look at as well:

35. May We Have Enough to Share

may we have enough to share

The book May We Have Enough to Share by Richard Van Camp features photography and is all about nature and gratitude.

I absolutely love the sweet message behind this book. It’s the perfect way to start or end the day.

36. The Enthusiast Play Kit Book Bundle


The Enthusiast bundle has an adorable lift-the-flap book called When You Love a Living Thing. If your child is an animal-lover, they’ll beg to read this one! 

The second book in this bundle, A Visit With Captain Shelby, introduces your little reader to a firefighter.

37. That’s Not Mine

thats not mine

The concept of sharing is very difficult for toddlers, especially between the ages of 2 and 3. 

Beyond introducing concepts like taking turns, reading a book is a great way to talk about sharing and the difficult emotions associated with it. 

That’s Not Mine is a really cute book, and while it’s not full of photography like other Montessori-aligned books, I love the emotional literacy concepts.

38. The Investigator Play Kit Book Bundle


I’m an English major, so I have a special appreciation for This Is Not Your First Book, which is part of The Investigator bundle from Lovevery. It’s very meta.

The other book, How Can I Help?, weaves in the concept of being part of the family and helping out – not just letting mom and dad take care of everything for you. 

Feeling like part of the family is very Montessori-aligned, which is why you often see activities like polishing silver, helping mix pancake batter, or loading the laundry machine in Montessori settings.

39. Clean-Up Time

clean up time

One important part of Montessori teaching is that a child’s play space is clean and functional. Too many toys and clutter can be overwhelming for kids and prevents optimal learning.

But cleaning up after your kids all the time is exhausting! Help your toddlers take part in clean-up time by reinforcing the concept during reading time. 

This book, Clean-Up Time is a lovely book that drives home the message.

40. Going to the Potty

going to the potty

Potty training or potty learning timelines are different for a lot of people, but in our house, we start between ages 2-3 (closer to 3). If you’re planning on tackling this sooner, definitely consider getting some books like this one to help!

Going to the Potty by Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is a fantastic book with real images of children learning how to use the potty. The book takes a very positive approach to the subject, which is perfect.

41. The Free Spirit Play Kit Book Bundle

free spirit

The Free Spirit Play Kit Book Bundle, for months 34, 35, and 36 introduces the first hardcover book in the Lovevery book bundle series, A Day at the Beach.

This book introduces empathy, which does not come naturally! The other board book has lift-the-flap features and a morning routine, all fun things for a 2-year-old!

Montessori Books for Age 3-4

A lot of the books I’ve chosen for ages 3-4 are centered on emotional literacy. 

Emotional literacy involves having self-awareness and recognizing your own feelings. Most importantly, it’s about knowing how to manage them, such as staying calm when you’re angry or reassuring yourself when in doubt. I personally feel like the current generation of parents is breaking generational cycles in this area.

It can be “easy” for a parent to isolate a child when they’re having big feelings (think: go to your room for a time-out), but that’s the kind of behavior that’ll land a child in therapy when they’re an adult.

Identifying feelings (you seem frustrated), introducing ways to deal with them (let’s take a deep breath together), and talking about it with your child via books (that child looks angry) is a fantastic thing!

One more thing on this subject: all feelings are valid. Your reaction to those feelings is what counts, and that’s where we can be a huge aid to our children.

42. The Color Monster

color monster

As I mentioned above, emotional literacy is a big deal around age 3. Books are a key part of talking about emotions and helping your toddler identify them.

This book, The Color Monster, is one of my all-time FAVORITE books. I absolutely love it, and my daughter requested it over and over again. Your child will start naming the emotions on the page, and the visualization of those emotions is spot on.

43. In My Heart

In my heart

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings is another fantastic book for talking about feelings. 

The heart cut-out feature draws the attention of toddlers, and the book explores a full range of emotions, describing how they feel physically.

44. The Observer Play Kit Book Bundle


This book bundle from Lovevery features two hardcovers, Alora Makes a New Friend and A Haircut for Lunar New Year.

The former talks about making boundaries and the latter is about a new experience, and how it can be overwhelming and yet not so bad after all.

45. The Boy with Big, Big Feelings

boy with big feelings

For any kiddos with anxiety, extreme emotions, children identified as a Highly Sensitive Person, or a child on the autism spectrum, this book is very relatable.

The boy in The Boy with Big, Big Feelings has huge feelings. When he hears a joke, he bursts with joy. But when a loud truck drives by, he cries.

The story of this book introduces ways the struggles of the boy and has a very sweet ending message.

46. Apple Fractions

apple fractions

Introduce the concept of fractions in a toddler-friendly way with the book Apple Fractions

One reviewer said they got out a real apple and cut it up along with the book to bring the concept to life.

While it is a little more advanced toward the end, you can definitely start introducing these concepts just before age 4. And this book will age well as the more difficult concepts are better for up to age 8+.

47. The Storyteller Play Kit Book Bundle


The Storyteller bundle includes a book about deployment and a book about a Simchat Bat. 

These two books might introduce differences to your little one while also featuring photos of real families.

48. My First Cookbook

my first cookbook

Toddlers might be messy in the kitchen, but they are eager to learn! My toddlers drag their kitchen helper into the kitchen the second they see me measuring flour.

A cookbook with large images and simple instructions is ideal for this age range. I’m a huge fan of My First Cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen. Their recipes are delicious, and the format of this book is perfect for ages 3+. Even my 2-year-old can follow along!

49. The Problem Solver Play Kit Book Bundle

problem solver

Conflict resolution, compromising, and choices are the messages in this book bundle from Lovevery

Per usual, these Lovevery books have photography of real children, which is mesmerizing for kiddos!

50. Hello Autumn!

hello autumn

Hello Autumn! has simple text and vivid photographs that show children the changes in animals, plants, and landscapes that occur during fall.

I love the concepts in this book as well as the photographs of diverse children.

51. The Analyst Play Kit Book Bundle

The final book bundle from Lovevery goes with The Analyst play kit, and it features two hardcover books: You Can Do It and The Sleepover.

I didn’t personally love either of these books, but they do feature real photography and stories that align with the 3-4 age range.


There are heaps of books out there, so please share your favorites in the comment section below! I’ll continue adding to this list as we find Montessori-aligned books we love.

Happy reading!

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