Are Yumi Toddler & Kid Vitamins Worth It?

Sep 20, 2022Child Development, Product Reviews

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Are Yumi Toddler & Kid Vitamins Worth It?

Toddlers are notorious for being picky eaters sometimes, and mine are no exception. I’ve been trying a variety of high-quality toddler vitamins, including First Day and Hiya. Now, I’m giving you the scoop on Yumi.

And let me tell you – I definitely have some opinions.

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What is Yumi?

Yumi is first and foremost, a baby food company. Yumi offers fresh baby and toddler food delivered to your door. I make my own baby food, but if my 6-month-old were subscribed to Yumi’s baby food meal plan, it would cost $4.06 per jar. For reference, I can make a week’s worth of baby food for less than $20 (closer to $15, really).

Anyway, back to the main point: Yumi makes high-quality, fresh baby food that’s supposed to coincide with what your baby needs, nutritionally, at their current age.

To expand on their offerings, Yumi came out with toddler and kid’s vitamins, called Biteamins, so I was pretty eager to put them to the test.

yumi toddler and kids vitamins

What Makes Yumi Different From Other Kids’ Multivitamins

Yumi’s vitamins are pretty similar to other vitamin brands, but one thing does stand out: they have a vitamin formula for ages 2-3 and a different one for ages 4+. 

Yumi Toddler vs. Kids Vitamins

Both the toddler and kids formula includes 21 key vitamins and minerals from 15 organic vegetables and fruits. However, the amount of vitamins and minerals are different between the two vitamins.

Also, Yumi does not share anywhere – either on their website or the packaging – just how much of each vitamin and mineral is in a serving. We’re only provided with Daily Value (DV) percentages.

Calories15 calories30 calories
Added Sugar2 grams (5% DV)2 grams (5% DV)
Vitamin D40% DV60% DV
Calcium0% DV0% DV
Iron25% DV20% DV
Potassium0% DV0% DV
Vitamin A8% DV5% DV
Vitamin C130% DV50% DV
Vitamin E85% DV75% DV
Vitamin K120% DV65% DV
Thiamin70% DV65% DV
Riboflavin85% DV70% DV
Niacin90% DV75% DV
Vitamin B625% DV20% DV
Folate20% DV20% DV
Vitamin B1220% DV20% DV
Biotin100% DV60% DV
Pantothenic Acid65% DV60% DV
Iodine15% DV20% DV
Zinc35% DV20% DV
Selenium35% DV25% DV
Copper35% DV25% DV
Manganese20% DV25% DV
Chromium30% DV20% DV
Molybdenum25% DV20% DV

Pros of Yumi Toddler and Kids Vitamins

There are a couple of good things about the Yumi vitamins for toddlers and kids.

  • Full of vegetables and fruit: Yumi’s vitamins include vitamins and minerals from 15 whole vegetables and fruits, including pomegranate, spirulina, carrot, broccoli, apple, mushroom, orange, spinach, kale, black currant, strawberry, and lemon.
  • Organic: All of the fruits and veggies included in these vitamins are organic and Non-GMO, which is really nice.
toddler trying yumi vitamins

Cons of Yumi Toddler and Kids Vitamins

I noticed a lot of drawbacks to Yumi vitamins, especially when compared to other toddler vitamin brands like Hiya and First Day.

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  • Gummy texture: Yumi’s vitamins are gummies. While they are easy to chew, they are still full of unnecessary ingredients that make them gummy, like pectin, sunflower oil, carnauba wax, and cellulose. I also personally prefer the chewable texture of Hiya, which poses no serious risk of choking.
  • Plastic bottles: Unlike other popular toddler vitamin brands, Yumi does not have any kind of sustainable subscription model in place. You get plastic bottles each month instead of the nice refill system like Hiya and First Day use.
  • Added sugar: Yumi vitamins have 2g of added sugar, which I think is ironic since their baby food blends boast “NO Added Sugars” and they talk a lot about how bad sugar is for babies and toddlers. 
  • Big serving size: With Yumi, toddlers need 5 pieces and kids need 4 pieces – that’s a lot. I much prefer the other popular vitamin brands that only require 1 vitamin for the day.
toddler vs kids yumi vitamins
  • Lack of transparency: Yumi doesn’t share much about their vitamins! We get no explanation about the formula and why certain vitamins and minerals are in there. We don’t even get to see how many micrograms are in a serving.
  • Weird discoloration on gummies: I noticed some really weird discoloration on my gummies – it could be normal, but it kind of freaked me out. I’ve never seen this on any other gummy vitamin. 
  • Less than stellar ingredient list: Yumi’s vitamins have no calcium, and some of the percentages seem really low. As an example, Hiya toddler vitamins include 120% DV for Vitamin A, whereas Yumi only includes 8% DV.
  • No discount if ordering for more than one child: You do get a 10% savings when you subscribe, but you don’t get a lower price if you’re buying for multiple kids (like other toddler vitamin brands).

Bad Ordering and Subscription Experience

This could have just been something that happened to me, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share it.

When I first tried to order a couple of bottles to try, I got a “Server Error” on the screen as I tried to submit my order. I tried a couple more times and it never went through. The next day, the same thing happened.

I never received any order confirmations or emails from Yumi, so I just assumed their system was down and I’d have to try again later.

Until… I checked my credit card statement and there were 10 separate charges from Yumi.

Yumi credit card charges

I had to call customer service to cancel all these extra orders. They said they canceled them, but I continued receiving vitamins, and even today, the system shows a pending subscription renewal for 10 more bottles of vitamins.

In addition, when I finally did get an email that my vitamins were delivered, the email made it seem like I ordered baby food, not vitamins! It told me to put my items in my fridge immediately, even though these vitamins are not refrigerated.

Yumi order confusing email

The ordering and subscription experience is not ironed out, and I hate how much time I’ve spent trying to fix it. 

Final Thoughts on Yumi Toddler and Kids Vitamins

I don’t like Yumi’s toddler and kids vitamins. I said it.

The ordering experience was terrible, I have a ton of plastic bottles to throw away, and I have very little faith in the ingredients. 

Hiya has yet to lose its position as the best vitamin for toddlers. I’ll keep searching, but Yumi did not make the cut!

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get an additional 15% off Hiya vitamins with code MAMABEAR15. Hiya doesn’t do codes anymore, but they gave me this one for a limited time. Snag it while you can!

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