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My Honest Opinion: Is the Newton Baby Crib Mattress Worth It?

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My son recently transitioned from the SNOO into a crib, and the mattress we had for him was a hand-me-down that desperately needed to be retired. So, I hit the internet looking for the best crib mattresses.

And let me just say, I’m not a “light” researcher. I mean, right now, I’m testing 30 self-tanners to find which one is the best (I for real bought every self-tanner I could find on the market). 

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So… it’s safe to say I’m that person that will do an intense deep dive to compare every option and narrow things down to the best of the best. My shopping philosophy is to find the best mix of quality and affordability

I’m not one to pay extra for a brand name, but I will pay extra for higher quality, as long as the price matches what you’re getting.

And after buying and using the Newton Baby crib mattress for many months, I have to say that I’m completely in love with this product.

a corner view of the newton mattress

Note: This review is not sponsored and I bought the product with my own money.

What’s So Unique About the Newton Baby Mattress?

The Newton Baby mattress is unlike any other crib mattress on the market, thanks to its 100% breathable and washable mattress. It has a Wovenaire Core, which literally looks like ramen noodles.

the core of the newton mattress is very breathable and airy

But it’s made of 90% air and 10% food-grade polymer, which provides Breathe-Thru technology. By the way, that food-grade polymer is the stuff yogurt cups are made out of, which I found interesting!

Your baby can sleep on their stomach with their face buried in the mattress and they will be able to breathe, reducing the risk of suffocation.

close up of newton cover texture
Close up of the breathable Newton cover texture

That in itself had me ready to click “Add to cart.”

Newton Baby Mattress Models

There are four different mattress models you can choose from:

  • Essential
  • Original
  • Waterproof
  • Mini

The essential is a thinner mattress that offers a bit of savings, but it’s only suitable for infants. The original is the one I bought. 

taking newton mattress out of the crib for easy cleaning

The Waterproof comes with an extra waterproof layer on the removable cover that should only be used for toddlers – not infants. 

And the mini is for those with mini cribs – not to be used in play yards.

Honestly, the original is probably going to be the right choice for most people. It transitions from baby to toddler, and I have not personally had a need for the waterproof layer – I’ve never had any mess that couldn’t be taken care of by tossing the outer cover into the wash.

unzipping the newton cover

Unboxing & First Impression

As soon as I received the Newton mattress, I was impressed. It came flat in the box, and everything was wrapped up nicely. It was clear that the company had put a lot of care into the product’s design and development.

newton mattress package

My first impression was that it was super lightweight compared to other crib mattresses I’ve seen, which also means it’s a lot easier to lift and set into the crib.

I was also genuinely intrigued by the texture of the mattress core – it’s not something you come across in typical mattresses. 

When I peeled back the removable outer layer, I got a glimpse of the Wovenaire inside, and it almost resembled a pack of ramen noodles. It was clear that this was a whole new level of innovation compared to regular crib mattresses that we’re used to.

Another BIG thing to note is I did not smell any off-gassing odors when I took off the plastic wrap. 

newton mattress in plastic wrap

You may have experienced this before – it’s kind of a “new” scent with a tinge of chemical in it. This smell typically happens when you bring fresh-from-the-factory products in your home, and the chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) dissipate into the air. 

That stuff is no good, and Newton Baby tests for it to ensure it’s not in their mattresses.

My Experience with the Newton Baby Mattress

I feel like a lot of reviews online talk about the product specs of the Newton, but when I was researching, I wanted to read real-life experiences. Like, give me the scoop, moms!!

Here are my thoughts on some of the most unique aspects about this mattress.

Easy to clean

The cover zips off easily and is machine washable, so you can toss it in the laundry every time you wash your sheets, or as much as you want to.

And what’s extra unique is that the mattress core itself can also be washed – not just wiped down like other mattresses. Yep, you can throw it in the shower or hose it down outside, and let it dry which helps keep dust and allergens away.

unzipped newton outer cover

Let that sink in… that is such a value-add for me. The other mattress we have has stains on it, and there’s literally nothing I can do about it.

Full disclosure: I haven’t had to clean the actual mattress yet, but the cover is so easy to take off and wash that I know it wouldn’t be a hassle if I did need to clean it.


The mattress itself is incredibly comfortable and supportive. It’s definitely a firm mattress, and my baby sleeps great on it. 

The firmness is perfect for infants and provides excellent support for their developing spines. At the same time, the mattress has enough give to ensure a comfortable sleeping surface for toddlers as your baby grows. 

squishing the newton mattress

My toddlers sometimes get into the crib with my son – they think it’s super comfortable!

It also resists heat very well because it’s so breathable, which provides for a safe and comfortable sleeping environment. 

My baby has not woken up sweaty once since we started using it. It’s such a relief because we all know how overheating can be a major concern with little ones.

Non-toxic materials

I always prioritize the safety and non-toxicity of the baby products I purchase.

When it comes to mattresses, it’s even more important since babies spend so much time sleeping on them when they’re so little and fragile.

Some studies have shown that foam mattresses release dangerous VOCs, and chemical emissions are the strongest around a sleeping infant’s breathing area.

But thankfully, the Newton Baby mattress meets all safety standards, including federal flammability standards, without the use of chemical fire retardants. And all of their products are made with hypoallergenic materials for a baby’s delicate skin.

materials tag

Some reviews I read online said that the mattress had a bad smell when they opened the packaging, but I did not have that experience whatsoever. That definitely may be happening for some, but Newton’s mattresses are tested for off-gassing, so any smells are not going to be related to toxic emissions. 

If anything, it may be more of a “plastic” scent from the food-grade polymer used in the mattress core. But again, I didn’t smell anything weird.


The Newton Baby crib mattress is good for both infants and toddlers, so you can use it in a crib or a toddler bed. I absolutely love this, because it means I don’t have to buy two different mattresses as my baby transitions up.

Unlike dual-sided mattresses, you don’t have to flip this one once your infant reaches a certain age. The entire core is firm enough for infants but cozy enough for toddlers.

kiddos all enjoying the newton mattress

Plus, since you can wash the actual mattress core, you can essentially keep using this mattress for all your babies.

The Essential Mattress is the only model that may not last as long. It’s thinner and is really only meant for the infant stage. It wouldn’t be very comfy for a toddler.

Newton Baby vs Other Breathable Crib Mattresses

The Newton Baby mattress is certainly one of the best breathable crib mattresses, but there are other breathable crib mattresses out there.

Here’s a breakdown of how the features of the Newton Baby compare to the competition.

Return Policy/Warranty
Newton Baby Original
Core: Wovenaire (90% air, 10% food-grade polymer) Cover: 100% polyester
100% washable cover and core
100-night trial, all others 30-day return policy. Limited lifetime warranty on the WovenAire core, with a 2-year warranty on the mattress cover.
Waterproof model available
Avocado Organic
Organic Dunlop latex, organic wool, organic unbleached cotton*
Cannot remove and wash cover
30-night trial, 25-year limited warranty
No. Moisture resistant protector pad sold separately.
Lullaby Earth Breathe Safe
Food-grade PE waterproofing and recycled polyester fiber fill
Removable machine washable cover
30-day Money Back Guarantee and free return shipping, limited lifetime warranty
Removable waterproof cover
Naturepedic Breathable
Core: organic cotton, PLA. Cover: organic cotton, LDPE waterproof coating made of non-GMO sugarcane
Removable machine washable cover. Wipe-clean mattress.
100-night trial, limited lifetime warranty, free returns
Wipe-clean waterproof mattress surface
Halo DreamWeave
Core: food-grade polymer and air. Cover: Quilted 3D mesh
100% washable cover and core
30-day return policy, 1-year limited warranty
100% waterproof
Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer
Core: polyurethane foam Cover: 4-way stretch-knit
Wipe to clean
30-day return policy, lifetime warranty

Is the Newton Baby Mattress Worth It?

While this mattress is definitely on the expensive side, I have to say the Newton Baby crib mattress is a well-worth-it purchase.

Once I considered the benefits and long-term value of this crib mattress, any initial concerns about shelling out that much money on a crib mattress quickly vanished. 

Plus, as I compared it to other organic crib mattresses, I found that it was competitively priced.

baby standing on newton mattress

For me, you can’t put a price on the peace of mind of knowing that my baby is sleeping safely and comfortably.

So I highly recommend the Newton Baby mattress to any parents who are looking for a high-quality, breathable, and safe mattress for their baby.


Which side is for infants on the Newton Baby mattress?

Newton Baby mattresses have the same firmness all the way through, so there’s no need to flip the mattress as your baby grows. Instead, the entire mattress meets the firmness standards needed for developmental growth and safety.

If you have the Waterproof Crib Mattress, the mattress cover has a blue waterproof lining which is meant only for toddlers, so just make sure that side is up for toddlers and down for infants.

Where can you buy the Newton Baby mattress?

You can buy the Newton Baby mattress directly from the Newton Baby website, which is a great option for those who want to take advantage of their 100-night trial and return policy. You can also find it at your preferred retailer like Amazon or Target.

How to wash Newton Baby mattress cover?

You can machine wash the Newton Baby mattress cover as often as needed. Unzip the cover and remove it from the core. Zip it fully closed before throwing it in the washing machine, and wash it on a cold cycle using a mild detergent. Wash separately, apart from any other clothing.

care instructions for the newton

Tumble dry on low heat until it’s thoroughly dry, but don’t hang dry it. You can wash the outer cover as often as you like.

How to clean Newton Baby mattress core?

I’ve never had to wash the actual mattress yet, just the outer cover. Honestly, no mess has penetrated the outer cover, which is pretty awesome. But if you have any larger accidents or want to clean the core for seasonal cleaning, you can wash it in the shower or outside with a hose. Just use soap and cool water, because hot water can cause shrinkage.

How to dry Newton Baby mattress?

Shake out any excess water and stand the core upright in a well-ventilated area to dry. Avoid setting it directly in sunlight, and never use heating elements to speed up the drying process. Any kind of heat can lead to shrinkage and damage.

Does the Newton Baby mattress go on sale?

There are usually sales around holidays or special events. As an affiliate with Newton, I’ll make sure to include any ongoing sales or discounts in this article, so you’ll always have access to the best price possible.

Which Newton Baby mattress is best?

You can choose between the essential, original, waterproof, or mini. Ultimately, which one is best will depend on your specific needs.

The essential is thinner and great for infants, but not the best option for toddlers. So although it is more affordable, it may be worth spending a bit more to get the original that will grow with your baby. That’s what I did.

The original is the most popular option and fits standard cribs and toddler beds.

newton label

If you have a toddler and want extra waterproof protection, the Newton waterproof crib mattress adds an extra layer of protection, but my experience with the original is that accidents are contained by the outer cover, which is easy to throw in the wash.

For those with mini cribs, the Newton Mini Crib Mattress is available.

What sheets should I use with my Newton Baby mattress?

You can use any regular-sized crib sheets with the Newton Baby mattress. My personal favorite sheets are the organic cotton sheets from Lovevery, but any will work.

The Lovevery sheets are made from high-quality organic cotton and have held up nicely over time. They’re also super cute!

What is the Newton Baby mattress made of?

The core of the mattress is made up of 90% air and 10% recyclable food-grade polymer, an LDPE grade 4 plastic. Food-grade polymer is the same material used in yogurt containers.

The breathable mattress cover is 100% polyester which is soft and comfortable for your baby.

The original and waterproof models also come with a viscose encasement made of reconstituted wood pulp that is used as a natural fire barrier.

The waterproof model also has a heat-sealed fabric TPU lining.

All materials are hypoallergenic and chemical free.

close up side view of the newton mattress in a crib

How long will it take for my Newton Baby mattress to arrive?

In my experience, the shipping of my Newton Baby mattress was speedy and easy. I ordered mine on February 28th, it shipped out the next day on March 1st, and I received it just two days later on March 3rd!

Of course, delivery times will vary depending on your location and the time of year you order. According to Newton Baby’s website, mattresses ship via FedEx ground and your order will arrive within approximately 4-12 business days after processing. So maybe I was just lucky! 

And just to clarify, I did purchase this with my own money – nothing was sent to me by the company, so my experience was not altered in any way.

What is the weight limit of the Newton Baby mattress?

The Original and Waterproof mattresses are designed to support all stages of your baby’s growth and development and can hold up to 100 lbs. The Essential Mattress can hold up to 50 lbs.


We have loved the Newton Baby mattress! It’s so much better than the previous two mattresses we’ve owned. We were happy to throw away the old one, as the springs were rough and the actual mattress was starting to rip. There was no way that thing was comfortable!

Now, my baby has a firm, breathable mattress that he sleeps great on. It’s easy to wash, checks all the safety boxes I care about, and will transition with him when he’s ready for a toddler bed. Woop!

If you’re shopping for a crib mattress, I definitely would consider Newton.

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