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Ember’s Self-Warming Baby Bottle System Review

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I got my hands on the new self-warming baby bottle system from Ember, and I’m impressed and also a little annoyed that this didn’t exist when my kids were newborns.

While a baby bottle that heats to the perfect temperature sounds amazing, does the Ember system deliver on its promise?

warming up the ember bottle while my baby reaches for it

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored and I bought the bottle system with my own money. You can trust this review, mama!

Ember’s Baby Bottle System, Explained

Ember’s new self-warming baby bottle system sets out to make feeding babies a lot easier. This system warms milk or formula with the touch of a button and keeps it cool until you need it.

ember baby bottle warming up with dome beside it

Forget the bottle warmers and wrist tests – this system is entirely hands-off.

It’s the first self-warming baby bottle system on the market, and there was no better brand to tackle this than Ember. We’ve used their self-heating coffee mugs for over a year, and they’re amazing!

Ember’s Self-Warming Technology

The Ember Baby Bottle System ensures safe and even warming using convection current technology. They’ve also built-in triple-check safety features via sensors that detect temperature and liquid levels.

You can have peace of mind that every bottle is warmed precisely and at just the right heat to preserve nutrients while eliminating hotspots. This is especially helpful for moms that are heating frozen breastmilk (or moms who have had to scald their milk to deactivate lipase).

ember bottle charging side

Overheating milk can kill off those good nutrients, but precise warming ensures that never happens.

Ember Baby Bottle System Features

This smart baby bottle system comes with a lot of handy features:

  • Heats to body temperature
  • Bottle capacity: 6 fl oz (178 ml)
  • Holds two complete heating cycles when fully charged
  • Bottle made from high-quality plastic (won’t break if you drop it, which you will!)
  • Pairs with Ember Baby app, iOS and Android compatible
  • All parts that come into contact with milk or formula are made from BPA-free materials and are food safe
ember features on box zoomed out

What’s Included

Here’s what comes in the Ember baby bottle system box:

  • Two 6 oz Baby Bottles
  • Two Level 1 Nipples (0m+)
  • Two Level 2 Nipples (3m+)
  • Two Level 3 Nipples (6m+)
  • Nipple Adapter for Dr. Brown’s™
  • Nipple Adapter for Philips Avent™
  • Insulating Thermal Dome
  • Smart Warming Puck
  • Power Adapter
whats included on ember box

Unboxing the Ember Baby Bottle System

The packaging on this bottle system is next level, and it better be for the price ($399.95 USD).

It’s luxurious, and everything has a place. Nothing is going to arrive damaged with this packaging.

closer view of ember baby bottle unboing

As a writer, I also appreciate all the amazing copy on the packaging. All of the features are explained, and there are heartfelt notes included on various pieces.

ember letter in the packaging

There are also sticky notes on different components letting you know not to microwave certain pieces. I appreciate the attention drawn to that, as many people (ahem, me) don’t always read the safety manual thoroughly.

do not microwave

There’s also a handy QR code that you can scan to get started. That code takes you to the Ember website with a list of 5 steps to get you going.

QR code to get started

How to Use the Ember Baby Bottle System

After you unbox everything, there are 5 easy steps to get started:

  1. Charge the Puck: Plug in the Smart Warming Puck using the provided Power Adapter. All five LEDs will be solid white when fully charged.
  2. Download the Ember Baby App: Visit the app store on your smart device and search for “Ember Baby” or tap one of the icons below. Download the app and follow in-app instructions to pair the Puck to your smart device.
  3. Fill the Baby Bottle: Before first use, wash and sterilize Baby Bottle and nipples. Baby Bottle can be easily disassembled and washed in top-rack of dishwasher. Fill bottle with milk or formula and place onto the Puck.
  4. Start warming: Double tap the button on the Puck or use the Ember App to begin warming.
  5. Ready for feeding!: Once LEDs turn solid orange, the milk or formula has reached the perfect body temperature.

I loved this start-up experience. I hate flipping through manuals, so being able to scan a QR code and have simple instructions given to me was amazing. Once you download the app, it also walks you through exactly what to do.

me and my baby looking at each other while he holds the ember bottle

Another very nice thing to note is sometimes, pairing technology via Bluetooth can be buggy. But this process was seamless. It immediately paired to the smart warming puck, and while I put the puck on the charger, it arrived with some charge already.

So I was actually able to warm my first bottle straight away!

Warming the Ember Baby Bottle

Warming the milk could not be easier. Just fill the bottle with milk and set it on top of the smart warming puck. I believe it’s magnetized because it popped right on and started warming as soon as I pressed the button in the app.

The process is very slick, and you can even warm the milk without the app. Just press the long thin button on the front, and when the 5 red lights blink, it’s warmed up!

The milk warmed in about 3 minutes, coming from the fridge (I did almond milk).

ember app warming the baby bottle

It was sooo coooool to watch this happen! It starts out cold and is body temperature in just a few minutes. I did the wrist test and it was *chef’s kiss.*

I cannot believe we have the technology to do this. I kept saying “oh my gosh” as I watched this thing go!

warming up the ember bottle while my baby dives for it haha

A Gamechanger for Moms – And Dads

This Ember bottle system is a game-changer for moms, whether you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding.

Gone are the days of accidentally overheating the milk because you’re sleep deprived, you’re up in the middle of the night for the third time, and your baby is wailing.

holding ember bottle in front of baby

Gone are the days of feeling overwhelmed when it comes to preparing a bottle for your baby. All you need is milk and a bottle!

I think this system also makes bottle feeding more accessible for dads. The hard work is done for you – just fill the bottle, set it on the warming puck, and feed the baby!

dad feeding baby with ember bottle outside

Using Nipples Your Baby Accepts

Another very smart feature on Ember’s part is including nipple adapters that are compatible with Dr. Brown’s and Philips Avent. Some babies are picky about what nipples they’ll accept.

If they don’t like the Ember nipples, you can use the nipple adapters and pop on a Dr. Brown’s or Philips Avent nipple.

ember baby bottles

That was one of my big concerns when I saw this – what if you spent $400 on this bottle system and the baby hates the nipple? But they already thought of that and delivered a solution (that’s not an upcharge, I might add).

Pros and Cons of the Ember Baby Bottle System

Nothing is perfect – here’s my opinion on some pros and cons of the Ember self-warming baby bottle system.

ember packaging baby bottle system


  • Heats milk to body temperature all on its own
  • Never overheats, ensuring nutrients in the milk are preserved
  • Takes all the stress and overwhelm away when it comes to heating up milk for your baby
  • Makes bottle feeding more accessible for dads
  • Comes with nipple adapters that fit Dr. Browns and Philips Avent nipples if your baby is picky
  • Very slick and easy set-up
  • The app is very beautifully designed and is easy to navigate
  • No bugs when pairing the system to your phone
  • Beautiful packaging and very high-quality product – everything feels very luxurious and high-end
  • All the bottle parts are top-rack dishwasher safe (thank God)
close up of ember bottle


  • Expensive as h-e-double-hockeysticks ($399.99 USD)
  • Only comes with two bottles – if you’re exclusively bottle-feeding, you’ll probably have to hand wash a decent amount even though the bottles are dishwasher safe
ember packaging with bottles and accessories
  • As of this writing, you can only purchase it from the Ember website (it’s not available on Amazon yet, but here’s the Ember storefront if you want to check when you read this)

Final Thoughts on the Ember Baby Bottle Sytsem

There’s no denying that the Ember baby bottle system is a showstopper. A self-warming baby bottle? Like what?!

Affordability is obviously a huge issue here – $400 for essentially two baby bottles is a bit jaw-dropping. When I got the announcement email, I honestly expected it to be closer to $200.

However, for many moms – especially ones that are exclusively breastfeeding – the value of never having to worry about heating milk again may be worth that premium price tag.

looking at my sweet guy with the ember baby bottle

This would win Christmas or a baby shower in a heartbeat.

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I’m excited about this technology and am super salty that I didn’t have it with my newborns (my youngest is now 12 months).

For all you new mamas out there, I am so happy that technology is making taking care of babies that much easier. We need it!

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