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50 Best Gifts for the Father-In-Law Who Has Everything (2024)

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Need to find some good gifts for the father-in-law, but he’s extremely hard to shop for? Been there.

My father-in-law says he doesn’t want or need anything, and if he does need something, he buys it. If you’re in a similar situation, I’ve compiled a list of father-in-law-approved gift ideas.

These 50 gift ideas for the father-in-law who has everything are universal – I think any guy would enjoy most of the gifts on this list. Happy shopping!

1. Infinity Game Table

Since I originally wrote this article, I posted a TikTok of our new Infinity Game Table, and it went viral!

This game table is terrific for all ages, and it’s a total showstopper. If your father-in-law enjoys playing games – anything from Chess to Monopology – this game table will blow him away.

infinity game table

It’s pricey, but you could get several friends or family members to go in on it with you!

2. Flaviar Whiskey Membership

Price at the time of writing: Starts at $190

Does your father-in-law enjoy a good whiskey tasting? A Flaviar gift membership can bring Spirit tastings right into his home.

You can gift the “Thoughtful” package, which includes two prepaid quarterly deliveries of 1 bottle + 1 tasting box, or the two other packages would get you 3 or 4 quarterly deliveries.


And the neat thing about a membership is the recipient can tailor it to what they like. You choose the number of deliveries you want to gift and add a personalized message.

Your father-in-law will get a gift code and an email with instructions. Then, he can activate the subscription and wait for his first whiskey shipment.

If you’d rather have something for the in-law to open (instead of a membership gift card), consider purchasing one of the Tasting Boxes.

Each Tasting Box comes with three unique Spirits to try!

3. UNTUCKit Wrinkle-Free Shirts

Price at time of writing: $105

Ironing is overrated. Gift your father-in-law a shirt that can be washed and dried without ironing or dry cleaning. I’ve searched high and low, and my top pick is a Wrinkle-Free Shirt from UNTUCKit.

wrinkle free shirt

The fabric is made of super soft cotton that’s crease-resistant. The UNTUCKit shirts are also made at a perfect length for keeping the shirt untucked.

There are tons of deals going on for the holidays, and returns and exchanges are free. Plus, there’s an extended return or exchange window for Christmas!

Shipping is free on orders $110+ and returns within the US are free too. There are also tons of deals going on for the holidays. 

4. Bitters Sampler Set

Price at time of writing: $42

For the father-in-law who enjoys a cocktail now and again, this bitters sampler set from Honest John is perfect. He can switch up his old-fashioned with a new style of bitters, and there are 10 different samples included.


The flavors include sarsaparilla, grapefruit, lavender, orange, black walnut, aromatic, lemongrass cardamom, NOLA, chocolate, and coffee + cherry. In addition to the bitters, this gift set also includes two coasters and a recipe book.

5. NY Times Custom Birthday Headlines Book

Price at time of writing: $145

Produced as a 12″ x 15″ coffee table book, this perennial favorite starts with The Times front page from the day you were born, followed by every birthday in your life. 

ny times book

It’s interesting to read what the headlines were on the day you were born, but the New York Times takes it a step further by looking at each year after that, until now. It’s a uniquely personal gift and lasting treasure that I believe is perfect for a father-in-law.

Interested in other book-related gifts? Check out this article: The 50 Best Gift Ideas for Book Lovers & Bookworms

6. Ororo Heated Vest (One of My Favorite Gifts for Father-in-Laws!)

Price at time of writing: $169.99

Let’s face the facts: increased sensitivity to the cold is a normal part of aging. If your father-in-law is often commenting on how chilly it is, he will love an Ororo heated vest.

ororo vest

We have so many products from Ororo in our family and extended family, and it’s for a good reason. These are amazing at keeping you warm, and the material is very high-quality.

Out of all the products we have, our favorite is the classic heated vest.

Right now, they are having an anniversary sale so you can pick one up for just $135.99.

7. Craft Beer Club

Price at time of writing: Starting at $162.00 for 3 shipments

Does your father-in-law order a cold beer now and again? Consider a Craft Beer Club subscription.

Each box showcases two different breweries from two different regions in the US. It also includes 4 different beer styles (2 from each brewery), which change each month.

craft beer

You can gift a Craft Beer Club subscription very easily by selecting how many beers per month and how many shipments you want to include in your gift.

You can gift a Craft Beer Club subscription very easily by selecting from a box of 12 or 24 beers to be delivered each month and if you would like to prepay 3, 6, or 12 shipments.

8. Rare Playing Cards

Price at time of writing: Starting at $11.95

Does your father-in-law enjoy a good game of Euchre? Poker? Solitaire?

Get him a deck of rare playing cards. You can select a deck based on his interests. Some ideas include Lord of the Rings, Thor, or Star Wars.

This Lord of the Rings deck is one of the most popular products on the site, and it’s easy to see why! What a cool and unique gift for your father-in-law!

9. Old School Candy Crate

Price at time of writing: $145.50

Bring your father-in-law back to the old days with this old-timers candy crate. All of the classics are included, like Razzles, Bottle Caps, and Sugar Babies.

candy crate

With this gift, it’s not just about the candy – it’s about the nostalgia. He’ll be smiling as he pulls out old candy boxes and old-school toys, and you will win Christmas!

10. EP1 Refyne Pen

Price at time of writing: $49

For the father-in-law who likes refinement and quality, check out the Ep1 Refyne Pen. It’s a weighty pen that’s durable and also affordable. The pen is also coated through a process called physical vapor deposition (PVD), which protects against corrosion and scratches.

EP1 pen

Reviewers say writing with this pen feels smooth, and the whole process of writing is much more enjoyable. As one reviewer put it: “It’s like an Amex card, I don’t leave home with out!”

You can also consider the EP1 pen and PS1 stand bundle, which makes for a fantastic Christmas gift.

11. Custom Metal Car, Workshop, or Fishing Sign

Price at time of writing: Starts at $34.50

If your father-in-law is into a specific vehicle, woodworking, or fishing, check out these custom metal signs from Amazing Faith Designs.

They’re laser-cut with 18 gauge steel and custom text. It’s then powder coated to ensure a smooth finish and long-term durability.

car sign

With the custom metal car sign, you can select any year, make, and model of car. The fishing sign can also be customized with a name in place of “welcome.” And the workshop sign can be customized with a name as well to read: “Papa [NAME’S] Work Shop.” Or Pappy’s workshop. Or whatever your father-in-law goes by!

Amazing Faith Designs is a small business, and every time an order is placed, I promise the woman behind it – Heidi – does a little happy dance! Use code INLAW10 for 10% off your purchase.

12. Flame Tabletop Fireplace

Price at time of writing: $70 or $49 when you join the club

Does your father-in-law enjoy a warm space or a good fireplace? He’ll love this tabletop fireplace called Flame.


It’s a personal indoor fireplace that runs on rubbing alcohol. It’s clean-burning and safe to cook over. Make s’mores inside or just bring that bonfire inside. The base is solid cement and has felt underneath to prevent scratching.

13. Leather Toiletry Bag

Price at time of writing: $110

Most men could use an upgrade to their toiletry bag. Gift your father-in-law a quality leather bag from Leatherology.

leather toiletry bag

This bag is made of full-grain leather and has a standing design to accommodate bottles. It’s double-zipped with a YKK metal zipper and a leather zipper pull. Every detail is thought-out, and it’s sure to be a step up from what he’s currently using.

A more budget-friendly version is this Buffalo Leather bag for under $40 on Amazon.

buffalo leather bag

14. RTIC Cooler

Price at the time of writing: $179.99

Ask a man if he has enough coolers, and the answer is always no.

This RTIC cooler has heavy-duty rubber latches and is perfect for keeping the contents cold for days.

rtic cooler

The smaller 20-quart size is great for drinking on-the-go or traveling.

15. Rothy’s Slippers

Price at the time of writing: $159

Rothy’s makes incredible shoes, so when I saw they had men’s slippers, I knew they’d be a fantastic universal gift idea.

rothys slippers

These merino wool slippers have a soft sherpa lining and sturdy outsoles, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor wear. Taking the trash to the road has never been so comfortable.

Shopping on a budget? These memory foam slippers on Amazon have around 9,000 reviews with a solid 4.5 stars. And they’re just above $30.

amazon slippers

16. Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

Price at the time of writing: $119.95

I love my AirPods, but when I experienced true noise-canceling earbuds for the first time, I was shocked. These things are AMAZING.

beats earbuds

Beats Studio Buds fit snugly in your ear and drown out all of the background noise. And the sound quality? It feels like you’re standing in the front row of a concert. It’s incredible.

They’re compatible with Apple & Android and have up to 8 hours of listening time.

17. Milwaukee M12 Impact Driver

Price at the time of writing: $99

When I asked my husband what a good father-in-law gift would be, the very first thing he said is a Milwaukee M12 Impact Driver. He said this tool is useful for so many things, including hanging photos and other around-the-house projects.

milwaukee impact

If you’re shopping for Christmas, Home Depot always runs amazing deals on Milwaukee tools, so be sure to check out their site first!

P.S.: My husband said if you paired this with this drill bit set, your father-in-law would have everything he needs for almost anything around the house. Extra bonus if you also add this driver bit set, which has about every driver bit known to man.

18. Ooni Pizza Oven Bundle

Price at the time of writing: $483.96

Ooni is the go-to brand for high-quality pizza ovens. This lightweight, steel pizza oven can cook a pizza in just 60 seconds using natural wood pellets.

ooni fyra

It comes with a waterproof cover, and you can just take that off to fire up a pizza in any outdoor space. If you like to have bonfires or home parties, you need this Ooni pizza oven bundle! It’s a showstopper.

19. Skylight Frame

Price at the time of writing: $159.99

When it comes to digital picture frames, Skylight is the brand to beat. Loved ones can email photos from anywhere, and they’ll arrive on this frame in seconds. Setup takes 60 seconds – just plug it in and connect to WiFi. That’s it!


The 10-inch touch screen has a fantastic resolution, and there are over 16,000 reviews on Amazon with a solid 5 stars. If your father-in-law enjoys seeing pictures of the family, this photo frame will WIN Christmas!

20. Mike’s Hot Honey

Price at the time of writing: $13.49

Does your father-in-law enjoy hot sauce? You have to get him a bottle of Mike’s Hot Honey. It’s the perfect mix of sweetness and heat, and there are so many ways to use it.

mikes hot honey

Drizzle on pizza or wings, pair it with cheese, and even add it to cocktails or tea.

21. Away Backpack

Price at the time of writing: $195.00

The Away Everywhere Zip Backpack is the ultimate luxury backpack. It’s made of water-resistant nylon and has a compartment for all the essentials inside. There’s a 15″ laptop pocket with a magnetic locking zipper for security and a detachable key clip.

The shoulder straps are padded so it’s very comfortable to wear, and it also secures to other Away bags.

If your father-in-law travels a lot, this is a fantastic gift idea!

22. Dad Jokes

Price at the time of writing: $9.99

Does your father-in-law like to crack jokes? Give him some ammo with this Dad Jokes book.

dad jokes

With over 600 knee-slappers, head-shakers, and groan-makers, Dad Jokes is packed with enough witty quips and cheesy-but-grate jokes for even the most embarrassing of dads.

23. Ember Travel Mug

Price at the time of writing: $198.00

My go-to gift for any guy – no matter the occasion – is the Ember travel mug. And it’s a hit every single time!

ember travel mug

This mug is top-of-the-line and truly elevates your daily life. It keeps your coffee or tea warm all day long and is ideal for those who leave the house during the day.

24. Paint Your Life Custom Portrait

Is there a custom portrait that would mean a lot to your father-in-law? Check out Paint Your Life. These designers and artists can edit multiple photos together and paint a custom portrait.

Here are some ideas for a custom portrait:

  • Connect generations: Create a portrait of children with the grandparents they never got to meet
  • Bring the family together: Those that are alive and those that are gone
  • Set the scene: Put your loved one together with their favorite celebs!
  • In the arms of Jesus in heaven: Bring peace to those who have lost a loved one
  • Cherish special moments: Capture your favorite memory in a portrait forever
  • Put all your loved ones together: Even if they never managed to take a photo together
  • Pets: get a custom portrait of a pet that’s special to you

Whether it’s something sentimental, like a photo of your father-in-law with all of his grandchildren, or funny, like a portrait of him with his celebrity idol, a custom portrait is a very unique gift idea.

25. Custom Song Lyrics Print

Price at time of writing: Starts at $64.99

Does your father-in-law have a favorite song? Send the lyrics to this Etsy shop and they’ll put them on a custom song lyrics print.

custom song lyrics poster print

The lyrics are in the shape of a vinyl record, and you can customize the font and frame.

26. Exotic Meats Man Crate

Price at the time of writing: $129.99

I love consumable gifts, and this Exotic Meats Crate from Man Crates is such a fun gift idea.

exotic meats man crate

The crate includes:

  • Venison Jerky, Whiskey Smokehouse Trophy Series, 2 oz
  • Wild Boar, Honey Bourbon Jerky, 2 oz
  • Buffalo Jerky, 2 oz
  • Elk Jerky Stick, 2 oz
  • Smoked Biltong Beef Jerky, 2.25oz
  • Wild Boar, Root Beer Habanero, 2oz
  • Duck Jerky Stick, Maple, 1 oz
  • Ostrich Jerky Stick, 1 oz
  • Elk Jerky Strip, Hickory Smoked, 0.75 oz
  • Venison Jerky Stick, Teriyaki, 1 oz*
  • Buffalo Jerky Bit Stick, 2 oz
  • Elk Garlic Bit Stick, 2 oz

*Due to availability, some contents listed may replace items shown in the pictures.

27. Heated Blanket

Price at the time of writing: $119.99

If your father-in-law is always cold (see gift idea #4), a heated blanket will be appreciated.

degrees of comfort electric blanket

The Degrees of Comfort Electric Blanket provides full-body heating and promotes blood circulation while you’re relaxing.

And for those stingy fathers, this heated blanket can help you save on your utility bill. If he’s always turning down the thermostat to save a few bucks, this heated blanket can save him 68-90% per year on the heating bill.

28. Sonos Speakers

Price at the time of writing: Starting at $159.00

We recently got into the world of Sonos speakers and absolutely love them! If you get more than one, you can sync them up to create a synchronized sound system for your entire home.

The sound quality is also off the chain.

If your father-in-law likes listening to music or watching the TV, I’d highly recommend checking out the Sonos speakers.

Our two favorites include the Move and the Beam.

The Move works with Amazon Alexa and can be moved around your house without a plug (it charges on a dock and can then be moved around until it dies).


The Beam is a soundbar, ideal for watching TV. It’s not too big and the sound quality is, as I said, off the chain. It also connects to other Sonos speakers.

sonos beam

If your father-in-law has Amazon speaker devices, these are a huge upgrade.

29. The Regimen from Caldera + Lab

Price at the time of writing: $189

The Regimen from Caldera + Lab, a men’s skincare brand, is a twice-a-day routine for men. It’s backed by a leading clinical trial guaranteed to deliver results within 60 days.

the regimen caldera and lab

For the man who doesn’t know anything about skincare, this is a fantastic bundle. It also makes for a great gift since everything’s included!

30. Glencairn Whiskey Glasses

Price at the time of writing: $49.95

Glencairn whiskey glasses are not only sophisticated, but they’re fantastic for sipping high-quality spirits.

glenchairn whiskey glasses

This set of 4 from Amazon is inexpensive and won the 2006 Queen’s Award for Innovation.

31. GCI Freestyle Portable Rocking Chair (One of My Favorite Gifts for My Father-in-Law!)

Price at the time of writing: $69.99

This portable outdoor rocking chair folds easily and even includes a beverage holder.

rocking chair

It’s constructed from sturdy powder-coated steel and is ideal for the lawn, patio, camping, or tailgating. With over 18,000 reviews on Amazon and a solid 5 stars, this one is sure to be a hit.

32. SPT Mini Kegerator

Price at the time of writing: $199.99

For the sports-loving dads, this mini kegerator is ideal for game day and pours the perfect glass of beer every time. It works with all standard 5-liter pressurized and 5L Heineken mini kegs.

mini keg

The beer chills within 24 hours and stays good for up to 30 days.

33. Dad Grass Smoking Kit

Price at the time of writing: $37

OK, my family may judge me for this one, but I saw a TikTok recently where the user was desperate for holiday gift ideas for her dad. She said her dad is a retired diabetic whose sole interest is smoking weed.

For THAT dad, I think this Dad Grass Smoking Kit is pretty cute.

dad grass

Not for everyone. But perfect for some.

34. Blackstone 36″ Griddle

Price at the time of writing: $449

I’m just going to say it: I think most men can get behind a Blackstone griddle.

blackstone griddle

It’s the perfect companion to a grill and is a true workhorse. This Blackstone 36″ Griddle is at a great price point for a group Christmas gift!

35. Hopsulator Trio (Beer Can Cooler)

Price at the time of writing: $29.99

Does the father-in-law enjoy a cold can of beer on occasion? Elevate his beer (or soda) drinking experience with the Hopsulator Trio from Brümate.

hopsulator trio

This 3-in-1 can-cooler holds 16oz, includes a freezable adapter for 12oz cans and converts into a 100% leakproof pint tumbler.

36. Christian Vintage Demin Cap

Price at the time of writing: $29.99

For the Christmas dads, a vintage denim cap with a message he believes in is a great addition to any Christmas gift.

These hats from Amazing Faith Designs have messages like “Man of Faith” and “Jesus.” You can get 10% off with code INLAW10.

37. Custom Return Label Stamp

Price at the time of writing: $13.99

Save your father-in-law from impending arthritis with a custom return address stamp!

custom return address stamp

You can customize it with his address so he never has to write out his address on an envelope again.

38. Custom Grandpa T-Shirt

Price at the time of writing: $24.99

For the dad that is seriously impossible to shop for, check out these custom t-shirts from Amazing Faith Designs.

grandpa tshirt

You can swap out the “Grandpa” for whatever he goes by. Pappy, Papa, Pop-Pop – anything you want! You can get 10% off with code INLAW10.

39. Storyworth

Price at the time of writing: $99

Help your father-in-law leave his story behind with Storyworth. Once a week, you choose a question for your father-in-law to write about. He simply replies via email, which is shared back to you.


At the end of the year, their stories are bound into a keepsake book. Storyworth sources quality materials that look great now and age gracefully over time to honor the stories within.

40. The Ridge Wallet

Price at the time of writing: $95

For a father-in-law in desperate need of a new wallet, check out The Ridge Slim Wallet, which comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s made of military-grade materials to ensure durability and RFID blocking for security.

The Ridge

It’s functional and slim, holding between 1-12 cards without stretching out. The outside notch makes it easy to push cards out, and there’s an integrated money clip.

It’s everything you want in a wallet and nothing you don’t.

Price at the time of writing: Starting at $39

Custom leather cufflinks are a great gift for the guy that seems to have everything. These cufflinks from Etsy are handcrafted by expert artisans with quality leather that’s made to last.

custom leather cufflinks

It also comes neatly packaged in a cufflink box, perfectly presentable for a Christmas gift under the tree!

42. Dr. Squatch Men’s Soap Gift Set

Price at the time of writing: $62.96

This gift set of cold-pressed soaps from Dr. Squatch features masculine scents like Wood Barrel Bourbon, Birchwood Breeze, and Cool Fresh Aloe.

dr squatch soaps

They make a great gift and are very practical!

43. Doomlings

Price at the time of writing: $24.99

If you have a dad that’s into conspiracy theories or doomsday, the game Doomlings might be the perfect game for him.

(It’s also a great game for people who like card games.)

Doomlings is a funny card game where the object is to score the most points before the end of the world.

You score points by playing “traits” from your hand (like flight, endurance, or poisonous). You play these traits over multiple rounds, called “ages” (like Age of Peace).

But hidden in the ages are catastrophes! When the third catastrophe strikes… the world ends.

And the player with the most points wins!

44. Holzkern Men’s Watch

Price at the time of writing: Starting at $339

If you’re looking for a timeless gift, you can’t go wrong with a Holzkern watch.


All of their designs feature natural materials like wood, stone, or leather, and impeccable craftsmanship. 

I love the Space Dust design, made with walnut and marble, and the Existential design, made with marble and gold, for a more elegant look.

45. Swanky Badger Whisky Decanter

Price at the time of writing: Starting at $166.99

This Swanky Badger Whisky Decanter is a great gift that your father-in-law could display in his mini bar for a really long time. 

swanky badger

There are plenty of options to personalize it – you can choose just the decanter or the decanter with 2 or 4 glasses, and you can engrave on either the front or front and back.

You can also send it in a wooden display box for a little something extra. 

46. Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

Price at the time of writing: Starting at $369.99

Margarita machines have been all over TikTok lately, and it seems like all the dad accounts I follow have made a video about having one.

So a margarita machine would be an excellent gift for the father-in-law who likes entertaining. 


This Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine is like a Nespresso machine for cocktails.

You can make many different cocktails without having to pour or mix. Just fill it up with your spirit of choice, drop in a cocktail capsule, and voila!

47. Tagsmate Airtag Smart Wallet

Price at the time of writing: Starting at $50

Another TikTok favorite among men lately has been these Airtag-compatible smart wallets so your father-in-law never has to lose his wallet again. 

tags mate

This would be a perfect gift for someone who is always losing stuff. Come to think of it, I should probably get one for my husband, too!

There are 6 different styles including a cash strap for those that carry around cash. 

The Airtag is not included, but you can pick up one of those on Amazon and throw it in too. 

48. Bob and Brad Foot Massager with Heat

Price at the time of writing: $99.99

Who doesn’t love a relaxing foot massage at the end of a long day? 

bob and brad foot massager

This foot massager has four squeeze intensities and deep shiatsu kneading features that will get your father-in-law’s blood flowing, plus a built-in heater to heat his feet up on a cold night. 

49. Yeti Cooler

Price at the time of writing: $200

Yeti coolers are a bit on the pricier side, but they are well worth the money. They will keep your drinks cold and ice frozen for up to 2 whole days.

yeti 8 cooler

The Hopper Flip 8 Portable Soft Cooler fits a 6-pack of beer plus ice (or 11 cans alone) – perfect for your Father-in-law’s personal stash!

If you love this idea but need a more affordable option, this Rtic Everyday Cooler is also a great option. 

50. The Art of Shaving Kit

Price at the time of writing: $150

This shaving kit is the ultimate grooming gift for your father-in-law. 

It will take him through the four essential steps of shaving: prepping, lathering, shaving, and moisturizing.

art of shaving

The Four Elements Kit in Sandalwood is a great option to get started with. And for an extra touch of luxury, you can choose an option with a heated razor!

Gifts for Father-in-Law FAQs

What do I get my father in law for Christmas?

For Christmas, give your father-in-law a thoughtful gift that reflects his interests and hobbies, if you can. If you don’t know enough about him or he seems to have everything already, consider edible gifts such as Mike’s Hot Honey, the Exotic Meats Crate, or the old-timers candy crate.

How much should I spend on Christmas gifts for my in-laws?

Some people spend $20 on their in-laws, while others spend up to $250 or even more. After doing quite a bit of analyzing, it seems the average amount to spend on Christmas gifts for your in-laws is about $100. That said, the most important thing is to discuss and agree on the budget with your spouse beforehand.

What do you buy the father of the groom?

When shopping for the father of the groom, try to find something that symbolizes the special occasion, such as a personalized keepsake such as Storyworth, a nice bottle of bourbon (the Flaviar Tasting Boxes could be fun), or a thoughtful memento of the wedding day.

What gift is good for a father?

An excellent gift for a father is personalized and thoughtful – there are 50 ideas in this article to help you find the perfect item. Consider what he enjoys and try to pick up on the little things. As an example, I noticed my father-in-law is always cold, so we often gift things like warm slippers, a towel warmer, and heated vests.

What do you get a dad for Christmas that has everything?

When choosing a Christmas gift for a dad who seems to have everything, think about unique and personalized options. Consider items like the Infinity Game Table, Flaviar whiskey membership, or custom keepsakes that stand out, such as a Paint Your Life portrait or custom cufflinks.


Shopping for your dad or father-in-law is no easy task. Each year, the hardest gifts to buy are for my father-in-law!

I hope this gift guide gives you some ideas that will surely be hits. If you have any of your own, please share them in the comments section below.

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