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I Tested 30 So-Called Spill-Proof Toddler Cups [Winners Inside]

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Originally published October 10, 2022. Updated September 9, 2023 with 15 more spill-proof cups tested!

Looking for a truly spill-proof cup for your toddler or child?

You can’t trust product descriptions alone! So many toddler cups claim to be spill-proof, but they really aren’t. 

Case in point: the ultra-popular Munchkin Miracle 360 cup.

This cup has dominated the marketplace for years, but umm… am I the only one who’s annoyed by how not spill-proof it is?

A visual representation of how messy the Munchkin Miracle 360 cup is when you drop it (and your kiddo will drop it)

One evening, I saw that my son left this Miracle 360 cup on our bed, but it was on its side.

That darn cup leaked milk all over our sheets, just by being on its side! At that point, I’d had it, and I went on a mission.

I found the best 30 toddler cups that claim to be spill-proof. I’ve put these cups through a whole host of tests, and we’ve been using them in our home for months (and, in some cases, years!).

Out of the 30 spill-proof cups we tried, 7 of them are worth your money.

testing spill proof toddler cups

The 7 Best Spill-Proof Toddler Cups for Every Occasion

Keep reading to learn more about how these spill-proof cups made the cut!

camelback eddy with vinyl name

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Toddler Cup Spill-Testing Photos

We were on a mission to discover which cups were truly spill-proof and drop-proof for the 1-3-year-old range.

Yes, we had an idea of which cups excelled just from everyday interactions. But we devised a drop testing method involving construction paper to make things fair and square.

My husband held each cup at the same height and dropped it upside down, on its side, and right-side-up. We did this over a piece of construction paper to help visualize just how messy certain cups are.

Long story short: most cups are not drop-proof.

And the worst one, which didn’t surprise me but may surprise others, was the Munchkin Miracle 360 cup.

Spill-Proof Toddler Cups Comparison Chart

This comparison chart shows which cups were shake-proof and drop-proof, if the assembly was complicated or simple, the price per cup, and more.

Price per Cup*
Spill/ Shake-Proof
Easy Assembly?
Cup Type
Tommee Tippee Sportee
Hard Spout
9 oz
NUK Everlast
Hard Spout
10 oz
CamelBak Eddy
Almost completely
Silicone Spout
12 oz
the Contigo Aubrey Stainless Steel
Silicone Spout
13 oz
Playtex Sipsters Stage 2
10 oz
Contigo Autospout with straw
14 oz
Hard Spout
10 oz
Dr.Brown's Milestones
Hard Spout
10 oz
Nuby Easy Grip
Hard Spout
10 oz
First Years
Hard Spout
9 oz
Munchkin Simple Clean
10 oz
Phillips AVENT
Hard Spout
10 oz
Tommee Tippee Straw Cup
9 oz
NUK Evolution
8 oz
Zak Designs
15 oz
Boon Swig
9 oz
15 oz
9 oz
Dr.Brown's 360
10 oz
Playtex Sipsters Stage 3
9 oz
Nuby 360
10 oz
Munchkin Miracle 360
7 or 10 oz
WeeSprout Glass Cups
8 oz
8.5 oz
15 oz
Nuby Stainless Steel
Silicone Spout
10 oz
10 oz
Thinkbaby Thinkster
Almost completely
9 oz
Thermos Foogoo Phase 2
Hard Spout
11 oz
Thermos Foogoo Phase 3
11 oz
*Amazon prices fluctuate – the listed prices are the retail price of the cups without any discounts at the time of publishing.

Best Spill-Proof Cups

Tommee Tippee Insulated Sportee Sippy Cup

tommee tippee sippy cup packaging


  • Best spill-proof sippy cup
  • 100% leak, spill, shake, and drop proof
  • Comes in several styles (with same spill-proof tech inside)


  • Assembly could be a little easier
  • If the thin silicone piece inside gets poked, the cup won’t be spill-proof anymore
  • Low capacity (9 oz)
  • Not very insulated despite the claim
  • Not a bite-proof spout

The Tommee Tippee Insulated Sportee Sippy Cup is the best spill-proof sippy cup on the market, because it will not leak a drop despite my best attempts.

Out of the 30 cups we tested, it was one of the only truly spill-proof, shake-proof, and drop-proof cups on this entire list.

If you need a bomb-proof cup, this is the one for you!

at the park with tommee tippee cup

It did have a few drawbacks for me, including the minorly complicated assembly, low capacity (9 oz just isn’t enough for going on a field trip), and the fact that it’s not as “insulated” as you’d think.

The ice melts very quickly when we take this cup to the park. 

tommee tippee sports sippy cup
Sports-style cup

While it isn’t always our cup of choice, it’s the perfect option if we’re going somewhere and know we cannot spill a single drop.

Plus, the spill-proof design in this cup is available in other styles, too.

If you want more of a true sippy cup look, check out the Sportee Sports style!

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NUK Everlast Sippy Cup

nuk packaging


  • Easy assembly
  • Confident it gets fully clean, so great for bedtime milk
  • Grippy center
  • Click-tight top (can’t overtighten)
  • Can see what’s inside
  • Bite-proof spout


  • Expensive

The Nuk Everlast is the best spill-proof cup for bedtime milk because it comes apart fully, and there are no hidden areas for milk to get trapped and spoil.

This cup was definitely a favorite when we got it last year, but the high price tag turned me off quite a bit. That said, it has been one of our most-used cups over the last 12 months.

The assembly on this one is easy, too. It has some other nice features, including a grippy center and a click-tight top.

With many sippy cups, you tighten it so far that it’s hard to get off later.

The tightness is actually set in the lid of this cup, so if you keep trying to tighten it, it just starts clicking (similar to using a drill).

This feature ensures it’s never difficult to take the lid off! My son also really likes this cup.

Is it worth the luxury price tag? I don’t know, but it’s definitely one of our favorite cups.

Camelbak Eddy

camelback eddy with vinyl name


  • Best spill-proof cup for 3-year-olds and up
  • Perfect for school
  • Almost completely spill and drop-proof
  • Holds 12 oz
  • Lots of designs


  • Finding the right-sized straw is a daily struggle
  • On the pricier side

The CamelBak Eddy is the best spill-proof cup for 3-year-olds and up. It’s less of a cup and more of a water bottle or tumbler, but it definitely deserves a spot on this list.

This is the perfect spill-proof option if you have a little one getting ready to go to daycare, preschool, or Kindergarten (and beyond).

There are many designs, and the spout folds down so it’s not exposed to the open air. It also has a nice capacity.

The packaging says 12 oz, but it actually holds 16 oz.

The Camelbak is also one of the easiest cups to assemble.

My only complaint is not Camelbak’s fault, but it’s so frustrating to find the right-sized straw. Every company does different widths and lengths, and it’s a daily struggle!

If you plan to bring straw cups into your home, I highly suggest sticking to one brand for this reason.

Contigo Aubry Stainless Steel

Contigo Aubrey Stainless Steel Product Image


  • Best spill-proof tumbler
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel
  • Large capacity at 15 oz
  • 100% spill, shake, and drop-proof


  • Can’t see what’s inside
  • Hurts if you drop it on your toe
  • Most expensive option on this list

This Contigo Aubrey Stainless Steel tumbler is the best spill-proof tumbler, and it’s also the best spill-proof stainless steel option.

It absolutely blew me away when we used it for the first time.

I did have to do an online search to figure out how to take it apart, but once I learned, I appreciated this design.

All of the pieces inside stay together, so no pieces are floating around in the dishwasher. You basically unscrew it and place it in the dishwasher.

When it’s clean, you screw it back together, and you’re good to go.

Contigo Aubrey Stainless Steel product image
The lid disassembled and ready for the dishwasher

I love that it’s stainless steel instead of plastic, and this one was shake, spill, and drop-proof.

It’s definitely one of our favorites, but the downside is you can’t see what’s inside. It’s also pretty pricey, but I’m not surprised since it’s made of stainless steel.

A final con to this one is it really hurts if you or your kiddo drop it on your toe.

It hasn’t happened to us, but our daughter’s school told us not to send stainless steel cups to school for this reason.

Playtex Sipsters Stage 2

Playtex 360 Spill Proof packaging image


  • Best leak-resistant 360 cup
  • Foolproof assembly
  • The lid is just one piece


  • Not drop-proof
  • Subpar color choices
  • Can’t see the color of what’s inside

The Playtex Sipsters Stage 2 cup is the best of the five 360 cups we tried.

None of the 360 cups are drop-proof, but the Playtex version did a decent job compared to the others.

What really stands out about this cup is how easy it is to assemble.

360 lid no pieces

My in-laws came to watch our kids while my husband and I went away on vacation, and when we got back, one of the first things I heard about was how awesome these cups are.

If Grandma and Grandpa can figure it out, I promise anyone can!

It’s one piece that screws on. No taking things apart and putting them back together. And it gets fully clean.

I wouldn’t use this cup or any other 360 cup for milk, though. If your child drops it, it will get everywhere.

Contigo Kids Autospout Tumbler with Straw

contigo packaging


  • Easy to assemble
  • Straw stands out from others in the drawer
  • Can see what’s inside
  • Grippy rubber base
  • Great color options
  • Large capacity at 14 oz


  • Can pose a hazard if your child falls while holding the cup (straw puncturing face)
  • Need to clean inside with straw brush

The Contigo Kids Autospout Tumbler with straw is one of our favorite cups to this day.

I love that it’s a straw instead of a hard spout. The straw is super easy to assemble and de-assemble, it’s spill-proof, has a great capacity, and it’s transparent.

contigo straw pieces

It also has a grippy rubber base, so it stays put much better than other options.

The color options are great – I really liked that I could get a 2-pack with blue and pink. Their 3-pack is also quite popular.

I especially like that I can see what’s inside, unlike some of the other cups on this list, which are not transparent.

The price is right in the middle of the pack, but the quality far exceeds most of the other options on the list.

One thing to note is that with this straw, you definitely need to clean the inside on a regular basis or you’ll get yucky buildup. But it only takes about 10 seconds!

We have a ton of those little straw brushes for some reason, but if you don’t, you can purchase them on Amazon.

RE-PLAY No Spill Sippy Cups

RE-PLAY cups


  • Best on a budget
  • Great for bedtime
  • Simple, easy assembly
  • Shake and spill-proof
  • Made of recycled milk jugs


  • Not drop-proof
  • Can’t put valve on backward or it’ll leak everywhere

The RE-PLAY sippy cups are the best spill-proof cups on a budget, but they’re also just amazing cups in general.

They’re spill-proof and made of recycled milk jugs, which is super cool. These non-toxic, recycled cups are made in America and are one of the most affordable options on this list.

They also come in some really aesthetically pleasing color stories. And there are a ton of color options.

You do have to make sure you put the valve on correctly because if it’s backward, it won’t be spill-proof. But once you know which way it goes, that’s very intuitive.

At the end of the day, I like these cups and use them the most at bedtime.

I fill these up about halfway with water and give them to my toddlers to sleep with. I know it won’t spill, and the hard spout design seems better for nighttime (versus a straw).

Spill-Proof Cups That Are Decent But Not the Best

There are definitely some honorable mentions out of the 30 cups we tried. They aren’t my top picks, but they don’t deserve to be slammed.

Zak Designs Tumbler Set

zak designs packaging

When it comes to the Zak Designs tumblers, I personally don’t love them aesthetically. I know kids will get excited to see their favorite TV show characters on the cups, but I find it distracting.

Maybe that’s the Montessori-leaning part of me, but I prefer plain cups.

More importantly, these cups are not spill-proof or drop-proof. When you shake them, the liquid drips out.

Besides that, it has the highest capacity on our list at 15 oz and the straw is super easy to “install.”

It is one of the pricier options on this list, but it’s a solid option for a somewhat spill-proof cup with a straw.

WeeSprout Glass Cups

glass mason jars packaging

The WeeSprout Glass Cups are probably the most aesthetically pleasing cup type I tested.

I LOVE the glass mason jar look with the silicone sleeve. It’s elegant and perfect for when older kids are here. But… it’s not spill-proof. 

Upon a closer look, the product listing says “spill-resistant,” though I thought it was spill-proof as I initially searched “spill-proof toddler cups,” and it was one of the top product results.

So, I really can’t fault WeeSprout.

I do like and recommend these cups, especially for older kids.

When we have kids that are ages 6, 7, 8, or 9 at our house, they love drinking out of these mason jar cups. But they aren’t going to be spill-proof.

Nuk Evolution

Nuk Evolution 360 Cup

The Nuk Evolution cup isn’t bad by any means, but I don’t think there’s room for two 360 cups on this best-of-the-best list.

Is it a bad cup? No. Is it the best? Also no.

Nuk Evolution 360 cup disassembled
Sorry to any photographers viewing some of these photos – I clearly did not understand my camera settings… I’m getting better; promise!

It has multiple pieces and a smaller capacity than the Playtex winner. If I’m going to use a 360 cup, I’d rather have one that’s a single piece and foolproof to assemble. Tritan Tritan Straw bottle packaging image

We definitely use the straw bottle regularly, primarily for my daughter, who takes it to school. But it’s not my favorite cup in the bunch.

It’s pretty tall, which makes it hard to load on the upper rack in the dishwasher (it’s the little things!). Tritan Straw Bottle disassembled

The straw is also a bit difficult to take out of the lid. Every second counts, and when you’re spending an extra 30 seconds forcing the straw back into the lid when unloading the dishwasher, it’s just plain irritating.

Spill-Proof Cups That Didn’t Make the Cut

Not every cup can be a favorite, and out of the 30 cups we tried, 16 cups left us wanting more. Here’s a brief look at the other cups I wouldn’t bother purchasing if I were you.

Tommee Tippee Insulated Straw Sippy Cup

tommee tippee with straw

I had high hopes for the Tommee Tippee straw cup, but it was one of the worst when it came to spilling and putting it together.

The way you have to take the lid apart is not intuitive at all – putting these pieces back together takes the longest out of any cup on this list.

It takes me 60-90 seconds to get everything back together when I take this cup out of the dishwasher, which is a really long time!

It also completely leaks when you flip it upside down, and the drop test was even worse. It’s a cute cup, but I quickly gave it to a friend as there were many better options on this list.

Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup

munchkin miracle 360 cups

I absolutely hate the Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup in every format it comes in.

Coincidentally, this is the cup type we used for almost four years. And I’ve hated it… forever.

It’s NOT spill-proof, shake-proof, or drop-proof, especially after you’ve washed it in the dishwasher and had it for a few months.

And it’s definitely not spill-proof if you drop it on the floor – the liquid inside splashes everywhere. You can see from our drop-test photos that this one made the biggest mess of the bunch.


I know this is the most popular “spill-proof” sippy cup on the market, but it’s 100%, definitively, not spill-proof. 

It might be cute and affordable with an innovative lid design, but I really don’t like it. If you’re set on a 360 cup, I’d recommend the Playtex version.

The First Years Disney Sippy Cup

disney first years packaging

The First Years cup caught my 4-year-old daughter’s interest right away (I wonder why), and I do like the rubber outer coating on the lid, which gives you some grip when spinning it on and off.

However, the hard spout is very hard to drink from. You have to suck pretty forcefully to get any liquid out, which my daughter didn’t appreciate. 

I get this cup is spill-proof, but it takes that concept so far that it’s just plain hard to drink.

The shape of the hard spout is also a little awkward and shallow.

Boon Swig Toddler Silicone Straw Cup

boon swig packaging

The Boon Swig straw cup is aesthetically pleasing, though the construction is a bit bizarre. It’s a silicone cup that nestles inside a plastic outer piece. 

I don’t understand the purpose of this outside of aesthetics. It also causes the cup to take up twice the room in the dishwasher since I separate these components to clean everything fully.

The straw top is really nice since the lid closes over it. However, the straw has a spill-proof feature inside of it, and it’s super hard to drink out of.

Like some of the other cups on this list, it’s nice that this cup is spill-proof, but you have to work really hard to get any liquid out of it to drink.

My daughter’s first comment was, “This is really hard to drink out of!”

Nuby No Spill Easy Grip Trainer Cup

nuby packaging

The Nuby cup is functional yet forgettable. I personally don’t like the color options (green and blue, red and blue), and the plastic cup does not feel durable.

This is one of those cups you’ll use for a few months and then toss as the body of it warps or cracks.

The silicone topper is easy to drink out of and resembles a bottle nipple, making it a potentially good cup for transitioning from bottle to sippy cup.

But ultimately, this option fell by the wayside for me. I didn’t hate it, but I also didn’t love it.

Philips AVENT My Grippy Spout Sippy Cup

avent packaging

The Philips AVENT sippy cups are exactly the same as the Nuby ones, just slightly pricier. 

There’s nothing special about these, and I don’t like the color scheme (blue and purple, yellow and pink).

Dr. Brown’s Milestones Hard Spout Cup

Dr.Browns product image

The Dr. Brown’s Milestones hard spout cup is nice in theory, but the silicone piece inside is the bane of my existence.

It looks identical on each side, but it’s not. And when you’re trying to fit the piece onto the lid, it’s so frustrating!

I don’t reach for this cup anymore just because it is annoying to reassemble when it comes out of the dishwasher.

I do love the Dr. Brown brand; many of their products are awesome, but this isn’t one of them.

Munchkin® Simple Clean™

Munchkin Simple Clean Straw Cup packaging image

Munchkin® Simple Clean™ is another cup from this brand that I despise.

It’s supposed to be easier to clean because the straw comes apart lengthwise, but it makes assembly much more time-consuming.

And it’s very awkward to find a place for it in the dishwasher – where exactly am I supposed to lay a straw that’s opened up in the center?

The cup is flimsy, and the silicone lid is easy to take off, even for my 16-month-old.

I wouldn’t waste your money on this one, even though it is spill-proof and mostly drop-proof.

Bentgo Kids Water Bottle

Bentgo spill test

Bentgo makes my favorite bento boxes on the market, and if you haven’t read my bento box ideas article, definitely bookmark that for later!

But their tumbler is not my favorite. The straw is a huge pain, and if you take it out of the lid to clean it more thoroughly, good luck getting it back in.

It is spill-proof and drop-proof, but the darn straw ruins this one for me.

Chicco Flip-Top Sippy Cup

Chicco Flip-Top Straw Cup product image

I do not like the design of the Chicco lid. It’s unnecessarily complicated, and the multi-piece straw is always freshly annoying whenever it comes out of the dishwasher.

It now lives in the back of the cupboard.

Dr. Brown’s Milestones 360

Dr. Brown's Milestones 360 packaging image

Dr. Brown’s Milestones 360 cup is not spill-proof or drop-proof. If you shake it, water starts leaking out the sides.

When other 360 cups on the market don’t do this, why bother getting this one?

Playtex Sipsters Stage 3

Playtex Sipsters Stage 3 packaging image

I had high hopes for the Playtex Sipsters Stage 3 as a contender for the best sippy cup for bedtime milk. But I hate the straws on these.

The lid is overly complex, with too many nooks and crannies. I much prefer simpler designs with easy assemblies. That ensures unloading the dishwasher isn’t a huge event, and I’m confident the cup is squeaky clean.

This cup falls flat in that area.

Nuby 360

Nuby Edge 360 packaging image

The lid on the Nuby 360 is a bit irritating. It doesn’t fit easily onto the cup; you have to maneuver and squish it in.

But more importantly, this one leaks like crazy. Just turn it upside down – you don’t even have to shake it aggressively. Water will start leaking, and a quick shake will create a huge mess.


Tweevo product image

Tweevo is quite bold for putting the words spill-proof in their product title.

There is nothing spill-proof about these cups. They’re just cups with straws. If you tilt it upside down, water will pour out of the straw.

They’re cute, but the fact that these are sold as spill-proof is pretty suspect…

Nuby Stainless Steel Travel Cup

Nuby Flip-It Reflex packaging image

The Nuby Stainless Steel Travel Cup is impressive when you look at it, but the amount of liquid that pours out of it when you turn it upside down and shake it is shocking.

The lid assembly is also exceedingly frustrating. This is actually the hardest straw and spout to get back into the lid out of all these cups. My husband had to come in and help, and even he had to spend about 10 minutes trying to get it.

Nuby Stainless Steel Travel Cup disassembled

When it comes to stainless steel travel cups, Contigo is the winner. I’d skip this one.


Evorie product image

Evorie is one of the most expensive cups on this list, and it’s a middle-of-the-pack kind of cup.

There’s nothing glaringly wrong with it, except it’s a little difficult to open.

Evorie cup disassembled

But I don’t understand the $20 price tag. Your money is better spent on one of the winners, for sure.

Spill-Proof Cups That Are No Longer Available

A few cups are no longer available since I published this article in 2022. I’m not sure if they’re even in production anymore, but I will retain the information I wrote about them in case it’s needed at any point.

Thermos Foogoo Sippy Cups (Phases 2 and 3)

thermos foogoo phase 2 packaging

The Thermos Foogoo option was intriguing to me because of the brand name.

This cup is clear, so I can see what’s inside.

I appreciate that, especially if the contents are not water. There’s nothing grosser than leaving a cup lying around and then discovering a few days later that it wasn’t just water – it was milk (been there, done that).

What’s unique about the Foogoo is the lid system. You can purchase three lids that all fit this cup: Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3. I purchased phases 2 and 3.

Phase 2 is a hard spout, and Phase 3 is a straw with a closing topper. I really like Phase 2’s hard spout, as it’s pretty darn spill-proof. 

My daughter loves the straw with Phase 3, though you can’t turn it upside down, or it’ll spill. She’s 4, so she’s not as ruthless as my son, and it’s the perfect cup to take to VPK.

The main problem with this system is that you can’t buy these interchangeable lids separately on Amazon.

You have to buy a whole separate cup to get the other lids. So, while the concept is cool, the execution falls flat for me.

Thinkbaby Stainless Steel Thinkster Bottle

thinkbaby packaging

I love ‌that the Thinkbaby Thinkster cup is stainless steel instead of plastic. I also really love the straw component instead of a hard spout.

For some reason, my 2-year-old son calls this the “robot cup,” and it’s often his cup of choice.

My only complaint about this one is the assembly is not intuitive. I actually missed a tiny circular piece that fits in the lid, and when on its side, all the contents leaked onto the floor.

Afterward, I realized it was missing this plastic piece, which keeps it from leaking.

thinkbaby missing a piece and spilling

With that piece, it doesn’t leak, but if you aren’t very familiar with this cup, you’d never know it’s missing.

thinkbaby plastic piece
In this photo, you can see the tiny ring with the little tab that is required to ensure the cup is leak-proof.

Straw vs. Hard Spout/Sippy Cup vs. Open Cups

Before I go, I want to quickly acknowledge a somewhat controversial topic: straws vs. hard spouts vs. open cups.

Around 12 months of age, babies start developing a more mature swallow pattern.

There’s so much to unpack around this topic, but the long story short is this: hard spout sippy cups may block a baby’s ability to develop a mature swallow pattern.

When drinking from a sippy cup, a baby’s tongue cannot reach the roof of their mouth behind their teeth. As a result, that child can have future trouble with chewing and swallowing, especially with new food textures (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association).

I’ve attended educational presentations on these topics, and Speech-Language Pathologists and Feeding Specialists will tell you that an open cup or drinking from a straw is the best way to encourage healthy sucking and swallowing development.

Obviously, an open cup is not spill-proof, and it will likely make a mess unless you can be right next to your toddler. We occasionally use an open cup at mealtime, and in that case, I highly recommend the ones from ezpz.

Another option is the Reflo Smart Cup, which has a piece that you set inside. When your child tilts the cup, it limits the amount of water that comes out.

Reflo Smart Cup disassembled

It’s not spill-proof by any means, and your child can reach in and take out that piece. But it’s great for learning!

Speech-Language Pathologists and Feeding Specialists recommend a spill-proof cup with a straw for something that’s spill-proof.

What We Do

You should do whatever you feel is best for your family. 

For us, we have a variety of cup types and go back and forth between them, depending on where we are. The hard spout/sippy cup types are perfect for bedtime because our kids can drink out of them without sitting up straight.

Note: I know giving a drink at bedtime isn’t right for everyone, especially during potty training. It’s just something we do, for better or for worse.

During the daytime, I like straw cups. 

And during mealtime, I’ll often put out an open cup. 

We switch it up, and I’ve had no worries about speech or swallow development. If you have any concerns, definitely bring them up to your pediatrician.

Spill-Proof Cup FAQs

Is the Munchkin Weighted Straw Cup Worth It?

I purchased the Munchkin Gentle Transition Trainer Cup and the Munchkin Any Angle Weighted Straw Trainer Cup, and I don’t like either one. Neither is overtly advertised as spill-proof, so I chose not to include them in this article.

How do you use the Munchkin spill-proof cup?

To use the Munchkin spill-proof cup or any 360 cup, act like you’re drinking from an open cup, but put pressure on the silicone topper with your upper lip. This will create a small gap between the silicone and the cup which water flows through.

How do you clean spill-proof cup lids?

Whether your spill-proof cup is a hard spout, straw, or 360 design, you must disassemble every part possible before washing. Spill-proof cups have mechanics inside that allow them to be spill-proof, but if they are taken apart, mold can grow in the crevices. Straws should also be cleaned on the inside with straw brushes.

What is the best travel spill-proof cup?

The best travel spill-proof cups include the Contigo Aubrey tumbler and the CamelBak Eddy tumbler. They’re portable, have large capacities, and the lids close up so the spout isn’t exposed to the open air.

What is the largest spill-proof cup made?

The largest spill-proof cup is tied between the CamelBak Eddy and the Tritan. When tested, both cups held 16 ounces of water despite the packaging claiming less.

Is there a sippy cup that doesn’t leak?

Out of 30 tested spill-proof cups, there are 19 that don’t leak when tipped or shaken. However, only 3 cups didn’t leak when dropped. Those cups include the Contigo Aubrey cup, Bentgo kids water bottles, and the Tommee Tippee Sportee cup line.

What ages are spill-proof sippy cups for?

Spill-proof sippy cups can be introduced at the 6-month mark. However, many spill-proof cup options exist for older ages, including tumblers and cups with straws.


After over a year of testing, I’m excited to share the 7 best spill-proof cups!

I hope you’ve found this article helpful, and be sure to check out the other articles in the “I Tested” blog series:

Let me know in the comment section which cup is your favorite!

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  1. Loved this article! I was wondering if you could update with the easiest to clean cup? also which one has less crevices for build up and mold to develop in the valves and spouts?
    this was so helpful

    • Easiest to clean up I would lean towards Zak Designs or Re-Play. Both have minimal pieces and no fussing with getting things put back together. The same goes for the Nuk Everlast, though I think it’s overpriced. And all of these are easiest to clean up because of how few pieces they have, which means they also have fewer crevices for build-up or mold to develop. We have not experienced mold on any of our cups, but I did see some people commenting on my TikTok video that their Contigo straw got moldy. We’ve had it for about 7 months and have not experienced that. But we wash our cups every night (no sitting around), and we take each and every piece apart. We don’t leave straws attached or valves in the lid – if it can come apart, we take it apart.

  2. Great article! I have tried few of these and agree with you 100%.
    I was looking for great no-straw options as the straws seems to get gross over the time.

    I normally would pass on re-pay thinking the leak and are cheap/not durable. Excited to try!

  3. Somehow our toddler spills the sport cup absolutely everywhere if we give it to him at night. Still not entirely sure how, but just an FYI that it can definitely spill. It’s more spill proof than others we’ve tried though

    • Man, that’s frustrating! I just ordered about a dozen new spill-proof cups that have hit the market, and I’ll be updating this post with my findings soon!

    • Hey, I’m not sure where your last comment went, but I remember you asking if this was updated yet – I just finished and published the updated version. Wanted to send a notification in case you’re still looking for the best cups.


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