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Lovevery Adventurer Play Kit Review (Months 16, 17, 18)

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The Lovevery Adventurer Play Kit (formerly named the Pioneer Play Kit) has unique toys, like the fuzzy bug shrub and threadable bead kit.

We just got it for our 16-month-old son, and I’m so excited to show you the kit and our experience with these developmentally appropriate toys.

Disclaimer: Lovevery sent me this play kit for the purpose of a blog review. This review is not sponsored. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Unboxing the Adventurer

lovevery adventurer box

Our family has every play kit Lovevery has ever made, so I already knew the packaging would be top-notch.

When you open the box, you see a beautiful cover that you lift up to reveal all of the age-appropriate toys beneath.

inside of the lovevery play kit box-min

Everything is packed so neatly, and we’ve never received any broken items from any Lovevery play kit. It’s so well done.

It was also fun to open this in front of my kids because I could see their reactions to all of the new toys. It was interesting to see which toys they were most excited to grab and check out.

taking pegs out of the box

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Toys In the Adventurer Play Kit

The Adventurer Play Kit costs $120 and includes 5 toys, 1 book, and a play guide. Lovevery is a subscription that delivers stage-based play kits, but you can skip boxes you don’t want or cancel entirely at any time.

You do get a little bit of savings if you purchase a series of kits all at once, which is what we did when we first subscribed to Lovevery.

The 5 toys in this kit are:

  1. Fuzzy Bug Shrub
  2. Threadable Bead Kit with a Drawstring Bag
  3. Race & Chase Ramp
  4. Community Garden Puzzle
  5. Wooden Stacking Pegboard

At first glance, this is a solid-looking kit with a great range of high-quality toys.

I also really love it when the items in these play kits are self-explanatory. You look at these toys and know exactly how to utilize them without reading any manuals.

Fuzzy Bug Shrub

I think the fuzzy bug shrub is our favorite toy from this kit. It may not look like much, but it’s the toy that my son plays with for the longest.

taking bugs out of the fuzzy bug tree-min

He’s obsessed with opening the lid, peeking inside, and pulling out all of the bugs.

He then puts the bugs back inside. Rise and repeat.

He occasionally places the bugs onto the felt side, but mostly, he loves the hide-and-seek aspect of this toy.

It’s a fantastic toy for coordinating with both hands, which is definitely a developmental theme behind this kit.

boys playing with fuzzy bug shrub and threadable bead kit

The 16-18 month mark is all about experimenting and figuring out the world. I just love that these Lovevery toys encourage that. It’s no wonder our 16-month-old loves sitting down and playing with these toys!

I bring this particular toy (and the threadable beat kit) with us when we go to our other kids’ after-school sports. Our 16-month-old will sit quietly playing with this – seriously, it lasts us a whole 45 minutes!

Another boy that was slightly older saw my little guy playing with this and came over to join him. If that isn’t proof enough that these toys are awesome, I don’t know what is.

playing with the fuzzy bug shrub
Two little guys playing with the threadable bead kit and the fuzzy bug shrub

Threadable Bead Kit

The threadable bead kit is a complete and total hit.

At first, my son had fun inspecting each piece and taking them out of the drawstring bag.

In fact, taking the pieces out of the bag and putting them back in is probably what he thought this toy was all about!

When I showed him how to thread the pieces onto the string, he was absolutely mesmerized. It’s such a fun toy that also helps your little one develop fine motor skills.

You can see the fierce concentration in his eyes as he tries to maneuver the pieces.

analyzing the threadable beat kit

Open-ended toys like this encourage your toddler to experiment and try new things – there isn’t just one way to play with it. Lovevery really excels at creating interesting, unique toys like this!

Race & Chase Ramp

The Race & Chase Ramp is definitely the toy in this kit that draws the most attention. It’s made of solid wood, and it’s just so darn pretty!

watching cars race in the race and chase car ramp-min

We happen to have a couple of other car ramp toys like this one, so I was able to really compare the quality and construction. No one even comes close to Lovevery.

Not only is the Lovevery version much sturdier, but it has a two-lane racing component. This allows two kids to play together, or one child can have their own race to see which car gets to the bottom first.

Our kids love doing races with each other to see who wins, which is always fun. It’s a great toy for siblings for that reason. It also gives you a chance to teach lessons about sportsmanship (wink wink!).

toddlers playing with racing car ramp

All of that said, it’s not our favorite toy from this kit, as it starts to lose its novelty pretty quickly. You can only watch a car go down a ramp so many times before you’re ready to move on.

little guy playing with race and chase car ramp

The other toys in this kit do a much better job of captivating our 16-month-old boy, and they’re also more portable to take for entertainment on the go.

But even though we don’t use it as much, I still love that it’s in this kit. It really is a solid, beautifully crafted toy.

Community Garden Puzzle

The Community Garden Puzzle is definitely a challenge for a 16-month-old, but I really appreciate that these play kits push your child to reach new milestones.

a look at the community garden puzzle

My little guy cannot yet match the pieces to their respective spots on the puzzle, but he is definitely working on his pincer grasp. When he grabs the pieces, I can see him struggling to get his pointer finger and thumb to go together.

The pincer grasp is a precursor for future writing skills, so it may not seem like a big deal, but it really is! It’ll help him develop the coordination he’ll need to start zipping up his own clothes, too.

This play kit has evolved, and we actually have the original version of it from a few years ago. Lovevery made a lot of upgrades here, but one of them is changing the material of the puzzle pieces.

taking pieces off of the nature puzzle

They’re no longer wooden, which is actually really thoughtful. My older children would chew on the pieces, and the graphic laid on top of the wood started peeling in the corners.

I really appreciate a brand that hears customer feedback and changes its products to make us happy.

Wooden Stacking Pegboard

The wooden stacking pegboard is a fantastic open-ended toy with so many possibilities.

Our 16-month-old enjoys taking each peg out of the board, and he’s started stacking them into colorful towers.

stacking pegs on wooden stacking pegboard

Our 3-year-old loves playing with this and will create color patterns with the pegs. I love that this is a great challenge for a 16-month-old, but older kids can also have a ton of fun with it. It’s a toy that will grow with your child.

both kids with peg board

‘Max and Nana Go to the Park’ Board Book

The board book in this kit features photos of real people and situations, which is aligned with Montessori philosophy.

max and nana go to the park book

Your toddler learns about the real world a lot better through real photos than illustrations at this age. And I will say that the images of children experiencing emotions in this book captivated my son.

pointing at sad kid in lovevery book

He put his hand on the page and stopped me from moving on when he saw Max crying.

This is a really great book, but I’m not surprised as the Lovevery board books, in particular, are next level.

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Is the Lovevery Adventurer Play Kit Worth It?

The Adventurer play kit from Lovevery is 100% worth it.

It’s hard anymore to find high-quality toys. So many companies are making everything out of plastic, and they’re lowering the quality to cut costs. Even through COVID, Lovevery has not compromised on quality.

the lovevery adventurer play guide

Their playthings are thoughtfully crafted to be 100% child-safe using sustainable materials like 100% FSC-certified sustainably harvested wood, organic cotton fabrics, and other child-safe materials.

And it’s very apparent that child development experts design these toys to be exactly what children want and need at every stage.

walker taking beads out of the drawstring bag


As Maria Montessori once said, play is the work of the child. And Lovevery makes that very easy through toys that challenge and delight our little ones.

grabbing the community garden puzzle

If you’re on the fence about subscribing to Lovevery, I vote to dive right in!

The toys in the Adventurer play kit are worth every penny, and even if you try to recreate this play kit, you’re not going to beat the quality.

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