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10 Gift Ideas for Dads Who Like to Garden

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Looking for what to get a dad who likes gardening? Well, I am a dad who happens to have a pretty big garden, and I’ve compiled a list of must-have gardening items. 

I’ve been gardening in central Illinois since 1991, and I enjoy canning spaghetti sauce, peaches, pickles, salsa, fruit jams and jellies, and more. 

I call myself an amateur, but my family likes to call me a master gardener. I’ll take it. Here’s a list of gift ideas for dads who like to garden.

10 gift ideas for dads who like to garden

This article was updated on May 12, 2022 with a bonus new product addition!

1. Garden Tiller

For a dad who is gardening, probably the number one gift dads covet is a garden tiller. Of course, those are expensive, and some families wouldn’t be able to afford this. 

And then you have the dad who is mechanically challenged, had his lovely wife buy him a tiller, used the tiller inappropriately and broke it within a year. But we won’t name names. 

For a small garden, a small single tine tiller might be less expensive and easier to operate. 

Another possibility is the wife could arrange for one to be rented. Or maybe the best thing is to arrange to have someone come and till the garden each spring. But, yeah, the lazy husband would rather have a machine dig up the soil. 

2. Truckload of Black Dirt

A husband who loves to garden wants really rich, well-drained, elevated black dirt. A truckload isn’t that expensive. Call around to local landscaping companies and garden centers. They will generally have better pricing and be better to work with than a Lowe’s or Home Depot.

And if it were dumped where a garden plot is about to be developed or before planting in the spring, it might look ugly to a woman, but it would send shivers down the spine of a dad gardener. 

Truckload of black dirt for the garden
Rebekah, working mama bear here – we got a truckload of black dirt from a local garden center, and it couldn’t have been easier! (We also got a couple fruit trees.)

3. Seeds

Mom could find out what seeds dad wants and order them for him. Beyond Father’s Day, this is also a good Christmas gift. 

I’ve always bought my seeds online from Gurney’s with great success.

Gurneys seeds

4. Trellis or Ladder for Climbing Vegetables

A cool gift for climbing vegetables is a trellis or ladder.

There are several great options available on Amazon, but the prices can range significantly. Here are a few:

If you want one that’s a bit more plain, this is a good option:

5. Compost Maker

A compost maker helps to enrich the soil. You can start your own compost pile in your yard, but for anyone worried about it attracting animals, you might consider an outdoor tumbling composter. It also composts your materials a bit faster than doing it right in the ground.

6. Pledge Your Children

Pledging your children to help in the garden at his beckon call would make dad happy but might alienate the kids. Nevertheless, consider asking your kids to give dad a free hour of garden work for Father’s Day.

watermelon sale
The Two Mama Bears here – when we were teenagers, we’d help our dad by selling watermelons door-to-door in our small town. We sold seeded watermelons for $5 each and seedless for $6-7 each. We were happy to do this, because we got to keep all the proceeds. We’d also help him weed the massive garden for $5 an hour. Good times!

7. Spades and Shovels

Perhaps more obvious gifts for the gardener in your life are spades and shovels. 

Fiskars is a reliable brand for gardening tools, and this 3-piece set covers all your bases:

If your gardener needs a new shovel, this is our recommendation: 

8. Canning Supplies

If your dad likes to can his produce, he’d appreciate some canning supplies.

32 oz mason jars are always needed:

And if he hasn’t started canning yet but wants to, he’ll need some very basic canning equipment, including a jar lifter:

I also recommend a large porcelain pot for canning:

9. Gardening Gloves

A good, sturdy pair of gardening gloves is an essential for all gardeners. I bet the dad you’re shopping for has a pair, but they are probably old and low-quality. Consider a pair of leather gardening gloves that will last. 

Leather gloves

10. Indoor Herb Garden

Many gardeners also enjoy cooking, and an indoor herb garden is a convenient way to add fresh herbs to dinner. 

Also, if your gardener isn’t diligent about covering their garden during cold nights, all of their basil could die overnight. I am not pointing any fingers. It can be easier to keep herbs alive when grown inside.

BONUS: Gardening Dad Scripture T-Shirt

If the dad in your life is a Christian who loves to garden, this t-shirt is the perfect gift idea. It reads “Planting for Eternity – The Sower Sows the Word – Master Gardener.”

Gardening Dad T-Shirt

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Good luck to all you mama bears out there. Hope this keeps your grizzly gardener husbands happy!

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