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Top 18 Gift Ideas For Whiskey and Bourbon-Lovers

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As a mom, the bulk of Christmas and birthday shopping falls on me. Choosing gifts can be a major challenge, which is why I often find myself searching online for good gift ideas.

My husband is a big bourbon-lover, so I often resort to finding some cool bourbon gifts that I know he’ll love. If you have a whiskey or bourbon-lover in your life, I hope this list of gift ideas helps you out!

This article was updated May 12, 2022 with fun new additions and a few new photos of these products in action!

1. Middleton Mixology SmokeTop Bundle

The smoked old-fashioned has to be one of the most popular cocktails right now. My husband has become a huge fan, but making them at home can be a little involved.

This cocktail topper makes it simple, and it’s really small to store. Just place the SmokeTop on your glass, add some smoking chips, and torch it! Smoke will drop down into the cocktail and infuse it in record time.

I also appreciate that this bundle from Middleton Mixology comes with all the bells and whistles needed, and it’s high-quality. I looked all over Amazon and other sites for a cocktail smoker topper, and this was the best price for the best quality, hands-down.

It’s the perfect gift for Christmas!

2. Clearsphere Ice Ball Maker with Ice Ball Tongs

Use code REBEKAH for an extra 10% off.

Ahh, the mystery of the crystal clear ice ball. If you’ve ever gotten regular ice ball molds from any old place, you’ll notice they freeze cloudy. That’s because you need directional freezing to ensure the ice ball freezes clear all the way through.

The Original Whiskey Ball figured this out so we don’t have to – they created a Clearsphere system that ensures every ice ball comes out perfectly clear.

clear ice cubes

The Clearsphere + Tongs Gift Set includes the Ice Ball molds, tongs, and a nice gift box, perfect for Father’s Day, a birthday, or Christmas. The molds create two 2.5-inch clear ice balls, ideal for an old-fashioned or a bourbon on the rocks.

clearsphere ice mold

Plus, use code REBEKAH for an extra 10% off.

3. Flaviar Whiskey Tasting Boxes & Annual Memberships

If you’re looking for more unique whiskeys, check out Flaviar. They offer whiskey tasting boxes that feature unique brands you can’t find everywhere.

You can also gift an annual membership, which is a great way to let your loved one explore a wide range of Spirits in any category they choose.


There are three membership options, but in each one, they can choose the Spirits, they get virtual tasting sessions, exclusive discounts on additional Spirits, and access to a Vault with hard-to-get, rare Spirits. This is the ideal gift for bourbon and whisky connoisseurs!

Customize it with a First and Last Name, City/State, and Est. Year.

4. 14-Piece Barware Set

If your bourbon lover enjoys experimenting with different cocktails, including whiskey sours and the old-fashioned, they’ll need some basic barware. We absolutely love this 14-piece barware set.

barware set from bespoke post

We get a little extra for birthdays and parties and hire a bartender. At our last event, she said this barware set was key! She used every single item from it. It’s very high quality and has all the essentials with no dead weight.

barware set

5. Horse Soldier Bourbon Tasting Set

Special discount code for my subscribers: 2MAMA for 10% off

If you want to support an incredible brand while also snagging some of the best bourbon around, you can stop scrolling now!

Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey was founded by veterans who have been involved in every major conflict since the Vietnam War. The name comes from the “Horse Soldiers,” or the Green Berets who went into northern Afghanistan after 9/11 on horseback to overthrow Mazar-i-Sharif, a Taliban stronghold.

This brand is authentic, and the men behind it are American heroes. It is the cherry on top that their bourbon is SO good.

I reached out to Horse Soldier and they were kind enough to give my subscribers a special discount code. Use code 2MAMA for 10% off your order. I recommend the Tasting Set, which is an incredible price made ever better with my code.

horse soldier bourbon whiskey

These three whiskeys on their own would cost you just under $205 (far more if you’re shopping in a liquor store). By getting the trio and using my code, that cost comes down to just $170 (and free shipping!).

*Not available to ship to Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming

6. U.S. Constitution Old Fashioned Cocktail Glasses

Nice cocktail glasses are always welcome in a bourbon-lovers home, and if they’re patriotic? They’re extra welcome.

My mother-in-law gifted these U.S. constitution old fashioned glasses to my husband last Christmas, and they are our most-used glasses. They’re the perfect size and are incredibly sturdy. We also like the design of the U.S. Constitution on them.

patriotic old fashioned cocktail glasses

They’re available on Amazon with one-day shipping if you need them quickly! 

7. Award Winning Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel-Aged Pure Maple Syrup

While a bottle of Pappy’s might not be in the budget (think $3,000+), some Pappy Van Winkle maple syrup is a good compromise!

pappy maple syrup

To make this incredible condiment, bourbon barrels are picked up and immediately filled with maple syrup. The syrup is even triple barrel-aged, meaning it takes three barrels to make a single barrel of maple syrup. As a result, this syrup has an incredible deep oak flavor that you can’t find anywhere else.

Put it on pancakes or make a killer maple-flavored old fashioned!

8. Top Shelf Dad T-Shirt

I love the message on this t-shirt – Like a Fine Vintage, One of a Kind Bourbon Whiskey, Top Shelf Dad.

bourbon t-shirt

The woman behind this t-shirt also does any customizations you need, so if you want a modification to the design, just reach out to her.

You can also use discount code papabear10 for 10% off!

9. Whiskey Appreciation Man Crate

I gifted this Whiskey Appreciation Man Crate to my husband a few years ago, and it was a huge hit. We still love the personalized heavy bottom rocks glasses, and the slate coasters are super heavy and high-quality. People always ask us where we got those.

whiskey appreciation man crate

If you’ve never ordered from Man Crates before, they have some pretty amazing gift ideas, and they’re all segmented by interest. You can’t go wrong with this one for whiskey lovers!

10. Whiskey-Tasting Event

This may not be available where you are or when you want it, but see if there are any whiskey tastings coming up.

We attended a Horse Soldier Bourbon Tasting and Bottle Signing at an upscale hotel a few months back, and it was an incredible experience!

horse soldier bourbon tasting event
This is the flyer from the whiskey tasting event we attended

You get the full story behind the booze along with delicious food and drink pairings.

11. Proof Syrup Mixers

$10 off your first purchase AND earn 1,000 points when you spend over $40 when you use this link

Sometimes, you want a cocktail, but you don’t want to actually make it. Or you don’t have the ingredients.

Proof Syrup mixers solve that problem by putting the cocktail mixers in a bottle! We’ve tried the old fashioned trio, and they are amazing. The only comment my husband made is the flavors kind of all taste the same (he couldn’t really distinguish the pecan syrup from the traditional syrup, for example).

If you’re not sure what to get a whiskey-lover, you really can’t go wrong with these mixers.

The Old Fashioned Master Set makes for a great gift.

old fashioned master set

You could also get a single bottle, which would make for a great stocking stuffer! Use this link for $10 off your first purchase. Plus, there are some great holiday sales going on!

12. Cigar Glass for Bourbon

One of the most unique gift ideas I came across is this cigar glass for bourbon. If the person you’re shopping for likes sipping whiskey while puffing on a cigar, this gift could not be more perfect!

cigar glass for bourbon

I have never seen anything like it. Plus, each glass is handmade.

13. Woodford Reserve Bourbon Cherries and Orange Twists

These Woodford Reserve Bourbon Cherries are delicious to snack on, and they’re even better in a whiskey cocktail.

bourbon cherries

Muddle, garnish, and top any whiskey cocktail with these cherries for a nice, Kentucky bourbon flavor.

Pair it with Collin’s orange twists for the ideal old-fashioned-lovers gift!

orange twists

14. Booze-Infused Jerkygram from Man Crates

For any beef jerky and whiskey lovers, this Booze-Infused Jerkygram Man Crate is the perfect gift. It includes whiskey straight jerky, oregon cabernet jerky, caribbean rum jerky, and dark ale jerky.

man crate jerky

Plus, it comes nicely wrapped so all you have to do it put it under the tree.

15. Whiskey Decanter Set

A gift that will get double takes is this Jillmo Whiskey Decanter set, featuring 2 whiskey glasses. It’s handmade of lead-free crystal glass and transforms any whiskey by elevating it and enhancing the flavors.

whiskey decanter

There’s a reason this decanter set has nearly 3,000 5-star reviews.

We have this particular decanter at our house, and it’s a party favorite. Whiskey has never looked so good!

whiskey decanter in action

16. Funny Whiskey Socks

If you need a cheeky stocking stuffer, check out these “If you can read this, bring me some whiskey” socks.

whiskey socks

They’re bound to get a laugh, and for only $10, you really can’t go wrong!

17. Personalized American Oak Whiskey Aging Barrel

I always love getting and giving personalized gifts. This whiskey aging barrel can be custom engraved, making a super special gift for any holiday or occasion.

personalized whiskey barrel

Plus, it’s not only nice for decor – you can actually age your own spirits in it. The company even says you can add store-bought spirits into the barrel and age it to enhance the flavors and transform inexpensive spirits.

18. Ice Stamps

These ice stamps are a fun way to elevate the entire cocktail experience. They would pair perfectly with the Clearsphere ice makers!

If you think the bourbon lover in your life would enjoy customizing her ice, this tool from Marcellin lets her do just that. It’s got a wooden handle and interchangeable stamp disks with designs inspired by classic tattoos or “Truth or Dare.”

ice stamps

Just attach your disk of choice to the tool, dip the head into lukewarm water, and press down on a cube for five-to-ten seconds – your ice just got cooler.


Coming up with clever and unique gift ideas can be a huge challenge, but if you know the person loves whiskey or bourbon, I’ve got you covered!

If you have any other suggestions for whiskey and bourbon lovers, leave them in the comments section below.

Happy gifting!

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