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12 Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love Woodworking

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My husband is an avid woodworker on the weekends and has accumulated quite a collection of woodworking tools and equipment.

He finds the whole process to be relaxing – it clears his head – plus, he loves making things for our family that are higher quality for less money. He’s crafted everything from small wooden placeholders to a rustic farmhouse kitchen table to an entire manure pit building for our horse farm.

You can check out some of his woodworking projects here:

He’s helped me put together this article by sharing tons of great gift ideas based on his experience as a weekend woodworker. And while woodworking equipment can get really pricey, don’t worry – there are gift ideas in here for all price ranges, from $13.69 up to $855.

So, if you find yourself asking: what do you get someone who likes woodworking? Look no further!

12 gift ideas for dads who love woodworking

1. Branding Iron for Custom Woodworking

Price at time of writing: $36.59

If the dad you’re shopping for does custom furniture or woodworking, wouldn’t it be amazing to pass that down in the family? The only hiccup is you need to brand the wood so future generations will know who crafted it!

There’s a really simple and inexpensive branding iron on Amazon. You can pick one of the designs and just swap in your dad or husband’s name, or you can go so far as to craft your own logo.

Either way, this is a really fun, unique gift idea for the woodworker in your life.

2. Expert Knife Kit from Man Crates

Price at time of writing: $139.99

If your dad in question enjoys woodworking, I bet he’d love this expert knife kit from Man Crates

The kit comes with a complete set of unassembled knife bits, including a stainless steel hunter blade, birchbark washers, screw rivets, walnut guard, and threaded pommel. Using these parts, your man can create his own Scandinavian knife handle!

This is honestly one of the coolest gifts I’ve seen, and I’ve ordered from Man Crates before – it was actually a whiskey-themed gift since that’s another one of my hubby’s hobbies, and it was all really great quality.

3. Craftsman Jointer 

Price at time of writing: $322

This budget-friendly jointer made a world of difference for my husband when he started making furniture for our family. It makes the boards straight on one side, which makes construction a lot more accurate.

I don’t fully understand how it works – he tried to explain it to me to no avail – but what I did gather is this piece of equipment has changed the way he crafts furniture.

If you’re not sure whether the man in your life has one, try to ask sneakily. The price is the same at Lowe’s and Amazon, by the way!

4. Measure Once Cuss Twice Woodshop Sign

Price at time of writing: $24.99

So the saying is measure twice, cut once, but this variation made me laugh out loud. Your woodworking hubby or father will get it instantly and probably have a story or two to share!

It’s ideal for his woodworking shop or the garage.

5. The Handbuilt Home Book

Price at time of writing: $13.69

If the dad you’re shopping for is anything like my husband, he’s always looking for ways to DIY expensive furniture or use up scraps of wood.

While my husband has quite the imagination, it’s always nice to get some inspiration. This book, The Handbuilt Home by Ana White, has over 30 simple woodworking projects for every room in your house.

From bunk beds to picnic benches, this book has tons of ideas and tips on how to construct it.

6. Milwaukee Modular Toolbox Storage System

Price at time of writing: $279

When thinking about storage systems, my husband immediately said the Milwaukee boxes are where it’s at. 

You can order this from Amazon, but it’s marked up quite a bit. I recommend ordering from Home Depot for the best price.

Milwaukee Storage System for Woodworking Dads

7. Rockler Bow Tie Inlay System

Price at time of writing: $49.99

If the dad in your life works with old wood or likes to rehab broken items, he’d love the Rockler Bow Tie Inlay System.

Rockler bow tie gift idea

My husband was working with a massive piece of oak to build a custom dog dish holder for our big German Shepherd. It cracked, but he was able to make it work – and add a lot of character – using this Rockler Bow Tie system.

You can find bow tie templates on Amazon, but he said you need the router bit to match. Apparently Rocker is the go-to place for this type of thing, so that would be my recommendation!

8. Membership to Woodworking Guild of America (WWGOA)

Price at time of writing: $22

If your dad, grandfather, or husband likes learning, a membership to the Woodworking Guild of America (WWGOA) offers unlimited access to hundreds of how-to videos, instructional classes, tips, and techniques.

WWGOA has given us a promotional code for 60% off (WGAPREM60), which brings the cost of the annual membership down to just $22!

There are some really cool instructional videos, like how to use fire to preserve wood, how to make a clock from a vinyl record, and product showcases. 

woodworkers guild of america gift idea for dads husbands

Membership also unlocks access to a library of professional woodworking plans. I know my hubby would geek out over this, and it’s one of the most affordable gift ideas on our list, thanks to that promotional code.

9. Woodpeckers 6” Carpenters Square – Red with Inch Graduations

Price at time of writing: $89

If the dad you’re shopping for already does lots of woodworking, he definitely has a carpenter’s square, but it’s probably a cheap one.

My husband has a few, and they’re all basic $10 or less options from the local Lowe’s or Home Depot.

But if you want to seriously impress the dad or hubby in your life, get him a Woodpeckers carpenters square ($89+). Trust us – he’ll know what it is.

Woodpeckers square gift idea

These are very high quality, and this gift idea was the first one my own woodworking husband recommended. He says all the YouTubers use this brand and say it’s worth the splurge.

10. A Good Set of Chisels

Price at time of writing: $16.99-$159.99

My husband said a good set of chisels isn’t something he’d want to buy, but it’s something he’d realize he needs in the middle of a project.

I don’t know about you, but I often save links to things I’d love but just don’t want to buy for myself. This is that item for woodworkers!

The Sweetheart 750 Series 8-piece Chisel Set from Stanley is one of the best when it comes to quality, though it is on the pricier side at $159.99 from The Home Depot.

Sweetheart 750 Series Socket Wood Chisel Set 8-Piece Gift Idea

If your budget is a bit lower, there are some great reviews on the GREBSTK brand ($16.99 at the time of writing):

11. Woodworking T-Shirt

Price at time of writing: $21.99

There are some really fun t-shirts that make for good gifts for woodworkers! If the dad you’re shopping for is a t-shirt guy, check out this shirt that says “Woodworking Dad – I Can Build That.”

Woodworking Dad T-shirt | Father's Day Gift

The woman behind this small business also does any customizations you need, so if you want a modification to the design, just reach out to her.

You can also use discount code papabear10 for 10% off!

12. Dewalt 734 Planer

Price at time of writing: $450-$855

Last but not least… if cost isn’t a major factor for you, my husband says his Dewalt 734 Planer ($450) is probably the most exciting and useful woodworking tool he’s ever bought.  And what really made the planer awesome is the Shelix head ($405) he got to go with it. 

If you’re a light woodworker, the 734 with regular blades is probably all you’ll need. But for my husband who was planing old fence boards every weekend for a while, he was going through blades quickly. When he upgraded to the Shelix head, he was able to plane fence boards nonstop and work with rough-cut cedar – no problems.

Plus, all the wood you’re going to use is now the same thickness, which never happens with storebought lumber. He’s quite the perfectionist, so if you are, too, he says you’ll love having this planer.


Buying a nice gift for the woodworking dad in your life can feel like a challenge – buying unique gifts always is! But hopefully, this list, curated by myself and my woodworking husband, will help you out!

If you have any other unique gift ideas for dads who love woodworking, please share in the comments section below!

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