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35 Baby Monthly Milestone Photo Ideas (At Home)

Newborns grow so fast you almost have to capture those monthly milestones or you’ll miss them! I always liked to capture a quick, yet cute milestone photo at home, and there are dozens of adorable ideas out there.

Here are 35 unique and creative baby monthly milestone photo ideas you can implement from the comfort of home.

1. Acrylic Milestone Discs

Likely the most popular way to capture monthly milestones is through acrylic milestone discs. These are super cute, and you can order them personalized so you have a disc with your child’s name on it!

We got the personalized discs from Amazing Faith Designs (not an affiliate link), and I absolutely love them. You can add details about your baby to make these photos extra unique. You can also use code YEAHBABY10 for 10% off.

2. Wooden Milestone Discs

Wooden milestone discs are also really popular – it just depends on what aesthetic you’re going for. If you have a more woodsy, outdoorsy vibe, the wooden discs are perfect.

Wooden milestone discs

3. Milestone Blanket

Next in line, in terms of popularity, is the milestone blanket. It’s what I used with my first baby, and it makes a fantastic baby shower gift.

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baby milestones blanket

There are probably hundreds of different blanket themes and variations, and it’s an easy way to mark the months. I also like that the background of each picture is the same, so you can really see how your baby is growing each month.

You can go down a rabbit hole looking at all of the amazing milestone blanket options on Amazon. Amazing Faith Designs also does really nice personalized blankets (not an affiliate link) with your child’s name at the top (use code YEAHBABY10 for 10% off).

4. Milestone Blocks

An option that’s newer to me but has taken the internet by storm is milestone blocks.

milestone blocks

These wooden blocks can be adjusted each month, and they are so adorable. A big bonus on these is they’re gender-neutral, so you can use them for boys or girls. If you plan to have multiple kids, this can be a money-saver.

The train version is also totally charming and doubles as a toy.

milestone blocks train

5. Fruit Baby

I’m obsessed with the fruit baby photoshoot theme – take any kind of fruit and shape it into the month’s number. Apples, bananas, strawberries, avocados… there are so many adorable ideas out there. 

fruit baby
fruit baby
fruit baby 3
fruit baby 4

You can also switch up which fruit you use each month for a super colorful collage after you take photos for all 12 months.

6. Milestone Stickers

If you want a milestone photoshoot idea that’s fuss-free and won’t add to your pile of stuff, opt for stickers. Just stick the month on a white or single-colored onesie, snap your photo, and toss the sticker.

Milestone stickers

7. Milestone Ties 

These tie stickers are such a vibe – they’d be the perfect photo theme for a handsome baby boy!

I can hear the Justin Timberlake “Suit and Tie” song playing in the background…

tie stickers

8. Clock

If you have a clock handy, you can use it as a monthly milestone photo prop! Set the time to 1 o’clock for 1 month, 2 o’clock for 2 months, 3 o’clock for 3 months, and so on.


It’s the perfect way to get through all 12 months while using something you already have on hand. It’s also a cute nod to the time passing by.

9. Pizza

Photographer Dani Leigh gets all the credit for being “the mom of the original pizza baby.”

This new pizza trend for monthly milestone pictures really speaks to me. Celebrate each month with your baby with a pizza delivery. You really can’t go wrong!

pizza baby

10. Write on Cardboard

We’re big fans of giving cardboard a second life around here (check out my cardboard toddler activities post). Instead of tossing that big Amazon box, use it to mark your monthly milestones!

You can make it extra fun by adding some details, like your baby’s height and weight each month.

11. Nature Milestones

Use flowers, leaves, or twigs to “write” the number of the month. Any nature-lovers are sure to adore this cute milestone photoshoot idea – if you read this, I am totally thinking of you, Kalli! 🙂 

nature baby
nature baby 2

12. Donuts

If you’re a big Krispy Kreme fan, just stop here. You’ve found your milestone photoshoot idea.

donut baby

Get you a dozen donuts every month and snap a cute pic of your baby. You’re welcome.

13. Felt Message Board

I love these felt message boards for baby announcements – I see them all the time on Facebook. They’re also perfect for these monthly milestone photos at home.

felt message board

Just adjust the month on your message board and snap a pic! It somehow always looks polished and professional.

14. Chalkboard

A chalkboard is another easy prop for milestone photos at home. Just re-do the month number and you’re good to go! This is especially perfect for you moms who have amazing handwriting (don’t look at me).

15. Use a Baby Milestones Photo App

For the mom who cannot be bothered – or literally does not have the time or energy – to order something, this one’s for you. (Shout out to my Average Peloton Moms Facebook group.) 

Download a baby milestones photo app, snap a pic of your cutie each month, and change the filter. Done.

baby milestones app

16. Number Balloons

If you have two dollar stores within a mile of your home (yep, that’s me), you might consider the number balloon milestone prop.

Get a number balloon – doesn’t need to be helium – and use it as a monthly milestone prop. 

17. Whiteboard


Just like a chalkboard, a whiteboard is a simple(ish) way to mark your monthly milestones.

For moms with good handwriting or drawing skills, you can really make something incredible with just a whiteboard and a dry-erase marker. A bonus is you can use the whiteboard for other things when you’re done!

18. Erasable Monthly Baby Board 

And for us moms with so-so handwriting, an erasable baby board can really add some pizzazz to your milestone photos. Just fill in the blanks, and it looks like you’ve really gone the extra mile.

Baby Monthly Milestone Board

19. Milestone Pennants

The milestone pennant is like the cousin of the milestone disc. Just as cute, but a little different. Slightly harder to find and not as many options, though.

Milestone Pennants

20. Milestone Pillow 

The milestone pillow (not an affiliate link) is adorable – you can point to the number of the month or do a little photo editing to enhance the number of that month.

Use code YEAHBABY10 for 10% off the personalized pillow at Amazing Faith Designs.

number pillow

21. Milestone Onesies

I think stickers on onesies is a slightly more practical way to go about this, but you can also order a set of 12 onesies with numbers for each month.

milestone onesies

These sets can be a gamble as every child grows differently, but they sell them as 3 onesies in each size, so cross your fingers that it works out!

22. Milestone Cards

A lot of creators on Etsy make milestone cards, which are less expensive than milestone discs. These are perfect as a photoshoot prop, and you can also order them personalized.

These Itsy Ritsy cards are woodland themed and are available on Amazon.

milestone cards

23. Kraft Paper Roll

There are some extra cute monthly milestone photos using a wall-mounted kraft paper roll. Roll it out, place your baby on top, and write the month above their head.

kraft paper baby

I know it’s not the same, but this totally reminds me of that paper roll you’ll see at the doctor’s office, which is another nod to how fast your little ones grow.

24. With the Same Stuffed Animal

For monthly milestone photos to look amazing, you really need a common thread throughout each picture. For most of us, we choose the same background, which helps us clearly see how a baby grows each month.

But another adorable way to do this is by posing your baby with the same stuffed animal each month. You can easily visualize how the baby is growing compared to the stuffed animal, which obviously stays the same size. 

stuffed animal baby

25. Lined Up Onesies

Another cute idea I saw is this lineup of growing onesies or sleepers with the baby at the end of the line. It still amazes me after having three kids how fast they go through clothes when they’re little. Every time you turn around, they’ve outgrown something else!

onesie baby

The only problem with this photoshoot idea is most baby clothes are sold in ranges, like 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, and 9-12 months. However, you may be able to sift through your stash and find similar onesies that appear to gradually go up in size.

26. House Numbers

Not that you have extra house numbers laying around, but you can order each number and have a lot of fun with a house-themed photoshoot.

House numbers

This little white farmhouse prop would be an adorable addition.

House decor

House numbers come in a lot of different styles, so you’re sure to find something that fits your aesthetic. This is also a great theme for any realtors out there!

27. Seasonal Props

Here in Florida, we don’t really have seasons, but for you midwesterners and northerners, you can get some amazing photos if you set up seasonal props! 

Here are some ideas for little props you can set up for different seasons and holidays:

Bonus if you set up your photos by a window so you can see how the weather is changing!

28. Same Blanket 

You don’t need a dedicated “milestones” blanket to take monthly milestone photos. Even just using the same blanket as the background will show clearly how your baby is growing month after month.

Milestone blanket
Photo Source: House Mix Blog

If you have a special blanket, maybe one with sentimental value, this is the perfect way to take those monthly pictures at home!

29. In the Laundry Basket 

If you don’t want to spend any money and like a slightly funny prop idea, use a laundry basket!

laundry basket baby

Your newborn will fit perfectly inside, and you’ll start to see him outgrow it each month until he’s totally squished by the end.

30. Egg Carton 

Any backyard chicken folks here? If so, do not pass up the opportunity to do an egg carton monthly milestone theme. (You might want the Moses basket, too.)

Add an egg for each month, and it honestly couldn’t be more perfect… a dozen eggs will get you to 12 months of milestone photos. *chef’s kiss*

31. Pie Slices

If you’re a baker or don’t mind ordering pies each month, this pie photo theme is the most delicious concept on this list. You could even play into the seasonal theme idea by getting key lime pie in the summer, a pumpkin pie in the fall, and so on.

pie slice baby

Also, if your baby was born on March 14, you are required to select this theme. Just saying. (For anyone who didn’t get it right away, 3.14 is pi…)

32. Diaper Numbers 

There are plenty of diapers from 0-12 months… cash in on this monthly milestone photo idea by forming your diapers into numbers!

diaper numbers

It may not be the most refined idea on this list, but it’s easy and basically any parent can do it.

33. Use Random Objects From Around Your House

Got some rubber duckies? Shape them into a number. Got some baby toys? Shape them into a number. Got some lipstick?! Shape it into a number!

random objects baby

This just goes to show you can make anything around the house work, amiright?

34. Caterpillar Baby 

I love this concept of a caterpillar-themed monthly milestone photoshoot. Each month, you add another prop to the caterpillar’s body. 

caterpillar baby

Just grab some plates and cover them with fabric. Add socks beneath and you have this cute caterpillar idea! You can watch Sruthi do this on her YouTube channel.

35. Baby Mugshots 

If you want to hone in on the changes to your baby’s face, this baby mugshot theme is pretty cute.

baby mugshots

It’s not for everyone, but it’s unexpected and can be pretty funny to show at your child’s college graduation party. 🙂


Baby boy monthly milestone photo ideas, unique baby monthly milestone ideas, free monthly milestone photo ideas… I’ve covered just about everything under the sun here!

I sincerely hope you’ve found a monthly photoshoot idea that speaks to you. 

Comment down below which ideas you’ve done with your kiddos!

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