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50+ Montessori Gift Ideas For Ages 1, 2, 3, and 4

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Shopping for Montessori-aligned toys? I’m a big fan of the simplicity behind Montessori toys. 

Get ready, because I have dozens of Montessori gift ideas for the 1, 2, 3, or 4-year-old on your list!

What Are Montessori Toys?

Montessori toys boast no batteries, no flashy or noisy distractions (which can overstimulate), and a focus on more natural materials like wood or stainless steel.

Montessori toys are also based in reality. So, instead of illustrated books, you’re more likely to see photos of real kids doing real-life things, for example.

Monti Kids explains that Montessori toys are functional and constructive; they help kids learn about the world through interaction and experimentation. 

When you implement Montessori toys into your child’s life, it’s best to keep things simple. Just like a cluttered desk can make us adults feel overwhelmed, too many toys can do the same thing for your child. Getting a few, high-quality toys and implementing a toy rotation can do wonders for your kiddos!

Oh, and a major plus for parents: these toys are so beautiful. They make for great home decor (seriously) that’s also functional for your kids.

Alright, on with the Montessori gift ideas!

1. Monti Kids Montessori Toy Subscription Box

Price at the time of writing: $195 per kit

Best for ages: 0-3

Monti Kids is one of the only true-to-the-bone Montessori toy subscriptions.

Their award-winning educational program empowers parents to support their child during the most critical years of brain development.

Delivered every three months, members receive authentic, heirloom-quality Montessori toys for babies and toddlers, expert tutorials and personal coaching for parents, and access to an exclusive parent community.

I haven’t personally tried Monti Kids yet, but I’m going to start testing it for a review when our new arrival comes in March 2022. That said, I have heard amazing things about the quality of these kits! It’s all 100% Montessori, not just Montessori-aligned.

2. Egg & Cup Color Sorting Set

Price at time of writing: $34

Best for ages: 2-3

The egg-in-a-cup is a classic Montessori toy, but Elm + Otter has modernized it a bit and added a new component to it – learning colors.

This color-matching game is perfect for ages 2-3 and is made with non-toxic paint and wood. The kicker? It’s made by hand!

3. Board Books

Board books are great for all ages and there is no way I could choose just one! My favorite Montessori-aligned board books have to be from Lovevery, which we’ve subscribed to for several years. They feature real-life kids in real-life situations, and my kids love the books, too!

However, if you just want some books and not the full Lovevery subscription, there are some awesome Montessori-aligned books available on Amazon.

montessori aligned books

Here’s a quick list:

4. Lovevery Bock Set

Price at time of writing: $90

Best for ages: 1+

Our kids are big fans of the Lovevery block set, and it’s one of those toys that span a wide age range. My 1 and 3-year-old play with these together, and it is so amazing to watch! They also get quite creative with what they do, from building castles to little houses to roads.

The block set is very versatile and is definitely a crowd-favorite when we have other kids over. Highly recommend for those hard-to-shop-for kiddos!

5. Montessori Entry Mirror

Price at time of writing: $99.95

Best for ages: 3+

The Montessori philosophy is all about encouraging independence. This self-care station gives your child the opportunity to care for themselves at their level.

Think about it – most mirrors in your home are for adults, and kids can feel left out! A child-sized mirror gives children a chance to get ready and hang their sweater, jacket, or bath towel.

6. Playscape Montessori Placemats

Price at the time of writing: $21.99 for a 2-pack (get 20% off with code QHKBACI5)

Placemats help contain messes during mealtimes, but these particular placemats also promote independence. My toddlers love the visuals, which help them learn where to put their utensils, plate, and cup.

If something is missing, I definitely hear about it!


These placemats from Playscape, available on Amazon, are fantastic and are at a great price point.

kiddo loving playscape

We also enjoy the Lovevery version, but it’s definitely at a steeper price tag.

7. Clixo Rainbow Pack

Price at time of writing: $59.99

Best for ages: 4+

The Clixo rainbow pack allows your kids to experiment with shapes and spinners (which kids seem to love these days). Build hanging, curving, or wearable creations – these little toys are open-ended and offer up a lot of variations for play.

I’ve seen a lot of parents say these are great for car rides, sitting on the sidelines of a sibling’s sport game, waiting on the doctor’s office, or even when sitting on the potty!

8. Art Table with Drying Rack & Storage

Price at the time of writing: $209.99

Best for ages: 2+

Have fun with arts and crafts at your kid’s level with this Art Table that comes with a drying rack and handy storage.

I love kid’s furniture that’s practical and beautiful, and this one checks the boxes. Get out your crayons, paints, stickers, and glue – this art table is ideal for all those fun activities.

9. Sensory Bin

Price at time of writing: $24.99

Best for ages: 1+

Sensory bins are ideal for Montessori-aligned play. You can experiment with different materials and come up with endless variations for playtime. Montessori toys are supposed to be designed for open-ended play and experimentation. That’s why sensory bins are so often a staple in Montessori homes and educational facilities.

10. Little Friends Home for the Holidays Bundle

Price at time of writing: $209.99

Best for ages: 3+

Right around age 3, a child’s imagination blossoms. I started noticing this around my daughter’s 3rd birthday, and she would create full conversations between toys and develop an entire scene, all on her own.

This Little Friends bundle provides a child everything they need to make up their own imaginative family scenes. It’s gender-neutral and has an open design, ideal for Montessori learning and sharing with other kids.

11. Montessori Busy Board

Price at time of writing: $22.99 (+ 10% off using code twomamabears at checkout)

Best for ages: 2+

Busy boards are amazing for traveling, and I also love things like this when you’re first doing some potty training. We have the blue dinosaur version, but there’s also a pink unicorn one. We love all the different activities in these, and are so many great learning opportunities!

This busy board has several different sensory experiences and challenges. It’ll keep your little one busy.

Also, be sure to use code twomamabears at checkout. You’ll see the promo code box under Payment method.

Amazon promo code

12. Geoboard to Create Figures and Shapes

Price at time of writing: $20.95

Best for ages: 3+

A wooden geoboard offers endless opportunities for imaginative play. It also builds on math concepts, including counting the pegs as you recreate patterns. You can really let your child’s creativity blossom with the different images they can recreate and the objects they can form.

13. Peg Number Board

Price at time of writing: $33.89

Best for ages: 3-5

I’m a big fan of the peg number board concept, where you count out how many pegs you need for the number on the wooden card. It’s a great way to introduce counting and build on your child’s math skills.

14. Sandpaper Letters

Price at time of writing: $26.52

Best for ages: 3+

Sandpaper letters are a classic Montessori toy for teaching the alphabet. I like that this set comes in a wooden box and includes lowercase and uppercase letters. Your child can learn the letters by tracing them. The sandpaper texture helps with the tracing process by making it a sensory experience.

15. Tempera Paint Sticks

Price at time of writing: $16.87

Best for ages: 2+

Arts and crafts are a lot of fun for kids of all ages, and tempera paint sticks are a favorite in our house. Experimenting with painting and coloring is great for development, and the size of these tempera paint sticks seems to be perfect for ages 2-3.

16. See & Spell Board

Price at time of writing: $17.90

Best for ages: 4+

When I toured a Montessori school, I saw this exact Melissa & Doug toy in their classroom! We love this for introducing shapes, and it’s a great way to start introducing word formation and how letters can go together to create words.

17. Practical Life Activity Sets

Price at the time of writing: $2,015.90

Best for ages: 3+

If you have a big budget and love Montessori philosophy, you should take a look at the Practical Life Activity Sets from Montessori Services.

They bundled up all of their activity sets that help children master practical life skills. Things like pouring rice and water, walking on a line, washing hands, washing dishes, polishing metal and silver, sweeping and dusting – this set helps you teach it all!

This set was developed with the classroom in mind, but if you plan to do Montessori-style homeschooling, have a nanny at home with your kids, or want to make your home more Montessori friendly, this set is seriously amazing.

18. Pattern Blocks and Boards

Price at time of writing: $16.98

Best for ages: 3+

Practicing patterns with this fun wooden toy is a ton of fun for toddlers. They hardly know they are learning as they play! Older kids can enjoy assembling the patterns independently, and you can start reinforcing shape names with younger ones.

19. Montessori Sorting Tray

Price at time of writing: $15.89

Best for ages: 1+

Sorting trays are great for practical life sorting activities. Practice sorting buttons, dried pasts, dried beans, coins, beads, pom-poms, and so much more. Introduce a mini tweezer ($4.95) and your child can also practice their pincer grasp as they sort the items.

20. Chicken Coop

Price at the time of writing: $59.95

Best for ages: 2+

So maybe I’m partial to this toy because we live on a farm, but this wooden chicken coop toy is pretty cute. These little scenes inspire so much imagination and creativity in kids, which they start to really explore around age 3.

21. Kid-Friendly Swiffer

Price at time of writing: $29.99

Best for ages: 3+

Teaching toddlers about independence and giving them practical life skills is a big part of Montessori philosophy. Did you know you can modify a regular Swiffer to be kid-friendly?

Simply attach the handle directly to the base (don’t use the two center rods when you assemble it). It’s perfectly kid-sized and actually practical!

It may seem odd to give your child a cleaning toy for Christmas, but trust me – they LOVE this. My kids fight over who gets to use our vacuum or cleaning supplies all the time.

22. Animal Matching

Price at time of writing: $17.99

Best for ages: 2-3

While the animal matching game in the Lovevery Companion Play Kit has my heart, there is an alternative option available on Amazon. This game is SO fun for ages 2-3. From doing the animal sounds to matching the figurine to the animal card, this is one of our favorite activities!

23. Play Sink

Price at time of writing: $29.99

Best for ages: 2+

Kids are fascinated with water. Feeling it run over their hands, splashing, filling cups and dumping them – a play sink is your key to hours and hours of play. Plus, it’s educational and helps teach hand-eye coordination.

24. Kid-Friendly Knives

Price at time of writing: $5.99

Best for ages: 2+

Promote independence in your toddler by having them help with meal prep! Have them cut their sandwich in half, cut up their strawberries, or slice up some tomato. These kid-friendly knives have serrated edges that can cut foods but are safe for little hands.

25. Pouring Water Exercise

Price at time of writing: $10.50

Best for ages: 2+

Developed by an experienced Montessori teacher, this color-coded exercise presents pouring liquid (water) from one pitcher to a decanter. My daughter loved doing pouring exercises when she was around 2-3 years old. It helps toddlers develop practice life skills, but it’s also a lot of fun!

26. Little Helper Learning Platform

Price at time of writing: $279

Best for ages: 2+

A big component of Montessori philosophy is helping your child access the world around them to promote independence. This learning platform helps them be a part of things by making countertops more accessible.

This tower will help little ones develop autonomy and safely experiment in every room of the house. Prepping snacks is a great start, and they’re learning valuable life skills.

27. Climbing Arch

Price at time of writing: $250

Best for ages: Crawling+

Little ones love to climb! This simple, wooden climbing arch is often a staple in Montessori playrooms. Your child will start developing confidence, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and balance.

While this climbing arch is ideal from crawling through 18 months, it’s still loads of fun for kids ages 2-4.

28. Junior Ramp Racer

Price at time of writing: $31.95

Best for ages: 1+

Kids LOVE activities like this where you put a car at the top and watch it zip to the bottom. This type of toy is great for hand-eye coordination, and it’s sure to stick out as a favorite!

29. Match a Track

Price at time of writing: $16.95

Best for ages: 4+

Match the animal to its track! This educational matching game includes 25 animals and is ideal for ages 4+. 

30. Wooden Building Blocks

Price at time of writing: $29.99

Best for ages: 2+

I love these multi-sided building blocks – they introduce a new challenge when compared to typical four-sided blocks. These types of blocks help build hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

31. Cooking Club Subscription

Price at time of writing: $24

Best for ages: 4+

Learning how to cook is one of the most valuable skills you can teach a child for practical, everyday life, and Raddish Kids makes it easy. They send a monthly cooking kid with recipes, a quality kitchen tool, collectibles, a kitchen project, culinary skill lessons, and a complete grocery list for the parents.

Get the kids involved in the kitchen!

32. Science and Art Projects Subscription

Price at time of writing: $24

Best for ages: 0+

KiwiCo brings hands-on learning and fun to your home with a monthly science and art project delivery. Their activities are designed for the child’s age and developmental stage. These make it easy to bond with your child and do something fun together that does not involve any screens!

We love these in our house!

33. SpinAgain

Price at time of writing: $29.95

Best for ages: 1+

It’s a stacking toy with a spin – literally! Unlike regular stacking toys, this toy requires you to spin the discs onto the threaded corkscrew pole. This toy helps with hand-eye coordination, early engineering skills, and color practice.

34. My Weather Station

Price at time of writing: $57

Best for ages: 3+

Start talking about the weather with this wooden weather station featuring a weather meter, dials, and thermometer. You can use the weather station to plan for the day, such as wearing a jacket when the temperature is cool, or getting out the winter coat when it’s cold for freezing.

35. Local Experiences

It’s great for kids to experience new things and see new environments. What’s in your neck of the woods?

local experiences

Think about zoo or petting zoo tickets, a children’s museum, tumbling classes, KidStrong classes, swim lessons, aquarium, music class, etc. Toys come and go, but memories last forever!

36. Wooden Sorting and Stacking Toy

Price at time of writing: $15.99

Best for ages: 2+

Sorting and stacking shapes with this type of toy is a great educational activity to introduce around age 2. This puzzle includes 5 shapes in 5 different colors, and you can play with them in several ways.

The obvious way is to sort them onto the wooden pegs, but you can also create little houses (circle on bottom, rectangle on top, triangle on top of that), you can sort the shapes by color, and you can practice counting the pieces. 

37. Cut & Paste Activities

Workbook set price at time of writing $41.95

Toddler scissors price at time of writing: $5.99

Glue sticks price at time of writing: $4.80

Best for ages: 2+

cut and paste activities

You can easily come up with some DIY activities for cutting out shapes and gluing them, but I’m a fan of workbooks with activity prompts.

You can tear out the page you want, cut out the shapes, and help your child glue them in the right spot. This workbook set from Kumon (we LOVE the ones with stickers, cutting, and pasting prompts) is amazing. I find it’s perfect for my 3-year-old, but it’s technically suitable for ages 2+.

Be sure to also get kid-safe scissors and a glue stick!

38. My First Piano

Price at the time of writing: $109.99

Best for ages: 3+

Learning to play instruments is so helpful for a child’s development. We used to take my daughter to a KinderMusik class (since canceled due to COVID), and it was incredible! 

Introducing some musical instruments at home is a great way to help with healthy development and future musical ability.

39. Path to Math

Price at the time of writing: $59

Best for ages: 3+

I love when toys make learning fun! This Path to Math wooden toy encourages your toddler to start learning about math. The toy is great for a large age range as it has several layers of difficulty. You can keep it simple by counting and color matching, or you can start adding in equations for school-aged children.

40. Kid-Friendly Table

Price at the time of writing: $299.99

Best for ages: 1+

Having a table that’s accessible for your toddler is ideal for playtime or even meals! I love the kid table options from KidKraft – the style that’s best for you just depends on your home and your tastes.

41. Doctor Kit

Price at the time of writing: $64.99

Best for ages: 3+

The Make Me Iconic Doctor Kit includes everything your child needs to immerse themselves in the world of a doctor, nurse, EMT, or lab technician! From patching up Fluffy’s tail to expertly monitoring the family’s blood pressure, this timeless kit is made of wood instead of plastic and will provide your little one with hours of imaginative play.

42. Diversity Balance Board

Price at the time of writing: $149.99

Best for ages: 3+

Balance boards offer up open-ended play opportunities and toddlers cannot resist the balancing challenge. They’re made of wood and are developed with free-form play in mind.

43. Hedgehog Tissue Box

Price at the time of writing: $59.95

Best for ages: 1+

Ahhh, the tissue box. It’s a baby and toddler favorite! Kids LOVE pulling the tissues out, but with a play tissue box, you can load the cloth tissues back in for more fun.

This hedgehog tissue box is probably one of the most adorable versions I’ve seen.

44. Lovevery Play Kits

Price at the time of writing: $80-$120 per kit

Best for ages: 0-4

Lovevery Play Kits are a favorite in our home and have been for several years. The toys are high-quality, simple, and beautiful. Our kids love playing with them, and I really appreciate that each box is tailored to their developmental needs. 

These kits are developed for ages 0-4, and all of the toys in each kit are designed to help the child reach developmental milestones.

Read my full review of these Montessori-inspired play kits here: Are the Lovevery Play Kits Worth It?

45. Lock Box

Price at time of writing: $50.99

Best for ages: 1+

A lock box helps toddlers develop fine motor skills, and it’s a big challenge! The Lovevery Realist Play Kit includes one, but if you don’t want the full kit, this option on Amazon is a great alternative. 

NOTE: It has come to my attention that the linked lock box above has some negative Amazon reviews relating to quality. If you’re worried about quality issues, check out this Montessori busy board that features some locking components. It has more reviews, and they are higher overall.

montessori busy board lock box

46. Activity Cube

Price at time of writing: $29.99

Best for ages: 2+

If you want an activity that will keep your toddler busy for a long time, an activity cube is the way to go. These offer up so many different options for play, and they also have a ton of educational benefits! Practice counting, colors, patterns, shape recognition, and fine motor skills – all in one toy.

47. Montessori Shape Sorter

Price at time of writing: $28.99

Best for ages: 1+

This Montessori shape sorter introduces object permanence and helps with cognitive development. You can stick to putting the ball in the lid and slowly make the “game” more difficult by adding the shape tops. It’s a great way to introduce shapes, but I love that it can evolve with your child and stay interesting for several years.

48. Play Kitchen

Price at the time of writing: $649

Best for ages: 1+

Play kitchens are a lot of fun for kids, and they can experiment with real-life scenarios. Encouraging realistic play with your kids is great for their development!

Plus, this play kitchen is made of wood and is truly stunning.

49. Stocking Stuffer Set

Price at the time of writing: $200

Best for ages: 3-5

The Tot puts together stocking stuffer sets that are pretty amazing, and mostly Montessori-aligned.

I’m loving the one for ages 3-5, but check out all of the different sets they have!

50. Zahara Playhouse

Price at the time of writing: $1,550

Best for ages: 2+

Last but certainly not least is the Zahara Playhouse, which I’m currently drooling over.

You can use this playhouse indoors or out, and it is ideal for letting children roleplay real-life scenarios. They’ll really develop their imagination and creativity when making play food and watering their garden!


It’s so easy to wake up one day and realize your home is stuffed to the gills with plastic toys and overstimulation. If it’s overwhelming to the parent, it’s definitely overwhelming to the child.

One thing I love about the Montessori philosophy is the idea of simplifying. Focusing on development. Helping children become self-sufficient and independent.

I hope this list of Montessori gift ideas inspires some of that in your home this Christmas!


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