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What Is the Lovevery Subscriber Shop?

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For the most part, you can’t buy individual toys from the Lovevery play kits. You have to subscribe to the play kits (although you can cancel anytime) to get the toys. However, the rare exception is the Lovevery subscriber shop.

You won’t find it advertised anywhere, and it’s a bit hidden on the actual Lovevery website. It feels kind of secretive!

So, if you’re curious about the relatively new Lovevery subscriber shop, here’s everything you need to know.

What is the Lovevery Subscriber Shop? 

Starting in 2020, Lovevery has been making some updates to several of their play kits. It’s kind of nice that they’re keeping things fresh and are always trying to improve the kits.

However, that means older subscribers (like me) didn’t get the option to enjoy the new toys. And for newer subscribers, maybe you preferred a toy from the older play kits.

The Lovevery subscriber shop is a hidden shop that includes items from old and new play kits. You can buy those items individually (and typically for a discounted price) if you’re a subscriber to the play kits. 

The items you see in your subscriber shop may be different from others – it will likely be based on the age of your children.

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Where is the Lovevery Subscriber Shop?

It’s my understanding that not everyone has access to the Lovevery subscriber shop. If you’re a current or previous Lovevery play kit subscriber, you probably do.

To find it, sign in to Lovevery. Then, scroll to the bottom of the website (to the footer) and click the “Subscriber Shop” link under “Our Products.”

subscriber shop in lovevery footer

You’re in!

What’s in the Lovevery Subscriber Shop?

I believe the items in the subscriber shop correlate with the age of your child and which play kits you’ve already received.

For example, my son got The Thinker Play Kit (Months 11-12), and some of the items in that kit have changed since the end of 2020. The colorful wooden oval stackers and coin pouch have been replaced by a wooden peg drop and organic cotton sensory pouch (the ball drop is also thinner for what it’s worth).

old items from thinker lovevery kit
Old items from The Thinker play kit
new thinker lovevery play kit
New items from The Thinker play kit

I didn’t get the chance to try those new items. Wouldn’t you know, those two items are in my subscriber shop!

buy new items from lovevery subscriber shop

Other items in my subscriber shop include:

  • Organic cotton rainbow ball
  • Organic cotton baby doll
  • Stainless steel jingle keys
  • Bright & light play scarf
  • Notes to My Child, paperback book
  • Spanish book sets

The Lovevery toys are so high-quality, and this is basically your only chance to get an item from a play kit without actually buying the whole kit. If you see some cool things in your subscriber shop, snag them!! Even if you don’t need it, save it for gifting.

Can you return items bought from the Lovevery Subscriber Shop?

I had to include this – any purchases made from the subscriber shop are nonrefundable, and you can only get one of each item.

That hasn’t been an issue for me, because the quality of Lovevery items is incredible, but just in case!


If you want to buy individual toys from the Lovevery play kits, see if you have access to the subscriber shop! Even if you don’t want or need the items listed, consider purchasing some as gifts. These toys hold up and are some of the most beloved toys in my home.


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