Let’s collab!

cutie pie with her hiya probiotics jar

If you’re a brand that wants to reach an audience of mothers between the ages of 25-44, you’re in the right place.

Long-form product reviews

Authentic images, videos, and storytelling

A genuine voice from a mother who tests and uses the products she writes about

Option to share content on my weekly email newsletter to thousands of readers

Sound like a good fit? Email me with more information about your brand and how you’d like to work together at [email protected].

Media kit and analytics available on request.

Additional features:

  • Comparison posts – your brand vs a competitor
  • Option to post on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Facebook
  • Social whitelisting options
  • Paid search opportunities

A bit about my blog:

  • I’m an SEO, so naturally, almost all of my readers come from organic Google traffic
  • I’m focused on content for parents with babies and toddlers
  • My social media following isn’t that great, and I know it (working on it), but please request my website analytics for a better picture of why you may want to collabarate


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