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Is the ezpz Happy Mat Worth the Hype?

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Is the ezpz Happy Mat Worth the Hype?

The ezpz Happy Mat is an award-winning, all-in-one placemat + plate that suctions to your table. You may have even heard of it from the show Shark Tank. The Happy Mat claims to capture messes and stop your little ones from tipping bowls and plates.

But does the Happy Mat, designed for toddlers and preschoolers, live up to the hype? I’ve tested this thing for weeks with dozens of meals, and I’m finally ready to share my experience and final thoughts. Let’s do this!

Disclaimer & ezpz Promo Code

This review is not sponsored (I am not being paid to write or say anything). However, ezpz did send me some products to test for the purpose of this review. I do want to say I’ve gone on to buy more products from the brand with my own money.

In addition, this article does contain affiliate links, so if you make a purchase after clicking an ezpz link, I may earn a small commission. I really appreciate it if you do use my link before purchasing, as it helps me continue writing in-depth reviews like this one.

Plus, ezpz was kind enough to create a special promo code just for my readers: get 25% Off Orders $75+ from ezpz with code BEARS25.

What Is the Happy Mat?

The ezpz Happy Mat is an all-in-one silicone placemat + plate that suctions to your table. It’s “happy” because the plate’s three compartments are shaped like two eyes and a smiling mouth.

testing happy mat with frittata breakfast

A few notes about the Happy Mat:

  • The three compartments remind parents to serve a well-balanced meal with options
  • The stable base is supposed to promote self-feeding and helps develop fine motor skills
  • It’s meant for 24 months and up (toddlers and preschoolers)
  • The placemat base helps catch messes
  • Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe (up to 350 degrees)

At $25.99 a pop, you really want to know if this Happy Mat is worth it before stocking up your cabinets. I’m going to take you through my experience using this with my 3.5-year-old and nearly 2-year-old to hopefully help you decide for yourself!

Unboxing + First Impressions

I’ll admit it – ezpz packaging is certainly Instagram-worthy. It just looks nice, doesn’t it?!

ezpz happy mat unboxing

I love that you can see the items, the design of the packaging is clean and useful, and overall, my first impression is these mats are sturdy and high-quality.

I also love the colors! The blush pink and sage green are really beautiful. I’m no trend expert, but I think these colors are currently on-trend (don’t quote me on that).

ezpz unboxing first impressions

The Happy Mats also come in blue, coral, gray, lime green, and pewter.

My other first impression was that holy moly, the suction on these things is legit. You cannot lift it up at all unless you lift up a corner first. I tried to show this in a quick video clip, and I hope it comes across.

My kid’s first impression was also excitement. They both commented on the smiling face and were excited to use it.

Pros of the ezpz Happy Mats

I have a lot of pros and cons to share of the ezpz Happy Mats, but I want to start with the pros and first thing’s first – I really love that the Happy Mat is a placemat and plate in one. 

All-in-One Placement + Plate

The fact that the Happy Mat is a placement + plate is one of my favorite features.

We also use the Lovevery Montessori Placement with a regular plate, and we rotate between that and the ezpz Happy Mat. I like both, pretty much equally, but the Happy Mat is nice in that you don’t have to wash a plate and a placement. You just stick the whole thing in the dishwasher. 

Plus, washing thin placemats is kind of awkward, isn’t it? You can’t really put it in the dishwasher, and it’s flimsy to wash with a sponge in the sink. So I really like that all-in-one feature.

Also, the full placemat design means there’s less mess on the table, so cleaning up the table after dinner is a lot easier. 

ezpz happy mat keeps messes contained
You can see in this photo that essentially, the entire mess from dinner was contained on this mat. Wiping up the dinner table was so much easier and faster!

Three Compartments For Meal Variety

I also love that there are three compartments. It encourages me to put more options on my kid’s plates when we have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the past, I might have prepared a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and called it a day. But now, I make a point to fill out their Happy Mat with, say, grape tomatoes and some berries.

The same goes for breakfast – I might have two things prepared (banana bread and avocado, for example), but I’ll throw in some Greek yogurt to fill up that third compartment, and I’ll be darned, my kids will sometimes eat that third thing!

My kids also like that the compartments are in the shape of a smiling face. Little things like that really do go a long way in getting toddlers excited about mealtime, which can honestly be stressful sometimes. (Any other moms of picky eaters out there?!)

Dishwasher and Microwave-Safe

Praise God that the Happy Mat is dishwasher-safe. For the most part, I cook breakfast and dinner (lunch is usually leftovers) every single day. At a minimum, we go through two dishwashing cycles per day.

Loading and emptying the dishwasher is chore enough – I don’t need my sink piling up with things I also need to handwash.

I can just pop these Happy Mats upright on the bottom rack like any other plate, and they come out perfectly clean every time.

happy mats in dishwasher

I also appreciate that these can go in the microwave. Most plates are microwave-safe, but there’s some uncertainty about microwaving plastic, and one of our bowls is actually not microwave-safe. It has a magnet built-in to the bottom (it pairs with our 4moms magnetic high chair), and it’s a pain in the rear.

Suction Helps Keep Plate Steady

I want to touch on the fact that the Happy Mat automatically suctions itself to the table. This is what ezpz has a patent for – what they call “self-seal technology.”

happy mat patent
dinner for two on ezpz happy mats

I think some parents see the Happy Mat and think their child literally won’t be able to move it, and trust me – they can. Toddlers are smart. It won’t take long for them to realize you can just lift up a corner to move the whole Happy Mat.

This did not come as a surprise to me. 

However, the reason I like the auto-suctioning feature is it keeps the plate steady when my kids are scooping up bites with their fork or spoon. With regular plates, trying to scoop up some mashed potatoes can cause the entire plate to shift. But with the Happy Mat? They can better control their feeding. It makes teaching kids practical life skills, like how to eat properly, a lot easier.

enjoying food from ezpz happy mat placemat plus plate

For younger kids (say 12 months through 24 months), I do think using ezpz suctioning mats will train them not to throw their plate on the ground when they’re done.

Mats Look Good as New After Dozens of Washes

Last but not least is the durability of the Happy Mats. We have other plates that have gotten scratched and warped, but these Happy Mats look just like they did when we got them.

Thanks to the silicone material, the ezpz products maintain their quality despite being put through the dishwasher, the microwave, and of course, messy kids.

I love products that are built to last!

Cons of the ezpz Happy Mats

So I do have some cons associated with testing the ezpz Happy Mats for several months now. First up is the storage situation.

Hard to Store

I will take part of the blame for this con, because our kitchen cabinets are standard-sized, and we try to shove everything in a limited space.

But still, these Happy Mats are pretty bulky and can be awkward to store. The ezpz website says you can stack them, and you can, but I find it a pain to fit these in my cabinet and keep them from falling all over the place. They’re also wide, so they don’t fit comfortably in the standard-sized cabinets we have.

happy mats in cupboard

If you have a wider cabinet with more space than us, this likely won’t be an issue for you.

Not Ideal For a Round Table

Our kitchen table is round, and the ezpz Happy Mat is rectangular. You may be thinking… so what?! Let me explain.

In order for the Happy Mat to suction properly, the entire thing needs to be on the table. It ends up being a little farther back than is ideal, so the kids have to reach a little bit to get to everything on the plate. If the mat were in a circular shape, it could be closer to the edge and thus easier for the kids to reach everything.

Now, I will say there is a Mini Mat, which is an oval shape, but it’s smaller than the Happy Mat and was made for 6 months and up. It could be a good substitute for those with a round table, but the size may not fit the portions you want to serve to your toddler or preschooler.

mini mat

Ultimately, this isn’t a huge deal – it’s just a minor nitpick.

On the Pricey Side

Let’s be real – spending $25.99 per plate isn’t cheap! Say you want 4 plates per child and you have two kids. You need to spend over $200 on Happy Mats to ensure you have enough plates. Now, I will say the brand has extended a promo code that helps make these plates more affordable. You can get 25% Off Orders $75+ from ezpz with code BEARS25.

Beyond the price, you also need enough storage space to accommodate it. I like the Happy Mats, but I can’t see myself buying them exclusively. I like having it as an option, but I don’t have the budget or the space to justify using Happy Mats and Happy Mats alone.

While the Happy Mat’s self-seal technology is patented in the U.S. and Canada, there are still comparable alternatives (i.e: silicone plates that claim to suction to your table).

For example, mushie sells silicone suction plates on Amazon for $15.99 each, though they don’t include a placement in the design. 

mushie silicone suction plate

You might even see that as a positive if you want to teach your children about how to set the table. I like the Lovevery Montessori Placemat for this reason, but there are less expensive alternatives like this Montessori placement from EzrAllora Store (on Amazon).

Another brand available on Amazon, called LongDear, sells silicone suction placemat + plates in different shapes, and they are charging $19.99 for a pack of two. 

longdear silicone placemats and plates

While I’m not saying these are Happy Mat dupes by any means, I am saying that spending $26 per plate feels extreme, unless you have the budget for it. If you have that kind of money, you’ll love it! 

It also makes for a great gift, and I would invest in a couple, but I personally wouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars to use them exclusively.

ezpz FAQs

Where are ezpz products made?

All of ezpz’s products are manufactured in China. Ezpz has used the same manufacturer since 2014, and all of their products are 3rd party quality tested (100% FDA approved silicone that is BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate-free).

Can the ezpz plate go in the microwave?

Absolutely! The ezpz plate can definitely go in the microwave. Silicone is heat resistant and doesn’t contain harmful toxins. Silicones also don’t absorb microwaves. Because ezpz products are made from FDA-approved silicone, you can microwave them and throw them in the dishwasher with absolutely no worries. You can technically even put it in a 350-degree oven!

How do you wash ezpz?

You can wash the ezpz Happy Mat and other products by putting them in the dishwasher! I personally stand them up on the bottom rack and they come out clean and like-new every time.

happy mats in dishwasher

You may want to make sure you use Jet dry or a similar product to avoid little water droplet marks, but other than that, you’re golden.

Do you have an ezpz discount code?

Yes, ezpz was kind enough to create a special promo code just for my readers: get 25% Off Orders $75+ from ezpz with code BEARS25.

I personally have taken advantage of this special offer to add to our suctioning silicone collection by ordering a play mat (perfect for keeping paint activities tidy) and two happy bowls (for oatmeal and soup!). You can almost buy two, get one free with this offer, which is an incredible deal!

ezpz promo code

How do you get the ezpz mat to stick?

You don’t need to do anything special to get the ezpz Happy Mat to stick to your table or high chair. Just set it down and it automatically suctions. And boy, that suction is strong!

Is ezpz non-toxic?

Yes, ezpz products are non-toxic as they are made from 100% food-grade silicone that is 3rd-party quality tested (FDA approved and CPSC certified). All ezpz products are free of BPA, BPS, PVC, lead, and phthalates.

Bonus: the non-porous surface helps inhibit bacterial growth!

How many ezpz mats do you need?

Our family has an array of different plates for mealtimes, and we tend to need about 4 plates per child to ensure we always have one available. We run the dishwasher daily, but I find that 4 is a good minimum. 

If you want your plates to all be the ezpz brand, I’d suggest investing in 4, though I’d try one first to make sure you’re committed and love it. After all, there are a lot of great brands out there, and sometimes it’s nice to have a variety depending on how many sides you’re serving.

I personally like having smaller options handy for when we’re doing snacks, as an example. It’s also nice to have different types of plates, such as one with no compartments and others with 2-3 compartments.

Do ezpz mats really work?

Yes, ezpz mats really do stay suctioned to the table. However, my children know how to lift up the size and move it if they want to. Ultimately, I like that the ezpz Happy Mat combines a placemat with a plate – it’s just one less thing to store and clean. Plus, you can just pop the whole thing in the dishwasher when you’re done!

What does ezpz stand for?

ezpz stands for easy peasy. 🙂

Final Thoughts

After many many weeks of testing out the ezpz Happy Mat, I have to say our family really enjoys it! I do want to come up with a better storage solution, and I wish there were a rounded variation of the Happy Mat for those of us with a round table.

However, we love using the Happy Mat and plan to continue using it.

I’m also really excited to dive into some of the other products from ezpz with our third child (due date in March 2022). I have my eye on some of their products for 4 months and up, including the tiny bowl with lid, which looks ideal for baby oatmeal and fruit and veggie purees!

tiny bowl with lid

If you want to test out some ezpz products, don’t forget to get 25% Off Orders $75+ from ezpz with code BEARS25.

Have you tried the ezpz Happy Mat? If so, do you think it’s worth the price? Let me know in the comments section below!

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