Lovevery Amazon Alternatives: The Senser Play Kit for 5-6 Months

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Lovevery Amazon Alternatives: The Senser Play Kit for 5-6 Months

The Senser Play Kit from Lovevery, developed for 5-6 months old, was one of our favorite play kits.

We’ve amassed nearly a dozen of the famous Lovevery kits, and the toys from this one stand out to me as memorable, unique, and long-lasting. 

2022 UPDATE: Our family has now tried all of the play kits except for one, and this kit still stands out to me as one of our all-time favorites!

The tissue box included in The Senser may be our all-time favorite Lovevery toy. And that’s saying a lot because they have some incredible toys!

Lovevery tissue box
The Tissue Box from Lovevery

The Senser includes six toys and costs $80. While I firmly stand behind the quality of the Lovevery play kits, you can’t help but wonder: could I recreate it for less on Amazon? 

Interested in other age ranges? Check out other play kits in our Lovevery Amazon alternatives series!

Spinning Rainbow

The spinning rainbow is a beautiful, simple wooden toy that entertains your baby for months! We loved displaying this one on shelves – it’s basically like home decor – and our son loved figuring out how to spin it and keep it spinning.

When we’d have other small kids over, this is the toy everyone gravitated to.

Lovevery rolling montessori toy

The best Amazon alternative for the Lovevery spinning rainbow is from Adena Montessori ($32.95). I also like that the Amazon version has a mirror on the spinning drum – babies that age love mirrors!

amazon vs lovevery spinning rainbow

Magic Tissue Box

Our favorite Lovevery toy of all time is this magic tissue box. Our kids loved playing with this when we got the box, and they love playing with it today. It is such a long-lasting toy, and it’s so well-crafted.

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed that kids often like to play with water bottles and empty boxes more than their actual toys, and I think that’s why this one works so well. It mimics a regular tissue box, something that kids may see their parents using. I know my daughter loved pulling out tissues from our regular tissue boxes way back when, and when we got this one for my son, she had a blast with it.

Amazon has several different tissue box options for babies, though none have that classic Lovevery look.

The most similar option is the Preferred World of Eric Carle Tissue Box ($18.99). 

amazon vs lovevery magic tissue box

This is another adorable option worth mentioning:

Organic Cotton Rainbow Ball

When I got this play kit for my son, the rainbow ball was a little different. They’ve tweaked this particular part of the kit, but it’s still the same concept – a ball-shaped object designed to build dexterity and coordination. 

Finding an Amazon alternative for this one was easy, though it was a little more expensive than I expected. The HABA rainbow fabric ball (19.99) is very similar to the Lovevery version, and it has different textures on the sections, which I think is lovely!

amazon vs lovevery rainbow ball

‘Parts of Me’ Book

The Lovevery books are pretty amazing. They all feature real images of babies and toddlers doing real-life things, like going to bed, going to the doctor, and baking muffins. They also feature diverse babies, which can be surprisingly hard to find.

The books often feature minimal words and vibrant, colorful images of babies in these younger play kits, and this particular book focuses on body parts.

Lovevery diversity in books
The “Parts of Me” book from Lovevery

I did find a similar option on Amazon called “All About Me,” which features surprise flaps.

amazon vs lovevery parts of me book

Play Socks

The play socks from Lovevery were a lot of fun – I remember watching my little guy reach for his feet as he tried to discern what was making the rattling sound!

There are a ton of foot rattles on Amazon, and many of them come in these big packs. If you only need one pair, the best buy is from Infantino ($5.99), and they feature adorable zebra and tiger faces as the rattle.

amazon vs lovevery rattle socks

Tummy Time Wobbler

The tummy time wobbler is a fun toy to entertain your baby as they lengthen their tummy time. My son would often get frustrated with tummy time, but little toys like these would buy me some extra time.

There are many wobblers available on Amazon, but my pick for this particular alternative is the Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler. While it does feature a sound when baby plays with it (no batteries needed), I still think it has the same developmental effect as the Lovevery version.

It’s also my understanding that Hape manufactures the Lovevery wooden toys, so it’s only fitting for this alternative to make the list.

amazon vs lovevery tummy time wobbler

Lovevery vs. Amazon Price Comparison for “The Senser”

Here are the prices for the Lovevery Amazon alternatives I found:

  • Spinning rainbow: $32.95
  • Tissue box: $18.99
  • Rainbow ball: $19.99
  • Body parts book: $4.99
  • Rattle socks: $5.99
  • Wobbler toy: $14.99

The total cost for The Senser play kit alternatives is $97.90, or $17.90 more than the Lovevery play kit

Lovevery vs. Amazon Price Comparison for The Senser-PINT

The play kit also comes with the Play Guide, which includes ideas for playing with the toys, tips on developmental milestones, and even some play ideas that don’t necessarily use items from the kit. I loved reading through the Play Guide and finding new ways to use the toys that I hadn’t previously thought of.


For every Lovevery play kit we’ve reviewed so far, buying alternative items on Amazon has been more expensive overall. Plus, you lose the cohesive, aesthetically pleasing look of the Lovevery toys. 

That said, if you only want one or two of the toys, you can definitely save some money by going to Amazon instead. The only caveat there is the Lovevery toys retain their value, and you can sell them when you’re done on a site like Mercari or Facebook marketplace. 

Whether this served as a confirmation that the Lovevery kits are indeed worth it, or you’re interested in a toy or two, I hope this article helps you find what you need!

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