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10 4th of July Activities and Patriotic Crafts for Kids (2023)

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Ahhh, Independence Day – not only an integral day in our country’s history but also prime time to do some extra patriotic crafts for kids and make some fancy food.

There are plenty of patriotic activities and 4th of July crafts to do with your kiddos! We’ve rounded up some red, white, and blue crafts that inspired us, and we’re also sharing some of our own activity experiences in preparation for July 4th.

All of these ideas are also perfect if you need some 4th of July party activities!

Give a couple of these crafts a go, and let us know how you like them in the comments. Oh, and be sure to check out our 4th of July Kids Activities Pinterest Board for more holiday inspiration!

Table of contents:

  1. Fourth of July Scavenger Hunt
  2. Star-Spangled Banner Sugar Cookies
  3. Firework Straw Painting
  4. Red, White, and Blue Fruit Pizza
  5. Patriotic Parade
  6. Patriotic Science Experiment
  7. Flag Craft for Toddlers
  8. 4th of July Flag Hand-Painted T-Shirts
  9. American Flag with Paint Sticks
  10. 4th of July Wreath with Paper Plates
Fourth of July Activities-PINT

1. Fourth of July Scavenger Hunt

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If you’re throwing a Fourth of July BBQ Bash and need a simple activity to keep the kids entertained, look no further! Print out a few scavenger hunt sheets, grab a few pens, and let the kids loose!

Fourth of July Scavenger Hunt-PINT

You can set the rules however you want: outside only, in the house and yard, throughout the neighborhood. If you have older kids, consider having them take photos and videos of the different items on your list.

I include a blank template in case you want to make your own version.  Some more challenging options could be finding the word “Freedom,” an item made in the USA, a picnic blanket, a US map, or even the statue of liberty! 

2. Star-Spangled Banner Sugar Cookies

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If there are no sugar cookies, is it really a holiday?!

I don’t know if it’s just our family, but we always celebrate holidays with sugar cookies, and the 4th of July is no exception.

What you’ll need:

My nearly three-year-old LOVES cutting out the cookies, and my one-year-old acts like he is while he secretly eats the dough (well, she does, too). Does anyone relate??

We had a blast icing our star-shaped sugar cookies, and we literally ate all of them in 3 days flat. I don’t know what happened.

Who said there were no 4th of July crafts for babies?! My one-year-old had a blast messing around with these sugar cookies. Yes, he made a mess. But that’s what baths are for.

I use the sugar cookie recipe from America’s Test Kitchen – it never fails – but you do need a paid subscription to get it, so just use any sugar cookie recipe you like.


Baking cookies is a patriotic activity the entire family can enjoy, from making the dough to icing them to enjoying them!

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3. Firework Straw Painting

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I found this 4th of July painting craft around five years ago online, and I honestly have no idea who deserves the credit. This painting activity is a fun way to mix up your crafting time with your children. 

Grab a few bendy straws, tape the bases together, and dunk the tops into the paint to create fun, colorful firework masterpieces. You can alternatively use a paintbrush to paint the color onto the straws before stamping them onto the paper. 


I’ve done this multiple times with my kiddos, and it’s a favorite for Fourth of July crafting!

4. Red, White, and Blue Fruit Pizza

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Who doesn’t love a delicious red, white, and blue dessert for your Fourth of July get-together?

Give the classic fruit pizza a patriotic twist with this recipe from A Wicked Whisk

You use sugar cookie dough as your base, cream cheese frosting as your sauce, and red and blue fruit as your toppings. This would be a great dessert to make with your kids!

Image credit: A Wicked Whisk

You could let your older kids cut up the fruit while you work on spreading the frosting with your youngsters. Then, create patterns or practice counting as you decorate your dessert!

Sneak in some learning in your Fourth of July festivities with this tasty treat!

5. Patriotic Parade

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As a former music teacher, I had to include a musical component in our Fourth of July celebration.

You can sing many patriotic songs around the Fourth of July, but “You’re a Grand Old Flag” is one of my favorites for preschool and elementary-aged children. 

Start by singing along to a lyric video on YouTube like this one. Once you get the lyrics down, you can also add props to extend your music time.

YouTube video

Creating a steady beat is an important skill to practice for all ages but especially for preschoolers and younger elementary students. In addition, maintaining a steady beat creates a solid foundation for adding in rhythmic study later in their musical careers. 

There are many ways to experience a steady beat. For example, you can march or clap to the beat as you sing. Consider adding in some simple instruments like maracas, egg shakers, or rhythm sticks.

You could also wave scarves or small American flags to the beat (check out the toddler craft below to make your own!).

Once you’ve got that all down, consider creating a patriotic parade with instruments, scarves, and flags! 

6. Patriotic Science Experiment

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My kids LOVE doing this classic explosion science experiment, which is ideal for toddlers on July 4th. All you need is white vinegar, baking soda, and food dye!


For the vessels, I like to use the Liquid Lab toys from Lovevery “The Investigator” Play Kit. A baking tray and regular cups will do, though!

To begin, add food dye to a small cup with baking soda in it. No measurements required – just pour some baking soda into a cup!


All I had was the gel food dye, but honestly, the liquid form would be better for this particular activity. The gel form globbed up a bit and didn’t disperse as evenly. Lesson learned!


Once the dye is mixed in, pour it into your vessel. 


Then, have your child pour the white vinegar into the colored baking soda!


And for the best part… watch their reaction!

For me, the red and blue dye didn’t work as planned – the blue dye kind of took over, but with a bit of Photoshop magic, here’s a look at what I had in mind…


My nearly three-year-old daughter loves doing this baking soda and vinegar science experiment, and I put my 1-year-old in his highchair to watch. (He’d probably try to eat the baking soda…)

It’s a fun way to pay homage to the 4th of July, but really, you can do this any day with whatever colored food dyes you have on hand.

7. Flag Craft for Toddlers

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I love this flag craft from Toddler Approved. It is very age-appropriate, and I love that you’re creating an actual flag that your child can hold and wave in the air. 

Image Credit: Toddler Approved

You could incorporate these flags into your Fourth of July decor by placing them in planters or other centerpieces. Your child can also show off their flags in the patriotic parade mentioned above.

Either way, this flag is the perfect homemade 4th of July decoration for kids!

8. 4th of July Flag Hand-Painted T-Shirts

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These 4th of July hand-painted t-shirts first caught my eye on Pinterest. It appears these DIY 4th of July shirts came from Pure Joy Home, and I am in love with them!

These cute t-shirts with a handprint and red lines that signify the American flag are adorable.

I mistakenly thought I could easily recreate these, and mine ended up like this:


Yes, my one-year-old’s looks like a blob and my two-year-old’s looks like a bloody mess, but it was so much fun!


You need a white shirt, red and blue paint, and a paintbrush (for the stripes). I thought we’d use electrical tape to outline the stripes, but we went without, and I didn’t miss it.

I got the shirts and paint from Walmart (I just added them to my regular grocery pickup order).


Start by having your child stick their hand on a small plate with blue paint. They will LOVE it.


Then, dab on the red stripes following the outline of the hand.


My daughter’s shirt honestly would’ve turned out perfectly if I kicked her out after her handprint and did the rest myself. But what’s the fun in that?


And my son just kept making a fist, trying to feel what the heck was on his palms (the paint)!

I’ll admit, his shirt leaves much to be desired.


That said, the memories are priceless, and I highly recommend this 4th of July activity!


9. American Flag with Paint Sticks

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I love taking items you’d chuck in the trash and making them into something special. This American flag made out of paint sticks is the perfect example!

We don’t have any extra paint sticks at the moment, but if you’ve just renovated your home or moved into a new place, save those paint sticks and make some flag decor with your kiddos. You can also order a pack of paint sticks on Amazon if you’re dying to make this!

Photo Credit: Glue Dots

10. 4th of July Wreath with Paper Plates

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Do you have paper plates in your cupboard right now?

I’m betting the answer is yes.

Use them to make a fun 4th of July-themed wreath! Your toddlers will love the craft, and it’ll cost you virtually nothing. The only other item you need on hand is red, white, and blue cardstock paper.

Cut out your stars to make your patriotic wreath!

Photo credit: Ria Cheripuram of Crafts By Ria


The holidays are such a fun time to make memories with your children, and finding themed activities makes it that much more memorable.

Be sure to check out our 4th of July Kids Activities Pinterest Board for more holiday inspiration!

Have you tried any of these 4th of July activities? Share them in the comments with pics if you have them!! We’d love to see them!


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  1. What fun ideas! I’ll be attempting many of these with Finch in celebration of one of my favorite holidays πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ€οΈ Especially excited to try the t-shirt and scavenger hunt activities (we’re always doing nature scavenger hunts here in OR).

    Loving what you two are building together! So many resources, inspired-ideas and fun activities. I’ll be heading to the print store to print our shape and dinosaur matching sheets soon.

    So much love to you and the fam!!!
    -Kalli (Jaggers) πŸ’›


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