Product Recommendations

Whether you're shopping for gifts or you want to make mom life a little easier, these are products we love.

DIY & Crafting Supplies

These are supplies and tools we use to create fun activities for our kids. You’ll often see these referenced in our free printable articles!

Clothing (For Mom and Kiddos)

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, the kids, or a mom in your life, these are the clothes we are loving and would recommend without hesitation!

Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday party or a baby shower, here are some of the toys our kids have loved over the years.


Keeping your home organized is a goal of every mom, whether you work full-time or stay at home. Life can get crazy, and we’ve found these items help us keep a shred of our sanity, at least when it comes to keeping our homes clutter-free.

Items for Newborns

For all those new moms out there, these are items the Two Mama Bears loved. We have different experiences, opinions, and budgets, but we hope some of these recommendations help with the planning process!

Gift Guides:

12 Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love Woodworking

12 Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love Woodworking

My husband has accumulated quite the collection of woodworking equipment. He’s helped me put together this article by sharing great gift ideas based on his experience as a weekend woodworker. Plus, there are ideas in here for all price ranges, from $13.69 up to $855.

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