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Pura’s New Disney Encanto Fragrances: My New Favorite Scent

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When my husband and I go to our favorite annual wine dinner and the winemaker asks if we can taste the dark berry flavors with the sweet vanilla intertwine and spicy pepper, I’m like… no, but it tastes delicious.

And that’s kind of how it is with the brand new Encanto fragrance duo from Pura. I don’t really know how to explain the magic, but it’s there. And I’ve found my new favorite Pura fragrance.

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What’s Pura?

Really quick, if you’ve never heard of Pura, it’s a plug-in fragrance solution for making your home smell amazing.

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If you’ve ever done the Bath & Body Works plug-ins, it’s very similar to that. But the fragrances don’t smack you over the head and give you an instant headache, in my opinion.

Pura diffuser horizontal

There are also way more fragrances to choose from, including fragrances from brands you already know and love, like Anthropologie, Capri Blue, Tommy Bahama, and NEST New York.

So, if you already know you like the Volcano fragrance from the Capri Blue candle, you know you’ll love the fragrance for your Pura diffuser. (This one smells like heaven, by the way.)

capri blue signature volcano scent

Pura also says all the scents are premium with only clean ingredients.

Another big bonus of Pura is you can control when the scent comes out of the plug-in through a smartphone app. Typically, plug-ins just emit scent all the time and you have no say. But with Pura, you can set schedules based on when you’re actually home to enjoy it. This helps you conserve the scent so there’s no waste.

Pura smartphone app with scheduling-min

There’s also something so indulgent about waking up in the morning, getting out of bed, and breathing in the smell of a lovely candle without having to do any match lighting.

Some of My Favorite Pura Fragrances

I’m the kind of woman that likes to switch it up. I can’t eat the same thing for dinner every day, and I don’t like to have the same home fragrance, either. 

So, I’ve tried a lot of the Pura scents, but my favorites so far are Volcano by Capri Blue (smells like the most delicious candle ever), Santorini by Brooklyn Candle Studio (smells like a beach vacation), and Champagne by LAFCO (very grapefruity and perfect for kitchens and bathrooms).

However, when I saw the new Disney Encantro fragrances come out, I swooped them up immediately, and I’M IN LOVE.

Disney Encanto Fragrances at Pura

We don’t talk about Bruno, no, no….

Yes, this song has been the theme song of our household for several months now. (My toddlers are my excuse, OK?)

I was really excited to get these fragrances, which were designed by Columbian perfumer, Adriana Medina. She made these scents to draw upon memories and elements from her home in Columbia. The fragrances are bright, colorful, and vibrant, and they totally match the aura of the Encanto movie!

Encanto fragrances horizontal

Of the two, Mirabel Mango Tropical is definitely my favorite. It’s the perfect summer scent with tropical and tangy notes of blood orange, pineapple juice, and juicy mangostino. The scent is supposed to be as bright as Mirabel’s personality, and I could not agree more. 

Pura diffuser with Mirabel Mango

I have this one in my entryway, and every time I pass it, I breathe in deeply and savor it. It is my new favorite Pura scent!

The other scent, Casita Floral, is also nice, but it’s just a litttttle bit too perfumey for my tastes. I’m definitely still a fan, and it totally matches the spirit of Encanto. But it’s not an all-time favorite for me.

Other Disney Fragrances

Pura has other fragrances from Disney, including Elsa, Rapunzel, Ariel, Moana… there are scents for everything! 

If you have any Disney lovers in your life, I think they’d love being immersed in these movies and characters with these scents.


If you like having a good-smelling home, I’d definitely recommend checking out Pura.

You’re bound to find a scent you love since they have so many options. Plus, the whole system is very affordable. I’ve also tested Aera, which is way pricier, and I really prefer Pura. You can get the Pura device and two scents for $68 – it’s called the Housewarming Set.

If you do get the new Encanto fragrances, leave a comment and let me know if you like it!!

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