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Wonderfold Wagon

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Literati Kids Book Club

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Primary Clothing

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Butterfly Box

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MEL Physics

MEL Science Boxes

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Supplies to Make Printables

These are the supplies you need to create the printables shared on this blog.

Scotch Laminator

The ultimate tool for homeschooling moms and working moms who want to develop durable educational activities for their kids. We have so many articles about how to get the most out of your laminator, but first, you need to pick one up!

Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches

The best laminating sheets on the market. We’ve tried cheaper brands (looking at you Amazon brand), and these outperform every time. Plus, they’re a good value for the money, and they’ll last way longer than you’d think.

Velcro Dots (Sticky Back Dots)

A value for the money, this 1000 peice set of sticky dots is ideal for making laminating crafts. We use these for shape matching, dinosaur matching, cupcake matching – they’re so versatile! Plus, they will last you a lifetime (probably).

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