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30+ Impressive Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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If you’re ready to announce an upcoming baby and it’s October, switch things up and make a Halloween-inspired pregnancy announcement!

There are dozens of impressive, cute, and spooky ideas floating around, so I’ve compiled them all in one place. Happy announcing!!

1. Something’s Brewing Cauldron

Set up a photo op with a message board, ultrasound photo, some pumpkins, and an overflowing cauldron.

You can use dry ice and water to make a smoky, foggy effect. 

2. Hocus Pocus T-shirt

One of the least stressful ways to do a cute pregnancy announcement is a t-shirt. There are some super fun sayings, like, “Winnie… I smell a child!” I love this version from Amazing Faith Designs.

I love this particular custom t-shirt as it’s made using the Bella Canvas brand. It’s incredibly soft – like, the softest t-shirt you’ll ever own. The ink used is also eco-friendly, and you’re supporting a small business with your order.

winnie i smell a child tshirt copy

Use code Yeahbaby10 for 10% off.

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3. Boo! Baby Is Due Message Board

Felt message boards are great to have for pregnancy announcements because you can continue using them for things like milestone photos. Spoiler: a lot of the pregnancy announcement ideas on this list use message boards!

This really cute concept has the message, “Boo! Baby is Due” with the last name of the baby and the due date.

4. Something Good Is Brewing Picture Frame

The message “Something is brewing” is too good to pass up for a Halloween-themed pregnancy announcement. This iteration uses a picture frame, some mini pumpkins, a onesie, and a sonogram picture. Adorable!

5. No Trick, Just a Treat

Another fun message to put on a message board is “No trick, just a treat” with your due date and some Halloween-themed decor items.

6. Our Little Pumpkin

“Out little pumpkin” with a mention of the due date is another fun message to put on a felt message board. I’m telling you – the message board is a real winner for announcement photos!

Add some little pumpkins and Halloween-themed baby items, and your picture is ready to post.

7. A Baby is Brewing T-Shirt

This t-shirt has the cutest design! If you already have kids and you’re announcing a second, third, or other pregnancy, putting on a t-shirt and snapping a family photo is probably the easiest way to do this.

I know my first pregnancy announcement photo was elaborate, and after that? Forget about it.

baby is brewing tshirt copy

This t-shirt is super soft (Bella Canvas brand), and you can get 10% off with code Yeahbaby10.

8. Carve Some Pumpkins

If you plan on carving pumpkins for Halloween, kill two birds with one stone and carve out your pregnancy announcement!

Get a tiny pumpkin to place inside your larger one and label them “Mommy” and “Baby.” If you don’t like being in photos (I’m guilty), this is a fun way to make an announcement.

Betty Nasr Najem
Photo credit: Betty Nasr Najem,

9. Get Creative With Your Halloween Costume

Consider getting creative with your Halloween costume to announce a new baby!

This Winnie the Pooh theme from Kelly Jean Maire includes the caption “If I’m thinking correctly,” said Pooh, “a new baby is probably, undoubtedly, the grandest gift that could ever be.”

And don’t forget to add: “Little piglet arriving [due date]!”

Here’s another inspirational photo from Lolo Webb:

Lolo Webb pooh outfits

Here’s the shopping list for her DIY Pooh maternity dress costume:

10. We’ve Created a Monster!

Half the fun of Halloween-themed pregnancy announcements are the puns! I love this one: “We’ve created a monster!”

You can put this on a message board, print it and add to a picture frame, or ask your mom or grandma to do some cross-stitching!

11. Big Sister

This Halloween announcement is perfect if you already have a child and are announcing your second.

Get a chalkboard and add this fun message: “What should I be for Halloween?” Add some options, but one of them has to be “Big Sister” or “Big Brother!”

12. Pumpkin Is Joining Our Patch

I love this baby announcement card with the message, “A new little pumpkin is joining our patch.”

You can buy or create these cards or add the message onto a message board, chalkboard, whiteboard, or picture frame.

13. Smoke Bomb Pumpkins for Gender Reveal

If you’re ready to announce the gender, consider this cool pumpkin smoke bomb! You can order gender-reveal color powder on Amazon.

14. Little Bat in the Cave

“Little bat in the cave” is yet another adorable Halloween-themed pregnancy announcement idea!

Make sure to pick up a coffin letter board for the full effect!

15. A Baby’s Brewing Balloons

You can go big with your pregnancy announcement by getting some big balloons and setting up a whole witch’s cauldron. This photo is actually for a Halloween-themed baby shower, but you can take the concept and use it for your pregnancy announcement as well!

16. Two Little Ghosts Twin Announcement

If you’re expecting two, use this message on your message board, chalkboard, or whiteboard: “Double double / Toil and trouble / Two little ghosts / Trapped in one bubble.”

This photo also includes the message “[Last Name] twins brewing until [due date].”

17. Include Your Pet

If you have a pet, consider carving some pumpkins and setting up a true family photo.

Grab a bandana for your pet (here’s the big brother version), and you’re ready to go!

18. Expecting a Little Nightmare

Did you think I was out of cute pun ideas?!

This “Expecting a little nightmare” t-shirt is another easy and fun way to celebrate a pregnancy announcement during October. Use code Yeahbaby10 for 10% off!

expecting a little nightmare

19. No Tricks, Just Two Treats Twin Announcement

Another fun twin announcement is the message, “No tricks, just two treats! Our family is growing by four feet!”

20. Tales From the Crib

Scary stories, anyone?

Grab a coffin message board and include the message, “Tales from the crib, Coming soon.” Add your due date and some spooky decor items, and your pregnancy reveal is ready to post!

21. Little Boo Due

The puns just keep coming! “Little boo due” is a phrase you can add to your message board, chalkboard, etc. Be sure to include your due date and a sonogram photo!

22. Mummy to Be

If it’s your first pregnancy, have fun with the pun “Mummy to be” and “Deady to be.” You can grab some cute t-shirts and keep things super simple. Use code Yeahbaby10 for 10% off!

Mummy and Deady to be tshirts

23. Skeleton T-Shirt

You don’t even need words with a skeleton t-shirt. Give everyone a second and they’ll realize there’s a baby there! Use code Yeahbaby10 for 10% off.

Skeleton tshirt

24. We’re Expecting a Little Boo

Another way to use the word “boo” in your announcement is, “We’re expecting a little boo.”

Again, just add the message to your message board or chalkboard, include some Halloween accessories, and your pregnancy reveal photo is ready.

25. Candy, Treats, and Baby Feet

Calling all candy corn lovers! This message is perfect if you have a sweet tooth. Write “Candy, treats, & baby feet” on your little chalkboard and include some candy corn, tiny pumpkins, and wooden baby toys for a perfect pregnancy announcement picture.

26. Pumpkin Dress

A pumpkin maternity dress is another very simple way to do a pregnancy announcement! This is especially good if you have a bit of a baby bump.

27. Pumpkin Ultrasound

Bring your sonogram photo to a pumpkin patch and take a cute pumpkin ultrasound photo!

28. Gender Reveal Painted Pumpkin

If you’re not too big on confetti or smoke bombs, just paint a pumpkin pink or blue for a gender reveal announcement!

29. Exhausted Pregnant Chick Is My Costume

If you’re more of a tell-it-like-it-is kind of gal, this pregnancy announcement costume t-shirt is the one for you. Use code Yeahbaby10 for 10% off!

Exhausted pregnant chick costume

30. Painted Tummy

If you have a good baby bump, paint a pumpkin on your tummy for a unique pregnancy announcement photo.

31. This Little Pumpkin Is Going to Be a Big Sister

If you’re announcing your second, I love the saying, “This little pumpkin is going to be a big sister/brother.”

You can grab a t-shirt to make a fun and cute photo! Use code Yeahbaby10 for 10% off!

Note: these t-shirts are in children’s sizes, but you can contact this store and she will make it in a toddler size if you need it!


Here’s hoping you found some inspiration from this big list of spooky pregnancy announcement ideas.

I feel like the key takeaway here is you need a felt message board. 😂

Happy announcing!

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