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I Tested the 4 Best Hypochlorous Acid Sprays – Results Inside

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For me to hail a product as the best hypochlorous acid spray, it needs a stellar formula, long shelf life, affordable price point, and proof that it works.

The right hypochlorous acid spray will be the star of your medicine cabinet. It can heal everything from eczema to acne to bug bites.

Plus, it’s good for any age, from your newborn baby to your great-great-grandma.

spraying magic molecule hypochlorous acid spray on my childs scraped knee
Spraying Magic Molecule hypochlorous acid spray on my son’s skinned knee

I’ve tested four of the most popular sprays on the market, including the innovative Magic Molecule formula, the Tik-Tok famous Tower 28 SOS spray, Briotech, and Active Skin Repair.

magic molecule in the lineup

Here’s what you need to know about this magical liquid, including the best hypochlorous acid spray I believe everyone needs in their first aid kit.

Disclaimer: This project is sponsored by Magic Molecule, but all opinions are my own. I was completely free to make my own opinions and recommendations, which I am grateful for. I’ve presented all the facts to reveal which brand has the best hypochlorous acid spray.

The Best Hypochlorous Acid Spray Is…

Magic Molecule product photo

Best Overall: Magic Molecule

Typically, when testing many products, there are several brands that make the cut. However, this time, Magic Molecule was the only winner.

It checked all the boxes I was looking for:

  • Great shelf life (24 months) thanks to a patented stabilization method
  • Worked like magic when we tested it
  • Highest hypochlorous acid concentration
  • FDA-cleared
  • Mid-range price ($4 per ounce for the 8 oz bottle)

The best hypochlorous acid spray on the market is Magic Molecule. It’s the best hypocholorous acid spray for face, the best hypocholorous acid spray for eyes, and the best hypochlorous acid spray for the money (the other categories I was looking to fill).

Magic Molecule hypochlorous acid spray results
I tested out Magic Molecule’s hypochlorous acid spray on a dry patch next to my nose. Here is the literal magic with time stamps! It was gone by the end of the day. This photo has no filters (don’t look too closely at my pores or my port wine stain birthmark…).

Let’s dive into the comparisons and why this spray comes out on top every time. 

What’s Hypochlorous Acid?

Hypochlorous acid is a substance our bodies naturally produce in our white blood cells to fight off bacteria and infections.

Given its natural healing properties, it’s no wonder someone would want to replicate it and bottle it up! And lucky for us, a few have.

what is hypochlorous acid used for

What’s Hypochlorous Acid Spray?

Hypochlorous acid sprays disinfect, fight inflammation, and speed up your skin’s natural healing process without the sting of other medical sprays.

spraying magic molecule hypochlorous acid spray on a cut

These sprays work wonders for issues like eczema, acne, dry skin, cuts, blisters, sunburn, bug bites, psoriasis, inflammation, and funguses.

Magic Molecule vs. Briotech vs. Tower 28 vs. Active Skin Repair

I’ve tried the four most popular hypochlorous acid sprays on the market. 

While they seem similar on the surface, there are three key differences:

  1. Concentration of hypochlorous acid in the formula
  2. Stability (how long it stays effective)
  3. pH level (an indicator of stability and effectiveness)

Here’s a quick comparison of the four brands before we really jump into things:

Shelf Life Claim
Price Per Oz
Hypochlorous Acid Concentration
pH Level*
24 months
(+ patented stabilization method)
Tested by the National Institutes of Health and FDA-Cleared
6 months after opening
National Eczema Association’s Seal
18 months
24 months
*I tested the pH level of each product when it arrived at my home. According to Wang et al. (2007), for HOCI solutions to be stable and work the best, the pH should be between 3.5 to 5.

The Truth About Hypochlorous Acid Spray Shelf Life

Hypochlorous acid has a pretty flimsy shelf life. When exposed to sunlight, it starts deteriorating on the fourth day (Block & Rowan, 2020). When sheltered from sunlight, it still starts deteriorating around the 14th day.

The best way to keep your hypochlorous acid spray in peak condition is to avoid sunlight, contact with air, and temperatures above 77°F (25°C).

Magic Molecule uses a patented stabilization method to keep the solution pure and shelf-stable for 24 months. That’s pretty incredible – but other than Magic Molecule, you’ll want to use your spray as fast as possible. 

Magic Molecule product

Once hypochlorous acid spray stops smelling like a swimming pool (chlorine), it’s just a bottle of water. 

Note: I retested the pH levels four weeks after my first test, and the only change was Active Skin Repair’s level is getting slightly worse. I will continue to test the pH levels of these four hypochlorous acid sprays and will update this article as time goes on.

Update on 1-23-24: I retested the pH levels 11 weeks after the first test, and all pH levels are the same as the prior test. No changes yet!

Let’s take a closer look at each hypochlorous acid spray brand.

The Best Hypochlorous Acid Spray: Magic Molecule Review

magic molecule

Magic Molecule ‘The Solution’

It’s FDA-cleared, has the highest hypochlorous acid concentration, and works like magic (no pun intended) on all skin types.


  • Great price ($4 per ounce for the 8 oz bottle)
  • Great shelf life (24 months)
  • Patented stabilization method so it lasts as long as it claims
  • Worked like magic when we tested it
  • Highest hypochlorous acid concentration
  • FDA-cleared
  • The ultimate bundle comes with two small bottles and one larger one, so I can keep the large one at home and the smaller ones in my purse and car
  • TSA-friendly options (2 oz bottles available)


  • Not the cheapest option on the list (Briotech was lower)

Magic Molecule stands out to me immediately as it’s FDA-cleared and produced in an FDA-registered facility in the United States. (About 90% of hypochlorous acid sprays on the market are not FDA-cleared for reference.)

Magic Molecule Antimicrobial Cleanser

The formula is made using an electrochemical process that combines water (H20), salt (NaCl), and an electrical current. This process creates an exact replica of the hypochlorous acid that is made by our white blood cells.

No preservatives, sulfates, fragrances, parabens, VOCs, oils, additives, or alcohol, so it won’t sting or dry out your skin – it actually helps hydrate your skin.

You can use this on anything, including zits, bug bites, cuts & scrapes, sunburns, psoriasis, burns, tattoos, and nail fungus… you name it! 

Magic Molecule before and after
We were all blown away when this burn started healing in a matter of hours. We had to reference the photos multiple times to believe it!

It’s also great for use on kids (they’re always getting cuts and scrapes) and babies (diaper rash, anyone?).

This stuff is so safe that you can even drop it in your eyes to clear up eye irritations.

Magic Molecule Cleanser

The Formula

Magic Molecule is made of:

  • Hypochlorous acid – 0.018%
  • Ionized water – 99.918%
  • Sodium chloride (salt) – 0.06%
  • Hypochlorite ion – 0.004%

That’s the highest concentration of hypochlorous acid of all the sprays on this list, which means stronger, faster healing.

Magic Molecule spider bite before and after
A friend had a nasty spider bite with a lot of redness and a bit of pain. He reported the pain going away within minutes after spraying. He has noticed a huge difference in how quickly the bite is healing compared to how quickly his body typically heals.


Magic Molecule is one of the few hypochlorous acid sprays on the market that is FDA-cleared and manufactured in an FDA-cleared lab in the US.

Shelf Life

Hypochlorous acid is hard to make shelf stable because of its molecular structure. Essentially, it loses its healing power quickly.

holding the Magic Molecule

Magic Molecule uses a patented stabilization method to keep the solution pure and shelf-stable for 24 months. 

Other brands claim they have a long shelf life, but because they aren’t FDA-regulated, there isn’t a way to know for sure.

Those brands fall into the “cosmetic” category, which means they can technically make whatever claims they want about their products. 

That means they can stretch their shelf life claims with no ramifications.

Since Magic Molecule is FDA-regulated, we can be 100% confident that it’s pure and effective.

If your product loses the “swimming pool” scent, it means you basically have a bottle of water on your hands.


Magic Molecule has several options:

  • Travel pack (2 2oz bottles): $25
  • Standard bottle (1 8oz bottle): $32
  • Ultimate bundle (2 2oz bottles + 1 8oz bottle): $42

I love the little bottles because I can throw them in my purse and car. The 8 oz bottle is also a fantastic value for the money – just $4 per ounce, making it one of the less expensive options in this testing.

If you want the best of both worlds, the ultimate bundle is the best value at just $3.50 per ounce.

Magic Molecule for ALL skin types

Best and Worst Magic Molecule Reviews

Best Magic Molecule review: “I looked at the list of maladies Magic Molecule claimed to help with, and I figured I’d give it a try. So far I have used it on sunburn. It healed it without peeling in two days. I’ve also used it on a pimple on my face. The last time I had a similar pimple, it lasted for 2 weeks and left a scar. I sprayed Magic Molecule on this one, and it went away in 36 hours. I’ve also used it on my kids’ cuts and scrapes.” —Nina F

Worst Magic Molecule review: “This product has done nothing it has promised in your marketing. My daughter’s psoriasis is unchanged, my son’s cuts did not heal- we had to use antibiotic ointment.” —Jennifer B

Briotech Review – Topical Skin Spray


Briotech ‘Topical Skin Spray’

It’s tested by the National Institutes of Health, is FDA-cleared, and is the cheapest option on the list.


  • Cheapest option ($2.12 per ounce is a great deal)
  • Wide variety of hypochlorous acid products 
  • Proven to be pure HOCl by the National Institutes of Health
  • FDA-cleared


  • Must use within 6 months after opening
  • 8 oz bottle is not super portable or TSA-friendly
  • Bigger bottles may go to waste

Briotech has a lot of products made with hypochlorous acid – they’ve got serums, toners, piercing liquids, hand gels, pet sprays, oral swishes, and even household cleaning products.

They are FDA-cleared, and their hypochlorous acid has been tested by the National Institutes of Health, which has proven that it is as pure as the HOCl produced inside the human body.

holding Briotech

The Formula

The ingredients in the Briotech topical spray are listed as:

  • Electrolyzed Water
  • Sodium Chloride (NaCl)
  • Pure Hypochlorous – 0.014%

Like the others on the list, it’s gentle and free of alcohol, oil, antibiotics, fragrance, dye, and other harsh chemicals.

Briotech Spray zoomed out

Shelf Life

The Briotech website says its products have a 12-24 month expiry from the time of manufacture, but for best results, you should use it within 6 months after opening.

There will naturally be some degradation, but it should stay effective up until the expiration date marked on the bottle.


Briotech’s spray costs $16.99 for the 8 oz bottle, so this is actually the cheapest on the list at $2.12 per ounce.

You can get a bigger bottle if you want, even up to a gallon, but I wonder if I would ever get through a gallon before it becomes ineffective.

Briotech Skin Spray

It’s also not recommended to decant hypochlorous acid spray from a large vessel to a smaller one as hypochlorous acid deteriorates when exposed to air (and sunlight and temperatures above 77°F).

Best and Worst Briotech Reviews

Best Briotech review: “I get a very nasty underboob rash/dermatitis in the summer. Usually i use a steroid cream but i am not supposed to over-use it. Well, this year the rash is stubborn and the steroid is just not cutting it. Tried this product and in one day the rash is 50% better! I was pretty shocked and will keep using it. Edit: still working well on underboob rash and used on some itchy uncomfortable bug bites on the bottom of legs/around ankles. Had to wear a dress and was dreading the look of bug bites/redness and swelling. Well, no fear bc this product handled the itching and unattractive look in two days! This stuff is really a miracle product. An unbelievably great find!!!” —Momof3

Briotech Topical Skin Spray

Worst Briotech review: “The size of this should last a few months, but after a few weeks of spraying my skin issues came back and I noticed the smell of the spray was gone. The efficacy was gone. I switched to another brand in a smaller bottle and it started working again. So unless you can use this size quickly, don’t bother. There is about 2/3 of my bottle left and it no longer is effective.” —Kim

Tower 28 Review – SOS Rescue Spray

tower 28

Tower 28 ‘SOS Rescue’

Has a slightly lower pH balance (4.5) than other sprays on the list and boasts a blue seal from the National Eczema Association.


  • pH balanced for gentle use on the face
  • Blue seal from the National Eczema Association
  • Third-party tested
  • 18-month shelf life (if stored properly)


  • Not FDA-cleared 
  • On the pricier side at $7 per oz
  • Bottle is bigger than most so not as convenient (unless you get a mini 1oz)

Tower 28 is a bit different from the others because it is a makeup and skincare brand aimed at those with sensitive skin.

They market their SOS Rescue Spray (hypochlorous acid spray) as a soothing daily facial spray, almost like a facial toner.

It is pH balanced (4.5) and specifically formulated for facial use, but it is also safe to use anywhere on your skin for relief from redness and irritation.

Tower 28

They don’t have FDA clearance, but they do 3rd party testing, and the bottle does have the blue seal from the National Eczema Association on it.

The Formula

The ingredients listed are:

  • Water
  • Sodium chloride
  • Hypochlorous acid – 0.015%

Shelf Life

Tower 28 says their SOS Daily Rescue Spray is good for 18 months as long as you keep it stored in a cool dry area away from excess light and heat. 

holding Tower 28


For $28, you can get the 4 oz bottle. They also have a mini 1 oz bottle available for $12 or a 16 oz refill bottle for $68.

Best and Worst Tower 28 Reviews

Best Tower 28 review: “I’m a nurse who suffers from bad eczema on my hands and it’s particularly bad because I have to wash my hands more often than the average individual due to the nature of my job. Because of this my face (dermatitis from wearing a mask 10+ hours a day) and hands have constantly been breaking out in eczema flare ups beyond my toleration some days. But this spray ( I’ve bought two large and one travel sized bottles!) has rescued my hands and helped them heal in no time and the skin on my face is clear and smooth! No more nasty, itchy, weeping, red, dry, bumpy, painful patches on my hands! This product is a godsend! PLUS! For those of you who suffer from eczema…this product does not sting or burn upon application! This is now a staple to my every day routine, FYI hydrochlorus acid (the main star ingredient) doubles as a skin safe sanitizer!” —NurseJenJen

Tower 28 Facial Spray

Worst Tower 28 review: “This did does the exact opposite of what it claims to do. Caused the worst irritation on my skin of anything I’ve ever tried. Tingling, itching, burning, irritation, redness, and rash like bumps all over my fagaface. Please do not waste your money and ruin your complexion. Just awful! And expensive at that!” —Sarai8100

Active Skin Repair Review – Skin Repair Spray

active skin repair bottle

Active Skin Repair ‘Skin Repair Spray

The most expensive option on the list and a pH that’s a little bit too high in my testing – not the cream of the crop.


  • FDA-cleared
  • Good-sized bottle (3oz)
  • 2-year shelf life (but is this really true?)


  • Most expensive option on the list at $9.99 per oz
  • Smells like water, not hypochlorous acid (chlorine), so is it working?
  • pH level when I tested mine was 5.5, a little too high for a hypochlorous acid spray to be effective and stable
  • Lowest hypochlorous acid concentration on the list (0.012%)

Active Skin Repair comes in a spray, hydrogel, kids spray, and baby spray. The original spray, kid spray, and baby spray are all the exact same formula.

They say in their FAQs that they labeled them separately because they had a lot of questions about whether they were kid-safe or not. So, they decided to label them clearly. 

To me, this seems like a marketing ploy to get you to buy three bottles, but hey, it probably works…

holding Active Skin Repair

As with all the other brands on the list, you can use it on your entire body, including sensitive areas like around the eyes, ears, and mouth.

This brand touts that all its products are manufactured in California using an ISO 9000 clean room, and they test every bottle before shipping it out.

The Formula

The skin repair spray ingredients are:

  • Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) – 0.012%
  • Electrolyzed Water (H2O)
  • Sodium Chloride (NaCl)
  • Phosphates – 0.040%
Active Skin Repair

Phosphates are something I didn’t see listed in the other sprays, so I looked into it, and it’s a non-toxic buffering salt to help with the stability.

Shelf Life

This spray claims a shelf life of two years from the manufacturing date. 

I find this very hard to believe – there’s just no way hypochlorous acid has any potency by the 24-month mark.

When I tested the pH level, it was 5.5, which is higher than the ideal range of 3.5-5. The right pH level is an indicator of stability and effectiveness.

Active Skin Repair laying down

I also want to note that this spray was the only one in the bunch that had no scent to it. It’s supposed to smell like chlorine, but it just smelled like water.

It doesn’t have the same pH as water yet, but I have reason to believe it’s starting to lose its potency.


At $29.97 for a 3 oz bottle, this is the most expensive per oz on the list.

Best and Worst Active Skin Repair Reviews

Best Active Skin Repair review: “Long story short, I face planted & scraped my face. Ordered this & after 3 days you couldn’t even tell. It wasn’t a small injury, the entire right side of my forehead was scraped up like someone had taken sandpaper to it, & this stuff left me with barely a mark after 72 hours of use! I put it on abt 3x/day & it was like watching a miracle. So grateful! Saw some people 3 days after my accident who were with me when I got hurt & they were shocked how quickly I’d healed! They said they couldn’t even tell. Truly amazing!!!” —Lydia S.

Active Skin Repair Facial Spray

Worst Active Skin Repair review: “This stuff is fineish. I personally didn’t see the hype that Instagram influencers were raving about with their results. Just a heads up: the baby, kid and regular formula are all the same amount and kind of active and inactive ingredients, just labeled differently. Probably wouldn’t purchase again. I’ve had better luck with Tubby Todd products when it came to dry/cracked/scraped hands from school and hand washing.” —Anonymous Amazon Customer

Best Hypocholorous Acid Spray FAQs

What is hypochlorous acid spray?

Hypochlorous acid spray is a gentle, disinfecting spray that helps heal various skin issues like eczema, acne, cuts, and more. Its active ingredient, hypochlorous acid, is naturally produced by our bodies to help heal.

What is hypochlorous acid used for?

Hypochlorous acid is used to treat and heal skin concerns like eczema, acne, cuts, sunburns, and all kinds of skin issues. It is naturally produced by our bodies to help reduce inflammation and heal, so hypochlorous acid sprays replicate the HClO molecule and that natural healing process.

Line up of the Best Hypochloric Acid

How do you use hypochlorous acid spray?

To use hypochlorous acid spray, spray it on the affected area of your skin like a gentle mist, and let it air dry. You can repeat as many times as needed throughout the day.

Where do you buy hypochlorous acid spray?

The best place to buy hypochlorous acid spray is online. Magic Molecule is currently only available directly through their website, but many other hypochlorous acid sprays are also available on Amazon.

What is the best hypochlorous acid spray?

The best hypochlorous acid spray, after a lot of testing and comparing, is from Magic Molecule. It started closing wounds in as little as a few hours, has the highest concentration of hypochlorous acid, and the patented stabilization method keeps it effective for up to 24 months.

What does hypochlorous acid do?

Hypochlorous acid is a natural disinfectant that fights off bacteria and helps speed up your body’s natural healing process.

magic molecule hypochlorous acid spray in a lineup

Does hypochlorous acid help rosacea?

Yes, hypochlorous acid can be a lifesaver for rosacea-prone skin. It helps reduce redness and irritation, making your skin feel calm and soothed.

What is the chemical formula for hypochlorous acid?

The chemical formula for hypochlorous acid is HClO. This compound is classified as a weak acid that forms when chlorine dissolves in water. When that happens, it breaks down into hypochlorite (ClO⁻). Both HClO and ClO⁻ have oxidizing properties and are the primary disinfecting agents in chlorine solutions.

What does Tower 28 SOS spray do?

Tower 28 SOS hypochlorous acid facial spray is designed to soothe and calm skin irritation, redness, and discomfort. It works by disinfecting your skin to help speed up your body’s natural healing process. You can use it morning and night like a facial toner or throughout the day and over makeup as needed.

Tower 28 SOS Save Our Skin

How do you use Active Skin Repair for acne?

To use Active Skin Repair, first make sure your skin is clean. Then, spray a little bit of Active Skin Repair directly onto the affected area. Gently rub it in, and let it air dry.

Repeat this process 1-5 times a day to help your skin battle the acne and soothe the redness and blemishes. Use it consistently for the best results.

How do you use Briotech Topical Skin Spray?

To use Briotech Topical Skin Spray, lightly shake the bottle and spray 3-5 times onto your skin. Blot it dry or let it air dry completely. Repeat throughout the day or as much as needed. For the best results, continue use twice daily for maintenance.

Magic Molecule highlighted in the line up

What is in Magic Molecule spray?

Magic Molecule spray is made of 0.018% hypochlorous acid, 99.918% ionized water, 0.06% sodium chloride (salt), and 0.004% hypochlorite ion.


I’ve learned that hypochlorous acid spray is seriously like magic! It’s way better than neosporin – not to mention faster to apply, since you just spray it on.

best hypochlorous acid sprays on the market

I can’t imagine life without Magic Molecule at this point. Any time my kids scrape their knees, my little guy gets a diaper rash, or mom gets a pesky blemish, I’m reaching for this magical healing spray.

Head on over to Magic Molecule to pick up the winning formula:

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