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50 Best Stocking Stuffers for 1-Year-Olds (2023 Edition)

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Looking for the perfect stocking stuffers for 1-year-old kiddos?

From sensory toys and educational books to cozy clothing and practical accessories, this extensive list has 50 fun stocking stuffer options, perfect for the 2023 holiday season.


A few of the stocking stuffers I got for our three kids (ages 1, 3, and 5) for Christmas this year. All products (and more) are in my Amazon Storefront – link to that in my bio. Visit my blog to keep up with the stocking stuffer ideas series, which has ideas for age 1, 2, and 3. Blog link in bio! 😃 #CapCut #stockingstuffers #toddlermom #momtok

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1. Manu Monkey Storypod Craftie

manu monkey storypod stocking stuffer idea for 18 months old

This Storypod Craftie is made for ages 0-3 and includes songs 1-year-olds will love, like “Skidamarink,” “Do Your Ears Hang Low?,” and “The Bear Went Over The Mountain.”

Plus, the craftie is the perfect size to stuff into any stocking.

Don’t have a Storypod? Check out my full Storypod review.

2. Tabeeze Zippy-Leg Romper

tabeeze romper

Zippy-Leg Rompers feature an ankle-to-ankle zipper for easier diaper changes, and it quickly slides up or down for on-the-go changes, diaper blowouts, and for children who struggle with getting dressed. Perfectly sized for a stocking!

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Shopping for babies, too? Tabeeze has the best onesies on the market (and I tested 24 brands).

3. Tubby Todd All Over Ointment Original

all over ointment tubby todd

This soothing balm is gentle enough for newborns but strong enough for everyone else. It can alleviate just about any skin irritation you can think of. Plus, it’s fragrance-free and made from plant-based ingredients, making it the ideal addition to your toddler’s skincare routine.

4. Lovevery Colorful Animals Wooden Book

Lovevery Animals Wooden Book stocking stuffer idea

This sturdy wooden book is a lifesaver for 1-year-olds who like to chew on everything, including books. The wooden design makes it safe, and it gives an engaging sensory experience.

5. Buckle Toy

Buckle Toy stocking stuffer idea

This toy will keep your little one happily occupied while helping them develop fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities. It’s ideal for on-the-go fun and is a great stocking stuffer for 18-month-old kiddos.

6. Squid Socks

Squid Socks stocking stuffer idea

These super slip-resistant socks are perfect for toddlers who are just starting to walk. They are super soft and they have little “squiddy dots” inside so they stay put. They’re our favorite socks!

7. GoBe Snack Spinner

GoBe Snack Spinner stocking stuffer idea

This handy snack spinner makes snack time a breeze. It has 5 compartments for different snacks and it even comes with a sticker sheet to decorate. It’s BPA and PVC-free and completely spill-proof and leakproof.

8. Ezpz Mini Cup + Straw Training System

Ezpz Mini Cup stocking stuffer idea

This cup helps toddlers learn to drink from a straw safely and comes in several different bright colors. Plus, it’s free from harmful chemicals like BPA, BPS, latex, lead, and phthalates.

9. I’m Not Tired!: A Bedtime Routine Book

A Bedtime Routine Book stocking stuffer idea

A fantastic book that’s great for setting up bedtime routines. It includes photos of real kids, which makes it relatable and Montessori-friendly.

10. Welly Bravery Badges (Bandages)

Welly Bandages stocking stuffer idea

Are your toddlers obsessed with bandages like mine are?! These ones from Welly are practical and come with fun prints your kids will love.

11. Fubbles

Fubbles stocking stuffer idea

Bubbles that won’t spill! They are small and very budget-friendly. One pack can cover three stockings. They are also non-toxic and safe for little ones.

12. Little Sleepies Merry & Bright Zippy

Merry & Bright Zippy stocking stuffer idea

Keep your little one cozy and cute with this zip-up sleeper. With fold-over mittens and foot cuffs, it’s perfect for both non-walkers and walkers. It’s made from bamboo viscose so it’s soft, breathable, and great for sensitive skin.

13. Noka Smoothie Pouches

Noka Smoothie Pouches stocking stuffer idea

These smoothie pouches are a healthy and delicious snack option for your 1-year-old, packed with essential nutrients and superfoods.

14. Mr. Bubble Magic Bath Crackles

bath crackles

Pour in the bath crackles and listen to the snapping, popping, and crackling sound for some fizzy fun. Swirl them around in the water to get them going even louder. It’s non-toxic and so much fun for the 18-month-old age range!

15. Chewbeads Stacker Teether

chewbeads stacker teether stocking stuffer idea

This teething toy promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while being safe for babies ages 18 months and up. Made from silicone, it’s easy to clean and free from harmful chemicals.

16. Ezpz Mini Mat

Ezpz Mini Mat stocking stuffer idea

This all-in-one placemat and plate is perfect for little ones learning to self-feed. It suctions to the table so you get to deal with less tipped bowls and plates. It’s free from BPA, BPS, latex, lead, and phthalates.

17. Ezpz Mini Bowl

Ezpz Mini Bowl stocking stuffer idea

Another great training plate for independent eaters. It comes in several different colors and is free from BPA, BPS, latex, lead, and phthalates like all Ezpz products. Perfect to roll up and stick in your toddler’s stocking.

18. Fun with Sounds Wooden Discovery Blocks

Wooden Discovery Blocks stocking stuffer idea

These wooden blocks are perfect for sparking your toddler’s musical curiosity. Each cube creates unique acoustic sounds. Crafted from solid beech wood and colored with safe, non-toxic water-based stain, they’re both engaging and worry-free.

19. Eat-it-up Dragon Glove Puppet

Dragon Glove Puppet stocking stuffer idea

Perfect for storytime and imaginative play, this glove puppet comes with eyes that move independently, adding an extra dash of fun to playtime.

20. Baby Rainbow Fair Isle Mittens

Baby Rainbow Fair Isle Mittens stocking stuffer idea

Keep those tiny hands cozy with these 100% cotton mittens. They feature a thick, soft, and stretchy design, and they’re thoughtfully made without thumbholes for quick and easy on-and-off for your little one.

21. Cirkul Wild Splash Flavored Water

Cirkul bottle lined up with the sip cartridges

Cirkul’s Wild Splash flavored water line is perfect for kids. It has no sugar, no artificial colors, and is sweetened with stevia. Plus, the cartridges would fit perfectly in a stocking.

cookie cutter

The soft-grip cookie cutters from R&M International are perfect stocking stuffers for 1-year-old hands. Simple shapes help you turn a fun baking session into an even more educational activity.

23. Wooden Egg Shakers

Wooden shake eggs stocking stuffer idea

These colorful wooden eggs are filled with little beads and are a great way to introduce little ones to rhythm and music. They’re made from non-toxic materials and designed with little hands in mind.

24. Tubes Sensory Toys

Tubes Sensory Toys stocking stuffer idea

These fun sensory tubes would look so cute hanging out of a stocking. They’re not only cute, but also support STEM learning. Plus, they’re a great choice for kids with ADHD or autism, offering a sense of calm and stress relief.

25. Montessori Sensory Silicone Toy

Montessori Sensory Silicone Toy stocking stuffer idea

This Montessori-inspired toy is fantastic for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It’s made from soft silicone, and it’s 100% BPA-free and phthalate-free.

26. Off to the Park!

Off to the Park! stocking stuffer idea

This interactive book is a special one. It includes tactile elements like Braille-style numbering, play features, and high-contrast images that make it unique and engaging.

27. Leo Gets a Checkup (Leo Can!)

Leo Gets a Checkup stocking stuffer idea

This book is a great tool for getting your little one ready for doctor visits and helping ease their worries by opening up a conversation about it.

28. Press & Go Car

Press & Go Car stocking stuffer idea

These adorable toy cars with animal designs are compact and perfect for on-the-go fun. Just press the animal heads, and off they go! They’re just the right size for little hands to grip, and there are no small parts for added safety.

29. Suction Cup Fidget Spinners

Suction Cup Fidget Spinners stocking stuffer idea

These fidget spinners come with strong suction cups on the back, so your 1 year-old can stick them to all sorts of surfaces like the bathtub, or fridge. It makes them super versatile and adds extra fun to playtime.

30. Bamboo Toothbrushes

Bamboo Toothbrushes stocking stuffer idea

Practical and eco-friendly, these little bamboo toothbrushes come with fun-colored bristles, which makes them a great addition to a kid’s stocking. These are some of my favorite stocking stuffers for 1-year-olds because they get so excited, and yet it’s so practical.

31. Scholastic 50 First Words Flashcards

50 First Words Flashcards stocking stuffer idea

These giant flashcards feature pictures and written words to help introduce vocabulary, making them an educational and engaging stocking stuffer.

32. Melissa and Doug Rollables Farm Friends

Rollables Farm Friends stocking stuffer idea

These firm yet squeezable toys are perfect for kinetic play, screen-free entertainment, and developmental skill-building. They come in really cute farm and safari animal designs.

33. Road Tape for Toy Cars

Road Tape for Toy Cars stocking stuffer idea

Road tape is always fun to have around the house. Stick it to any flat surface and let your kids play. It’s paper-based so easy to tear and it won’t ruin your floors, walls, or furniture because it peels up easily without leaving a residue.

34. Penguin Wobbler Toy

Penguin Wobbler Toy stocking stuffer idea

This adorable wobble toy plays music and has a built-in bell that jingles as it wobbles around. It’s little arms shake too.

35. Yumi Organic Bars

Yumi bars stocking stuffer idea

These organic bars contain no added sugars and are made with superfood veggies and essential nutrients. A healthy and delicious snack option for kids.

36. Crazy Straws

Crazy Straws stocking stuffer idea

These washable and reusable straws would look really cute sticking out of a stocking. Toddlers love to drink out of them and they are BPA-free.

37. Hape Beaded Raindrops

hape beaded raindrops

With an easy-to-grip design, your 1-year-old can use the toy easily, developing their grabbing abilities as they play. It also fits perfectly in a small stocking!

38. Waldorf Rainbow Ribbon Hand Kite

Rainbow Ribbon Hand Kite stocking stuffer idea

This hand kite is great for creative play and exercise. The rainbow strings are bright and toddlers will love the feel of them running through their fingers.

39. Animal Fridge Magnets

Animal Fridge Magnets stocking stuffer idea

These animal magnets are really cute and they have just one big magnet on the back so there are no tiny parts that could be a choking risk. They’re safe and a blast for playtime!

40. Fizzy Bath Bombs

Fizzy Bath Bombs stocking stuffer idea

These bath bombs add extra fun to bath time and are totally safe for babies and toddlers. They’re made with food-grade coloring that won’t stain your towels or tub and have no synthetic fragrances.

41. Popsicle Molds

Popsicle Molds stocking stuffer idea

Even in December, these popsicle molds are a cool addition to your toddler’s stocking. They are BPA-free and perfect for making fruit pops, frozen yogurt pops, or juice pops, all easy to hold and leak-proof. Plus, they’re easy to hold and leak-proof.

42. Haakaa Reusable Squeeze Pouch

Haakaa Reusable Squeeze Pouch stocking stuffer idea

These reusable squeeze pouches come in a 2-pack, hold 4oz each, and are made of 100% food-grade silicone. They are spill-proof, heat and freeze resistant, and transparent, so you can see how much food is left.

43. Munchkin Collapsible Snack Catcher

Munchkin Collapsible Snack Catcher stocking stuffer idea

This collapsible cup is perfect for snacks on the go. It has silicone slits on the top and comes with a lid to minimize spills. It’s also dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

44. Boon Baby Gear Themed Bath Toy

Boon Baby Gear Themed Bath Toy stocking stuffer idea

These bath toys suction to the bathtub and spin when water is poured over them. It’s a fun way to introduce STEM learning concepts while playing.

45. Small World Toys Egg Shape Sorter

small world toys egg shape sorter stocking stuffer idea

Ideal for 18 months and up, this toy is perfect for developing sorting and matching skills and color and shape identification.

46. Embroidered Hair Bow

Embroidered Hair Bow stocking stuffer idea

Personalize your little girl’s style with an embroidered hair bow. You can choose from clip or headband designs and three natural colors (blush, natural, or white).

47. Little Threads Toddler Baseball Hat

Little Threads Toddler Baseball Hat stocking stuffer idea

This toddler baseball hat makes for a really cool stocking stuffer. It’s giving cool surfer/skate vibes. There are several sizes and designs to choose from.

48. Crayola My First Safety Scissors

Crayola My First Safety Scissors stocking stuffer for 1 year old

These plastic blade and round-tip scissors are perfect for toddler arts and crafts. While the product says for 36 months and up, 1-year-olds can benefit greatly from practicing basic scissor skills early on!

49. Infantino Press & Stay Sensory Blocks

Infantino Press & Stay Sensory Blocks stocking stuffer idea

These blocks are easy to put together and pull apart, which takes the frustration out of playtime for your little one. They are excellent for beginning block building and stimulate creativity and problem-solving skills.

50. Crayola Washable Window Crayons

window crayons

What’s more fun than doing something you’re typically not supposed to? These window crayons from Crayola are easy to clean and oh-so-fun for 1-year-olds. Plus, it’s small and will fit easily in any stocking.

Stocking Stuffers for 1-Year-Old FAQs

What do you put in a 1-year-old stocking?

In a 1-year-old stocking, I typically include small toys (like Storypod crafties or bubbles), fun hygiene items (like Welly bandages), socks (Squid Socks are the best), and snacks (Noka Smoothie Pouches are great).

What is the most famous stocking stuffer?

The most famous stocking stuffer is probably candy, namely candy canes. However, I try to avoid filling our toddler’s stockings with candy and instead opt for small toys, healthy snacks, and fun hygiene items.

What items does a 1-year-old need?

A 1-year-old needs items encouraging exploration, such as road tape or toddler-safe scissors. From 12-24 months, toddlers are figuring out cause and effect, routines, basic fine motor skills, spatial relationships, emotions, and coordination.

What are some good Montessori-style stocking stuffers for 1-year-olds?

The best Montessori-style stocking stuffers for 1-year-olds include soft-grip cookie cutters, the wooden animals book from Lovevery, the GoBe snack spinner, and toddler-safe scissors. All of these encourage developing real-life skills and independence. And the wooden book is a nod to the Montessori philosophy of using natural materials.

What are the best stocking stuffers for 1-year-olds that cost less than $10?

The best stocking stuffers for 1-year-olds that cost less than $10 include Crayola Washable Window Crayons, soft-grip cookie cutters, road tape, wooden egg shakers, bamboo toothbrushes, Yumi snack bars, tubes sensory toys, the Munchkin snack catcher, animal fridge magnets, and the book Leo Gets a Checkup.


Stocking stuffers for 1-year-olds can be both fun and educational, catering to their unique needs and interests.

Whether it’s toys that encourage fine motor skills, books that spark a love for reading, or cozy clothing and baby care items, there are plenty of thoughtful options to choose from.

Make this holiday season special for your little one with these 50 perfect stocking stuffer ideas for 1-year-olds.

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