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31 Best St. Patrick’s Day Movies for Family Movie Night


St. Patrick’s Day celebrations look a little different for those with young kids. For us, a family movie night checks a lot of our holiday boxes: yummy snacks, no crowds to navigate, and a chance to make good memories.

If you’re looking for a fun way to mark March 17th with your kids, why not create a movie tradition of your own? 

Grab the popcorn, a bowl of Lucky Charms, or some four-leaf clover-shaped cookies, and check out these 31 best St. Patrick’s Day movies for families.

1. The Secret of Kells (2009)

Rated G

The Secret of Kells (2009)

Celtic mythology and Irish folklore show up big in this animated movie which follows a young boy on a quest to complete the legendary Book of Kells. Starring Evan McGuire and Brenden Gleeson. Watch on Amazon Prime Video.

2. Luck (2022)

Rated G

Luck (2022)

Follow Sam Greenfield—the most unlucky person alive—as she unexpectedly lands in the Land of Luck and band together with its mystical inhabitants to reverse her bad luck. Watch on Apple TV (with subscription).

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3. OddBods: St Patrick’s Day Special (2013)

Rated PG

OddBods: St Patrick's Day Special (2013)

The eight wacky, furry Oddbods get up to St. Patrick’s Day-themed mischief in this holiday special. When a mischievous leprechaun curses one of the Oddbods with perpetual bad luck, the Oddbod must figure out how to reverse the curse. Watch on YouTube or Amazon Prime Video.

4. Leap Year (2010)

Rated PG

Leap Year (2010)

On her way to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day, Anna (Amy Adams) encounters misadventures and romance along the way. Watch on Apple TV (subscription) or Amazon Prime Video.

5. The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns (1999)

Rated 13+

The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns (1999)

A miniseries starring Randy Quaid, Colm Meaney, and Whoopi Goldberg, where an American businessman stumbles upon an age-old rivalry between good and evil leprechauns. Watch on Amazon Prime Video.

6. The Secret of Roan Inish (1994)

Rated PG

The Secret of Roan Inish (1994)

Set in stunning rural Ireland. A young girl discovers her family’s connection to the mythical creatures called selkies (seals that can transform into humans). Watch on Amazon Prime Video.

7. Finian’s Rainbow (1968)

Rated G

Finian’s Rainbow (1968)

A classic movie musical starring Fred Astaire and Petula Clark. An Irish man searches for a cache of gold near Fort Knox, but finding the treasure proves means outsmarting a mischievous leprechaun first. Watch on YouTube Movies, Apple TV, or Amazon Prime Video.

8. The Luck of the Irish (2001)

Rated G 

Luck of the Irish (2001)

Teenage basketball player Kyle Johnson (Ryan Merriman) discovers his Irish heritage and must reclaim his family’s lucky gold coin from an evil leprechaun (Timothy Omundson). Watch this Disney Channel original movie on Disney Plus (with subscription), YouTube Movies, or Amazon Prime Video.

9. Waking Ned Devine (1999)

Rated PG

Waking Ned Devine (1999)

When a small Irish village learns that one of its residents has won the lottery, they concoct a scheme to claim the prize in this charming comedy. Watch on Amazon Prime Video.

10. P.S. I Love You (2007)

Rated PG-13

P.S. I Love You (2007)

Grab the tissues for this romantic drama starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. A widow receives messages from her late husband, guiding her through grief and rediscovery in Ireland. Great for movie nights with teen daughters. Watch on Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video.

11.  Darby O’Gill and the Little People (1959)

Rated PG-13

Darby O'Gill and the Little People (1959)

Join a young Sean Connery in this Disney fantasy adventure, set in a small fishing village in Ireland. Aging caretaker Darby O’Gill encounters and outwits the king of the leprechauns to protect his daughter and his job. Watch on Disney Plus (with a subscription) or Amazon Prime Video.

12. A Very Unlucky Leprechaun (1998)

Rated PG

A Very Unlucky Leprechaun (1998)

Nine-year-old Molly and her father inherit a house in Ireland dubbed “Misfortune Manor”​​—because anyone who lives there seems to have bad luck. When Molly discovers a down-on-his-luck leprechaun also living in the house, they band together to lift the curse. Watch on Amazon Prime Video.

13. Spellbreaker: Secret of the Leprechauns (1996)

Rated G

Spellbreaker: Secret of the Leprechauns (1996)

Visiting his grandfather for an adventurous summer in Ireland, an American kid named Mike must save leprechauns from the Queen of the Dead. This sequel to Leapin’ Leprechauns is available on YouTube.

14. A Shine of Rainbows (2009)

Rated PG

A Shine of Rainbows (2009)

One of the more poignant movies on our best Irish movies list. A woman who adopts an orphan boy starts a new adventure with him on a beautiful Irish island. But when not everyone accepts him, he has to forge his own identity. Watch on Apple TV.

15. Song of the Sea (2014)

Rated PG

Song of the Sea (2014)

Irish mythology takes center stage in this visually stunning animated film, which follows a young boy named Ben and his sister Saoirse on a quest to save the spirit world. Watch on YouTube Movies, Amazon Prime Video, or Apple TV.

16. The Quiet Man (1952)

Rated PG

The Quiet Man (1952)

A classic movie starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, this Oscar-winning film portrays 1920s Ireland. A retired American boxer named Sean revisits his birth village, where he falls in love with Mary Kate, a spirited redhead. Watch on Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV.

17. The Luck of the Irish (1948)

Not rated

The Luck of the Irish (1948)

Not to be confused with the 2001 movie of the same name. A New York reporter encounters a leprechaun during a trip to Ireland, who follows him back to New York to aid his love life. Watch on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube Movies, or Apple TV.

18. Far and Away (1992)

Rated PG-13

far and away 1992

One of many Irish immigrants to take a chance in a new land, Joseph (Tom Cruise) flees to America in the Oklahoma Land Rush, where he meets Shannon (Nicole Kidman). Together they face the challenges of the American frontier. Watch on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube Movies, or Apple TV.

19. Dancing at Lughnasa (1998)

Rated PG

Dancing at Lughnasa (1998)

Set in 1930s Ireland, this drama features Meryl Streep as one of five unmarried sisters navigating love, loss, and family dynamics. Watch on Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV.

20. Wolfwalkers (2020)

Rated PG

Wolfwalkers (2020)

An animated fantasy film set in 17th-century Ireland. A young apprentice hunter and her father travel to Ireland to wipe out the last wolf pack—but their mission takes a turn when the girl befriends a “wolfwalker”. Watch on Apple TV (with subscription).

21. Leapin’ Leprechauns (1995)

Rated PG

Leapin’ Leprechauns (1995)

In this fun-for-the-whole-family film, a courageous man vows to defend the land of leprechauns as others plot to build a theme park over it. Watch this 90’s St. Patrick’s Day classic on YouTube.

22. St Paddy (2023)

Rated 7+

St Paddy (2023)

Only an hour long, this fun, animated movie follows Patrick the leprechaun, who has the power to grant wishes. But surely people need to be careful what they wish for? Watch on Amazon Prime Video.

23. Patrick (2023)

Rated 7+

Patrick (2023)

As St. Patrickʼs Day draws near, the Fairy Kingdom buzzes with anticipation—except for the scheming leprechaun Flynn, set on ruining the celebration. Good thing Patrick himself shows up to thwart Flynn’s plans! Watch on Amazon Prime Video.

24. Saint Patrick’s Big Dance (2023)

Rated 7+

Saint Patrick's Big Dance (2023)

St. Patrick’s Day is coming to Sunnyville—but who will put on the best party? This one’s another great option for when your kids will only sit for an hour. Watch on Amazon Prime Video.

25. Doc McStuffins: St. Patrick’s Day Dilemma (2016)

Doc McStuffins: St. Patrick’s Day Dilemma (2016)

Check out Season 3, Episode 22 of this hugely popular TV series for a little St. Patrick’s Day fun. Doc’s new Irish paper doll doesn’t want to change her dress after it gets dirty. Can Doc convince her of the benefits of staying clean? Watch on Apple TV or YouTube.

26. Lucky (2022)

Rated TV-G

Lucky (2022)

Extend the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with this whole series on Apple TV. One leprechaun in desperate need of good luck charms sets out to find a lost pot of gold belonging to his family, but the adventure is more than he bargained for. 

27. Ireland’s Wild Coast

Ireland’s Wild Coast

A show about Ireland’s natural beauty might not be your kids’ first choice, but if they like learning about animals or nature, this nature documentary series might capture at least some of their attention. They might even learn something new. Watch on

28. VeggieTales: The Story of St. Patrick

VeggieTales: The Story of St. Patrick

A quick and fun way to teach your kids about the history of St. Patrick, from the makers of VeggieTales. It’s only 8 minutes long. Watch on YouTube.

29. Patrick: Brave Shepherd of the Emerald Isle

Patrick: Brave Shepherd of the Emerald Isle

Kids can discover the courage and faith of the patron saint of Ireland as he battles adversity and spreads Christianity across his homeland in this animated historical drama. Watch on YouTube.

30. The Adventures of Annie and Ben: Mystery of the Leprechaun’s Gold

The Adventures of Annie and Ben: Mystery of the Leprechaun's Gold

Join Annie, her dog, Ben, and their playful monkey friend, Mango, as they head off on an adventure to discover the secrets of an elusive leprechaun’s gold. Watch on YouTube.

31. How to Catch a Leprechaun (a book read-aloud)

How to Catch a Leprechaun (a book read-aloud)

We’re switching things up and adding a book to the list. KidTime StoryTime presents a read-aloud of the popular book, How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace, complete with puppets. The big question is: can leprechauns actually be caught? Watch on YouTube.


I hope these St. Patrick’s Day movies for kids transport you to the Emerald Isle from the comfort of your living room and give your family a taste of the rich culture, history, and magic of Ireland. Happy watching!

St. Patrick’s Day Movies FAQs

What is a good movie for St. Patrick’s Day?

It’s hard to choose just one good movie for St. Patrick’s Day family movie night, but Apple TV’s Luck (2022) (from the makers of Toy Story) is a fun movie for the whole family.

What Disney movie is about St. Patrick’s Day?

While not specifically about the holiday, Luck of the Irish (2001) on Disney Plus is probably Disney’s best-known Irish-themed movie.

Are there any leprechaun movies for kids?

Leprechauns are a popular feature in St. Patrick’s Day movies for families! Check out Darby O’Gill and the Little People, Finian’s Rainbow, Leapin’ Leprechauns, A Very Unlucky Leprechaun, or St Paddy.

Is there a movie about St Patrick?

Patrick: Brave Shepherd of the Emerald Isle offers a great history about the saint himself in an animated, engaging way.

What Disney movie has a leprechaun?

Darby O’Gill and the Little People is a Disney classic which features a tiny yet shrewd leprechaun king, whom Darby O’Gill has to outwit.

Are there any St. Patrick’s Day movies for families on Netflix?

Although Netflix has a few Irish-themed movies, families looking for a preschool St. Patrick’s Day movie are out of luck. 

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