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Easter Color by Number for Ages 4-8 (Free Printables)


These free Easter Color by Number printables are perfect for ages 4-8.

cute chick easter coloring page

They help with number recognition, fine motor skills, and it’s just a fun way to celebrate Easter, which is one of our favorite holidays!

Easter color by number printables

You’ll find the free printable PDF file at the bottom of the post.

Color by Number Educational Benefits

Color-by-number activities are ideal for ages 4-8. It’s the perfect mix between brainpower and fun.

This simple printable activity develops:

  • Number recognition
  • Color recognition
  • Fine motor skills

While it would be a challenge for younger kids around age 3, I think it’s very doable with an adult’s help and guidance.

Overall, it’s a great way to mix learning with play while celebrating Easter.

How to Do Color-by-Number

These Color-by-Number sheets are a fun Easter activity for kids of all ages, though it’s probably developmentally best for ages 4-8.

kindergartener with easter color by number page

It’s super simple to do as well.

Just find the number on the design and look for the corresponding color at the top of the page. Color in that numbered section with the proper color to bring life to your coloring page!

As an example, if the area has a 1, and the color guide says 1 is blue, you’d color it in blue. It’s a challenge for ages 3-4, and as you get closer to 7-8, it’s an easy, fun Easter activity.

4 crayons with easter coloring sheet

Color-by-Number Supplies

One of the best parts of these free printable coloring pages is the simple supply list!

up close crayons with easter color by number

My favorite supplies for Color-by-Number pages are simply Crayola crayons (the 24-pack has all the colors you need) and regular old printer paper. You truly don’t need anything special.

If you plan to take these pages on the go, an art bin is the perfect way to ensure you don’t lose anything.

art bin

Finally, I love these craft organizers for keeping everything tidy at home. My kids can make a mess of arts and crafts supplies, and these ensure everything has a home.

craft organizer

Free Easter Basket Stuffer Idea

Instead of spending $10 on a coloring book, print out some of these color-by-number pages!

easter color by number pages

You can pick up a small pack of crayons to go alongside it, and I promise this will get used up.

The coloring pack you get needs to have:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Gray
  • Light Brown
  • Dark Brown

The 24-crayon pack from Crayola is perfect.

Download the Easter Color by Number PDFs

These free Easter printables feature 10 color-by-number pages that include the Easter bunny, an Easter basket, an Easter chick, Easter eggs, and more.

compilation of easter color by number supplies

I also love the option to color words – there’s a “Happy Easter!” sheet, which adds another fun lesson in letter recognition.

Easter color by number

My daughter was particularly fond of the cute chick, and colorful eggs are always a hit. The chick holding the egg has a cute easter color combo of blue and pink, which my daughter suggested!

up close crayons on easter page

My son immediately chose the bunny coloring page, which is also one of the simpler designs to color.

I tried to ensure the different pages had pretty Spring color palettes to help you decorate your fridge and possibly even the walls as we celebrate the Easter holiday.

Color by Number worksheets are a great way to switch it up from regular coloring pages. Make your little one’s brain work a little bit harder as they have arts and crafts time. The Easter theme is just a cute bonus.

Other Fun Educational Arts & Crafts for Kids

If you like these Color by Number coloring pages, you should also check out these St. Patrick’s Day dot art pages. It doesn’t have to be St. Patrick’s Day to enjoy them!

toddler doing dot marker st patricks day page

This DIY postcard craft is another fun one to do with kids of any age. It’s a great activity for being creative and connecting with long-distance family.

Decorating Postcards Activity

Finally, if you have a laminator, you have to check out this post: 17 Fun Activities to Laminate for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

It has a ton of cool ways to use your laminator, with ideas for ages 0-4+. The third idea in that post would be perfect for spring and Easter!


I hope you enjoy these free Color by Number printable Easter coloring pages!

easter coloring page with crayons

It’s one of those fun activities your entire family can enjoy as they prepare for Easter Sunday.

Plus, your kids can get extra practice with number recognition is a really fun way.

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