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I Tested 12 of the Best Baby Sunglasses [There’s a Winner]

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Updated August 18, 2023 to include a few new pairs of baby sunglasses and my thoughts after about a year!

We live in Florida, so it’s almost always sunny.

I feel bad when I see my baby get upset as the sun hits his face – he squeezes his eyes shut and has the biggest frown you’ve ever seen. Plus, baby eyes are extra vulnerable to UV radiation (more on that later).

After dealing with sunglasses that don’t fit or fall off my other kids’ faces, I decided to go on a hunt.

I’ve now tried 15 of the most popular infant sunglasses and am here to tell you which brand is the best.

Array of sunglasses for infants

Spoiler: the winner is Roshambo with their amazing Bueller Baby Shades.

Check out the rest of the article for my baby sunglasses recommendations, a brand comparison, and baby sunglasses FAQs.

Not Sponsored & Roshambo Discount Code

Just a quick side note: this article is not sponsored, and I purchased all of these sunglasses with my own money.

Before I share my recommendations, I wanted to ensure you know they are not biased or influenced by any brand on this list.

Update: Two brands from this list actually reached out to me since I posted this and asked how much they could pay me to be the No. 1 recommendation on this list. I swiftly declined – I do not waver, my friends! You can trust that my recommendations are genuine.

After publishing this article, Roshambo saw they won my pick for overall best baby sunglasses. They created a code, 2MAMA, for my readers that’ll get you 15% off a pair from their site.

They are a small business, and Amazon takes about 50% of the sale amount. If you can, it would mean a lot to them if you ordered directly from their site to support them and enjoy a bit of savings!

Best-In-Class Baby Sunglasses For Every Occasion

roshambo on baby front view

Best Overall: Roshambo

Our absolute favorite baby sunglasses are durable, comfortable, and they don’t fall off!

✅ Quality: 5/5
✅ Durability: 5/5
✅ Secure: 4/5
✅ Age Range: 5/5
✅ Comes With Strap: 5/5
✅ Polarized: 5/5
✅ Aesthetics: 5/5
✅ Price: 4/5

Discount auto-applies

baby sunnies on baby front view

Runner Up: Baby Sunnies

The frame texture and flexibility were one of my favorites, and the style is top-notch.

✅ Quality: 5/5
✅ Durability: 4/5
✅ Secure: 4/5
✅ Age Range: 5/5
✅ Comes With Strap: 4/5
✅ Polarized: 5/5
✅ Aesthetics: 5/5
✅ Price: 4/5

mausito on baby straight view

Most Secure: Mausito

While it’s not exactly the cutest option, it’s the hardest for baby to rip off. Great for flailing hands!

✅ Quality: 4/5
✅ Durability: 4/5
✅ Secure: 5/5
✅ Age Range: 3/5
✅ Comes With Strap: 5/5
✅ Polarized: 0/5
✅ Aesthetics: 2/5
✅ Price: 5/5

Update: I gave a lot of sunglasses away to friends (I don’t need this many pairs!), and I got some feedback from them. The Mausito option was a big hit for smaller babies as it’s the most secure. It may not be as “cute,” and it’s not polarized, which may be a dealbreaker, but in terms of practicality, it’s easily the best on the list. I’ve revised this section to recommend Mausito much more than I had previously.

Recommended Baby Sunglasses with Notable Exceptions

Baby Sunglasses I Don’t Recommend

Update: I moved Hipsterkid way down on the list as it still slips right off my baby’s head at 15 months old. It just isn’t practical.

Baby Sunglasses Comparison Table

This baby sunglasses comparison table includes price, age range, if it comes with a strap, if the sunglasses are polarized, and the frame material. 

I’ve sorted the comparison by price, but please note that Amazon prices fluctuate (sometimes multiple times per day), so the price at the time you read this may differ slightly.

Age Range
Frame Material
0-12 months
Yes, not adjustable
0-2 years
Yes, plus an ear adjuster kit
0-2 years
0-3 years
Yes, kind of adjustable
Not disclosed
0-2 years
Yes, not adjustable
0-2 years
Yes, adjustable
Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (TPEE)
0-2 years
Yes, not adjustable
Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
6m-2 years
Yes, adjustable
0-12 months
Yes, adjustable
0-2 years
Yes, adjustable
0-2 years
Yes, adjustable
Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (TPEE)
0-18 months
Yes, adjustable
Rubber and neoprene
0-12 months
Yes, not adjustable
Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (TPEE)
6-18 months
Yes, adjustable
0-3 years
Yes, adjustable

Roshambo Eyewear Polarized Baby Shades

Roshambo takes the cake for me as the best baby sunglasses on the market (use code 2MAMA for 15% off).

The Bueller Baby Shades are seriously indestructible, stylish, and the fit is second to none. You can twist and bend these as much as you want, and they will not break. 

Update: we’ve run over these with our car and they don’t break. For real. After we tried and loved these with our baby, we got pairs for our two bigger toddlers as well. And now that my son was just diagnosed with some eye issues (baby cataracts and extreme nearsightedness), we’re getting prescription glasses from Roshambo (read my review of those here). These frames are impossible to beat!

roshambo on baby front view

Our baby lights up when he wears these, and I appreciate that it comes with two accessories – a head strap and an ear adjuster kit. 

Update: The head strap is definitely more secure, but the ear adjuster is great for toddlers.

There are over a dozen color options, from classic black to pink glitter. These are also shatter-resistant, manufactured in Italy, and assembled in the USA.

In addition, all Roshambo frames are laboratory-certified BPA-free, lead-free, latex-free, phthalate-free, heavy metal free, and are small parts tested as safe for babies!

Also, after publishing this article, Roshambo saw they won my pick for overall best baby sunglasses. They created a code, 2MAMA, for my readers that’ll get you 15% off a pair from their site.

They are a small business and shared that Amazon takes about 50% of the sale amount. I don’t know about you, but I will definitely be ordering future pairs directly from their site to support them and enjoy a little bit of savings.

Another benefit of exploring their site (vs. Amazon) is they have a direct-to-consumer prescription glasses program. Starting at $69, you can get a pair of prescription glasses (baby, toddler, kids, even adult!) right to your door in their unbreakable frames. 

Update: They have try-on kits for free as well, so you can check the fit and choose your preferred style. These are a godsend right now as we are ordering prescription glasses for our 15-month-old!

Baby Sunnies Flexible Polarized Baby Sunglasses

My runner-up pick for best baby sunglasses are from Baby Sunnies.

The frame texture and flexibility were one of my favorites, and the style was top-notch. Everyone thought these looked sleek and polished when on. 

It fits perfectly at 5 months, but the head strap is not super adjustable, so it may not fit up to 2 years as the product listing suggests. 

Since it doesn’t come with the ear adjuster kit like our winner, it may not be usable for quite as long.

Update: these are good, but we haven’t used them at all since testing them for this article. Roshambo is just so much better.

The frame material is non-toxic and super-flexible. I also really appreciate that the brand uses recyclable materials and eco-friendly packaging.

One downside is there are only 4 color options, but you can’t go wrong with classic black.

Mausito® BABY Sunglasses

The style of the Mausito® BABY sunglasses just wasn’t for us, but these things are not coming off your baby’s head!

They’re super secure, and the nose pad is soft for extra comfort.

Update: I didn’t really recommend these highly in my original post, but my friends are raving about them since we gave them away. They are so secure, so if you don’t want your baby ripping them off, and you don’t mind the aesthetics and that they aren’t polarized, these may be the best for you.

They’re not polarized, but they were on the lower end of the price range.

The packaging is 100% recycled and there are 5 color options to choose from.

Jan & Jul Flexible UV-400 Polarized Sunglasses with Strap

The Jan & Jul sunglasses were definitely in my Top 3. I love all of the bright color options from the brand, and the matte frame was super flexible and chic. 

jan and jul on baby front view

The adjustable strap is awesome, though I wish it tightened just a little more. My husband commented that typically, elastic straps stretch out over time, so these may degrade in quality the longer you use them.

Update: we’ve used these many times since publishing this article, and the strap is still great! My son loves these.

The packaging was nice yet minimal, which I appreciate. The lenses are shatter-proof and flexible, and there is a medium-size option when you’re ready to upgrade to 2-6 years old.

Hipsterkid Baby Sunglasses with Strap (Aviators)

The most stylish pair of baby sunglasses hands-down goes to Hipsterkid.

I really wanted these sunglasses to be the winner because they are SO adorable, but the strap is just too big for a 5-month-old head.

The strap also isn’t adjustable, so they fall right off his nose. 

Wait until about 12 months for these, and you’ll be rocking the cutest baby in town. These sunglasses come with a warranty guarantee for 1 year (if you register them on the Hipsterkid website).

Update: at 15 months, these are still too big for my son! The strap is just too large and they actually slip off his nose within a few seconds of wearing them. They also don’t stay secure behind the ear. They’re cute, but definitely not practical, at least for babies. They’re listed for 0-2 years, but I’m not seeing it!

hipsterkid at 15 months
Hipsterkid at 15 months old

There are also 10 color choices. 

Bib-On Vintage Straps – Baby’s First Sunglasses

 I was pretty impressed with the Bib-On sunglasses for the price. At just $8.99, they’re a steal – especially for being polarized. 

The only downside is they aren’t super snug when on, so when our baby leaned back in his chair, they came forward. The plastic frame also doesn’t feel as durable as our top picks, but you can’t beat the price.

Update: I feel the same about these sunglasses. We haven’t worn them since writing this article, but if you’re on a budget, they’re probably the best, most affordable choice.

There are 5 color options to choose from.

COCOSAND Baby Sunglasses with Strap

The COCOSAND sunglasses fit well and look adorable – they made my shortlist of sunglasses to explore more. 

However, they aren’t polarized and the frame feels hard and plasticky, unlike the more flexible, matte options that were our favorite.

Update: a lot of people love these sunglasses, and while they are good, there are much better options on the market. These frames just stink, honestly. I much prefer the flexibility of Roshambo, as you can twist them as hard as you want and they won’t break. They’re also more comfortable on your baby’s nose.

The straps are adjustable and there are almost a dozen color options to choose from.

Juslink Flexible Polarized Baby Sunglasses

The Juslink baby sunglasses were the cheapest sunglasses of the bunch, but honestly, they weren’t that bad. 

juslink on baby side view

Packaging was nonexistent, but the adjustable strap was great. They’re even polarized, but the big drawback is the frames were a little big for a baby.

Our baby was also able to pull these off his face within about 30 seconds of putting them on.

Original WeeFarers Children’s Sunglasses

WeeFarers front

The Original WeeFarers Children’s Sunglasses are talked about everywhere online, and they’re on the pricey side. Naturally, I expected these to be amazing!

But ultimately, they feel like cheap plastic, are non-polarized, and the strap isn’t adjustable.

Update: I still hate these sunglasses.

For being the most expensive option on the list, these seriously underdelivered.

Babiators Original Navigators

The Babiators were really cute, but with no adjustable strap, they fell right off my baby’s face. In terms of usability, these are utterly useless.

babiators on baby side view

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why so many other bloggers recommend these as a top choice.

Update: I’ve since discovered why so many people recommend these despite them being no good. That’s all I’ll say.

They’re expensive, non-polarized, and have absolutely no accessory to ensure they stay on a wriggly baby’s face.

Duco Polarized Baby Sunglasses with Strap

The over-the-top packaging with the Duco sunglasses made me think these would be a winner, but they fell flat for me. 

They’re labeled as designer baby sunglasses, but the style looks a little outdated and buggish when on.

The strap is adjustable, the lenses are polarized, and the frame is supposedly unbreakable. So if you’re into this style and tons of excess packaging, these may actually work for you.

Baby Solo Original Baby Sunglasses

I originally thought the Baby Solo sunglasses would be a frontrunner, but they ended up being one of my least favorite pairs.

The case is cute, but the adjustable strap is not effective. They’re also not comfortable.

My son started whining when I put these sunglasses on and resumed being his happy self when I took them off. 

Baby Banz

The Baby Banz sunglasses have a thick, adjustable velcro strap and lots of great reviews on Amazon. But compared to the other sunglasses I’ve tried, these fell way short.

First of all, my son hated them. He started crying about 5 seconds after I put them on and swiftly tugged them off. They sit pretty tightly on the face, which I imagine would be uncomfortable. The strap also doesn’t sit well on the ears.

Finally, the frames are not durable and these aren’t polarized. If you enjoy the thick velcro strap, I would go for Mausito instead of these.


The COASION sunglasses caught my eye because of the really cool reflection. These look so cute on!

I also appreciate that these are polarized and come with an adjustable strap.

coasion from front

The frames and strap fit really well around his ears.

coasion side view

Where these fall short for me is the frame is not very durable – it would definitely break if snapped, and it’s susceptible to scratching.

With other baby sunglasses in a similar price range that have unbreakable frames, I just can’t see myself ever reaching for these or recommending them.

Pro Acme

The Pro Acme sunglasses have a very cute design, so I had high hopes!

These did not work for my son, but I did realize after purchasing that these baby sunglasses are only meant for ages 0-1. My son is 17 months old, so he is technically too old for these.

And that was very apparent when we tried them on – they were way too small for his face. If you have a newborn, I think these would work well, though the strap is not adjustable.

My biggest con with these sunglasses is that they clearly don’t age well. Some of our favorite sunglasses we tried on last year still fit my son, meaning we don’t have to buy a new pair of sunglasses as quickly.

That’s just something to keep in mind.

But other than the sizing issue, these are a solid pair of sunglasses. They’re polarized, have a durable frame, and the style of the lenses is super cute!

Baby Sunglasses FAQ

Do babies need polarized lenses?

Babies don’t need polarized lenses, but they help reduce glare, especially when it comes to water. Even the most inexpensive sunglasses on this list have polarization, so why not get a pair with that feature? 

Do babies really need sunglasses?

Yes, babies should wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from damage caused by UV rays. Plus, they just make baby so much more comfortable.

How important are sunglasses for babies?

A baby’s eyes are more susceptible to UV damage than an adult’s. The crystalline lens within a baby’s eye is virtually clear, which allows more light and UV radiation to reach the back of the eye. At birth, the crystalline lens diameter is about 6.00 mm. By age 16, the diameter is 9.3 mm (Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus). Sunglasses can help protect a baby’s vulnerable eyes.

What age should babies start wearing sunglasses?

Most sources say babies should start wearing sunglasses at 6 months of age. However, most baby sunglasses can be worn right away (starting at 0). My son is 5 months old, and he loves his baby sunglasses.


After testing and researching 12 baby sunglasses brands, I’ve narrowed it down to 5 of my top picks, with the overall winner being Roshambo (use code 2MAMA for 15% off).

I never knew I would be so opinionated about baby sunglasses, but here we are. 😂

Let me know in the comments if you end up purchasing any of these baby sunglasses!

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