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12 Free Cinco De Mayo Dot Art Printables


These free Cinco de Mayo dot art printables are the perfect, crafty way to celebrate May 5th.

Grab your Do-A-Dot markers and get to printing for tons of fun with your toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and beyond!

colored in cinco de mayo dot marker activity pages

I’ve also included some fun facts about Cinco de Mayo to spark conversation during your arts and crafts time.

Benefits of Dot Art

Dotting is not just about the end result; it’s great practice for developing fine motor skills.

toddler doing cinco de mayo dot art

As children dot the shapes, they refine their grip and hand-eye coordination. It’s fine motor skills fun that doesn’t feel like work!

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Cinco de Mayo Teaching Moments

I love broadening my kids’ worlds any chance I can.

These 12 Cinco de Mayo dot art printables provide a beautiful opportunity to teach history to children.

cinco de mayo vertical

This printable features emblematic symbols like a sombrero, maracas, and a piñata. The pages spark conversations about the holiday’s origins and relevance.

Beyond the obvious fun fact that Cinco de Mayo means ‘the fifth of May’ in Spanish, children as young as two years old can start to associate the date with Mexico’s historic victory at the Battle of Puebla.

They’ll learn about pride, resilience, and the cultural significance of celebrating this event.

the dot markers we love

Cinco de Mayo Talking Points for Parents and Educators

If you’re a teacher, I know you already have this handled, but I was surprised to discover I really didn’t know much about Cinco de Mayo at all.

When researching these kid-friendly facts, I found I was learning just as much as my kids!

Here are some talking points about Cinco de Mayo:

  • Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico’s victory against France. France tried to take over Mexico City in 1862.
  • The Mexican army beat France against all odds – Mexico had 2,000 soldiers with old weapons against France’s 6,000 soldiers and more modern equipment.
  • The battle took place at Puebla de Los Angeles, and today, the Cinco de Mayo festivities start a full month before the 5th of May in this location.
  • President Franklin Roosevelt helped Cinco de Mayo gain popularity in the States.
  • An authentic Mexican celebration would include mole poblano, a dish consisting of chicken or turkey covered in a chocolate-chili sauce called mole.
  • Around 70 million pounds of avocados are eaten on Cinco de Mayo in the US.

Here are a few resources to get more facts and insights about Cinco de Mayo:

Dot Marker Supplies

Here’s what you’ll need for these Cinco de Mayo dot art pages:

The Do-A-Dot markers are our favorite, but the dot stickers are great for when you’re traveling since they don’t make a mess.

toddler having fun with do a dot printables

Stamps and pom poms with glue sticks are just another way to switch it up and let your kiddo get creative.

How to Use the Printables

Dot art pages are some of my favorite art projects because they’re sooo simple. Just print and play!

vertical cinco de mayo dot art

You might tell your kids the idea behind the dots – press the dauber to the dot – but really, they can approach these pages however they like.

There are also more options than just dot markers. You can provide round stickers, round stamps, or even pom poms with a glue stick.

cinco de mayo dot markers and round stickers

Extensions and Additional Activities

Don’t stop at dotting; extend the learning with related crafts or cooking activities.

Crafts like making maracas or papel picado—or perhaps trying your hand at some traditional Mexican recipes like mole poblano—can further immerse children in the holiday spirit.

For group classes or homeschooling pods, consider a Cinco de Mayo ‘fair,’ where each station offers a different dot art activity, craft, or educational display, engaging the kids in a multisensory experience.

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Beyond the Dot Markers

While dot markers are the classic tool for dot art, get creative with your mediums!

For younger children who might find the markers a bit hard to control, use round stickers or dot stampers.

For a crafty challenge, offer pom poms and glue.

pom poms instead of dot markers

Download Your Free Do a Dot Printables

cinco de mayo dot art

I hope you enjoy these free Do a Dot marker printables! It’s another fun activity to add to your Cinco de Mayo arts and crafts pile.

There are 12 pages total, including a sombrero, maracas, chips and salsa, traditional Mexican clothing, a cactus, and more!

cinco de mayo


If you’re looking to mix a bit of education with a lot of fun and creativity, these dot art printables are perfect.

My advice? Grab some dot markers, stickers, or whatever you have on hand, and join your kids in this colorful, educational adventure.

You’ll be amazed at the conversations and learning that unfolds, all while creating beautiful memories (and art!) together.

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